Rookie Review – Round 12

Written by Alza on June 6 2023

1 week of byes done with the hopefully easy week in our sights. Still a heap of rookies keeping their cash generation going even this far into the year which is great but how many of us have already traded them out. Not too many new rookies coming through as is expected at this time of year but some mid-season draftees might see some game time in the coming weeks.

Just a mention to be wary of bringing in rookies early during the byes. It seems to happen every year that a number of coaches bring in a rookie early only for them to be dropped and leaving us scrambling to get 18 on the field.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Oisin MULLIN*GEE$102,40037 (46)-31
Lewis MELICANSYD$172,300Bye (87)-18
Bailey MACDONALDHAW$117,30045 (45)2
James O'DONNELLWBD$114,700 (+$6.8k)30 (25)4
Seamus MITCHELL (FWD)HAW$299,600DNP (67)24
Miller BERGMANNTH$271,400 (+$17.6k)70 (57)25
Ollie LORD (DEF)PTA$238,600 (+$17.2k)38 (52)26
Tylar YOUNGRIC$232,600 (+$12.6k)52 (49)36
Josh WEDDLEHAW$325,800 (+$46.6k)90 (71)38
Alex CINCOTTA (MID)CAR$235,300 (+$16.4k)61 (64)43
Max MICHALANNEYADE$282,200 (+$0.4k)66 (61)44
Bodhi UWLAND (MID)GCS$132,800 (+$8.9k)1 (31)44
Josh FAHEY* (MID)GWS$123,90017 (12)48
Judd MCVEE (MID)MEL$289,000 (-$0.2k)71 (57)50
Reuben GINBEY (MID)WCE$327,100 (-$9.5k)59 (67)51
Conor MCKENNABRL$269,300Bye (62)54
Aaron FRANCIS (FWD)SYD$266,300Bye (51)55
James MADDENBRL$148,400Bye (4)55
Rhyan MANSELL (FWD)RIC$254,600 (+$1.6k)24 (46)56
Darcy WILMOT (MID)BRL$308,500Bye (59)68
Jack BUCKLEYGWS$368,900 (-$4.9k)82 (80)70
Dylan WILLIAMS (FWD)PTA$338,800 (+$4k)84 (67)77
Rory ATKINS (MID)GCS$313,600 (+$11.8k)72 (70)83
Harry SHEEZEL (FWD)NTH$464,200 (-$4.5k)72 (97)119

The Good: Weddle had a big 2nd half against Port like the rest of his side to finish with 25 touches, 4 marks, 8 intercepts and 9 one percenters. He has been a great scorer for us in the last few weeks. Williams played well in the same game but in reverse with all the damage done in the 1st half. 19 touches at 95% with 9 marks gave him another score in the 80’s. Buckley returned to form thanks to 13 touches with 9 marks, 3 tackles and 9 intercepts.

The Bad: Uwland and Fahey were subs with Uwland featuring in just 13% TOG to have a free against and 1 one percenter while Fahey played 32% for his 4 touches, 3 clangers and a goal.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Matthew JOHNSONFRE$216,700Bye (43)17
Mitchell KNEVITTGEE$281,500 (+$23.2k)103 (58)21
George WARDLAWNTH$229,900 (+$36.1l)65 (64)26
Elijah HEWETTWCE$137,700 (+$0.4k)23 (21)33
Oskar BAKERWBD$306,100 (+$1k)41 (59)59
Will ASHCROFTBRL$420,400Bye (80)69
Oliver HOLLANDSCAR$270,600DNP (56)79

The Good: Knevitt played the best game of his career so far with 17 touches at 59% with 3 marks, 7 tackles and a goal with 2 goal assists boosting him over that 100 mark.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Lachlan MCANDREW* (FWD)SYD$123,900Bye (38)-4
Nick BRYAN (FWD)ESS$200,000DNP (41)40
Samson RYAN (FWD)RIC$325,300 (-$19.2k)61 (63)89
Esava RATUGOLEA (FWD)GEE$352,200DNP (64)93

