Rookie Review – Round 10 2022

Written by Alza on May 24 2022

A better week for rookie scoring with a lot of players hitting 70. Great timing as we look to squeeze every last cent out of them as we push towards fully upgraded teams. Sad times also as it looks as though rookie favourites Daicos and Martin need to be moved on as their scoring has dipped which tends to happen with 1st year players.

Players on the bubble are shown with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Luke CLEARY*WBD$117,30075 (68)-67
Zach REIDESS$224,500 (+$22.8k)64 (58)2
Rory THOMPSONGCS$141,300 (+$17.4k)23 (37)9
Buku KHAMISWBD$147,000 (+$19.6k)12 (40)9
Kyron HAYDEN*NTH$199,60057 (52)15
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$231,600 (+1.6k)78 (50)25
Flynn PEREZNTH$213,400 (+$12.8k)64 (44)32
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$341,400 (+$31.9k)85 (70)41
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$334,300 (+$23.5k)85 (64)43
Mitchell HINGEADE$273,900 (+$3.4k)58 (61)48
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$332,600 (+$5.4k)60 (65)70
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA (MID)STK$248,200 (+$6.5k)37 (49)74
Nick DAICOS (MID)COL$376,600 (-$4.8k)65 (80)88
Jacob WEHRGWS$123,90051 (51)-
Colin O'RIORDANSYD$198,10043 (43)-

The Good: Sam De Koning is playing very well and this game was no exception. 16 touches at 94% with 10 contested and 11 intercepts, he attended 2 ruck contests for 2 hitouts to top off a great game from another 100% TOG. McCartin is in the same boat playing very well having 16 touches at 88% including 9 intercepts and 8 marks. Hard to trade both of these guys out when they keep performing like this but their byes will be good timing. Honourable mentions to Grainger-Barras and Cleary who both scored very well in the 70’s, Cleary will be a very popular down grade this week.

The Bad: Khamis was a very popular trade target this week and he failed to have an impact with only 5 touches and no goals. If it wasn’t Bevo he would probably get another go but I am worried. Unfortunately Thompson was subbed out just after quarter time with a knee injury, hopefully it’s not too bad and he can get back out there soon.

Time to Trade: Daicos, Wanganeen-Milera, Gibcus


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jake SOLIGOADE$168,800 (+$39k)96 (48)-58
Cooper STEPHENS*GEE$123,90064 (65)-57
Jackson HATELYADE$295,100 (+$55.1k)88 (66)-24
Greg CLARKWCE$185,000 (+$67.7k)55 (74)-8
Mitchell KNEVITT*GEE$117,300DNP (37)-4
Ben HOBBSESS$266,800 (+$50.7k)73 (59)9
Robbie MCCOMBWBD$227,100 (+$35.2k)78 (58)15
Brady HOUGHWCE$149,500 (+$2.3k)3 (35)36
Neil ERASMUSFRE$207,400DNP (52)41
Jack CARROLLCAR$183,000 (+$10.4k)38 (55)42
Josh WARDHAW$248,400DNP (50)47
Jason HORNE-FRANCISNTH$315,500 (+$1.2k)64 (69)56
Finn CALLAGHANGWS$250,600DNP (55)57
Finlay MACRAECOL$206,800DNP (17)-

The Good: The young Crows were the standouts here with Soligo having a standout game of 19 touches at 74% and a goal. He had 5 score involvements and won 4 frees which were mostly or maybe all from tackling. His mate Hately had a great game to back up last week. 18 touches at 78% as well as laying 8 tackles playing in the engine room and he won 4 free kicks. McComb and Hobbs both played well kicking 2 goals each and both likely to gain DPP after Rd 11.

The Bad: Hough was the sub after a long time on the sidelines and got to play 9 minutes for his 1 kick, this will hurt his short term cash gen but he is not worth a trade out at this stage anyway.

Time to Trade: Callaghan, Ward


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Callum JAMIESONWCE$187,100 (+$36.8k)66 (50)11
Nick BRYANESS$186,600 (+$20k)59 (48)17
Aiden BEGGCOL$148,500DNP (43)41
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$246,200 (+$0.5k)56 (57)41
Braydon PREUSSGWS$457,100DNP (110)46
Sam HAYESPTA$304,400 (+$27.6k)72 (75)52

Preuss was a semi late out with illness and Sam Hayes had to step up for a lot of coaches and he did pretty well. He had 35 hitouts as well as 10 touches at 90% with 6 contested. The Eagles had 2 rookie ruckman in Jamieson and Dixon and they both scored fairly well with Jamieson playing in the ruck and Dixon playing up forward and kicking 2 goals.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Joel JEFFREY*GCS$127,40095 (60)-45
Rhylee WEST*WBD$187,80079 (76)-41
Cooper HAMILTON (MID)GWS$156,800DNP (61)-22
Isiah WINDER (MID)WCE$153,700 (+$29.8k)77 (47)-9
Marcus WINDHAGER (MID)STK$200,400 (+$10.2k)60 (45)-5
Jesse MOTLOP*CAR$117,30040 (38)-5
Toby BEDFORDMEL$151,600 (+$27.7k)37 (45)0
Sam BUTLER* (MID)HAW$117,30049 (34)2
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$218,700DNP (46)4
Corey DURDINCAR$269,900 (+$30.2k)74 (55)9
Francis EVANSGEE$131,900 (+$8k)34 (30)9
Malcolm ROSASGCS$205,200 (+$3.8k)51 (54)12
Paul CURTISNTH$175,900 (+$2.7k)33 (45)31
Maurice RIOLI (MID)RIC$188,700 (+$21k)67 (60)37
Tex WANGANEENESS$102,400 (+$0k)2 (20)38
Connor MACDONALD (MID)HAW$207,100DNP (43)49
Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$232,100 (-$9.5k)49 (57)56
Kade CHANDLER*MEL$123,900DNP (7)59
Jack GINNIVANCOL$336,000 (+$3k)66 (71)88
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$259,400 (-$41.1k)29 (61)114
Nic MARTIN (MID)ESS$379,300 (-$16.7k)49 (82)116
Connor STONE (MID)GWS$181,400DNP (27)-

