Rookie Review – Round 2 2024

Written by Alza on March 26 2024

What a great week for our rookies! So many popular rookies having field-able scores and even forcing premiums into our non-scoring players with best 18 in play.

Players that are considered rookies for this review are players priced under the Reid Line of $207,300.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Charlie DEAN*COL$123,900DNP (56)-42
Toby PINK*NTH$123,90058 (51)-32
Blake HOWESMEL$194,100 (+$70.2k)68 (74)-22
Bodhi UWLANDGCS$175,900 (+$38.8k)64 (54)-21
Karl WORNERFRE$134,100DNP (63)-11
Josh GIBCUS*RIC$150,700DNP (48)-10
Tom BROWNRIC$154,20063 (63)-4
Kallan DAWSON*NTH$183,30042 (53)-2
Marty HORE*MEL$123,90012 (60)-2
Darcy GARDINER*BRL$187,800BYE (49)9
Jase BURGOYNEPTA$179,70057 (57)13
Joshua DRAPERFRE$123,90035 (35)13
Nick COFFIELD*WBD$123,9003 (26)18
Oscar MCDONALDFRE$123,900DNP (27)21
Oisin MULLINGEE$153,40029 (29)31
Zach REIDESS$123,900DNP (15)33

The Good: Howes has been a standout in defence where everyone else seems to be injured. He had another solid game with 16 touches, 6 marks and 4 tackles.

The Bad: Coffield suffered a shoulder injury very early on and looks to be out for a while. Hore was traded in by 10% of coaches just to start as the sub unfortunately and ruin his cash gen for the next couple of weeks. Although May and Lever were injured in this game they don’t look like long term outs which isn’t ideal for Hore’s job security.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jack CARROLL*CAR$123,900BYE (70)-69
Colby MCKERCHER*NTH$202,80095 (92)-68
Jeremy SHARP*FRE$123,90063 (67)-63
Ryley SANDERS*WBD$184,80099 (71)-37
Matt ROBERTSSYD$225,800 (+$69k)94 (80)-35
Jacob WEHRGWS$167,000 (+$43.1k)70 (55)-21
Jhye CLARK*GEE$123,90060 (37)-3
Campbell CHESSER*WCE$199,60030 (34)45

The Good: The big 3 all did their thing this week. Sanders avoided being subbed out this week and went large with 22 touches at 86% with 10 contested, 5 tackles and 6 clearances. McKercher had 22 touches at an excellent 91% with 6 marks continuing his halfback role. As did Roberts with 19 touches, 8 marks and 8 intercepts.

The Bad: Chesser isn’t that popular at his price but scored less this week playing a full game although might be a little hard done by. 16 touches at 69% with 3 marks but 5 clangers doesn’t help.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Ned MOYLEGCS$193,70090 (90)-15
Harry BARNETT (FWD)WCE$123,90022 (22)26

Moyle finds himself in a tricky spot of being too good for VFL but behind another solo ruckman in Witts. Against English (mostly) he had 14 touches with 11 contested, 25 hit outs and a goal. Unfortunately he will only play when Witts doesn’t. Barnett may be our best chance at a playing R3. He won’t score that consistently in his role but might have the odd good game. 6 touches and 8 hit outs from 43% TOG.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Oliver DEMPSEY*GEE$148,40059 (78)-71
Sam DARCYWBD$123,900109 (109)-61
Harvey THOMAS (MID)GWS$175,000 (+$57.7k)107 (64)-53
Aaron CADMANGWS$194,100 (+$66.5k)90 (72)-52
Darcy WILSON* (MID)STK$130,80059 (63)-51
Buku KHAMIS*WBD$123,90065 (58)-46
Reef MCINNESCOL$123,90072 (72)-24
Harley REID* (MID)WCE$207,30063 (71)-24
Shaun MANNAGH* (MID)GEE$117,30057 (43)-20
Harvey GALLAGHER*WBD$123,90039 (44)-18
Chris BURGESS*ADE$129,10054 (44)-15
Zane DUURSMA* (MID)NTH$193,80053 (62)-14
Seth CAMPBELLRIC$174,800 (+$50.9k)80 (60)-12
Noah ANSWERTHBRL$176,000BYE (80)-11
Jackson MEAD* (MID)PTA$199,80076 (62)-11
Thomas BERRYGCS$208,200 (+$44.7k)24 (63)-10
Alex SEXTONGCS$182,800 (+$49.4k)47 (61)-6
Charlie LAZZARO* (MID)NTH$181,10066 (54)-5
Maurice RIOLI*RIC$175,500DNP (51)-2
Callum JAMIESON*WCE$199,00046 (55)4
Caleb WINDSOR (MID)MEL$211,500 (+$31.2k)40 (57)8
Corey WARNERSYD$123,90040 (40)8
Matt TABERNERFRE$172,10052 (52)14
Mykelti LEFAURIC$102,40026 (26)14
Lachlan MCNEILWBD$159,100DNP (41)21
Nick WATSON* (MID)HAW$189,30056 (41)25
Orazio FANTASIA*CAR$175,900BYE (37)26
Tom EMMETT*FRE$182,20039 (39)26
Kai LOHMANN*BRL$150,900BYE (25)35
Jed WALTERGCS$198,30037 (37)40
Lance COLLARDSTK$117,300DNP (4)41
Finlay MACRAE*COL$152,60012 (20)46
Taj WOEWODINMEL$175,500DNP (8)60

