Rookie Review – Rd 12, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 19 2020

Not since the formative years of the Suns and Giants have we seen such an influx of rookies into our Supercoach ranks. The condensed schedule has encouraged coaches to ‘manage’ their players even more than usual, giving opportunities to those who normally would have to wait. Great news for Supercoaches!

Here’s a recap of all the rookies from round 12.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Matthew COTTRELLCAR$142 200 (+$18K)61 (47)-8
Lachlan SHOLLADE$182 100 (+$27K)32 (52)8
Tom WILLIAMSONCAR$274 600 (+$31K)71 (58)9
Trent RIVERS (MID)MEL$180 600 (n/a)DNP (49)10
Tom MURPHYNTH$159 300 (+$7K)46 (41)16
Trey RUSCOE (MID)COL$152 900 (+$14K)18 (39)20
Will DAYHAW$298 000 (+$19K)68 (72)26
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$236 400 (+$7K)99 (55)34
Stephen HILL (FWD)FRE$287 900 (+$9K)79 (66)35
Jarrod BRANDER (FWD)WCE$252 900 (+$18K)59 (60)46
Matthew EAGLESBRL$142 100 (-$14K)22 (18)51
Andrew MCPHERSONADE$284 700 (+$4K)41 (66)53
Ben MCKAYNTH$277 600 (+$3K)48 (66)53
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$240 000 (+$9K)52 (50)78
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$276 400 (-$2K)41 (53)78

CHEERS: Starcevich played the role of troll to perfection this week, backing up his horrendous 11 from last week with a sparkling 99 after almost 10,000 coaches traded him out! 11 touches at 100% efficiency and six intercepts gave the Lions defender his best score since round 2. Williamson continued his late season revival with six intercepts and 3 one percenters, while Day was again a shining light for the largely indifferent Hawks with 16 possessions on the wing.

JEERS: Potential cash cows Ruscoe and Sholl both bombed in well-beaten teams. Injuries at the Crows should see Sholl hold his spot but you’d imagine Ruscoe would be on thin ice at the Pies selection table this week.

TRADE TARGETS: Mitch Robinson’s long-lost little brother Cottrell was decent on debut and better in his second game, recording 14 disposals (including 10 contested) plus his first goal. If he cleans up his use of the footy (an abysmal 29% efficiency and 8 turnovers against the Dockers), he could be that defensive downgrade we’ve been looking for.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jack BYTELSTK$155 000 (+$31K)47 (62)-29
Xavier O'HALLORANGWS$154 100 (+$30K)53 (61)-27
Sam WICKSSYD$151 000 (+$27K)34 (57)-22
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$246 100 (+$23K)73 (57)8
Harry SCHOENBERGADE$166 900 (+$28K)50 (49)12
Noah ANDERSONGCS$363 000 (+$24K)126 (72)21
Sam SIMPSONGEE$296 500 (+$10K)44 (73)64
Marlion PICKETTRIC$349 600 (-$4K)90 (72)74
Jye CALDWELLGWS$290 300 (-$5K)45 (63)78
Caleb SERONGFRE$388 300 (+$7K)52 (75)102

CHEERS: Anderson is still in 13% of teams and rewarded all those coaches with one of the best rookie performances of the year, racking up 26 touches (13 contested) through the midfield including six score involvements. He has thrived in Rowell’s absence and is a safe hold for now. Pickett had an ‘up’ week and managed 13 possessions, five tackles and a nice snap for goal. Possibly a keeper at M9 if you still have him (and plenty do).

JEERS: Bytel apparently brought the wrong boots to the game and refused to use them, counting zero kicks among his 13 possessions against the Bombers. Kick the bloody thing, Jack! After a promising debut Wicks was rarely sighted in his second game (six disposals), and Simpson unfortunately suffered what looks to be a significant hamstring injury.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tom DE KONINGCAR$148 900 (+$25K)71 (55)-19
Sam DRAPERESS$214 200 (+$48K)63 (70)-7
Tristan XERRI (FWD)NTH$170 000 (+$25K)49 (48)12
Darcy CAMERON (FWD)COL$286 100 (+$16K)45 (66)27

