Reserves Rookie Review – Round 10

Written by Alza on May 24 2023

The SANFL and WAFL had a bye this week as they took each other on in a State of Origin game with SANFL winning 8.16.64 to WAFL 7.9.51. A few rookies are getting really close to coming in with some great form shown so far this year.

LEGEND (AF) – Weekly Score (Average/Games Played)


Brisbane 24.11.155 def Coburg 6.2.38

Jaspa FletcherMID157.8139 (65/8)301620123207230
Kai LohmannFWD146.5130 (80/8)22177191005012
James TunstillMID187.990 (75/8)26121023105120
Henry SmithR/F123.989 (57/3)11730254123040
James MaddenDEF148.482 (72/7)25140132104300
Blake ColemanFWD123.982 (51/7)16113142505000
Darragh JoyceDEF205.064 (56/3)15120052001221
Kalin LaneRUC123.945 (46/8)11201010171021
Darryl McDowell-WhiteM/F102.434 (37/8)730032000000
Shadeau BrainFWD102.44 (38/7)110001001001

A lot of impressive games from the Lions in this one. Fletcher had his best game by a long way with 16 touches, 12 marks and 2 goals as did Lohmann after kicking 3 last week, kicked 7.1 this week from 22 touches and 9 marks. Tunstill had 26 touches and a goal while Smith kicked 3 goals from 11 touches with 5 tackles and 12 hitouts. Madden had 25 touches and Coleman kicked 3.1 from 16 touches. Special mention to non-rookies Lyons who had 44 touches and Roberson who had 39.

Williamstown 11.14.80 def Carlton 8.12.60

Jaxon BinnsM/F117.3108 (108/8)30210045305412
Lachie FogartyM/F167.4107 (90/7)29190107704210
Josh HoneyFWD178.259 (51/3)1270135203011
Lachlan CowanDEF204.853 (58/2)1191032103321
Caleb MarchbankDEF198.242 (42/1)1360022000322
Domanic AkueiD/R123.928 (43/8)630013000411
Alex MirkovRUC123.927 (57/7)3000000260112
Harry LemmeyFWD117.325 (45/7)521011000000
Hudson O'KeeffeRUC102.410 (32/7)210001010000

Binns and Fogarty are having great seasons with Binns having 30 touches, 4 marks and 5 tackles and Fogarty 29 touches, 7 tackles and 7 clearances. Marchbank played his 1st game of the year and Cincotta didn’t play as he was an emergency for the AFL side.


Essendon 12.10.82 def by Richmond 12.12.84

Nick BryanR/F200.0142 (115/5)2519001128376212
Patrick VossFWD123.995 (74/8)17123172005010
Rhett MontgomerieDEF102.486 (90/8)17110094000111
Lewis HayesDEF117.384 (57/8)211800100001902
Anthony MunkaraFWD102.466 (30/8)13102162003103
Alastair LordDEF123.953 (57/8)15100041103001
Tex WanganeenFWD123.935 (53/8)761012003011
Cian McBrideD/R123.925 (34/6)730030110111

Bryan had another dominant game in the ruck with 37 hitouts, 25 touches, 11 marks and 8 clearances. Voss played well kicking 3.1 from 17 touches and 7 marks. Montgomerie continued his good form with 17 touches, 9 marks and 4 tackles and Hayes had 21 touches with 10 marks. Munkara played his best game kicking 2.1 with 13 touches and 6 marks.

Werribee 14.7.91 def Gold Coast 13.11.89

Charlie ConstableD/M123.9130 (116/7)31181068604202
Ned MoyleRUC123.9111 (100/6)211010606380201
James TsitasM/F123.994 (87/6)20133035304033
Brodie McLaughlinFWD102.475 (87/8)1390174002020
Chris BurgessD/F138.757 (87/8)1051313391021
Sandy BrockDEF123.957 (55/8)541037001000
Oskar FaulkheadM/F123.939 (65/7)1470020202011
Lloyd JohnstonDEF102.435 (44/8)1470010003001
Hewago OeaFWD160.827 (58/5)630003002000

Same old story with Constable having an excellent game with 31 touches, 6 marks, 8 tackles, 6 clearances and a goal. Moyle bounced back with 21 touches, 6 marks, 6 clearances, 38 hitouts and a goal. Tsitas returned to VFL action with a decent outing of 20 touches, 5 tackles and 3 goals.


GWS 12.15.87 def Sandringham 9.6.60

Josh FaheyD/M123.9163 (120/7)432500143305711
Harry RowstonMID175.0124 (81/4)27190078507311
Wade DerksenFWD123.991 (83/8)15133390022011
Jason GillbeeD/M102.490 (76/6)23140172202500
Toby McMullinFWD117.365 (55/7)1792021104100
Nicholas MaddenR/F102.438 (50/2)920031471011
Max GruzewskiDEF117.332 (55/8)730132003001

Fahey had a huge game and should come in for Angwin or the injured players this week after he had 43 touches and 14 marks. Rowston also had an excellent game with 27 touches, 7 marks, 8 tackles and 5 clearances. Derksen kicked 3.3 from 15 touches and 9 marks and Gillbee had 23 touches ad 7 marks.

