Round 12 Review

Written by Dane on August 18 2020

Round 12

Sydney (10.6.66) defeated GWS (3.7.25)

Multiple Goal Kickers:

Sydney: Blakey, Dawson (2)

GWS: Zilch

1. Dane Rampe (140). Playing with an injured hand, the champion Swans defender had 22 touches, with 10 of those being intercepts, as well as 7 marks and 10 contested possessions to lead all scoring in this game.
2. Jake Lloyd (137). Another premium defender here scoring big. Lloyd is a walking Supercoach score at this point, and after racking up 27 touches, 4 tackles and 412 metres gained, he notched his tenth 100+ score in a row.
3. Callum Sinclair (130). The second best score of the year for the Sydney ruckman, courtesy of a strong game of 12 disposals, 28 hitouts and a very solid 91% DE.
4. Luke Parker (127). Another walking Supercoach scorer for the Swans, Parker posted his second best score of the season with 29 touches (15 contested), 5 clearances and 6 tackles.
5. Josh Kelly (119). By far the best Giant in an embarrassing loss, Kelly was classy as usual in the midfield with 31 touces (13 contested), 5 tackles, 9 clearances and over 540 metres gained.

Other notable scorers: The next best score after those five were a pair of 111’s to young gun Blakey (career high score from 18 touches and 2 goals) and dashing defender Williams (third in a row from 21 touches and 461 metres gained). After that the next best was Perryman (105), who picked up his first ton since round 5 with a game of 20 touches and 3 tackles, and finally another pair of scores, this time 104’s from Sydney pair Rowbottom and Mills. Numerous players in the 90’s, with popular Supercoach pick Coniglio (95) being the best of them, as he was then followed up by O’Riordan (94), Dawson (91) and Thurlow (90). Second gamer O’Halloran (53) was good once again with 10 touches and 3 tackles, while another second gamer in Wicks (34) wasn’t as good with only 6 touches on the night. In terms of debutants, Zac Foot (61) was very solid with 10 touches and 1 goal, while on the Giants side of things Hutchesson (36) wasn’t the worst with 7 touches at 85% DE.

Disappointment: He’s had a fantastic year but this was Hayne’s worst return after getting tagged out of the game by Hayward. To be honest his score of 67 wasn’t the shocking considering he only had 7 touches.

Geelong (14.7.91) defeated Port Adelaide (4.7.31)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Geelong: Hawkins (6), Rohan (3)

Port Adelaide: Zilch

1. Tom Hawkins (204). Well, what a game from the big power forward. He took a commanding lead in the Coleman with a 6 goal performance, while also hauling in 10 marks (7 contested), 9 marks inside 50, 17 possessions (12 contested), 2 goal assist and to top it all off, a career best score.
2. Patrick Dangerfield (124). Looked very dangerous around the stoppages, and maybe he’s about to go bang in the quick finish to the season. Overall he finished with 24 touches (15 contested), 5 clearances and 4 tackles.`
3. Gary Rohan (112). After a lean patch, Rohan has returned to his explosive best, this week kicking 3 goals amongst 12 touches, 7 marks and a very good DE of 91%.
4. Cameron Guthrie (108). Guthrie’s hot streak continued with his fifth ton in seven games, this one on the back of 27 touches, 1 goal and 5 tackles. Having a career year and could only get better, still has time on his side at 27 years old.
5. Sam Menegola (104). His ninth hundred on the year and fifth in a row, Menegola is on a complete tear right now. Finished up with a constructive 21 touches, 6 marks, 435 metres gained and a polished finish with his only goal.

Other notable scorers: Just a solitary point below Menegola was reliable defender Tom Stewart, who picked up 20 touches at 85% DE on the night for his fifth hundred of the year, while another point below Stewart was Blicavs, who had an all around game of 21 touches, 6 clearances and a couple of tackles. After that for the Cats it was Duncan and Bews on exactly 90 points each, with the only Cat going below 50 was Simpson (44), who probably would’ve got there if it wasn’t for his hamstring injury in the 3rd quarter. For Port Adelaide, it was pretty dismal in terms of their Supercoach scoring, with their best score coming from Travis Boak, who finished on 97 on the back of 24 touches, 7 clearances and 4 tackles. Scott Lycett also finished on 90, with fellow ruckman Ladhams ending the game a point below him. Nothing else of mention for Port, the majority of their scores falling between 50-80.

