Tuesday Poll: Quick Fire

Written by JimmyDee on March 26 2024

A bit of a mixed bag of requests this week so I thought I’d keep it simple with a few one tick questions to get the community’s feel for some of the more talked about trade ideas.

A few people are interested in whether it would be worthwhile to find a way to get cheap midpricer, Tom Powell, into their sides. Seems to have the role and the scores in the small sample size. BE of -47 should see plenty of cash added this week, so do you find a way?

Is it worth trying to add Tom Powell before his price rise ?

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GD’s poll on Hayden Young was pretty clear cut to punt him, so this question is for a few others who have both Young and Jayden Short.

Which of Hayden Young or Jayden Short is more important to cull ?

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Probably not as critical, but a few coaches are asking about Christian Salem. Averaging 85 with a break even of 80 I feel that if he’s your problem you must be pretty solid everywhere else. However, I’ll ask the question.

Is it worth trading out Cristian Salem ?

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Another one for those that asked for some clarity. Brodie Grundy is averaging 103 with a break even of 112. Is he on your list trade out at this stage?

Who thinks Brodie Grundy is underperforming for his price ?

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Thanks for reading and participating, I know the site and the coaches love the feedback. Good luck with whichever decisions you make and may all your trades be gold !!


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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Poll: Quick Fire”

  1. at start of year was hoping to do a Grundy to English trade in round 5. looks like that is a long way off happening with English about to go bananas against eagles and Cats.

    Grundy does have eagles before his bye, but the price gap isn’t closing anytime soon


  2. Grundy is averaging 103 so on the surface it looks fine.. but its the fact vs gawn in the first half he was horrible and saved it with a big second half.. Collingwood he got double teamed and dished up a dismal 70 which is frustrating and on the weekend vs essendon he was again well below par at HT and saved his score with a big second half like round 0…

    I think alot of owners have the right to be concerned, myself included. I have alot going on with my team so he’s a hold but I sure wish I had the luxury too trade him. Personally I picked him to average 110 and flip him to English at the bye so I’m disappointed with the pick, In hindsight I’d of picked xerri.


  3. I say Grundy is underperforming to our expectations, but I’d don’t find him worthy of a trade. Unless you have over 100k to spend or looking at a downgrade to Xerri, I don’t see a better replacement.

    Similar with Salem, do you have a confident player to replace him?


  4. I love the tech team question finding it’s way in here, if you’re playing Tech this year, how many of you are
    TU trading
    TD holding


  5. Thanks for the article!!

    Is there any way to add a poll about downgrading this week to either Jack Carroll (Carl) or Jeremy Sharp (Frem).

    I can take only one, and am having a hard time separating them.

    SCORING – Both have scored about the same so far (although Carroll was the SUB in his first game), but I get the feeling that Carroll might score better slightly going forward?

    JOB SECURITY – You would think that Sharp has the slightly better job security?

    Especially with Carltons injury list diminishing, and Sam Walsh back in the next few weeks.

    Although Chapman & O’Driscoll should be back soon for the Dockers – and they can both play on a wing where Sharp is playing.

    If no poll, who would you pick:

    T/U: Carroll (Carl)
    T/D: Sharp


  6. Personally I don’t understand why Young is a must sack. Sure if you can get him up to Stewart or Ryan you probably gain 20 points per week but you’re costing yourself 100k in cash for your first upgrade + a trade. What makes zero sense to me is downgrading him to a NWM type. Arguably a more speculative pick with zero premium scoring history. I’d be shocked if he outscored Young from here.



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