Box Hill 11.18.84 def Southport 6.9.45

Henry HustwaiteMID117.3102 (64/5)26110056506200
Bailey MacdonaldDEF117.389 (66/7)21150092102401
Max RamsdenR/F123.981 (83/6)14901423224210
Ned LongMID165.773 (89/5)19120144434003
Jai SerongFWD123.963 (63/1)1262151002010
Josh MorrisDEF142.759 (48/6)15110042003511
Jack O'SullivanFWD117.356 (69/7)1580350101000
Joshua BennettsM/F102.452 (57/7)1370132002010
Fergus GreeneFWD267.145 (45/1)881350002001
Fionn O'HaraDEF123.929 (38/4)850012001101

Hustwaite played his best game with 26 touches, 6 tackles and 5 clearances with Macdonald also continuing to play well with 21 touches and 9 marks. Ramsden had a decent game with 14 touches, 4 marks and 22 hitouts. Greene kicked 1.3 in his 1st VFL game of the year and Serong also played his 1st VFL game and kicked 2.1 after a heart issue early in the year.

Melbourne 18.9.117 def North Melbourne 16.6.102

Daniel TurnerDEF123.997 (82/5)221700130004201
Bailey LaurieM/F123.993 (87/7)23112052204010
Blake HowesM/F123.984 (87/8)1890093101300
Taj WoewodinM/F123.974 (74/5)22131150403112
Deakyn SmithDEF123.964 (62/8)1460063001100
Jed AdamsDEF117.355 (39/8)1290071001401
Oliver SestanFWD102.450 (51/8)1281012002010
Matthew JeffersonFWD144.343 (48/8)661051003000
Andy Moniz-WakefieldFWD123.942 (61/7)1660030103012

Turner had a great game with 22 touches and 13 marks down back with Laurie having 23 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals. Howes had 18 touches and 9 amrks in a solid game.

Melbourne 18.9.117 def North Melbourne 16.6.102

Cooper HarveyM/F117.398 (59/6)20105060001000
Hamish FreeRUC102.457 (67/8)9300045310014
Jacob EdwardsR/F123.926 (26/8)430012073001
Aiden BonarDEF203.73 (57/6)300000000101

Harvey had a great game with 20 touches, 6 marks and 5 goals while Free had 9 touches, 4 tackles, 5 clearances and 31 hitouts.

Essendon 12.10.82 def by Richmond 12.12.84

Sam BanksD/M123.990 (78/8)19111245101010
Kaelan BradtkeFWD102.465 (46/5)1291334104011
Bigoa NyuonDEF150.356 (65/6)1061143252133
Jacob BauerFWD123.938 (62/8)1280030002501
Tylar YoungDEF217.538 (38/1)1080030001310
Steely GreenMID117.327 (48/7)740040000001

Banks had a good game with 19 touches, 5 marks and 1.2 with Bradtke kicked 1.3 from 12 touches.

GWS 12.15.87 def Sandringham 9.6.60

Jack BytelMID158.6106 (118/3)361600321004310
Leo ConnollyDEF123.991 (61/7)30150150407300
Max HeathR/F123.980 (68/8)13711642102322
Oscar AdamsDEF123.953 (44/8)1670041202211
Jack PerisM/F123.947 (64/7)1470012102010
James Van EsDEF117.330 (37/8)650031000100
Isaac KeelerR/F117.329 (36/4)830040013001

Bytel returned to the VFL nicely with 36 touches and 10 clearances as is a good option if he can avoid being the sub. Connolly played well with 30 touches and 5 marks as did Heath with 13 touches, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 10 hitouts and 1.1.

Port Melbourne 18.10.118 def Sydney 8.7.55

Corey WarnerM/F123.9102 (76/6)26141045509111
Lachlan RankinDEF123.995 (71/7)21150065204231
Jaiden MagorM/F102.482 (57/7)14110076002511
Hugo Hall-KahanFWD123.981 (69/7)13113143003110
Lewis MelicanDEF172.372 (57/4)14120073001421
Angus SheldrickM/F165.770 (104/6)1871142400100
Cameron OwenRUC102.458 (41/7)9300072131222
Jacob KonstantyFWD121.851 (31/4)841026001012
Cooper VickeryDEF117.336 (44/7)1030031100000
Caleb MitchellD/M117.335 (32/3)941011100300
William EdwardsDEF102.430 (40/7)750031000211

Warner had an excellent game with 26 touches, 5 tackles, 5 clearances and a goal as did Rankin with 21 touches, 6 marks and 5 tackles. Hall-Kahan kicked 3.1 from 13 touches and Sheldrick backed up his game as the sub with 18 touches, 4 clearances and 1.1 likely on reduced game time.



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8 thoughts on “Reserves Rookie Review – Round 10”

    1. I think I read where Lemmens has a 2 week injury so this may be Constable’s big chance. Knowing the luck of supercoach this year Weller will be over whatever injury he had and slot straight back in to that half back position.


        1. yeh, just too many options at hb for Constable to get a sniff. In the ressies he has gone back to playing midfield and there is a big queue for that position also. Can’t see him playing again.


  1. Waiting for Bytel to get back in the St Kilda side. Right bye, right price. Even if the BE is not super appealing, a run of a few games is all that is needed. I am valuing a warm onfield body during the byes ahead of his short term cash generation.
    Fahey does look like he is a chance soon. Just don’t like his bye – especially if I have to take Fleeton this week.


  2. North Melbourne: Cooper Harvey

    “He’s got a good body of work at VFL level. He’s progressing well. He’s not quite there yet, there’s a couple in front of him that are in the seniors. He’s doing everything right and as a first-year player that’s all you can do. He’s put his case forward to say he might be a couple of weeks down the track, or a month down the track. To kick five, you’ve got to do something right and he did.”
    Brett Ratten


  3. Hawthorn:

    “Henry Hustwaite and Bailey Macdonald are probably the next two. They’ve gone from ‘oh we could play them if we had to’ to ‘yep, we could definitely play them’ and now it’s ‘we want to play them’, but they still have to earn their spot.”

    Sam Mitchell



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