The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 19 2020

Upgrading? Or are you getting a little sideways with your trades? Whatever your flavour, this week’s offerings have something for everyone. Here are the Fallen Premiums!


The hot issue of the week is what to do with James Sicily. The Hawk rebounder was the third most popular premium defender in the game at 26% ownership leading up to last weekend, boasting an average of 108 ppg. Unfortunately we won’t see Sic again this year or possibly even the next after he suffered the dreaded ACL rupture and will undergo a full knee reconstruction. From all at SCT, we wish you all the best in your recovery James.

Now for the 44,000+ of you with Sicily in your backline, what to do? We at SCT have already posted one of our world-famous polls concerning this very matter; at the time of writing, the leading candidates include pricier options such as The Bondi Seagull, Giants interceptor Haynes and Freo lynchpin Luke Ryan, who is fresh off a massive ton. But what if you don’t have the cash to splash on these high flyers? Both of the value options in defence this week are Fallen Premium favourites, but let’s visit them again because they’re just that good….

Zac WILLIAMS (GWS), $487 200 (-$64.5K), avg 90, BE 80 – Three tons on the trot for the inked up Giants dasher, who combines speed and a booming right foot with a kamikaze-like willingness to take the game on and break the lines. Williams missed a month with a dodgy hamstring earlier in the year – not the first time he has had to overcome injury, by the way – but has returned almost immediately to the form that saw him average 102 last year with eleven tons in 20 games. The Giants have already had the bye and so you should get maximum value from Zac if you bring him in at this price. Alternatively…

Tom STEWART (GEE), $467 000 (-$66.2K), avg 92, BE 81 – The other tattooed defender on offer this week is the Cats rebounder who, also true to playing style, has bounced back after injury to post some impressive numbers. You may already have him after he bottomed out when that clavicle-induced 18 against the Dees dropped out of his price cycle, but for those who missed out, you can still get Tom for a sizeable discount this week for the run home. The disadvantage here is that Geelong have the undesirable Round 15 bye, but unless you’re one of the chosen few that is playing for overall honours, that really becomes meaningless because that round is excluded from head-to-head contests.

Backing it up….
Bachar Houli, $528K, BE 165
Nick Haynes, $527K, BE 151
Brayden Maynard, $491K, BE 138
Caleb Daniel, $492K, BE 121


Angus BRAYSHAW (MEL), $417 300 (-$35.1K), avg 82, BE 10 – CONTROVERSY! The elder Brayshaw has spent yet another year stranded out on his deserted island that is the Demons’ wing, barely seeing the Sherrin and spending far too much time sitting down. But something strange has happened in the past three games; for no obvious reason, Angus has started attending centre bounces, kicking the odd snag and even laying a tackle or two. His three round average of 111 is almost impossible to ignore – until you realise that he averaged 59 in the five games prior to that! You couldn’t do it, could you? Nah, you couldn’t. But could you?

Dylan SHIEL (ESS), $480 500 (-$48.6K), avg 105, BE 46 – To paraphrase my late grandmother Ethel, Dylan Shiel’s form in 2020 has been “up and down like a mad man’s trousers”. Quaintness aside, Shiel has posted four huge tons this season but countered that by recording four scores under 82. The upside here is that his two most recent games have been solid triple digit scores in spite of abject performances from the Bombers team as a whole, so he has shown he can post good performances even when those around him do not. No bye round to worry about is an added plus.

Shiel hulks it up for the camera, but can he do it on the field too?

Travis BOAK (PTA), $474 600 (-$107.7K), avg 103, BE 62 – The Power veteran had a vintage year in 2019, posting a career best 107 ppg in his lucky 13th season in the AFL. He started this season in a similar rich vein of form with four tons in five games, but then drastically dropped off as the taggers came and his game time was managed. Scores of 129 and 97 in the past week have Boak back in the frame as an under-priced midfielder. Most encouragingly, he doesn’t seem to have reverted to that annoying half-forward role that he was jammed into a couple of years ago, despite the midfield riches that the Power have in their ranks. Calculated risk.

Just quickly – Dayne Zorko ($522 000, avg 98, BE 36) and Marcus Bontempelli ($587 400, avg 112, BE 20) are recent Fallen Premiums and each are still available with a discount on their starting price. Zorko plays the next three games on his home track, while the Bont is coming off a career-best score last weekend.

Limbo land….
Josh Dunkley, $572K, BE 168
Tim Kelly, $547K, BE 167
Josh Kelly, $624K, BE 166
Jack Steele, $599K, BE 151


Nothing to see here this week – yet. Will Max return? Can Nic Nat keep going? And are rucks going to keep getting Supercoach points thrown at them like confetti in 2021?

Max Gawn, $721K, BE 244


The best forward lines in 2020 consisted of a combination of breakouts such as Petracca, Brayshaw, Greenwood and Simpkin, none of whom have qualified for Fallen Premium status this year. Looking ahead though, the clear option on the horizon is Sonny Walters, who returned from injury last weekend with an off-colour 60 point effort. He might be a very interesting option for your Supercoach Finals campaign after another game or two!

Forward thinking….
Michael Walters, $525K, BE 144
Dustin Martin, $541K, BE 163


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14 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13, 2020”

  1. My whole team seems to be full of fallen premiums. It’s not a good strategy to have too many.
    A lot are there because they are stinkin it up and will continue to do so.


  2. Thanks Chillo.

    I am trying to decide between the seagull and Zac? The savings from Zac will be handy towards improving my forward line?
    So glad for the extra days to decide.


    1. Same dilemma. Tossing up either Doch or Zilliams…if its Doch, it has to be Friday night and I save some cash but keep Houston for another week or two. Otherwise its one downgrade and Houston to LLoyd leaving Williamson at D6.

      Decisions !!! This rd finishes our “most pts comp” in a big cash league which I am leading.


      1. Tough call Wighty, as a fellow bombers supporter, it’s a shame neither of your options is playing our boys as surely they would go 150+ with our mids bombing it in for a turnover…..

        I like Williams out of your two choices, more consistent. But Doch has shown he can go big?. I just don’t trust Doc at the moment, other players taking his points. Even last week looked like he was on track for a ton and scored about 10 points in the last quarter when the game was on the line against a mediocre team in Freo.

        Good luck in your cash league whichever way you go


  3. I choice between Daniel, ZWilliams or Stewart to finish my DEF this week.

    Would love Daniel and Stewart’s reliability but as someone playing for overall, have to go with Williams seeing he’s had his bye.

    That Rd 15 bye is already scary enough without adding any more Cats/Dogs.


    1. I bought in Daniel a month ago and he’s been reliably rubbish. No rush to get him with his bye looming.


    1. Early signs of OP, listed as 2-3 weeks but would expect it could be longer if it doesn’t settle sufficiently.


  4. would be prudent to hold off on the sicily trade
    just until his replacement in your team is confirmed as in
    fair chance a good defender might be rested this week


  5. jo

    I know your preaching caution but..

    Why would any team be “resting” a premium defender this week ?

    Firstly this is the first week back to a “normal” round.
    most teams have had traditional 6/7 day breaks.


    16 / 18 teams have either just had a rest, or are about to have a Bye in the next few weeks.

    Melbourne and Essendon haven’t had a rest since R3. While they are both still a chance to be playing Finals. I just can’t see why they would be resting players ?


  6. Booooom, Craaassshh, Kapow,
    Nice little trim , most of us get what you mean Jo, trading before teams announced is very tricky in the new environment and it pays to be as patient as you possibly can.
    Keep posting.



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