Rookie Review – Round 3 2022

Written by Alza on April 5 2022

3 rounds gone and we have now had the first wave of price increases for our rookies. If a player has played all 3 games their Round 1 score will drop out of their price cycle this week. So someone like Rachele who scored 118 in Rd 1 will see an increase in breakeven but I would back him in to bounce back.

Players on the bubble have an asterisk next to their name.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Mitchell HINGEADE$233,400 (+$52.5k)91 (75)-37
Sam SKINNER* (FWD)PTA$123,90048 (47)-20
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$210,200 (+$52.4k)61 (70)-17
Sam DE KONING* (FWD)GEE$123,90050 (44)-15
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$235,000 (+$28.3k)89 (62)-2
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA* (MID)STK$162,30041 (47)2
Joel SMITHMEL$203,500 (+$26.3k)64 (55)5
Nathan O'DRISCOLL* (MID)FRE$123,90049 (34)6
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$200,100 (+$28.8k)62 (55)8
Declan MOUNTFORD (MID)WCE$102,400DNP (57)-
Darragh JOYCESTK$206,700DNP (53)-
Nathan KREUGERCOL$198,100DNP (48)-
Ben MILLERRIC$160,000DNP (46)-
Josh SINN (MID)PTA$157,800DNP (24)-
Jake STEINGWS$176,40064 (64)-
Jordan BOYDCAR$123,90036 (36)-

The Good: Hinge had a fantastic game again especially in the 2nd half when he was pushed up onto a wing, 16 touches at 93% including some great kicks inside 50. Grainger-Barras is starting to show why he is so highly rated with 18 touches including 11 intercepts. Gibcus and McCartin (4 clangers) were decent enough to field this week but not outstanding.

The Bad: Skinner had a decent 2nd game but was subbed out in the 3rd quarter and Wanganeen-Milera battled through an ankle/Achilles injury which hurt his scoring.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Brady HOUGH*WCE$117,30040 (44)-18
Connor MACDONALDHAW$154,900 (+$37.6k51 (51)-14
Jason HORNE-FRANCISNTH$259,500 (+$52.2k)67 (80)-11
Jackson MEADPTA$157,200 (+$33.3k)78 (49)-3
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$202,300 (+$34.5k)23 (59)2
Nick DAICOSCOL$250,400 (+$56.6k)91 (81)4
Josh WARDHAW$196,400 (+$16.1k)54 (48)9
Jake SOLIGO*ADE$117,300DNP (18)33
Alex DAVIESGCS$230,100 (+$27.6k)26 (61)44
Harry SHARP*BRL$193,200DNP (24)67
Aaron BLACKWCE$102,400DNP (74)-
Angus SHELDRICKSYD$130,800DNP (43)-
Stefan GIROWCE$102,400DNP (37)-
Mitch OWENSSTK$117,300DNP (2)-
Reef MCINNESCOL$123,90061 (61)-
Neil ERASMUSFRE$166,80058 (58)-

The Good: Rising Star Daicos had another great game with 26 touches at 73% including his first goal as well as 5 clearances, 4 clangers held him back from the ton. A tale of 2 halves for Mead, looked like he was everywhere early then disappeared until the last quarter. He ended with 18 touches at 83% and looks like a very solid rookie to have. McInnes made his debut and had a good first outing with 14 touches, may gain FWD DPP which would make him more enticing.

The Bad: Davies disappeared after quarter time, he had 6 disposals out of his 8 in the first term. He had 9 CBAs but couldn’t capitalise on his opportunities.

The Ugly: Dylan Stephens got our weeks off to a poor start with 23 on Thursday night with plenty of coaches putting him on field. I think he may have been on the wrong wing for scoring but it still leaves a sour taste in the mouth. 10 touches at 60% and 3 free kicks against. He’ll bounce back but can he be trusted on field anymore.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Hugh DIXON* (FWD)WCE$102,40061 (52)-42
Jack HAYES (FWD)STK$187,600 (+$85.2k)57 (84)-14
Jack WILLIAMS (FWD)WCE$117,300DNP (-2)-
Callum JAMIESONWCE$123,900DNP (27)-
Braydon PRUESSGWS$204,700109 (109)-