De Koning got his chance as the lone ruck for the Blues and fought hard against the team of Darcy and Lobb, managing 21 hitouts and eight possessions. Draper had a similar battle against the two-headed monster of Ryder and Marshall and recorded 22 hitouts. Xerri got a game after Tarrant was a late out but played deep forward for most of the game and will probably miss out when teams are named this week.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Boyd WOODCOCKPTA$186 700 (+$49K)70 (65)-38
Will WALKERNTH$183 300 (+$28K)63 (65)-19
Ben CAVARRAWBD$144 000 (+$20K)66 (49)-10
Nic REIDWCE$102 40052 (52)-9
Zac FOOT (MID)SYD$123 90061 (61)-9
Lachlan HOSIENTH$123 900 (+$17K)36 (45)-5
James BELL (MID)SYD$226 000 (+$35K)82 (62)10
Tom HUTCHESSON (MID)GWS$117 30036 (36)13
Sam FLANDERS (MID)GCS$172 100 (+$10K)40 (46)14
Bradley CLOSE (MID)GEE$197 100 (n/a) DNP (57)21
Tom SPARROWMEL$281 500 (+$28K)58 (70)32
Josh HONEY (MID)CAR$124 90016 (16)37
Tyson STENGLEADE$277 500 (+$5K)30 (54)45
Max KINGSTK$319 700 (+$5K)99 (64)51
Izak RANKINEGCS$313 400 (+$18K)52 (75)53
Shane MCADAMADE$286 500 (+$14K)63 (56)54
Jack MAHONY (MID)NTH$252 900 (-$7K)57 (52)59
Jake AARTSRIC$293 100 (+$12K)52 (60)67
Mitchell GEORGIADESPTA$260 300 (-$7K)25 (61)76
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$228 600 (-$14K)27 (48)78

CHEERS: Still a teenager but King is already a very, very good footballer. His three goals against the Bombers put him on the precipice of the ton and rewarded those who still have him in their forward lines. Bell was lively for the Swans in their upset win (13 possessions) and the match-sealing goal boosted his score nicely.

JEERS: Georgiades (three disposals, one goal) and Budarick (two disposals) both turned in poor performances and dropped some dough as a result. Both players should be a priority to move on now if you’re still carrying them.

TRADE TARGETS: The most popular bubble boys this week are both forwards. Foot is yet another Swans debutant who showed plenty of athleticism and a fair degree of poise in his first game, recording 10 possessions which included a beautiful set shot for his first goal in senior footy. Reid had nine possessions and a goal of his own in the Eagles win. Comparing the pair: Reid is obviously cheaper which can be important at this time of year, but Foot comes with DPP status and may have slightly better job security. It really depends on your team structure as to which one you choose this week.


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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 12, 2020”

  1. Thank-you Chillo, great work yet again.

    As a Hawthorn supporter, it still kills me that I couldn’t bring Day into my team due to other trade priorities at the time. One of the best SC rooks of the year & a shining light for us Hawks fans in this shocker of a season.


    1. Any chance his scoring goes up with Sicily out, enough to be D6? One of the SC podcasts brought him up today.


      1. Hi Emile, not sure if his scoring will improve with Sicily out. Clarko might swing Gunston or O’Brien back to fill the void.

        I’d definitely be keeping Day if I had him, preferably as a D7 to cover for the inevitable management of players. He is solid for a 60+ each week which is more than I can say for most rooks! Having said that though, I think he will also be rested at some point but barring injury he is most definitely Best 22 atm… heck he is in our top 6 even. Kid is a star.


    1. Bytel might get dropped this week. Sydney’s horrendous injury list should see Foot kick on for a while yet


  2. Have to get rid of Simpson/McPherson so who out of these has the best job security?

    TU – Cottrell
    TD – Foot
    Comment – Bytel/O’Halloran


    1. I personally think Cottrell plays the rest of the year for the Blues & seems to be improving with every game


    2. I’ll just add with Cottrell that he finished the last quarter with equal most disposals for the quarter. With 8 kicks, 5 CP and 2 marks. He just needed to improve his efficiency.
      He just needs to get more time on field as he only had 66% TOG


  3. Are we back to normal for this week with team selections?
    ie Friday and Saturday announced Thursday night with Sunday and Monday squads???


  4. Great write up Chillo. I held Starc and day bcoz I had more pressing business to attend to elsewhere. Now , It’s just a bonus having them to cover donuts during the byes.
    TU: cash in
    TD: hold till finals.
    I am 2 trades away from relative full premium.


  5. Was planning on trading Serong and Aarts this week to Fyfe and Simpkin, however I have Simpson, McPherson and Sicily in my team and injured. Sicily will have to go but who should I prioritize as the second trade?

    TU – Serong
    TD – Aarts


      1. Definitely the injured players mate so either Simpson or McPherson, both will be out for a similar amount of time so I guess it just depends on trade value & which position you have cover in. I’d keep Aarts & Serong, both can score pretty well and warm bodies are vital at this stage.


  6. Hey Jeanott.

    I would be trying to keep Starc at least until his Bye ( R14). Bench / loop him, and wait on a little more cash growth.Then cash him out when he is due to miss anyway.

    Day looks the goods and If you haven’t completed your back line he is Ok at D6 through the Byes as your unlikely to need his score,
    except for R15 of course.

    If you can get him to D7 I would leave him there. Bench cover is more than handy in the last two rounds of the year. Although..
    If you are up on trades, and one Premo short heading into those last two finals matches I would cash him out for that last Premo spot.

    Nice “problem” to have.



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