Ryan had a decent game with 11 touches, 3 marks, 17 hitouts from just 23 contests, 7 score involvements and kicked 1.2. He has been a great pick but with Nankervis back he will keep losing money.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Eddie FORDNTH$196,400 (+$72.5k)48 (78)-17
Will PHILLIPS (FWD)NTH$350,100 (+$49.6k)116 (76)-11
Harvey HARRISONCOL$123,90050 (50)-1
Thomas BERRYGCS$152,000 (+$3.4k)45 (40)0
Judson CLARKERIC$185,500 (+$4.9k)70 (46)11
Ryan ANGWIN (MID)GWS$192,200 (+$5k)38 (44)13
Jacob VAN ROOYENMEL$306,200 (+$25.5k)106 (65)17
Phoenix SPICERNTH$149,200 (+$19.6k)58 (36)18
Jye MENZIEESS$254,600 (+$23.6k)55 (51)27
Aaron CADMANGWS$130,200 (-$5.4k)29 (24)27
Noah LONG (MID)WCE$238,500 (+$5k)85 (57)29
Josh SINN (MID)PTA$123,90020 (20)29
Mattaes PHILLIPOU (MID)STK$251,900Bye (53)33
Corey WARNER* (MID)SYD$123,900Bye (19)34
Anthony CAMINITISTK$242,100Bye (53)37
Bailey HUMPHREY (MID)GCS$389,300 (+$38.7k)99 (65)38
Xavier O'HALLORAN (MID)GWS$282,000 (+$11.4k)78 (60)43
Josh TREACYFRE$278,800Bye (54)49
Sam STURTFRE$156,100Bye (35)50
Sam BUTLERHAW$279,000 (+$23k)61 (55)50
Luke PEDLARADE$312,200 (+$0.7k)53 (61)54
Francis EVANSPTA$167,700DNP (28)56
Tyler BROCKMANHAW$292,900 (+$25.9k)68 (59)60
Arthur JONESWBD$230,800 (-$24.1k)21 (40)66
Brent DANIELSGWS$391,900 (+$18.1k)44 (74)75
Ben KINGGCS$374,900 (-$8.9k)99 (66)81
Cam MACKENZIE (MID)HAW$283,500 (+$1.8k)39 (57)84
Kade CHANDLERMEL$326,100 (-$3.6k)67 (70)92
Luke EDWARDS (MID)WCE$232,900DNP (48)96
Sam SIMPSON (MID)GEE$224,400 (-$26.2k)3 (49)108

The Good: Phillips had a new career best with a very impressive game thanks to his 25 CBA’s. He had 27 touches at 82% with 14 contested. Add in 6 tackles, a goal, 8 score involvements and 8 clearances and you have an excellent game. van Rooyen bounced back after a few quieter games with 16 touches at 88% with 7 marks and a goal. King kicked 3.1 with his goals coming in the 2nd half comeback win. They came from his 10 touches with 8 contested, 3 tackles and 6 free kicks for. Humphrey is in ripping form with a 5 round average of close to 95. This week he had 17 touches but at a low 35% but had 13 contested possessions. He also kicked 2 goals and had 4 clearances and 8 score involvements.

The Bad: Jones managed 7 touches at 57% with 2 marks and 2 tackles and should be on the trade table.

Time To Trade: Chandler, Jones

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Will Phillips
2 – Jacob van Rooyen
1 – Mitch Knevitt

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award After Round 12:
22 – Harry Sheezel
6 – Ben King
6 – Will Ashcroft


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 12”

  1. Saw the North v Essendon clash. In the last quarter Wardlaw was enormous. Didn’t get the full CD love his performance may have warranted. But was right in the thick of it when the game was on the line, and certainly passed the eye test.
    Those who stuck with Phillips are getting their reward. Preseason this was what we were thinking we would see. Don’t know what happened early. Maybe it’s the new coach??? But he us certainly showing it now. Add him to the list of rookies passed on but now regret.


  2. At the time, it was either Phillips or Humphrey…went Phillips cause of his late bye. Not upset about that…upset I didn’t get both !!!
    Phillips likely a f6/7/8 keeper now.


  3. Purely for cash gen I’d love to trade out Oscar Baker, but even half decent options are pretty thin on the ground ATM.


  4. Great post as always Alza, Thank you.

    This would be better posted on your Reserves rookie review. Apologies

    WAFL coach Rob Wiley runs through the AFL-listed players’ performances in Sunday’s loss against Swan Districts.

    Harry Barnett
    Ten disposals, 27 hit-outs, two goals
    “Competed well in the ruck, which gave our midfielders a chance to win the ball at ground level and kicked two goals which was a great result.”

    Jack Williams
    Seven disposals, four marks
    “Second game back and probably struggled, we didn’t have much supply going forward but ended up taking four marks and having one shot on goal.”

    Tyrell Dewar
    Six disposals, one goal
    “Started the game really well. He was lively in the first quarter, kicked a really nice goal but again, like all forwards, didn’t get much opportunity so he was a bit quiet in last three quarters.”

    Ryan Maric
    Five disposals, one goal
    “In his first game, he was really impressive. Took a strong mark, kicked a nice goal but then probably after quarter time with the week he had lost a bit of energy. He was really impressive in some of the things he did so he showed a lot of upside.”

    Zane Trew
    14 disposals, three tackles
    “Probably our most consistent player this year but got tagged, which was probably the first time that has happened in his career, so he’ll be better off for the experience.”

    Campbell Chesser
    19 disposals, four tackles
    “Played through the midfield the whole day, and again showed glimpses of his great speed and ability to break the lines. Probably faded a little bit as the game went on but again with what we saw, I think is all is well for the future.”


  5. Was forced to hold Chesser when injured as he had no value to trade . Dont except him back to after his bye but should be a good down grade for cash generation.
    Was best 22 at start of yr.



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