Disappointment: One of those games where you could pick any Port player you own, but for the sake of it rookie forward Georgiades (25) couldn’t get into the game and finished with only 3 touches and 1 goal.

North Melbourne (8.4.52) defeated by Brisbane (7.11.53)

Multiple Goal Kickers

North Melbourne: Larkey, Xerri, Zurhaar (2)

Brisbane: McInerney, McCarthy (2)

1. Jed Anderson (143). After missing last game, Anderson was back in a big way to post a score that was a single point off his career high. Playing inside midfield, he picked up 29 touches (16 contested), 8 clearances, 6 tackles and over 400 metres gained for his side.
2. Shaun Atley (137). Playing off a back flank, Atley produced a great score on the back of 22 touches that ran at a very good 95% DE, resulting in a career best score.
3. Todd Goldstein/Lachie Neale (134). A tie up here between two of Supercoache’s scoring phenomenons. Goldy notched his eleventh hundred of the year on the back of 18 touches and 23 hitouts, while Neale did the same, this week on the back of 24 touches and 7 tackles. The latter has only gone below 130 once this year (87), crazy numbers.
4. Jarryd Lyons (126). I’m going to label him the most underrated midfielder in the competition from here on in. Lyons did his usual role leading the inside midfield (23 touches, 9 clearances) for the Lions, resulting in his tenth triple figure score of the season.
5. Luke McDonald (119). Another guy who is on a hot streak at the moment, he notched his fourth hundred in five games from 24 touches and 449 metres gained, taking his five round average to 122.

Other notable scorers: For the second placed Lions, skipper Dayne Zorko (118) continued his strong run of form with a 23 disposals effort (22 kicks), which also included 610 metres gained and 6 tackles to eventually post his second hundred on the trot, while back-flanker Witherden (101) also continued his hot streak. Over for North, a couple of their important midfielders notched good scores, with Higgins (109) and Simpkin (105) having 24 and 26 touches respectively to give their owners some happiness. Trent Dumont’s sustained run of 100+ scores came to an end, but barely, this week finishing on 95 after a 22 touch game, while for Brisbane, the low-scoring run of Starcevich (99) ended, courtesy of 11 touches at 100% DE. Joining them in the 90’s were Lion’s big man McInerney (99), defender Lester (95) and young midfield bull Mathieson, who played his first game of the year for 14 touches and 97 Supercoach points. Lachlan Hosie (36) had 8 touches in his second game, while fellow second gamer Will Walker (63) finished up early with a hamstring issue, the only serious seeming injury out of the contest.

Disappointment: He’s been brilliant this year but Hugh McLuggage’s score of 60 was his worst return so far.

Melbourne (16.4.100) defeated Collingwood (6.8.44)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Melbourne: Spargo (3), Langdon, Fritsch, Melksham, Weideman (2)

Collingwood: Reid (2)

1. Brodie Grundy (148). Despite calls that his output has been down this year, a season average of 125 with only one score beneath 100 says otherwise. The Collingwood ruckman led all scorers in this game, courtesy of 15 touches, 6 tackles and 35 hitouts.
2. Ed Langdon (138). By far his best game for the Demons, Langdon posted his second hundred of the season with a solid game through the midfield, overall contributing 2 goals and 22 touches of the footy to his sides big win.
3. Clayton Oliver (137). Hard to believe the guy only just turned 23 years old, feels like he’s been a Supercoach freak for half a dozen years now. This was his second score of 137 in a row, overall finishing with 24 touches (13 contested), 4 tackles and 8 clearances.
4. Angus Brayshaw (131). His role seems to have changed from wing/outside midfielder into an inside type role over the past two weeks, hence increasing his scoring output. This week he posted a season best score from 23 touches and 1 goal, all but confirming I’ll bring him in this week for just 400K. Fingers crossed.
5. Christian Petracca (125). Someone I wont be trading in because I well and truly missed the boat (and money issues) is Petracca, who posted his ninth hundred of the season with 24 touches and 1 goal.

