Rookie Review – Round 5 2022

Written by Alza on April 19 2022

We got our first ever SuperCoach DPP additions on Monday, some relevance but not hugely especially when it comes to rookies. Daicos is the main one gaining DEF, JHF and Ward missed out due to too much time in the middle. Some rookies are getting close to their break even and will need to be moved on as upgrade season approaches.

Players on the bubble are shown with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Nathan O'DRISCOLL (MID)FRE$238,900 (+$71.2k)103 (69)-69
Sam SKINNER* (FWD)PTA$123,900DNP (47)-21
Nathan KREUGER*COL$198,10078 (63)-11
Jordan BOYD*CAR$123,900DNP (38)-3
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$189,000 (+$30.6k)48 (50)-1
Joel SMITHMEL$203,500DNP (55)2
Ben MILLERRIC$184,800 (+$24.8k)45 (49)5`
Tom WILSON*COL$199,60041 (55)7`
Nick DAICOS (MID)COL$354,300 (+$49.6k)71 (88)9
Flynn PEREZ*NTH$147,00041 (37)12
Jake STEINGWS$207,300 (+$30.9k)55 (57)13
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$218,500DNP (54)15
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA (MID)STK$199,100 (+$13.8k)44 (48)18
Mitchell HINGEADE$266,700DNP (66)26
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$262,000 (+$19.5k)68 (67)29
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$251,600 (+$3.3k)35 (50)84
Luke PARKSCAR$199,60032 (32)-

The Good: O’Driscoll showed us all why was in our preseason teams with another great game. He had 22 touches at 77% with that damaging left boot, 4 clangers included and dropped away around 3 quarter time so it could’ve been even better for his 45% ownership. Kreuger came back into the side and was lively up forward kicking 2.2 from his 12 touches, expensive but an option if required.

The Bad: It’s time to go for Grainger-Barras. Just 5 touches at 60% and he now has a break even of 84. Should hold his place in the side if you really need the cover. Parks played his first game of the year and only managed the 7 disposals from a hefty price tag.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Neil ERASMUS*FRE$166,800DNP (64)-31
Brady HOUGHWCE$147,200DNP (45)-4
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$202,300DNP (59)-1
Reef MCINNESCOL$159,000 (+$35.1k)68 (50)3
Josh WARDHAW$227,900 (+$17k)65 (50)26
Jason HORNE-FRANCISNTH$316,300 (+$9.6k)39 (74)51
Ben HOBBSESS$153,30065 (65)-
Finn CALLAGHANGWS$198,30048 (48)-
Louis BUTLERWBD$130,600DNP (43)-

The Good: Ward bounced back this week thanks to 18 touches at 83% although he did have 4 clangers, I think he will reward the coaches that have held him with a big score around the corner. Hobbs made his debut and performed very well in parts with 15 touches at 80% with 6 marks and 5 tackles, should be a great downgrade option in 2 weeks.

The Bad: JHF had is worst score for the year. Don’t panic as North were smashed and he still had 18 touches with 12 contested he just used it poorly at 44% with 9 clangers.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Braydon PREUSS*GWS$204,700DNP (106)-93
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$216,300 (+$51.9k)54 (63)-25
Jack HAYES (FWD)STK$242,000 (+$54.4k)105 (89)-22
Sam HAYESPTA$123,90075 (75)-

J. Hayes returned to the side and showed how good he is with 11 contested touches out of 16 at 81% along with a goal and 5 marks. His namesake S. Hayes made his long awaited debut with a long term injury to Lycett giving him a chance, he performed well for a first gamer. Only 5 touches but had 20 hitouts with a good amount to advantage to boost his score.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Malcolm ROSAS*GCS$130,60073 (74)-71
Ben RONKESYD$219,900 (+$33.7k)92 (61)-38
Nic MARTIN (MID)ESS$248,300 (+$52.8k)76 (86)-16
Marcus WINDHAGER* (MID)STK$117,30043 (38)-8
Corey DURDINCAR$197,400 (+$16.8k)45 (53)-4
Tex WANGANEEN*ESS$102,400DNP (29)2
Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$277600 (+$18.3k)49 (73)6
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$332,000 (+$31.9k)76 (78)20
Lachlan GOLLANTADE$195,300 (+$30.3k)40 (51)29
Thomson DOW (MID)RIC$291,900 (+$41.7k)55 (72)31
Connor MACDONALD (MID)HAW$184,200 (+$12.4k)53 (46)31
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$275,900 (+$11.6k)51 (60)38
Sam WEIDEMANMEL$221,400 (+$20.5k)43 (54)39
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$162,700DNP (39)40
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$203,300 (+$22.6k)28 (45)41
Jack GINNIVANCOL$281,800DNP (72)60
Alex DAVIES (MID)GCS$206,700 (-$21.5k)19 (48)62
Eddie FORD*NTH$206,80016 (25)71
Kai LOHMANNBRL$121,80044 (44)-

