Round 10 Review

Written by Dane on May 23 2022

Carlton (15.12.102) defeated Sydney (13.9.87)

1. Sam Walsh (133). Another great game from the midfield jet who found 34 touches (15 contested) with 4 tackles and 4 clearances while running at 76% DE.

2. Charlie Curnow (122). Had a ton by half-time from just 7 touches but almost all of those resulted in goals. Now leads the Coleman after eventually snagging 6 for the match from 11 touches and 6 marks.


3. George Hewett (120). Just standard operations for Hewett now as he found another 32 touches (17 contested) with 7 tackles and 9 clearances in his usual midfield role.

4. Matt Kennedy (113). 21 touches with 13 of those being contested while running at 85% DE. Also snagged 1 goal and had 5 tackles for the night.

5. Luke Parker/Adam Saad (112). Parker was probably the best for the Swans with 26 touches (13 contested), 9 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal, while Saad had his fifth ton of the season thanks to 21 touches and 4 tackles.

Other 100+ scorers: Zac Fisher (110), Jacob Weitering (108), Nick Blakey (106), Callum Mills (101)

Disappointment: Couple of 78’s from both Cripps and Docherty got the weekend off to a rough start.

Rookies: Young Blue Jesse Motlop was very dangerous up forward but didn’t convert his chances, only slotting 1.3 from 12 touches to score 40 points, while fellow small Durdin (74) was solid for those still running with him. Not much for the Swans with Bell only scoring 22, but McCartin (85) was once again very good with 16 touches and 8 marks at 87% DE. 

Injuries: Veteran Josh Kennedy had his hamstring go ping in a contest during the second term.

Geelong (11.16.82) defeated Port Adelaide (7.5.47)

1. Dan Houston (139). Second best score of Houston’s outstanding season thus far, as he finished with 30 touches (23 kicks) that gained 514 metres. Also had 11 marks.

2. Cam Guthrie (124). Best game of Guthries season so far as he found 38 touches (16 contested) to pair with 10 clearances and a couple of marks and tackles.


3. Tom Stewart (122). Just the usual from Stewart who found 27 touches and 8 marks at 88% across half-back.

4. Zak Butters (118). Bounced back in the past fortnight after having a decent culling from plenty of teams. Found 24 touches (9 contested) at a very good 87% DE.

5. Jeremy Cameron (114). Had a game best 629 metres gained from 24 touches (17 kicks) as well as having 13 contested touches. Also snagged 3 goals in a dominate display.


Other 100+ scorers: Mark Blicavs/Ollie Wines (101)

Disappointment: Nothing horrid here so it’ll go to Boak (86), who now only has one ton in the past month.

Rookies: De Koning keeps up his really good form leading into the bye, this week finishing with a score of 85 from 16 touches (10 contested) while running at 93% DE. Midfield rookie Cooper Stephens was a late in and will hence now be on the bubble after a really good second game of 16 touches and 5 marks for 64 points, the same with Francis Evans (34), who had 11 touches. Not much for Port here who only had Hayes (72) who put in a respectable effort, especially with a lot of teams losing GWS ruckman Pruess this weekend.

Injuries: Veteran Dangerfield was in the wars all day with a knee and eventually a calf subbing him out.

Western Bulldogs (15.16.106) defeated Gold Coast (13.9.87)

 1. Jarrod Witts (131). Kept his incredible season going with 11 touches (all contested), 3 tackles and a massive 55 hitouts.

2. Marcus Bontempelli (130). Despite having 9 clangers for the game, Bont used his 24 touches (14 contested) very constructively to gain 589 metres, as well as recording 8 marks, 3 goals, 5 tackles and 7 clearances. 


3. Ed Richards (121). Continues a very good season with this season-best return thanks to 20 touches (9 contested) with 11 marks that ran at 95% DE.

4. David Swallow (119). Has moved back to the midfied recently and is still producing great games, this time finishing with 25 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances, 5 tackles and 664 metres gained.

5. Bailey Smith (117). Continues to just run around and get the ball in the dominant Doggies midfield, this week finding 34 of them that gained 722 metres, while also slotting 1 goal.


