Rookie Review – Round 19

Written by Alza on July 25 2023

Round 19 is in the books and this will be the 2nd last Rookie Review of 2023, next week’s edition will be a recap of the year as has happened in previous years. Let me know which rookies have been your favourites this season. I do have a soft spot for the rookies so it’s hard for me to split them but the obvious choices in Sheezel and Ashcroft were outstanding. Terrible luck for Ashcroft as he ruptured his ACL after an outstanding debut season so far. The rookies that I have enjoyed the most are probably the 2 Hawks defenders Mitchell and Weddle as well as Sheldrick.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Sam BANKS (MID)RIC$169,400 (+$45.5k)82 (57)-36
Corey WAGNER (MID)FRE$206,800 (+$46.4k)72 (59)-12
Joel HAMLING*FRE$169,60058 (52)-6
Tom COLEWCE$278,700 (+$12.5k)68 (64)-4
Rory ATKINS (MID)GCS$370,200 (+$51.2k)99 (71)2
Josh GOATER (MID)NTH$255,100 (+$20.2k)67 (58)13
Alex CINCOTTA (MID)CAR$260,900 (+$13.8k)72 (58)22
Campbell CHESSER (MID)WCE$191,800 (+$12.5k)47 (34)35
Harry SHEEZEL (FWD)NTH$467,500 (+$15.1k)126 (96)40
Conor MCKENNABRL$329,400 (+$11.2k)85 (63)40
James O'DONNELLWBD$127,800DNP (24)42
Rhyan MANSELL (FWD)RIC$237,100 (-$13.2k)45 (46)46
Josh BRUCE (FWD)WBD$225,400 (-$4.7k)47 (49)50
Ollie LORD (DEF)PTA$253,900DNP (53)51
Josh FAHEY (MID)GWS$139,500 (+$1.6k)3 (21)51
Lachie COWANCAR$198,900 (-$5.9k)28 (42)52
Oisin MULLINGEE$124,100 (-$11.3k)11 (29)57
Lewis MELICANSYD$276,300DNP (58)64
Tylar YOUNGRIC$266,400 (-$8.8k)53 (49)71
Darcy WILMOT (MID)BRL$435,600 (+$8.5k)89 (70)75
Max MICHALANNEYADE$230,500DNP (54)76
Judd MCVEE (MID)MEL$304,100 (-$7.5k)39 (57)78
Jack BUCKLEYGWS$414,700 (+$8.5k)97 (79)81
Josh WEDDLEHAW$343,300 (-$9.6k)56 (67)91
Reuben GINBEY (MID)WCE$313,000DNP (64)107
Seamus MITCHELL (FWD)HAW$370,100 (-$16.7k)44 (69)114
Dylan WILLIAMS (FWD)PTA$357,100 (-$36.5k)19 (67)127

The Good: Sheezel had his desired role for us in terms of SuperCoach as he played half back this week. He had 28 touches at 89% with 7 marks, 5 tackles and 647 metres gained. He got a slight boost from playing on from 7/8 kick ins but owners are happy to see that. Atkins has started life under a new coach very well with another great game. He had 29 touches at 86% with 7 marks and 730 metres gained, he too made the most of the kick ins as he played on from all 7. Buckley has been a very underrated rookie option this year but he has been excellent as a key defender. He finished with 15 touches with 9 contested at 87% with 6 marks, 4 tackles and 11 intercepts.

The Bad: Fahey and Mullin were the subs again which is bad for owners this year but nice for us to have them as starting picks next year.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jack BYTELSTK$110,900 (-$5.4k)31 (25)17
Jaspa FLETCHERBRL$284,000 (+$19.1k)66 (65)18
Oskar BAKERWBD$254,200 (-$10.2k)52 (56)27
Ned LONGHAW$181,300 (+$15.6k)12 (43)41
Nik COXESS$198,20035 (35)43
Elijah HEWETTWCE$256,600 (+$19k)53 (41)52
Oliver HOLLANDSCAR$255,200 (-$15.4k)43 (55)62
George WARDLAWNTH$296,500DNP (62)66
Matthew JOHNSONFRE$301,900 (-$22.5k)29 (53)71
Will ASHCROFTBRL$510,300 (+$7.4k)56 (85)136

The Bad: Johnson never really got going this week when some owners may have needed him on field. He was subbed out after just 49% TOG and 6 touches, 1 mark and 1 tackle.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Nick BRYAN (FWD)ESS$249,100 (+$16.1k)24 (53)33
Jack WILLIAMS (FWD)WCE$163,800 (-$0.9k)19 (33)48