The Good: Ronke finally got a full game and did plenty kicking 1.2 as well as having 19 touches to kick his cash gen off. Naish and Martin continue to be great picks with Naish getting 26 touches but had 8 clangers and Martin kicked 2 goals from his 17 touches. Rosas backed up his first game of the year nicely. Didn’t kick a goal and still scored well thanks to 9 contested touches from 15 and 7 tackles.

The Bad: Mead could consider himself a bit unlucky only scoring 28. 10 touches at 80% with no clangers but he didn’t have a single contested possession. Gained FWD status for the 9% of coaches that have him.

The Ugly: Ford only managed a goal from his 6 touches with 3 clangers from a full game. Sorry if I talked anyone into this pick but Davies has been poor lately only having 5 touches in his last effort.

Bye for now: Mayes, McEntee

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Jack Hayes
2 – Nathan O’Driscoll
1 – Ben Ronke

Rookie of the Year Award After Round 5:
5 – Jack Hayes
3 – Josh Rachele
3 – Nathan O’Driscoll


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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 5 2022”

    1. Last week would have been alright but now he’s had a price rise I wouldn’t based on his average. Could wait a week and get Hobbs in or bring in Windhager or Rosas up forward if possible.


      1. Yep, Dom’s exactly right. If NOD scores at 69 for the next 3 weeks he will rise 100k. Not too late but it’s on the verge


        1. I have 32 trades left (used 3 to bring in Cripps – gulp)
          I know corrective trades are usually R3, but if I trade out Hinge for NOD, it allows me to trade out Owens (sitting on the bench and likely a slow burn if he ever returns) for Rosas. I am thinking a corrective trade of sorts.
          My concern is that the $150k per trade rule is broken.

          Hinge & Owen >> NOD & Rosas

          TU: In this case it is worth it (better cash gen even if under $150k / trade)
          TD: Sit tight – Hinge is okay, & Owens…well try not to think about Owens


  1. In order to get Pruess, need to move on one of the below. Who goes 1st:

    T/U: C Durdin (Carl)
    T/D: S De Koning (Geel)



    1. I think Durdin but only due to there being more forward options as cover. Durdin should score better and make more cash


      1. Thanks for the response. I’ve just realised I can trade Gibcus and swing De Koning back.

        Might go that option especially if Gibcus not named again.

        Appreciate the feedback!


    2. Timbo
      Wait for the teams about Preuss…Coach blasted his lack of discipline for report and coach noted Flynn’s gutsy job against big odds…a real chance that Flynn stays in and Juicy Preussy will share ruck duties next round….check out Sam Hayes of Port now Lycett is out long term


  2. Rosas IN for Baldwin? Will be a luxury trade, still 30 trades left, and will be only trade for the week, touch wood. (pretty sure I’ve just jinxed myself!!!!)


    1. I think the fact you have used 5 trades already is why people are saying no. Unless you have no cover I would probably hold off. Baldwin kicked 5 goals on the weekend and one of their big men Phillips did his hammy so Baldwin could replace him


  3. Finn.

    If Preuss is named as solo ruck he will almost be a must have. I think he may have to share as Flynn was very solid V Gawn and Co last week. I think I’m going Rosas and then S Mayes at R3 next week as both are cheaper than Pruess.

    Thanks Alza great minds think alike …Cheers on a great review !


    1. Yeh I’ve gone with rosas as it allows me to get a keeper in brayshaw
      Thing that swayed me was yeh Hayes as he will be ready in two weeks and should be solo ruck with Lycett out


    1. I haven’t seen him play this year so I’m not sure on his role.
      When he debuted in 2018 he started with some big scores including that time he kicked 7 and had 10 tackles and then faded away quickly. That was a long time ago but he hasn’t played much since 2019. In 2018 he average 65 which was a career high. I’d say 65 would be about what he will average and at his price it’s probably not enough



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