Preuss made his long awaited GWS debut and he delivered. 16 touches with 12 contested, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 34 hitouts against a good ruckman in Witts. If he backs this up next game then he will be a very popular trade target come round 5. Dixon played his 2nd game and had more of an impact with 10 touches including 8 contested all at 80% splitting his time in the ruck and up forward.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Nic MARTIN*ESS$102,40071 (93)-124
Lachlan GOLLANT*ADE$123,90079 (61)-48
Thomson DOW* (MID)RIC$198,900100 (75)-31
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$240,200 (+$50.6k)73 (75)-21
Jack GINNIVANCOL$247,800 (+$47.9k)43 (75)-15
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$230,600 (+$23.9k)57 (59)-3
Oscar MCDONALD*CAR$201,900DNP (56)9
Corey DURDINCAR$180,600 (+$36.9k)73 (56)10
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$163,700 (+$20k)27 (43)30
Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$230,500 (+$45.7k)36 (71)42
Charlie LAZZARO* (MID)NTH$201,400DNP (31)57
Toby BEDFORDMEL$123,900DNP (46)-
Luke PEDLAR (MID)ADE$123,900DNP (45)-
Kaine BALDWINESS$123,900DNP (29)-
Francis EVANSGEE$123,900DNP (22)-
Sam WEIDEMANMEL$200,90073 (73)-
Sam MAYESPTA$201,40053 (53)-
Jed MCENTEE (MID)PTA$123,90043 (43)-
Tex WANGANEENESS$102,40037 (37)-
Eddie FORDNTH$206,80033 (33)-
Ben RONKESYD$186,20018 (18)-

The Good: Dow of the Thomson variety had a great game in the middle for the Tigers with 23 touches at 83% with 12 contested touches. Had plenty of CBAs and made the most of it, owned by just 687 coaches currently. Only the 6 touches for Gollant but he kicked 4.0 from them going at 100%. He’s a key forward and is likely to score like one. Naish keeps getting it done for the undermanned Eagles with 22 touches but used it poorly with 50% efficiency and 4 clangers. I wasn’t sure at first how many games he’d get but there’s no way he isn’t in their best 22 for the year now. Durdin bounced back with a good score after kicking 1.2 from 11 touches while Nic Martin returned like he never left with 20 touches and 8 marks. He’s on the bubble and is a must have. Weideman was a semi late inclusion and kicked 4.3 from 11 touches at a poor 46%, not the best option given his job security and price tag.

The Bad: Rachele had his worst game so far giving away a crucial 50m penalty in the final 10 minutes. Only 10 touches with 2 tackles and 1 goal, he will bounce back so stick with him. Maginness struggled only managing 10 touches at 60% with 4 clangers and didn’t take a mark as did Ronke score wise as he was used as the sub. He came on late in the 3rd quarter for 3 touches and a goal.

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Braydon Preuss
2 – Thomson Dow
1 – Mitchell Hinge


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31 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 3 2022”

  1. what do you think of a Rachele to Brodie trade.

    Racheles BE is now 42 and his scoring is very up and down. Might have good JS but will be a slow burn and F7 at best.

    Brodie is a F5/ 6 and scoring is better

    TU yes do it, worth the trade and Brodie will be a good scorer
    TD wasting a trade, Rachele will be a slow burn, has good JS but not score great



    1. I wouldn’t do it. Rachele’s breakeven is a bit of a false flag due to the low score, his cash regeneration will restart at some point. Plus he was tracking for a perfectly fine score until the two late frees/50m which is just bad luck.

      Think the ship has sailed on Brodie. He’s been excellent but isn’t a keeper, I’d rather the trade and extra cash with keeping Rachele.


    2. I wouldn’t Murray based on the fact that you will probably have to trade Brodie out later. I’m hopeful he can average 90+ for the year but when they have their full midfield back his low TOG is a big worry.
      Rachele is a forward so will have up and down scoring but as a bench option this is better then him scoring 60 every week as it will give him greater cash gen (as FD has discussed in Cow Talk).


  2. Any Eagles fans have thoughts on Dixon’s JS? Great option on paper but only if he can get a few more games.


    1. I think he will stay in the team until Oscar Allen comes back although they’re very hard to get a read on with the team changing massively week to week. They like to play Nic Nat and a back up ruck so he may hold if he performs but I don’t see them playing all of Kennedy, Darling, Allen, Nic Nat and Dixon although they have gone with similar in the past.
      If you have him then keep him but I wouldn’t say you need to trade him in. Will either play and make decent money or will be a good loophole option.


      1. Thanks Alza, this is really helpful! I’m looking at options to trade out Soligo for long term cash gen, might look for a better long term option (maybe O’Driscoll).


    1. He’s only played 19 games since being picked up in the 2015 rookie draft. If he wasn’t a ruckman the system would’ve probably moved past him already. Hope this time it sticks for him and he gets a good run of games.


