The Fallen Premiums – Grand Final Edition

Written by Chillo on August 18 2021

Hello and welcome to the Big Dance!

Congratulations to you if you made it this far. Good luck to everyone who finds themselves in a league final, or even more remarkably, in contention for those 50 gorillas at the end of the rainbow. Let’s hope for slightly fewer missing premos this week, hmmm?

This is my final article for 2021. Once again, that pesky coronavirus has kept us all on our toes this year, but overall I’m incredibly thankful for the footy and I’m sure you are too. All the best for the September – and the summer – and I’ll see you in 2022!

(slightly different format this week – break evens are obviously pointless, so if you somehow have trades left, the regular advice is to just get the best player you can afford….here are some options)


THE BANKER: Jayden SHORT ($486 800, avg 97, 3RA 101) has been inconsistent, but overall effective for his 37% of owners this year. The absence of Houli has helped boost his numbers a bit, and with the Tigers defence getting plenty of work lately, he’s the obvious choice if you need (and can get) a replacement for Stewart or Mills.

THE POD: Isaac CUMMING ($478 700, avg 94, 3RA 106) received a bit of interest in the pre-season, mostly off the back of assigned kick-in duties and intercept marking ability. It hasn’t quite worked out for his owners, but his last two weeks have been excellent and there are sure to be plenty of points on offer for the Giants this weekend.

THE HEN’S TEETH: Liam BAKER ($453 900, avg 84, 3RA 114) has found himself in a new role lately – and that new role seems to be “everywhere”. Three tons on the trot for the mulleted Tiger and still affordable.


THE BANKER: Jarryd LYONS ($565 300, avg 118, 3RA 124) has been simply magnificent, despite yet again being largely ignored as a premo option. Still barely affordable after piling up 152 against the Pies last week, and comes up against the misfiring Eagles midfield on his home track to finish the season.

THE POD: Luke PARKER ($585 400, avg 108, 3RA 122) continues his late season renaissance, compiling his sixth ton on the trot with 148 against the Roos. He gets the scoring friendly Suns this weekend and you should expect another big number next to his name after that one, too.

THE HEN’S TEETH: I don’t really know what the deal has been with Brayden FIORINI ($523 500, avg 103, 3RA 117) this year, or why it has taken him so long to establish himself in the Suns’ 22. The bloke was born with leather poisoning and gets his scores through sheer weight of possessions every week. Only 1.3% ownership.


You probably have the BroMax combo like every else and unless there’s an unexpected out this week then there’s really no need to change that. Should the unthinkable happen, there are a few options floating around but the breakout star Sean DARCY ($648 800, avg 121, 3RA 129) is the clear favourite if you’ve got the cash.


THE BANKER: Dayne ZORKO ($534 600, avg 109, 3RA 114) has officially got over his mid-season slump and is back to running the show in the Lions’ midfield (along with Neale, Lyons, et al). You probably already have him; if you don’t, then go do that.

THE POD: Matthew KENNEDY ($460 600, avg 82, 3RA 113) has always been highly rated by your humble correspondent, so it’s great to see him getting a decent run in the Blues’ midfield. If you excuse that one week of lunacy where he was jammed in the forward pocket for no apparent reason, then his post-bye form has been amazing!

THE HEN’S TEETH: Obviously the hoopla around the outgoing coach is copping most of the attention in Hawkland at the moment, but in the meantime Chad WINGARD ($495 700, avg 91, 3RA 122) has quietly put together a terrific month of footy. Known for his streaks of hot form, The Chad finds himself in only 1350 teams right now and is a tempting gamble if you find yourself the underdog in your league finals.


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3 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Grand Final Edition”

  1. Thank you, Chillo for all your informative and amazing posts throughout the year.
    All your hard work is certainly appreciated by the SCT community.
    Have a great break.
    We are all looking forward to your posts again next year.
    All the best.


  2. Tremendous all year, Chillo. Hats off.

    Think you’re bang on with Baker’s role, it’s literally “everywhere”.

    Seen him deep up FWD, in a few CBAS, up to stoppages and even supporting the half back line. With continuity of role, I’d be tempted in 2022-23.


  3. Great work this season Chillo. I have put in zero effort in SC this season and relied solely on these articles!

    I can highly recommend Fiorini – picked him up two weeks ago and he has been brilliant.



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