Round 15 Review

Written by Dane on June 28 2021

Brisbane (13.16.94) defeated Geelong (7.8.50)

1. Dayne Zorko (174). After ruining many coaches plans by getting suspended for round 14, the Brisbane captain made sure all was forgiven with a 24 disposal effort that also included 10 marks and 12 tackles, an AFL equivalent of a triple double.

2. Daniel Rich (127). Back in triple figures for the first time since round 10, Rich used his booming left foot to his advantage this week to gain 641 metres for his club from 25 touches of the ball.


3. Mark Blicavs (125). Geelong’s Mr Fix it couldn’t fix his sides fortunes on Thursday but did turn in a good score thanks to 15 touches (11 contested), 24 hitouts and 7 clearances.

4. Jarryd Lyons (119). One of the Supercoaches most consistent players did it again with 24 touches (15 contested), 5 clearances and 1 goal.

5. Oscar McInerney (115). The Big O rounded out the top 5 with a solid performance that included 18 touches (11 contested), 9 clearances, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 35 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Joe Daniher (112), Zach Tuohy (111), Cam Guthrie (107), Isaac Smith (105), Charlie Cameron (104)

Disappointment: In game number 100 Tom Stewart had a stinker by his very high standards, only registering 58 points from 17 touches.

Rookies: A couple of Brisbane cash cows continued their growth in this game, with Madden scoring 51 from 7 touches and 4 tackles, while Robertson turned in a brilliant second half to finish on 83 from 16 touches and 4 tackles. Jaxon Prior has made money every week so far but this score of 28 may well halt that momentum.

Injuries: No subs used in this game but the big news came early on as Lachie Neale hurt his shoulder in a first quarter tackle. He played on and finished with a very respectable 26 touches and 96 points but it’s worth keeping an eye on teams next round to see if they rest him or not.

Richmond (2.10.22) defeated by St Kilda (9.8.62)

1. Jack Steele (132). The Saints skipper has been super over the past 4 weeks of football, as he hasn’t gone below 125. This week he had 25 touches (13 contested), 9 clearances and 9 tackles.

2. Dougal Howard (126). After pumping out 160 the game before, Howard backed it up with a 21 touch, 9 mark game that ran at 95% DE.


3. Nick Vlastuin (111). Played very loose at half-back to intercept a lot of the Saints forward thrusts, ultimately finishing with 24 touches and 7 marks before finishing his night on the pine.

4. Luke Dunstan (109). If there’s any Saints supporters in the comments, how come this guy was in the reserves for so long? He’s been brilliant since coming back into the team in round 11, had another 32 touches (17 contested), 11 clearances and 1 goal on Friday.

5. Mason Wood (108). Played a high half-forward role to grab 18 touches of the football and kick 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Patrick Ryder (103), Jayden Short (101)

Disappointment: A sub par score came from Shai Bolton, who only scored 44 from his 11 touches.

Rookies: Plenty to discuss here so let’s start with the good scores. Highmore flicked the switch last game before the bye and produced another great score of 91 this week as he gathered 18 touches at 88% DE. A couple of other cash-cows in Coleman-Jones and Ryan Byrnes did their cash gen some good, as they both scored 67 points. Now, for the not so great scores. Leo Connolly made his debut as the medical sub and actually performed pretty well with 11 touches and 7 marks, but that only equated to 23 points. Rhyan Mansell was the other injury sub if anyone still has him, so his score of 2 was very unwelcome. Finally, there was first-gamer Samson Ryan, who I hope no one went early on as he scored -1 on the night. Looks a project player very early on so I’m sure he’ll turn it around.

Injuries: There’s rumours of a suspected ACL injury to Noah Balta at the time of writing this (syndesmosis it was confirmed) while fellow defender Vlastuin also finished the night on the bench with a leg injury. Nic Coffield was the injury sub until Billings was a late out, but was then subbed off himself with a hamstring injury.

North Melbourne (9.18.72) defeated Gold Coast (9.9.63)

1. Todd Goldstein (139). Big Todd turned in another big score this weekend, as he led the North Melbourne midfield with 21 touches (12 contested), 6 clearances and 44 hitouts.

2. Cameron Zurhaar (128). Set a career high for disposals in this one (24) as he spent more time up the ground, while also hitting the scoreboard with 2 goals.