Other notable scorers: Another five players here on the 100+ club, two from the Dees and three from the Pies. Defenders Christian Salem (102) and Steven May (115) were the two from Melbourne, posting their third and fourth tons respectively. Salem finished the game with 22 touches, 10 marks and a great DE of 95%, while May had 17 touches, running at 88%. Over on the Pies side of things, it was reliable midfielder Adam’s (115), who gathered 30 touches (13 contested), had 5 clearances and kicked the 1 goal to be the next best behind Grundy. The other two were the hard running pair of Sidebottom and Phillips who both finished on 103. Returning skipper Scott Pendlebury (94) didn’t show many signs of his quad injury, ultimately finishing with 28 touches in 90% game time, while the only other player in the 90’s was Demon forward Jake Melksham (91), who had 13 touches and 2 goals. Heaps of scores in the 60-90 range in this game, so to finish off injuries unfortunately occurred to Mihocek (concussion) and Ben Reid (hamstring).

Disappointment: A couple of Collingwood backman here, with both Crisp (58) and Maynard (60) posting season worst scores.

Fremantle (5.6.36) defeated by Carlton (5.10.40)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Fremantle: Taberner (3)

Carlton: Zilch

1. Luke Ryan (162). He hasn’t gone below 100 since round 5, with this latest one being his best career score. Despite the difficult conditions, he had a very good DE of 79% (the highest in the game), while also having 24 touches (11 contested), 495 metres gained and a huge 14 intercept possessions, while really boosted his score.
2. Sam Walsh (123). Started the season slowly but is now averaging 92 after posting his fourth hundred in five games. Had 24 touches, 1 goal, 3 tackles and 7 clearances to be one of the better Blues on the night.
3. Nat Fyfe (121). Spent a fair bit of time up forward this week, but still contributed 21 touches (15 contested) and 4 tackles for his club, ultimately rewarding his coaches with his sixth hundred in 8 games this year.
4. Patrick Cripps (119). Cripps was huge at the contest, finishing with 24 touches (20 contested), with 8 clearances and 6 tackles. Hopefully a sign he is back to his best.
5. Ed Curnow (105). Posted his fourth hundred of the year courtesy of some huge numbers in the middle of the ground that included 33 touches (16 contested), 10 clearances, 4 tackles and 536 metres gained.

Other notable scorers: No one else hit triple figures here so let’s have a look through the blokes who finished in the 90’s. Ethan Hughes (98) was the best of them for his 11 disposal game that resulted in a season best score, while up forward Matt Taberner (97) kicked 3 goals from 12 touches to move into equal fourth in the Coleman medal. Sean Darcy (95) had 6 touches, 4 tackles and 32 hitouts for his score, while Connor Blakely (93) posted his best score of the year thanks to 18 touches and 4 tackles. No other really mentionable scores from this game unfortunately, overall a very spread scorecard. Matthew Cotrell (61) was better in his second game with 14 touches and 1 goal, while first-gamer Honey (16) had 4 touches in tough conditions. In case you missed it, Jack Newnes (79) kicked a goal after the siren to get the Blues the win here. Yes there may have been some bad umpiring decisions, but kudos to him, anyone who’s kicked a footy before knows you don’t strike it that pure in wet conditions very often.

Disappointment: He’s been incredible during the middle of the season, but Andy Brayshaw just couldn’t get into this game, ultimately finishing with 16 touches and 67 points.

Western Bulldogs (16.15.111) defeated Adelaide (8.6.54)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Western Bulldogs: Naughton (6), Bontempelli, Cavarra (2)

Adelaide: Zilch

1. Marcus Bontempelli (199). We almost had two 200+ scores in the same round of footy, something I’m fairly certain we haven’t had before. Alas, champion data just couldn’t find Bont one more point. Still, it was a career best score for the champion Bulldog, who had video game numbers of 33 touches (11 contested), 6 marks, 9 tackles, 12 clearances, 2 goals, 553 metres gained, 82% DE and 6 inside 50’s. 3 vote lock.
2. Bailey Smith (150). Another career best score here, with the young Bulldogs midfielder also posting video game like stats, finishing with 37 touches (26 kicks. 13 contested), 6 clearances and an absolutely massive 813 metres gained for his club
3. Lachie Hunter (141). Not a career best score here for Hunter but a season best at that. He finished up Sunday afternoon with 29 touches and 1 goal to take his season average to 112.
4. Matt Crouch (132). Pushed his season average back into triple figures thanks to his sixth hundred in the past 8 games, this one being his season best. Accumulated 27 touches (15 contested), 3 tackles, 6 clearances and 1 goal to be Adelaide’s best scorer.
5. Aaron Naughton/Tom Liberatore (127). A tie up to finish here. Naughton had one of those games where he was just so dominant in the air, finishing with 6 marks and 6 goals from 8 possessions, while Libba produced a season best score from his 25 touches (15 contested).

