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Written by JimmyDee on May 22 2022

Incredibly eight coaches  pushed out scores of over 2400 which should have placed them in the top couple of percent for the week. Super effort that!

Also incredibly, only one of the eight had Satan as VC or C, with most opting for Lachie Neale. What could have been?

Top score for the week of 2473  goes to the fast rising Romo Tech with coach Jomo putting together some good recent scores to climb into 7th in the group. Second on the podium with 2471 is the Jumper Punchers with Barry pulling out a big one to stay in the game. Third, bouncing back from last week’s mediocrity with 2461 is last year’s champ Techiewannabees with Glenda obviously taking on board last week’s little spray that got her back up and firing at the top of the ladder. It helped they had Satan as VC.

As the scores were so good this week, the plaudits normally reserved for the top five is expanded. Trade wizard Amir and the Tech-SG Ninjas (2442), Nicole’s Bombers SCTTL 2432, Tumultuous Tons@SCT  by Emma (2425), Father Dougal’s Convent Footy Club All Nuns@SCT (2411) and Harrison’s
TL Hazza’s Heroes (2406) round out what is a very impressive top eight this week.

Let us know how you are travelling for the byes. Only one more round to get it right, are you tanking one round or have you got them all covered?



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8 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. 2253/Kelly
    Had a doughnut due to Pruess a late out and holding English, so only Hayes was playing in the ruck
    Mids were poor having Martin, Rowell, Cripps and Danger

    Byes are looking a struggle for Rd 12 with the forward line heavily out for that round. Sideways trade potentially occurring, but trades are dieing off


  2. Happy to top the week but absolutely kicking myself for trading out Cogs over Martin. Start of the week I’d traded Cogs out of both teams then reconsidered and just forgot to reverse it in the tech side.

    Byes I’m just gonna be holding my breath and hoping it works out but not feeling confident with those


  3. I was keeping the faith with Titch but traded him previous round because he did not play
    His return to form stings.


  4. 16 out for round 13 – gonna need a bigger team!

    So many under performers to try and correct, not sure it’s possible. Danger, Rowell, McInerney to start with.

    Like to get Cleary for cash gen but it’s another R13 bye, decisions decisions. Thinking two of the above to Cleary and Neale which will be made a bit easier if Danger is an out this round.


    1. I’m stuck in a similar spot with the fwds, all my targets have a bad bye and need to move Martin on, just can’t find a suitable target.
      Also thanks for the shout out for Tumultuous Tons, feel like I’m finally making ground, but 1000 PTS is a long way back


  5. Thanks Jimmy!

    The pack are closing in on me and I’m trying to run the other way … but seem to be in quicksand!
    Big Maxxie is killing me and I thought he would be a plus!
    Got lucky with late swap of the VC to Oliver … so nice for that piece of luck!

    Kicking myself for not having the courage of my initial plans again – had intended to bring in Cameron for Martin (and same in my OA side too!) … but chickened out when Cox was named as primary ruck … and then Martin named in the centre … I thought (foolishly) that Rutten couldn’t be so dumb as not to play the young fella on ball again, as he had been in the first 6 weeks when killing it … and that was a bad fail in terms of Rutten still being an idio … and Martin scoring badly again and losing cash … oh how that extra 80 points would have been nice!

    So, Ninjas, Ninius and the Good Father are making it very hard to know what my best choices are … and who best to bring in on each line … surely they are running out of trades??? (I saved my trades this week … so maybe that helps?) … they all have insane sides, with greater value than mine (thanks Gawnie) … so not good on that basis!

    I’m structured OK for byes I think … been keeping that in mind … not sure who best to trade this week …
    Good luck all!


  6. The West End Bombers are needing a boost(?),

    Might try something POD (some Baldrick)

    Tu Laird vc’d with Boak Capt
    Td Change your medication and take a good long nap.



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