Round 12 Review

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 5 2023

Melbourne v Carlton

Petracca (159) ran the show with no Satan and a languishing Blues midfield, tallying 32 touches and 17 contested. Van Rooyen (106) popped a ton to the frustration of many with some spirited around the ground work for 16 touches. Gawn (103) hustled late to a ton but remains in a problematic split that really cramps his ceiling and deprives him of ruck economy. Salem (85) continues to quietly plod along, adding an 88 to previous return scores of 78 and 88 – eventually has those spike games.

The Blues were depressing as ever. Cerra (129) top scored and was the only Blue to ton. Docherty (96) is in this random MID/HF everywhere role and remains a big enough gull to put out serviceable scores. Cripps (89) was frankly terrible with thoughtless decision and nothing outside of ham-fisted CPs. Saad (85) is still at a nice price but the Blues being inundated with D50 entries makes it challenging him for him to dip into those soft scoring streams when him and Weitering are essentially trying to contain 6 forwards. Walsh (72) was puzzlingly condemned to a mostly outside role. With the Blues generating little outisde ball and the Dees seasoned wingers in Langdon and Hunter getting the job done Walsh was doomed.

Port Adelaide v Hawthorn

Given the largely uncontested nature of the game it was just flat tons for Butters (105) and Rozee (98), who had little to do. Wines (95) put up 24 and a goal for those who fancied him a fallen premo. Really not much else to report for Port, but how great would it have been if we got Williams (84) on the bubble?

Weddle (90) refused to have a poor game after a truly horrendous start and turned it around after HT with some strong accumulation numbers. Ended up with 25 and is firmly in the side. Day (81) looked to be back in business early but got tagged by Drew intermittently. That said, his use looked really deliberative early. Lowered his eyes and didn’t blast off. Moore (60) came back down to earth but understanable given the match conditions.

West Coast v Collingwood

A lot of headlines in this one. Starting with how strong the Eagles midfield was all of a sudden! Yeo (125), Sheed (119) and Kelly (115) led the way with 26, 43 and 39 a piece. Yeo was fantastic as the Eagles contested possession leader. Remains a dicey proposition given his injury profile and just the 71% TOG but he harkened back to his old self on Saturday. Allen (90) slapped on 3 and continues to be consistent as hell and Long (85) came back and hauled ass with a hard fought 16 touches, however Ginbey (59) looks to be in need of a spell.

Mitchell (132) led the way for the Pies with one of his first proper large scores this year. A signature 20 handball performance but some real edge to his game with 15 contested and 13 tackles and he squared off against a strong Eagles trio. He was joined on ball by Daicos (123), who was probably underscored for 30 touches, 3 goals and 626 MG. Cameron (105) worked up to some nice TOG at 79% and had a solid, but not spectacular, outing – honestly thought he’d towel the Eagles around the ground for more. De Goey (55) bid farewell to owners on a sour note. Laid that heinous bump, gave away a bunch of frees and just couldn’t hack it against Kelly, Sheed and Yeo and amongst Daicos and Titch.

Bulldogs v Geelong

Daniel (169) was supreme in a defensive half role putting his 35 touches to a clinical 88% and covering 546 meters. To expensive to make a move on now but a mega POD at 4%. English (158) recaptured his early season form and dominance. The 30 touches and 27 touches were standard for a 130~ outing but it was the 12 marks, a good chunk of them intercepts, that put him on for a big one. Liberatore (122) charged late and remains a Top 8 MID, Bontempelli (113) had Blicavs on him early and had a quiet evening and then Richards going down opened things up for Dale (116) to go nicely with 31 touches and 8 marks.

At the other end Stewart (127) was top notch and had his intercept and distributing game fully fired up. Blicavs (106) was in a blended midfield/ruck role and Cameron (107) played 98% TOG and covered the ground extremely well. Mullin (37) got his 2nd game and had 10 touches, 5 contested and 2 tackles. Too risky to jump on him with the Cats heading into their bye and looking to recover some personnel.

Gold Coast v Adelaide

Anderson (120) copped a tag from Keays but a strong contested game with 18/28, high score involvements and 2 goals of his own held him in good stead. Just a flat ton from Fatt Rowell (101), who struggled with the pace of the game. Witts (99) absolutely dominated the ruck battle with 48 HOs to O’Brien’s 28 but did little outside of that with just 6 touches. Humphrey (99) just refuses to take his foot off the gas and a late 50 meter penalty brought in right in front for a goal the set the Suns on the road to sealing the game. Atkins (72) was dislodged from his HB role and found himself on a wing. Struggled early and looked to be on for a heinous one but tracked hard late and scrambled to a serviceable score.

The Suns reversal the tide of the game saw Laird (112) tail off late despite a strong start and he finished with the 22 touches. Dawson (106) had 6 clangers with several audacious long targets misplaced right onto Suns’ chests. High MG and a 2:1 K:HB ratio allowed him to ton however. Keays (106) got a consecutive week on ball as a tagger and found 25 touches, slotted 2 goals and laid 10 tackles. A phenomenal performance and one that would have accrued more points were it not for his 36% use.

GWS v Richmond

The game was Brigged! Briggs (128) carved it up with 30 HOs, 9 tackles, 8 contested and 2 goals and just looked sharp and switched on and played with a fantastic measured aggression. He’ll stay as the Giants #1 ruck for as long as that kind of form continues. Himmelberg (103) played a full game down back in less of a freed up role as last year, instead supporting the defense and aiding against the 3rd tall. Green (89) and Coniglio (81) had lamentable performances with 60%~ DE and butchered it all day. Green’s accumulating was great though.

Taranto (111) put in a solid outing as he continues a strong season. 36 touches, 12 contested, 9 clearances, 5 tackles and a goal. Ryan (61) played a mostly forward role with Nank back but was economical enough to do spit out a 60.

Essendon v North Melbourne

Merrett (137) opened with a massive 78 point first quarter but battled through the next 3 quarters with a tag from Shiels. Still found 34 touches, took 11 marks and slotted 2 goals. Ridley (102) played accountable but took 9 marks, with other half of them intercepts. The 90% TOG and DE always helps. Redman (72) didn’t find as much of it with just 19 and a kick directly into Merrett’s back on the wing from 2 meters away.

Wardlaw (65) didn’t score the best and was unclean but had 12 contested and was a sensational burst and tackling busting presence when the game tightened up. Sheezel (72) struggled for the most of the game, getting involved late on ball and up forward and scraping to a 70. Missed a goal which would have put him on 90~. Ziebell (59) was atrocious as the Roos backline looks to now be too saturated with him, Sheezel, Hall and McDonald. Had 18 touches and then 3 OOTF kicks, including one of the kick in. Party’s over. Ford (48) didn’t do too hot but still has a good set of hands and will stick around. One you won’t want to field outside of the byes though.


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  1. Something that may be of interest to some of you.
    SC Brownlow after Rd 12
    Daicos, Nick 15
    English, Tim 13
    Dunkley, Josh 12
    Dawson, Jordan 11
    Butters, Zak 11
    Redman, Mason 11
    Merrett, Zach 11
    Bontempelli, Marcus 11
    Stewart, Tom 11
    Serong, Caleb 10
    Marshall, Rowan 10
    Sicily, James 10
    Petracca, Christian 10
    Oliver, Clayton 10



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