Polling Station – Round 11

Written by Dane on May 23 2022

One more full weekend before the byes, what would you like to see on the site this week?

Put it down in the comments below and some of those ideas will make it into their own separate threads!


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24 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 11”

  1. What to do with Nic Martin, will be good coverage for R13 & R14 byes which are looking like the worst. Set to lose cash though over the next few weeks.
    Trade or hold poll would be good.
    Similarly could work with other maxed out rookies like Daicos, Gibcus, etc


    1. he’s a keeper unless LTI … and you hold him and becomes a luxury trade as needed towards the end


      1. I agree that Preuss is definitely a keeper unless something drastic happens. Probably no need for a poll on it.


  2. Tom Mitchell breakeven of 125 has the round 14 bye
    Has been promised more inside mid supposedly by Sam Mitchell


  3. Might be more of a mega poll, for those who need a tip, or are out of ideas. Top 3 trade targets for each line for each bye.
    i.e. best 3 Def to target with rd12 bye


  4. Who are the best uber pods per line that no one is currently talking about for our teams through and coming out of the byes?

    Key indicators: Ownership & 3/5-Rd Avg

    D: Blicavs, Swallow, Blakey, etc
    M: Brad Crouch, Walsh, etc
    R: Nank, Darcy, Oscar Mac, etc
    F: Gresham, Dusty, Lipinski, etc

    Perhaps better poll after DPP are released next week …


    1. Hey Magic.

      Some of the guys mentioned above will be looked at in my R11 Rare Gems Post out this Thursday morning. I’ve been adding their Byes to help with planning.


  5. Maybe a poll on what trades people are planning this week with byes starting next week? And just a general check in on bye plans. Feel like my answer in the poll last week has already changed


    1. he’s a hold – best 22 – will play a decent role and score OK each week and gives you valuable coverage in Rnd 12 and 13

      – unless you trade him to a premo that also has Rnd14 bye (and this also depends on your overall bye planning structure – ie if you have too many already in Rnd 14 out and need to balance a bit – grab the Bye Planners if you haven’t already used them – new ones out after this weeks matches with the current prices, averages, BE’s etc right before the key bye weeks!!), then it’s not worth moving him yet …


  6. Is it worth trading a ‘dead’ rookie such as Hough to a Soligo? Already getting Cleary and don’t have any other rookies ready for farming.

    TU: Yes – trade
    TD: No – hold


  7. I know this may not be the spot to ask, but has anyone got analysis on possible DPPs/will there be an article on the subject this week?
    I know it may be a pain to put together, I’m happy to help out if someone points me to where I can find the data.


  8. Hi TC,
    Here is few notable prospects:

    Marcus Bontempelli — Likely to gain M/F
    Bailey Smith – Likely to gain M/F
    Robbie McComb – Certain to gain M/F
    Ben Hobbs – Certain to gain M/F
    Darcy Cameron – Certain to gain FWD/RUCK
    Connor Rozee – Certain to gain FWD/MID
    Mark Blicavs – Certain to gain DEF/RUCK

    Rowan Marshall : FWD 33% RUCK 66%
    Jayden Short : DEF: 59 %, MID: 32%, FWD: 9%

    Travis Boak : MID 71%, FWD 29%
    Sam Walsh : MID 73% FWD 27%
    Tom Mitchell : MID 74% FWD: 26%
    Max Gawn : RUCK 71% FWD 29%

    *Some tasty prospects for the future round, if the “unlikely’s”can increase their forward rolls a bit more.


  9. Do we need to trade dead rookies with the byes coming or is it better to get to full premium?



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