MRO – Round 12

Written by Chaos Theory on June 5 2023

The Match Review Officer:


To be decided. Updated as required.


Jordan De Goey has been sent directly to the Tribunal for his bump on Elijah Hewett in the first quarter. Hewitt suffered concussion and didn’t participate in the rest of the game. The rough conduct charge was graded careless conduct, severe impact and high contact, meaning he faces a suspension of at least 3 weeks.

West Coast’s Liam Duggan has a one-match ban for a dump tackle on Taylor Adams in the second quarter, with the incident assessed as careless, medium impact and high contact.



James Harmes has been handed a one-match suspension for his high bump on Carlton’s Matthew Cottrell in the fourth quarter.

The rough conduct charge was assessed as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

Cottrell had just fumbled the ball and kept running forward to collect it when Harmes came in and bumped him from the opposite direction.


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5 thoughts on “MRO – Round 12”

  1. West Coast will challenge Liam Duggan’s ban for rough conduct at the AFL Tribunal tomorrow.


    1. West Coast has withdrawn its AFL Tribunal appeal because Liam Duggan was hospitalised on Monday with illness and will miss this week’s match regardless.


  2. Tonight’s AFL Tribunal times:

    5pm AEST: Jordan De Goey

    Not before 6:15pm AEST: Liam Duggan



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