Other 100+ scorers: Josh Dunkley (116), Aaron Naughton (114), Jack Macrae (104)

Disappointment: What was that from Touk Miller (59)? Just couldn’t get going against the Dogs midfield with just 19 touches with 6 clangers at 42% DE (and I had the VC on him, ugh). While I’m at, Matt Rowell (39) had more tackles (8) than touches (6) with 4 frees against which pretty much cooked my weekend as I’ve still got him running around too, but I’m set to hold until the bye.

Rookies: Defender Luke Cleary looks like a really good downgrade option with another 16 touches and 6 marks off half-back for a solid 75 points, which was slightly unders on McCombs score of 78 that came from 16 touches and 2 goals. Baku Khamis couldn’t get going in this one though, only scoring 12 points, but Rhylee West had another good score of 79 from 15 touches and 4 tackles. A couple of Gold Coast forwards feature here with Rosas scoring a decent 51 from just 5 touches and 1 goal, while Joel Jeffery had a career game with 10 touches, 5 marks, 5 goals and 95 points. Unfortunately though, basement priced defender…

Injuries: Rory Thompson was subbed off in the second with a heavy limp. Jy Farrar was on fire, scoring 86 from 13 touches at 100% DE before being subbed out before halftime. 

North Melbourne (8.5.53) defeated by Melbourne (14.16.100)

1. Clayton Oliver (178). I went the VC on Miller over Oliver and as it usually happens, it backfired badly as Satan had a career high 45 touches (22 contested) with a massive 13 clearances, 6 tackles and a team-high 621 metres gained.

2. Aidan Corr (136). Career best marks here for Corr who set marks in Supercoach score, disposals (29), kicks (24) and marks (13). Gave away 5 frees and had 8 clangers but also ran at a very good 82% DE.


3. Luke McDonald (127). Fourth ton of the season for McDonald who had a game best 640 metres gained from 31 touches (22 kicks) to pair with 5 tackles.

4. Christian Petracca (114). Gained a huge 616 metres from 30 touches of the football that also included 5 tackles and 6 clearances. Was a popular Steele replacement and made a solid start for those that went with him.

5. Bailey Scott (110). Another Kangaroo who had some career best marks here. 27 touches, 16 kicks, 12 marks and SuperCoach score were the main ones.


Other 100+ scorers: Zilch

Disappointment: Another sub ton for Max Gawn (89) which makes it three weeks in a row! He hasn’t done that since the final three rounds of 2017.

Rookies: If you’re still rolling with him, Jason Horne-Francis returned this week with a score of 64 from 16 touches and 1 goal, the same score that Flynn Perez finished on thanks to 17 touches and 4 marks. Paul Curtis (33) just reached his breakeven and may be at risk of losing his spot after just having 6 touches, while Kyron Hayden was very good with 11 touches, 4 marks and 57 points. Only Demon that qualifies here is Bedford (37), who was subbed on and kicked 1 goal from 7 touches.

Injuries: Couple of heavy clashes meant that both teams made a sub here. For North, Curtis Taylor was off late due to a rib concern, while for the Dees, Langdon was subbed off earlier and I think I head via radio that he went to hospital, so keep an eye out for any news.

Adelaide (9.15.69) defeated by St Kilda (14.6.90)

1. Jack Sinclair (138). Season best return from Sinclair who found 32 touches of the ball that ran at a very good 87% DE to lead the Saints to an important win in Adelaide.

2. Bradley Hill (135). Starred in his 200th game with 30 touches of the ball at a brilliant 90% DE. Gained 586 metres from those 30 touches as well as snagging 1 goal.


3. Jordan Dawson (130). Another semi-popular replacement for Steele was Dawson with a DPP move. Had 22 touches, 10 marks and 2 goals to continue his red hot form.

4. Brad Crouch (127). Got some talk as a Steele replacement as well and surely there would’ve been a few to make that move. Looks a masterful on first impression as Crouch was awesome against his former club with 31 touches (14 contested) with 1 goal and 4 tackles.

5. Callum Wilkie (121). Career best score and third ton in a row for Wilkie who had 19 touches, 7 marks and 3 tackles to round out the top 5.