Bryan was subbed out in the 3rd quarter after only 31% TOG playing as the 2nd ruck. He only had 4 touches but 15 hitouts in that time. Williams had 6 touches, 3 tackles and 7 hitouts in their big loss to Carlton over the weekend.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Ryan ANGWIN (MID)GWS$190,900 (+$30.1k)74 (42)-39
Jack PERIS (MID)STK$123,900DNP (66)-18
Luke NANKERVIS (MID)ADE$123,90057 (57)-9
Sam STURTFRE$177,700 (+$4.6k)61 (39)-4
Taj WOEWODIN (MID)MEL$150,800 (+$26.9k)34 (44)-1
Matthew COULTHARDRIC$102,40040 (40)0
Ryan MARICWCE$233,800 (+$26.4k)67 (53)1
Aaron CADMANGWS$124,000 (-$3.3k)19 (24)20
David CUNNINGHAM (MID)CAR$282,200 (+$24.7k)80 (68)23
Cooper HARVEY (MID)NTH$134,300 (+$17k)16 (35)24
Ethan STANLEY (MID)FRE$102,40015 (15)25
Noah LONG (MID)WCE$232,800 (-$0.7k)58 (50)31
Francis EVANSPTA$165,600 (-$2.1k)50 (32)32
Anthony CAMINITISTK$267,900 (+$15.8k)85 (52)33
Josh TREACYFRE$271,300 (-$1.4k)58 (54)35
Mattaes PHILLIPOU (MID)STK$247,600 (+$0.1k)66 (52)37
Jye MENZIEESS$215,300DNP (46)38
Tyler BROCKMANHAW$274,200 (+$8.6k)63 (57)38
Kade CHANDLERMEL$317,500 (+$12.8k)102 (69)40
Eddie FORDNTH$275,700 (+$10.5k)58 (64)41
Corey WARNER (MID)SYD$120,000DNP (21)44
Josh HONEYCAR$175,700 (-$2.5k)26 (33)48
Lachie FOGARTY (MID)CAR$304,600 (+$20.4k)58 (72)52
Josh CORBETT*FRE$163,00027 (19)56
Fergus GREENEHAW$237,800DNP (49)59
Kai LOHMANNBRL$136,300 (-$19.3k)5 (27)61
Hawego Paul OEAGCS$207,900 (-$1.7k)32 (42)62
Liam HENRY (MID)FRE$399,300 (+$7.3k)86 (70)63
Brent DANIELSGWS$370,000 (-$13k)97 (74)65
Ben KINGGCS$212,700 (-$44.5k)9 (55)74
Jacob VAN ROOYENMEL$328,500 (-$10.6k)59 (63)81
Will PHILLIPS (FWD)NTH$387,300 (-$8.1k)88 (75)84
Luke PEDLARADE$267,700 (-$18.5k)30 (57)84
Bailey HUMPHREY (MID)GCS$302,700 (-$26k)12 (59)102

The Good: Chandler returned to the side and was back to his early season form. He kicked 3 goals from 16 touches at 88% with 6 marks and 10 score involvements. Daniels like his teammate Buckley has been fairly underrated this season as he had an inflated starting price and missed a few games with injury around the byes but the fact his ownership never went over 1% is a surprise. He bounced back in his 2nd game since his injury with 20 touches, 4 tackles, 7 score involvements and kicking 2.2.

The Bad: King has not had the best run over the last month and that continued with just 4 touches and 3 marks this week. Humphrey has lost his place in the middle at the moment and his scoring reflects that, he only managed the 6 touches.

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Harry Sheezel
2 – Kade Chandler
1 – Rory Atkins

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award After Round 19:
33 – Harry Sheezel
12 – Will Ashcroft
6 – Ben King


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13 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 19”

  1. Cheeze and Seamus my too faves, with Humphrey bear and Chandler not far behind.

    Next year thinking Jhye Clark if fit and Tsatas may be good starting, so hoping Tsatas if he plays this years its only as sub


    1. Chandler was a great rookie this year, I didn’t start him and never brought him in unfortunately.
      Yeah I can see Clark getting some games next year just hope he gets a decent discount and I do think Tsatas will play this year but I agree hopefully as the sub, at least for a couple of games


  2. Madden was a great rookie. Took on the captain’s armband in some crucial moments.
    Seeing Will Gould exist was another


    1. Very true, can’t forget our popular C option that has done a great job. We finally had Gouldy debut but with the sub rule he didn’t end up in a heap of sides unfortunately


  3. Special shout out to Darcy Wilmot, who has been in my team from Rd 1 and averaging 96.25 for the last 4 weeks on field! Chesser & Ratugolea the others who have survived the whole season (1 trade left so they will be there until the end). Sheezel on field too (but picked him up Rd 2).


    1. He did really well after his byes. I just traded him out after he scored 29, thinking his cash gen had hit a brick wall


    2. He has been so good since his bye but that’s when a lot of coaches traded him. Still he did his job until then but crazy to see him over 400k right now


    3. Yeah have to agree with dual position and his constant scores has been a true rookie to hold and use , best rookies obviously Sheezel and Ashcroft (traded Ash but still have Sheezel) for my team special mentions to Cincotta (still have) Van Rooyen (traded) and Briggs (filled the gap during byes and produced Quality money, traded at peak) and lopeholes Madden, Constable and Drury


  4. Also going to shout out Wilmot! Been great coverage/on field post his bye.

    Phillips also had nice run of things in the middle part of the season


    1. He was good around the byes and then had another even better run not too long ago which saw him reach around the 400k mark


  5. Briggs the one for me – although it has bitten me in the backside as I traded Gawn out to keep Briggs at R2 only for a couple weeks later having the big news of Grundy being dropped!

    Sums up my year probably.



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