Rookie Review – Round 1 2022

Written by Alza on March 22 2022

Round 1 kicked off on Wednesday night and how good is it to have footy back! We got enough rookies to fill our sides now we just need them to hold their spots.

The rookie roulette was in full swing with some huge scores from our rookies to kick of season 2022 so hopefully unlike myself you had all the big scores on your field, 1/3. If you don’t have 1 of the top rookies you can still wait a week to bring them in, a lot can happen in the 2 weeks between now and price changes. Break evens will be included next week.

EDIT – Players that are considered rookies for this review are players priced under the JHF Line of $207,300.


Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$157,80070
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$171,30056
Mitchell HINGEADE$180,90050
Joel SMITHMEL$177,20048
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$123,90038

The Good: McCartin had nice game on his Swans debut with 14 touches and 6 marks to be the best rookie backman. Gibcus and Hinge had solid games and should keep their spots although Hinge did fade after half time and had 4 clangers.

The Bad: De Koning was concussed in the 3rd quarter and while not confirmed will likely miss the Cats round 2 clash, unfortunate as he was on track for a great score.


Nick DAICOSCOL$193,80098
Alex DAVIESGCS$202,50090
Jason HORNE-FRANCISNTH$207,30075
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$167,80059
Jackson MEADPTA$123,90052
Connor MACDONALDHAW$117,30048
Brady HOUGHWCE$117,30047
Angus SHELDRICKSYD$130,80043
Josh WARDHAW$180,30036
Jake SOLIGOADE$117,30029
Harry SHARPBRL$193,20023
Mitch OWENSSTK$117,3002

The Good: Nick Daicos fitted in seamlessly at AFL level for his 98 from 27 touches using the ball well, Davies was at his contested best especially late with 10 contested touches from his 12 which is why his score was so high in a close game for 3 quarters. The #1 pick JHF started nicely with 13 touches including 4 clearances and kicking his first goal. Stephens was held back with 5 clangers but looks to have the role we picked him for.

The Bad: Owens couldn’t catch a break on Friday night as he had 4 clangers from his 6 touches and Ward suffered a suspected ankle injury in the last quarter after a fairly impressive start.


Jack HAYES (FWD)STK$102,400127
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$102,40042

The big man Jack Hayes finally got a crack in the AFL and didn’t he deliver. 18 touches at 88% with 11 contested, 3 crucial goals and took 10 marks, put the team on his back in the 3rd quarter to give the Saints a chance. If you had him on field then it makes it even sweeter. Dixon was good in patches kicking his first goal for the Eagles, likely to be among the first on the chopping block when the troops are back.


Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$184,800118
Nic MARTINESS$102,400114
Corey DURDINCAR$143,70071
Oscar MCDONALDCAR$201,90070
Jack GINNIVANCOL$199,90064
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$189,60063
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$143,70063
Toby BEDFORDMEL$123,90046
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$206,70036
Kaine BALDWINESS$123,90029
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$201,40024
Francis EVANSGEE$123,90022

The Good: Rachele kicked a bag in his debut along with 5 marks from his 14 touches after Nic Martin set the tone on Saturday kicking his own bag. He also gathered 27 touches at 88%, well done to those with him on field. Scaling would have held his score back unfortunately. Durdin came back from a slight injury kicking 2.1 from his 14 touches.

The Bad: Ralphsmith was the sub and although he played over half a game this score will hurt his earning potential initially. Baldwin had a quiet day as a key forward in a well beaten team.

This year I’ll be running a rookie of the year award based on a Brownlow style voting system, if you have a name for it let me know in the comments.

Rookie of the Year Award
3 – Nic Martin
2 – Jack Hayes
1 – Josh Rachele

Let me know how you fared with your rookies, what your plans are if you missed any and who you think deserves the votes this round.


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21 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 1 2022”

  1. Tristan Xerri should also get a mention up forward. Could get a DDP as Forward/Ruck if he gets more game time in the seniors.


    1. Apologies Bleste I forgot to mention again this week that I’m classing rookies as players priced under Jason Horne-Francis at $207,300.


  2. Hi Alza,

    Nice write up, appreciated as always.

    How about naming it “The Greenlow medal”?



  3. Can someone inform me on how positional changes work at rounds 6-12-18?
    What triggers it? Is it known or not?


    1. Based on Champion Data’s positional rankings. Where players line up at contests, needs to be 35% or more to gain the 2nd position hence why It’s at the 35% so that players cannot have 3 positions. Can’t lose a DPP during the season either.


        1. Watched every game closely and worried about Whitfield if he didn’t kick in his score would have been 40 Aish Cummings and perryman all can kick in Whitfield even more of a problem than crisp at least he ran up and down and all over the place it’s just Collingwood players that ignored him and he doesn’t miss games Whitfield ur on the chopping block round 3 if u don’t get 90+


          1. Mick.

            Sydney always target Whitfield .I swear his name is up on the whiteboard. Horse knows he is the conductor at GWS and if you shut him down it stifles their ball movement. It’s not so much a tag as a team approach to not let him get a clear run at the ball. He never plays great against Sydney. I wouldn’t worry too much. Whitfield will bounce back .


            1. Hope so freo tragic just seems to be protecting that praying mantis frame of his and not putting himself into hard contests hope I am wrong tnx 4 the input freo tragic


      1. Yep that’s right Alza. I expect most positional changes R6.

        The changes at round 12 and 18 are based on 35% of all games played. Eg : Marshall plays 6 games as solo ruck and only 10% forward he misses Forward status. The the next 6 games R6- R12 Ryder comes back and he splits the Ruck / Forward 60/40. Unfortunately they will still judge Marshalls forward time over the full 12 games making him ineligible for Forward status.

        SC relevant players I think are likely to get DPP.

        Defender Status, Daicos, Pendles, McGoven, L. Macdonald. JPK , McGrath, O Macdonald.

        Mid Status. Henney , Butters , N. Martin. Dawson, D Houston.

        Ruck Status. Xerri.

        Forward Status: JH-F


  4. Close watch for me on Aleer replacements for Port. We need defender rookies.

    Sinn is in probably in for Dursma

    To replace Aleer.. Skinner $124K D/F is probably next in line. There’s also Jake Pasini at $124K he’s a 21 year old 192cm key back . Had some injuries last year but has put on size and could be AFL ready. Mc Kenzie may have to miss as well for him to be named.


    1. Agree FT, about Skinner.

      Sam Skinner –
      “He’s been in good form. He’s looked very good at training and our training game a couple of weeks ago. Sam will be some chance to come in (for injured Aliir) this week.”
      Assistant coach Nathan Bassett



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