Other 100+ scorers: Max King (120), Jade Gresham (115), Brodie Smith (108), Rory Laird (105)

Disappointment: Due to the fact its his first sub ton for the season, it goes to Ben Keays (96).

Rookies: Really good game from Jake Soligo (96) who had 19 touches, 1 goal and 3 tackles in a mainly forward role on Saturday night. The same can be said for Hately (88), who had 18 touches and 8 tackles in the middle as he continues to grow in value, as does Mitch Hinge (just) as he scored 58 from 11 touches. Saints didn’t have much to cover here with only Windhanger (60) and Wanganeen-Milera (37) having 15 and 11 touches respectively. 

Injuries: Unfortunately, Josh Rachele was subbed off in the fourth quarter due to a corked hip.

Richmond (11.14.80) defeated Essendon (7.6.48)

1. Toby Nankervis (135). The Tigers skipper produced his best return of the season so far with a 19 touch (14 contested), 5 mark, 20 hitout game resulting in this score.

2. Liam Baker (134). Great game from Baker off half-back as he collecting 30 touches of the ball  that ran at 90% DE while also having 5 marks and 6 tackles.


3. Darcy Parish (128). Found plenty of the ball as per usual, with 43 touches being 1 off his career high. Also had 19 contested touches, 6 clearances, 8 tackles and 572 metres gained.

 4. Dion Prestia (126). Took home the best on ground medal thanks to 36 touches (12 contested) with 5 marks and 503 metres gained.

5. Mason Redman (113). Almost cracked the magical 1000 metres gained, ultimately finishing with 950 of them from 30 touches (25 kicks) to pair with 10 marks and 5 tackles. 


Other 100+ scorers: Jayden Short (110), Daniel Rioli (106), Dyson Heppell (103), Zach Merrett (102)

Disappointment: Unfortunately Shai Bolton couldn’t keep his ton-streak going, only scoring 52 on Saturday night.

Rookies: The returning Gibcus has pretty much reached his peak at the perfect time with his bye coming up. He scored 60 from from 12 touches, which was just a little bit less than Rioli Jnr (67), who bounced back from his score of 7 pretty quick with 2 goals and 12 touches. Reid (64) has been performing pretty well in the back half and this week was no different with 12 touches, while Hobbs (73) keeps playing well with another 2 goals from 10 touches and 3 tackles. Bryan (59), Martin (49) and young Tex Wanganeen (2) also fall into this category, with the latter of those three being subbed on very late.

Injuries: Unfortunately for the Tigers, Tom Lynch was subbed off with a hamstring injury after half-time, while he was joined on the bench by Kane Lambert with a hip concern. For the Bombers, it was Guelfi who ended up on the bench. 

GWS (21.12.138) defeated West Coast (13.8.86)

 1. Stephen Coniglio (140). Huge game from Cogs after he was one of the talking points of the week. Had 36 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances, 6 marks, 4 tackles and a brilliant 91% DE.

2. Harry Perryman (138). Huge game as well from Perryman all over the ground to find 30 touches (16 contested), 4 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal

3. Matt Flynn (133). A late in with Pruess out and played a stellar game with 18 touches (12 contested) to pair with 41 hit outs against a fairly inexperienced ruck division.

4. James Peatling (132). Played a great game in what I think was his first game for the season, finishing with 23 touches, 11 marks, 3 goals while running at a brilliant 93% DE.

5. Josh Kelly (125). Just another midfielder who did as he pleased on Sunday, collecting 29 touches, completing 9 tackles and taking 5 marks to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scorers: Jack Redden (112), Jesse Hogan (110), Jamie Cripps (104)

Disappointment: Defender Isaac Cumming has done nothing but improve his scoring over the past 18 months, but this 71 was a tad underwhelming. Alex Witherden (68) also worth a mention.

Rookies: Bunch in here for the Eagles as usual but there’s a one to cover for GWS too. One of the more popular picks in recent time in Clark produced a third up 55 but they’ll be better scores to come, while Hough played his first game in a hot minute to return just points after coming on as the sub. Dixon (56), Jamieson (66) and Winder (77) all played solid enough games, while Naish (29) is bleeding cash now. Jacob Wehr (51) had 13 touches, 5 marks and 1 goal on debut.