The Good: Joel Jeffrey had a day out with 5 goals from his 10 touches including a couple of contested grabs. West played his 2nd game of the year and scored well from 15 touches at 87% and laying 4 tackles. A little pricy which with the Bulldogs depth it puts me off but he has played 2 great games and there are no signs that it will change. Winder played his 3rd game and was very good in a team that was smashed. He kicked 3 goals from 10 touches all at 90% to boost his score. Durdin also had a great game again with 12 touches and 2 goals.

The Bad: Wanganeen was the sub and got 9 minutes on field for his 1 kick which resulted in a behind, he has now played 3 games but his price hasn’t risen from basement. Naish had a quiet game and has lost about $75,000 in 2 weeks which is a letdown after he started the year so well.

Time to Trade: Martin, Ginnivan

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Jake Soligo
2 – Joel Jeffrey
1 – Patrick McCartin

Rookie of the Year Award After Round 10:
12 – Braydon Preuss
6 – Nic Martin
5 – Jack Hayes


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19 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 10 2022”

  1. Real thankful how Soligo has gone after his first 2 rounds being 29 and 7. He is now looking to skyrocket in price after a 96 after spending 87% TOG and was named on the wing.
    It looks like the coach has faith in him and should continue to be involved in the play, thus producing more solid scores.


  2. Thanks Alza – always greatly appreciated!

    Not so sure it’s a good call to say trade out Daicos.

    He’s best 22 and has the valuable Round 14 Bye – giving you his coverage over 12 and 13. He will tend to score OK still I would think … and even better if you can loop him or are that greatly placed (looking at you Ninja’s with your insane trading!) that you can hold him on a bench!

    If he maintains his current 3 game average of 72 then he will only lose about $10-11K at most over the next three weeks … but give you a valuable playing player in the first two byes … and then trade to anyone in Rnd14.

    Of course, you need to take into account your bye structures … and if you have too many on the bye in Rnd14, then it may pay you to trade him early to a “premium” with the bye in Rnd’s 12 0r 13. … OR, unless you trade him to a premo with Rnd14 bye as well …

    Just some extra thoughts for our community!


    1. You make a very good point Macca, I agree with you that holding until his bye is a great plan.
      I said you could trade purely based on his form dropping off a bit and his high price could be used as a small upgrade to a premium. I will probably hold him but if he was my last rookie then it’s fine to pull the trigger.


      1. yeah for sure mate – so many components to cover around trades and rookies!!

        I’m planning on holding as my last upgrade at the round 14 bye and hoping he holds his average and doesn’t lose too much … one great game and he may even go up a tad too!

        Then again, with the way everything has been going, with COVID outs, injuries etc, who knows week to week!!

        Cheers mate – love all the work into the articles each week! GOLD!!


    2. Great points Macca, I traded him last week as I thought he might be given a rest for the game in Perth but the kid obviously has great stamina. Regular 20+ touch games, incredible for a rookie.


  3. Really hoping Cleary keeps his position in the team, but word is not great with a few dogs coming back in.
    Cooper Stephens also looks a good pick with Dangerfield out for a few weeks, just don’t have an open mid spot to bring him in unfortunately.
    Not much interest in any other rookies though.


  4. Really looking to make another upgrade this week but lack of a solid downgrade very concerning. Don’t trust Cleary to stay in the team, don’t trust Chris Scott with Stephens and not sure who else is worth a look.


  5. Should you try to have 1 non playing rookie/DPP on each line, once your team is completed, for looping, possible cash generation, etc?

    TU: Y

    TD: N


  6. Great report as usual Alza. I’m again looking forward to your Reserves article this week.
    Are likely to see any of the high performing rookies getting a seniors gig soon e.g. Tsitas & Hollands?
    Were can I find the supercoach stats for the reserves comps (VFL, WAFL & SANFL)?


    1. Thanks Tryhards. The only time I see Supercoach scores from the reserves leagues is when Fantasy Freako posts them on Twitter.


  7. Once again great write-up.

    I’m now leaning towards Jeffrey over possibly better JS then Cleary (Crozier/JJ returning). Or even using a boost to grab both plus cash up to have ready for round 13.

    TU: Jeffrey better JS
    TD: Cleary better JS

    Comment: Double down is a good option this week.


    1. Crozier isn’t in our best 22 at the moment – JJ would be but Bevo plays him forward

      Cleary passes the eye test (composed with decent skills), just very lean and needs to fill out a bit – for those that pick him lets hope he at least gets 2-3 more sucessive games.


      1. From Chaos Theory – Western Bulldogs: Taylor Duryea – “Taylor will be considered. Cleary has had a couple of games which has been terrific. He’s gone OK. But Taylor is a chance to come in.” Luke Beveridge


        1. There could be some trade planning that is seriously in doubt if Cleary gets dropped for Duryea 🙁 🙁

          Supercoachers might now need to consider Soligo or Rhylee West or Cooper Stephens or Jeffrey – but unfortunately none of these are listed as Defenders.

          And we want to cash in DEF’s like Bowey / SDK / McCartin / Gibcus etc



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