The Good: Darcy filled the stat sheet playing forward and 2nd ruck. 15 touches at an elite 93% with 8 contested, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 3 clearances, 12 hitouts and 2 goals. Massive trade target in 2 weeks if this continues. Thomas has rewarded his 10% of coaches. He finished with 21 touches, 11 contested, 7 score involvements, 4 marks, 8 tackles and 1.2. Cadman has been an excellent starting pick after he had a great game against the Eagles, his career best. He kicked 3 goals from 9 touches with 3 marks, 4 tackles and some time in the ruck.

The Bad: Macrae was the sub again and had 3 touches and 2 tackles from a quarter. Berry was traded in by 14% of coaches and they were let down. He had 8 touches and a goal and now has a week off with the bye.

Trade Targets
Players you should be looking to bring in this week:
Dempsey – scoring and job security
Carroll – scoring and value
Sharp – scoring, job security and value
Khamis – job security with Coffield out
Pink – job security and much needed by us in defence

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 2 2024?

  • Sam Darcy (WBD) - 109 (45%, 97 Votes)
  • Ryley Sanders (WBD) - 99 (22%, 47 Votes)
  • Harvey Thomas (GWS) - 107 (12%, 26 Votes)
  • Colby McKercher (NTH) - 95 (12%, 25 Votes)
  • Matt Roberts (SYD) - 94 (9%, 20 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 215

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Leaderboard After Round 1
O. Dempsey – 3
T. Berry – 2
C. McKercher – 1


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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 2 2024”

    1. Probably not Dermot, Clark scored a lot better this week in what should be a more normal score for him. They were missing a few players but his role didn’t really change juts his usage and a few more possessions. He’s been talked up by his team mates so it sounds like he should stay in the team


  1. Big shout out to Alza.

    Love your work and I look forward to reading the Rookie Review each week and very much appreciate the effort you put in for us. Great work!


    1. Hard to trade in any Geelong players this week with them playing Monday and the teams only getting announced on Sunday.

      Helps make the decision although seeing as Watson plays for the Hawks it is a bit safer with the backup option to hold Watson if Dempsey for some reason didn’t play


      1. With the money saved from bringing in Carroll over Dempsey, i can use a boost and trade Z Reid for Massimo.


  2. How do we rank these 3 rookies?
    Sharp, dempsey and carroll

    I think I can only bring 1 in this week.


    1. Sharp is number 1 for me and it’s hard to split Carroll and Dempsey, probably Carroll due to being cheaper as long as he isn’t the sub


      1. Confused by some comments on Dempsey here, what am I missing?

        I understand he’s more expensive, but scoring ability is at least similar and JS in long run appears superior to both Sharp/Carroll.


        1. I think Sharp has the best job security.
          Dempsey and Carroll were hard to split for me so I went with Carroll based on price. Carroll does have slightly shaky job security but has shown plenty so far. Dempsey has also been great but needs goals to get close to his Rd 1 score. Really it depends on your needs, if you need a forward and don’t mind paying a little extra then go with Dempsey but if you need a mid, Carroll is your guy if you have Sharp already.


          1. Thanks Alza, really love your work!

            Personally I’m grabbing both Dempsey & Sharp. Chapman may come in for in Sharp at some stage, and perhaps Rohan for Dempsey, but their coaches love ’em so should both moo moo some $ regardless.


  3. I’ve only got $700 left in the bank.
    Going Young to Mass to make 300K
    Nic Martin to Serong, would go Green but not with the bye this week
    Then boosting to go Hustwaite to Carroll. Even if Hustwaite comes in this week then it’s still 2 more weeks to get a price rise.


  4. Great write up mate, wondering what all think of Marty hore as an option round 1 solid 60 but then the dreaded sub vest rears its ugly head any chance of cementing a spot with some injuries at the dees


    1. I don’t mind Hore as an option if he isn’t the sub this week. Lever and May look like being out 1 week if any so not a long term solution.

      I think Pink is the best defender option though as he should be locked in their side. Or you could wait a week and get Worner before his 3rd game if he comes straight back in this week or even Draper but he seems like a genuine lockdown defender.


  5. Really struggling to decide on my 3 trades
    TU: option 1 I’m thinking
    Coffield >Mass

    TD : Option 2

    If I go one I will be bringing in a Midfield promo next week. I’m sort of leaning towards 1 but I really want Butters



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