  3. Don’t have Martin, who seems like a must have. To bring him in would mean getting rid of either Rachele or Ward. Who should go?

    TU Rachele
    TD Ward


  4. Needs to get N.Martin this week .
    Only options to trade out are
    Tu – Rachele
    TD – H. Dixon ( but DPP with hayes on Ruck)


    1. Rachele, but only if they are your only options. I will be dumping either Owens or Baldwin for him. So far I have resisted any trades on the Sir Humphrey maxim that doing nothing is nearly always better than doing something. Been right both weeks so far. Martin is a must this week though.


  5. Thanks for the write up Alza – it is very much appreciated 🙂

    What is everyone’s thoughts on Thomson Dow from Richmond ($198.9K FWD / MID)?

    Has scored 49 points then 100 points from his 2 games (average 74.5) – and has a break even of – 31.

    Had 23 possessions – with 12 contested possessions & 7 clearances versus St Kilda on the weekend.

    His previous year highlights show that he is an inside MID with good contested ball skills, he can also take a mark, and it looks like has been on the Richmond list for 3 years now.

    Is he only getting a gig whilst Prestia (and maybe Dusty) are out?

    Or will Richmond be looking to get a large amount of games into him this year?

    Thanks in advance!!


    1. Hey Brett,
      Great question imo it seems that now is his time with Prestia out injured and who knows if dusty is coming back ? Robb is in a similar position , plays contested game so could be a Brodie type that could earn some cash and eventually the tigers have to bring some young talent through an ageing list with Cotchin also appearing to be a little bashed up.
      Also he may be a little more seasoned in the development stage than some similar priced rookies.
      Could be a very astute call Brett- good luck if you go that way


    2. Thanks Brett.
      This is his 3rd year on the list and has played in both the previous years which is a good sign. His game on the weekend would have to cement his spot in the near future but look what happened to Collier-Dawkins last year. I reckon it is a case of when the troops are back his CBAs will reduce, who knows when that will be it could be 2 months, it could be 2 weeks away. He may have dominated in the mean time to lock his spot in their midfield.
      At his price I personally wouldn’t do it but I don’t think he’s a bad pick. Scoring 100 in a losing side as a rookie is a great effort. In Rd 2 he still had 17 touches just didn’t put it all together.


  6. TU – Rachele to Dow ?
    TD – Hold
    Comment another rookie.

    Not enough in the bank for any solid upgrades for at least a few weeks, only sideways for rookies atm to generate anything $

    Back – Mccartin. Gibcus, De koning, Hinge
    Mids – JHF, Ward, MCdonald, Hough, Stephens, Daicos
    Fwd – Martin, Rachele, Hayes


  7. Gidday everybody
    this is just for general interest. Started N.Long [HA] as my loophole. The idea backfired as he has been named as “E ” each RD to RD3 and possible more to come with the chance of being the Medical Sub. All other rookies look safe at this stage and no injuries. Just cancels outs my VC option.


    1. WG,
      Join me at a karma rehab village for the hawthorn games when your vc scores 120+…….

      ps i don’t know exactly where it is, but the handcuffs and ankle straps are pretty comfy on the padded bed…..


  8. …….and on that note, one for the polls,

    how many of us actually keep any of our monday rage trades for the next round?????

    ….is it because of the SCT Mediation/psychology?????


    1. I don’t remember I last kept a Sunday night rage trade that wasn’t an injury affected player but it just feels to good to not do it on a Sunday night.


  9. Grundy, J Hayes, rachele out

    English, witts, t Dow in

    32 trades left.

    T/u do it
    T/d don’t do it (please gives thoughts on why not)


    1. I don’t think it’s a great option.
      You shouldn’t be trading out Grundy, he’s averaging 107 and not playing well at the moment so when it clicks it will be 115 . Getting English in is nice but at what cost, depends on your structure. Rachele to Dow will only give you $32k and similar points so probably not worth a trade

      Just my opinion though Jarrad, if it works for you then go for it


  10. Thanks for your thoughts Alza much appreciated.

    You make some very valid points. I just hate not having English!

    Very happy with balance of my team.

    Will probably just trade out j Hayes for pruess.

    May wait another week as he won’t go up on price for another week and get an extra week to make sure week one wasn’t a fluke!


    1. No problem Jarrad. That’s a good option, if you have Xerri then you could probably go a week early on Preuss if Hayes is dropped. If Hayes plays then you may as well wait that week to squeeze out any value in Hayes.



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