Injuries: Only causality from this game was Luke Shuey who was just returning from a hamstring injury.

Hawthorn (18.9.117) defeated Brisbane (17.10.112)

1. Tom Mitchell (129). Dare I say it, but his price is really tempting me at sub 500K. Back to a full-time midfield role in this one and finished with 36 touches (20 contested), 9 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

2. Daniel Rich (127). Led the Lions with 33 touches (25 kicks) off half-back that resulted in a game high 919 metres gained. Also slotted a very nice long range goal.

3. James Sicily (122). Kept up his spectacular form with another 24 touches and 7 marks in the backline while running at 79% DE.

4. Jai Newcombe (121). Was probably, if not close, best on for the Hawks with his work through the centre. Had 27 touches (14 contested), 9 clearances, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

5. Jarryd Lyons (113). Played a stellar game and stepped up when Neale was tagged to finish with 32 touches (13 contested), 9 clearances and 7 tackles in his usual midfield role.

Other 100+ scorers: Keidean Coleman (104), Darcy Fort (103), Dylan Moore (101), Lachie Neale (100)

Disappointment: Really rough score on Sunday afternoon for Zac Bailey (22), who ran at just 15% DE and had 6 clangers in his 13 touches.

Rookies: Second gamer Sam Butler was pretty good up forward on Sunday afternoon, snagging 2 goals from 9 touches to record a second up 49, presenting slightly as a downgrade option for Martin. The only others to consider here are Grainger-Barras (78) and Lynch (67), but they’ve already made a solid amount/have low ownership at this point,

Injuries: Young Hawk Will Day was subbed out late in the contest, as was McCluggage who suffered a hamstring injury.

Fremantle (6.8.44) defeated Collingwood (12.8.80)

1. Will Brodie (144). Spectacular return once again from one of the recruits of the season as he found 36 touches (20 contested) with 11 clearances and 6 tackles, plus a goal to complete a brilliant game.

2. Sean Darcy (134). Bounced back from last weeks poor effort with a 21 touch (18 contested), 11 clearance, 44 hit out game,

3. Darcy Cameron (130). Not to be outdone, Cameron had a great battle against Darcy and even in wet conditions, the big men shared some large scores. Cameron’s came courtesy of 12 touches, 7 marks, 8 tackles, 22 hitouts and 1 goal.

4. Caleb Serong/Jack Crisp (107). Another good score from Serong (dare I mention breakout again?) as he had 29 touches (16 contested) plus 7 clearances and 9 tackles, while Crisp got up after news he missed training during the week to finish with 27 touches (13 contested), 8 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

5. David Mundy/Jordan Clark (105). The games oldest player had a great game  with 34 touches plus 1 goal, while Clark has been pretty good in his new colours, this week recording 27 touches and 460 metres gained.

Other 100+ scorers: Luke Ryan (102)

Disappointment: Worst score so far this season for Scott Pendlebury, who only ended with 73 for the game.

Rookies: None within this final game for the round bar two guys that are already 300K plus in Ginnivan (66) and Daicos (65).

Injuries: Unfortunately for recalled big man Mason Cox, it was a hand/finger injury that closed his night early.



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2 thoughts on “Round 10 Review”

  1. Great write up again Dane!!

    It hurt reading the summary of the Fremantle vs Collingwood game.

    Went into that game holding onto a 40 point lead over my opponent in my main league – with my Pendlebury versus his Darcy Cameron (who was supposed to be sharing the ruck with Mason Cox).

    Feeling pretty confident at that point.

    Then Cox gets injured early, Cameron has a great game (130 points), and Dependlebury has his worst score of the year in the wet (73 points).

    Looking forward to the rookie write up this week – Cleary looks a must have, but maybe also looking at Cooper Stephens (will Geelong give him a decent run in the seniors now??) & maybe even Rhylee West?


    1. Rough way to end the weekend Brett! But it does happen unfortunately, don’t let it get you down as next week it may even out!

      Cleary is looking real good as does Stephens if he can maintain his spot!

      West is tempting but im surprised his scored so well in the high scoring Dogs team and I don’t think that’ll last long term!



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