Other notable scorers: The only other Adelaide player to ton up was ruckman Reilly O’Brien (124), who enjoyed a stellar game of 17 touches, 4 tackles and 38 hitouts, but after him, only two Crows cracked 80, those being Keays and Smith. For the typically high Supercoach scoring Bulldogs, things were a little bit better. Bailey Williams (119) had a huge game with 20 touches and 617 metres gained coming out of defence, while reliable midfielder Macrae (118) kept the good scores coming with his own game of 27 touches. Seasoned veteran Easton Wood (103) rounded out the hundred plus scorers with his 13 disposal effort, while just outside that group were ruckman English (90) and premium defender Daniel (95). Ben Cavarra (66) finally returned to the team and played well with a 15 disposal, 2 goal game, but bad news for the Crows, with MacPherson (41) succumbing to a hamstring injury after his 8 disposal first half. Overall twelve Crows players failed to hit 60 points, compared to only five from the Bulldogs, showing just how lopsided the Supercoach scoring was.

Disappointment: Josh Dunkley’s score of 88 wasn’t bad really, but more disappointing in the fact he hasn’t cracked 100 since returning. On the flip side, he’ll be super cheap coming into Supercoach finals.

St Kilda (10.8.68) defeated Essendon (5.3.33)

Multiple Goal Kickers

St Kilda: King (3), Membrey (2)

Essendon: Zilch

1. Patrick Ryder (132). Took home his third big score of the year in this game, finishing up the day with 10 touches, 3 tackles, 18 hitouts and 1 long range goal.
2. Jack Billings (124). His sixth hundred and second best score of the season. The former number 3 pick pushed his average back to triple figures on Sunday afternoon, having 23 touches for his side while playing outside midfield.
3. Rowan Marshall (119). Despite the early struggle of having to contend with another ruckman, Marshall had seemingly adapted, posting his fifth hundred on the season here. He finished the day with 16 touches, 8 marks and 15 hitouts while having a variety of opponents.
4. Dylan Shiel (117). The best score for the Bomber came from their gun midfielder, who notched his fourth hundred of the year from 29 touches and 5 tackles while only recording 71% time on ground. Priced at around 500K, an option if you’re short on cash, is averaging 105.
5. Josh Battle (116). A career best score from the promising young key-position player. He racked up 18 touches, 9 marks and 1 goal playing a variety of roles across the ground.

Other notable scorers: Despite the loss, the Supercoach scoring for Essendon wasn’t overly bad, with another four players reaching triple figures. The best of them was Andrew McGrath, who finished the game with 23 touches at 95% DE and 113 points, while just below him was former premium Hurley (110). Adam Saad (107) kicked a monster goal from his 18 touches to post his sixth ton of the year, while Darcy Parish (100) made it back-to-back tons for the first time this season. Over on the Saints side of things, their other 100+ scorers were hard running midfielder Zak Jones (103), who had 26 touches, forward Membrey (115), who had 2 goals from 10 touches, and finally young gun Hunter Clark (106), his fourth of the year. Nick Coffield (99) continued his strong season with 19 touches and 10 marks, while joining him on 99 was the three goal Max King. Just below those two was Zach Merrett on 97, Jack Steele on 92 and Seb Ross on 90. Josh Begley and Kobe Mutch (42 each) both played their first games of the year but are awkwardly priced at 289K and 207K respectively. Second gamer Bytel was good for 13 touches (all handballs) that resulted in 47 points and looks an option, but bad news for important Saint Ben Paton (4), who was knocked out early in the contest.

Disappointment: This score of 70 was by far Jordan Ridley’s worst of the season. His statline was good with 18 touches and 7 marks, his usual season averages, but he failed to have a contested possession, hence reducing his potential score.

