Reserves Rookie Review – Round 2 2023

Written by Alza on March 29 2023

Welcome back for another year of the Reserves Rookie Review. Catch all the news from the SANFL, VFL and WAFL. It will generally only feature the SuperCoach relevant players but if there are players you feel should be included let me know. If there’s any extra information that you have please let us know in the comments. My information comes from the AFL and Footy Live Apps, SANFL, WAFL websites and the AFL/VFL website.
The scores that are shown are fantasy scores as they are the available scores.

Trying out a new format this year to try to streamline the review so let me know if you do or don’t like it, thank you.


Brisbane 10.10.70 def Werribee 10.9.69

James MaddenDEF148.4181500106101311103
Harry SharpMID123.91512106200330074
James TunstillMID187.9139103420000357
Kai LohmannFWD146.597203220202250

Madden played well taking 10 marks down back as did Sharp in the middle with 15 touches and 6 marks. Tunstill was dropped and with only 13 touches isn’t likely to return this week.

Carlton 10.9.69 def by Geelong 12.13.85

Jack CarrollFWD2072515007210910094
Jaxon BinnsM/F117.32118007210522091
Josh HoneyFWD177.3166104520500173
Lachie FogartyM/F167.4178003630310269
Alex CincottaD/M102.42312014220141468

Carroll had 25 touches with 7 marks in a great game but is a bit too expensive but Cincotta on the other hand is very relevant. He had 23 touches and 4 marks to push his case for an AFL debut.

Collingwood 22.9.141 def Coburg 6.13.49

Finlay MacraeM/F123.934121136903211118
Jakob RyanDEF117.32516007000060184
Edward AllanMID126.32513116140910383
Oscar SteeneRUC102.41340034529102474
Joe RichardsM/F117.32212104000600074
Cooper MurleyM/F123.91210205200300069

Fin Macrae was probably best on with 34 touches and 9 clearances. Ryan and Allan had great games with 25 touches each and Richards having 22.

Essendon 18.11.119 def GWS 5.9.39

Rhett MontgomerieDEF102.422160011110330194
Tex WanganeenFWD123.91511007600301087
Kaine BaldwinFWD172.91816008210072086
Patrick VossFWD123.9127505101102083
Alastair LordDEF123.91612006100012068

The Essendon players found plenty of the ball in this game. Montgomerie had 22 touches with 11 marks while Voss kicked 5 goals from 12 touches.

Gold Coast 12.11.83 def Williamstown 7.10.52

Rory AtkinsD/M203.927180010140540397
Brodie McLaughlinFWD102.4149206200200172
Hewago OeaFWD160.8109112700303170
Chris BurgessD/F138.787225109001066
Ned MoyleRUC123.91070021535301364
Sandy BrockDEF123.9119105200140060
James TsitasM/F123.9135002460101248
Bailey HumphreyM/F184.81411003030401243

Atkins had a great game with 27 touches and 10 marks but he is on the outer. Humphrey had 14 touches with 3 marks and is one that should debut this year.

Carlton 10.9.69 def by Geelong 12.13.85

Shannon NealeFWD129.11513118224423089
Sam SimpsonM/F166.11914114400511282
Mitch KnevittMID140.71915005102611075
Jhye ClarkMID175.8135102110110144

Neale played forward with some ruck time and scored well. Simpson and Knevitt had 19 touches each in decent games and may be worth a look if selected. Clark has been called Selwood’s replacement so keep an eye out for him.

Essendon 18.11.119 def GWS 5.9.39

Josh FaheyD/M123.92615001310282375
Cameron FleetonDEF123.91712005110061066
Jason GillbeeD/M102.41411004110432057
Aaron CadmanFWD207.364104300110434

The Giants were comfortably beaten and their scores reflect that. Fahey had the most touches for them with 26 with Fleeton getting 17 down back. Number 1 pick Cadman only had 6 touches with not many opportunities.

Sydney 10.10.70 def by Box Hill 14.13.97

Seamus MitchellD/F123.930180092203211111
Ned LongMID165.729100276304213107
Josh WeddleDEF130.81810006400232082
Henry HustwaiteMID117.31610003410302069
Joshua BennettsM/F102.41310105200311066
Tyler BrockmanFWD123.9129323000301160

Mitchell and Long were among the best finding plenty of the ball in the middle. Weddle was solid down back with 18 touches, 6 marks and 4 tackles and will be a great downgrade option when he is selected.

Casey 13.16.94 def Footscray 8.9.57

Bailey LaurieM/F123.929170074406202106
Jacob van RooyenFWD123.9191211112163111102
Blake HowesM/F123.92012007510020093
Oliver SestanFWD102.41210316210112081
Andy Moniz-WakefieldFWD123.91612203430500178
Kye TurnerDEF102.41611007300060173
Matthew JeffersonFWD144.31311057210402073
Deakyn SmithDEF123.9169002500101068

Laurie was dropped and had a great game with 29 touches and 7 marks as did van Rooyen with 19 touches and 11 marks who could be the Gawn replacement. Sestan and Moniz-Wakefield kicked 5 between them and Howes had 20 touches and 7 marks.

North Melbourne 9.12.66 def by Port Melbourne 12.14.86

Hamish FreeRUC102.415100025720101281
Blake DruryM/F102.42612005110111181
Aiden BonarDEF203.72011007210021178
George WardlawMID193.8128101730101070
Eddie FordFWD123.9126238100010267
Phoenix SpicerFWD123.9108102600411162

Free was great in the ruck with 20 hitouts, 7 clearances and 15 touches but is behind a few. Drury played well with 26 touches and 5 marks.

Richmond 16.8.104 def Northern Bullants 8.9.57

Bigoa NyuonDEF150.3171000623302131100
Sam BanksD/M123.923120010210331194
Kaelan BradtkeFWD102.4108516300000089
Judson ClarkeFWD196.7169014310510066
Jacob BauerFWD123.987316111300065

Nyuon had a great game filling in as a ruckman with 30 hitouts and 17 touches. Banks also played well with 23 touches and 10 marks. Bradtke kicked 5 goals and Bauer kicked 3 in good games.

Southport 17.16.118 def Sandringham 4.8.32

Max HeathR/F123.91490040614314358
Leo ConnollyDEF123.91612004030111251
James Van EsDEF117.393101400010046
Oscar AdamsDEF123.9118002310001146

The Saints are struggling big time with injuries and it will flow through to the VFL. Heath and Connolly had decent games with around 15 touches each.

Sydney 10.10.70 def by Box Hill 14.13.97

Angus SheldrickM/F165.728180035505120105
Hugo Hall-KahanFWD123.92112108120401089
Aaron FrancisD/F189.41613327200301289
Will GouldDEF123.91916002200091166
Lachlan McAndrewR/F123.91180013518502162

Sheldrick had 28 touches with 5 clearances to push his case for the AFL. Hall-Kahan and Francis played forward taking plenty of marks with Francis kicking 3.2. McAndrew had a decent game with probably one of his highest VFL scores from 11 touches and 18 hitouts. Gould also had a decent game from 19 touches with 9 rebounds.

Casey 13.16.94 def Footscray 8.9.57

Cody RaakD/F123.953004100111127
Charlie ClarkeFWD117.362101000001024

Quiet games from both Raak and Clarke in this game.


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  1. Love this layout Alza! It is a lot easier to gather information/stats and compare with other players

    Really looking forward to the information from this come midseason!


  2. Great set up, easier format than last year to follow, only suggestion is to make AF column after price column


    1. Yet to see him in the flesh but apparently so. One day he will make his debut and it will be the most anticipated in a long time purely for the fact he’s been a pre-season bench option for an eternity



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