West Coast (12.9.81) defeated Hawthorn (7.7.49)

Multiple Goal Kickers

West Coast: Kennedy, Ryan (3), Darling (2)

Hawthorn: Gunston (2)

1. Nic Naitanui (153). His hot run of form continued here, this week top scoring in the game due to his 14 touches (11 contested), 4 clearances and 35 hitouts, taking his season average to 108.
2. Tom Mitchell (132). Quietly averaging 115 in 2020 is Titch, this game’s score coming from 34 touches (16 contested), 6 clearances and 5 tackles playing his usual inside midfield role.
3. Jack Darling (124). Made it back-to-back tons with this season best score. Darling was strong up forward all night, finishing with stats of 15 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals.
4. Jaeger O’Meara (116). Notched his fifth ton of the year with this effort, playing a strong game through the middle of the ground, overall finishing with 27 touches (14 contested), 9 clearances and 7 tackles.
5. Liam Ryan (112). The exciting forwards second hundred of the year, coming courtesy of 12 touches, 5 marks and 3 goals for the winning side.

Other notable scorers: A couple of Eagles defenders notched the ton here, with Brad Sheppard (107) having 22 touches, 8 marks, 3 tackles and 1 goal, and Tom Barrass (110) posting his first ton of the year thanks to 19 disposals, 9 marks and 8 intercept possessions. Eagles skipper Luke Shuey (101) scored his sixth ton of the year from 24 touches and 7 clearances, while just below the hundred club was Kennedy, Gaff, McGovern, Hurn, Worpel, Sheils and big boy McEvoy. First-gamer for the Eagles Nic Reid (52) was good on debut with 9 touches and the 1 goal, but the really unfortunate news comes in the form of a season ending ACL injury to Hawks star James Sicily. Joining him in the injury club but seemingly not as bad was important Eagles midfielder Jack Redden who had a late game leg concern, hopefully both recoveries go smoothly! Finally, Jiath (41) played his first game of the season, but is once again awkwardly priced at 219K, while Brander (59) played his first game since round 4, being a lte inclusion for Elliot Yeo who missed with a groin concern.

Disappointment: Despite the big win, Tim Kelly (68) wasn’t at his best on Sunday night, only gathering 15 touches at 53% DE.

Richmond (8.5.53) defeated Gold Coast (4.8.32)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Richmond: Riewoldt, Lynch (2)

Gold Coast: Zilch

1. Jack Lukosius (135). A career best score for the number 2 draft pick from last year, which included a career high numbers of disposals (27), kicks (21) and metres gained (836). Looks to have a Supercoach friendly game style and clean disposal, one to watch for 2021.
2. Noah Anderson (126). Another career best score, this time from the number 2 draft pick of the latest draft. Anderson finished with 26 disposals (13 contested) and 375 metres gained for his club, a fair chance for a podium finish in the rising star.
3. Touk Miller (124). Miller was back to his best after a season worst score last week, overall contributing 21 touches, 7 marks and 5 clearances.
4. Trent Cotchin (114). A season best score for the Tigers skipper here, overall his third ton in 2020. He finished up with solid numbers of 26 touches (15 contested), 9 clearances and 6 tackles to lead his side from the middle of the ground.
5. Jack Graham (110). Another of the Tigers ferocious midfielders rounded out the top 5 here, with Graham posting the best score of his 2020 campaign due to 8 tackles and 16 possessions.

Other notable scorers: A couple of other Suns cracked the magical number to finish off the round, and they were the consistent Bowes (104), who had 21 touches and 5 tackles, and half-back flanker Powell (108), who had 13 touches and 9 marks for a career best score. Kane Lambert (109) led the Tigers scoring after the previously mentioned players, scoring his first ton since round 6 thanks to a 22 disposal game. A solitary point behind him was Nick Vlastuin with his season high score of 108, even though this is his sixth time cracking the ton. Fellow defender Jayden Short continued his strong 2020 season with 18 touches, 492 metres gained and 106 Supercoach points, while a point under him was the hard running Kamdyn McIntosh who had 15 touches and 1 goal roaming the wing. Up forward it was Jack Riewoldt producing his best score of the season with exactly 100, thanks to a solid outing of 10 touches, 8 marks and 2 goals. All the players in the 90’s had some Supercoach relevance, they were Wiits, Greenwood, Martin and Pickett. No apparent injuries from this game as far as I could see, the only other news being that Sam Flanders (40) had 6 touches and a goal is his second outing of AFL football.

Disappointment: Izak Rankine (52) just couldn’t get into his usual flow in this game, only grabbing 11 touches of the footy with no shots on goal.


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