3. Ben Cunnington (126). This guy is averaging 120 in his last seven games, and one of those scores was a 66 (the rest being 110 or over). Had another stellar game leading the inside midfield, as he gathered 28 touches (17 contested), 8 clearances and 5 tackles.

4. Touk Miller (123). Another super game from Miller as he continued his incredibly consistent year. Had 32 touches (10 contested), 5 tackles, 5 clearances and 547 metres gained.

5. Jy Simpkin (122). Another guy in super hot form is Simpkin, who is averaging 118 in the past six games. Had 30 touches with 1 goal on the weekend and one would be super happy if they picked him up for just 432K the week he started his scoring run.

Other 100+ scores: Luke Davies-Uniacke (116), Nick Larkey/Brandon Ellis (111), Will Powell (110), Hugh Greenwood (109)

Disappointment: The seven ton streak of Aaron Hall (73) came to an end with a disappointing 17 touch effort at 58%.

Rookies: Third pick Will Phillips came back into the team for his first game since round 8 and produced his best performance to date, as he had 12 touches and 4 tackles for 65 points, while there were some decent scores for a number of cheaper priced Suns. Budget ruckman Smith had 13 touches and 13 hitouts for 86 points, while money-maker Flanders also had a great game of 20 touches, 5 tackles and 1 goal for the same score as Smith. 141K midfielder Jeremy Sharp played his third career game and played very well, gathering 20 touches, grabbing 8 marks and gaining 515 metres on the wing to score 76 points.

Injuries: Doesn’t look there was anything serious in this one!

Collingwood (12.7.79) defeated by Fremantle (14.7.91)

1. Brodie Grundy (135). After a couple of weeks off Grundy returned in great fashion with a 22 touch, 7 mark, 27 hitout, 2 goal performance against one of the form ruckman in the game.

2. Brayden Maynard (121). Tried his heart out all day to finish with a game high 661 metres gained from his 27 touches. Also threw in 6 tackles and a solid 88% DE to boost his score.

3. Steele Sidebottom (115). Was huge in the final term as the Pies challenged which inflated his score. Still, 25 touches at 88% DE with 1 goal and 10 marks probably would’ve got him a ton anyway.

4. Taylor Adams/Andrew Brayshaw (110). Adams has been crueled by injury thus far in 2021, but with games of 32 touches (15 contested), with 7 clearances and 6 tackles, his price of sub 470k looks real value. Brayshaw on the other hand has been super consistent this year and it continued with 24 touches and 1 goal

5. Chris Mayne (103). Another great effort from mayne as he did the small things well to complement his 24 touches and 10 marks that ran at 91% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: After being a premium for the past couple of years, Micheal Walters has dropped almost 200K this year, with this latest score of 56 being his fourth under 60 thus far.

Rookies: Plenty to get through in this one. For the Pies, rookie defender in Murphy (72) had 15 touches and 8 marks across the backline to produce a decent score as he makes money, while hard runner Poulter could only gather 9 touches but his 4 tackles got his score up to 51. Trent Bianco (55) played well enough too to gather some more cash, he had 12 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals. Treacy had been going pretty well but came back to earth with a 33, as he only gathered 4 touches and kicked 1 goal. Fellow forward Henry had his best game so far with 8 touches, 2 goals and 80 points, while second gamer Walker (36) did some good things in his 10 touches.

Injuries: Money-maker McCreery didn’t score before he was subbed off with a hamstring injury, while Taberner had a calf early on.

Port Adelaide (12.9.81) defeated Sydney (10.11.71)

1. Lance Franklin (130). Buddy did his best to pull the Swans over the line, kicking 3 of his 4 goals in the last quarter to complement his 16 touches. 

2. Travis Boak (124). Had a pretty hard tag in the first half but shrugged that in the second half to finish with 29 touches (15 contested), 6 clearances and 8 tackles for his eighth ton of the year.

3. Luke Parker (116). Parker was one of the Swans best in the engine room as he collected 34 touches (17 contested) to go along with 1 goal and 7 clearances.

4. Jordan Dawson/Callum Mills (111). Dawson notched his fourth ton of the year off the half-back flank from 25 touches and 4 tackles, while Mills continued his incredible 2021 with another 30 touches (14 contested) with 10 clearances.

5. Dan Houston (110). An all around game of 18 touches, 6 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal helped Houston round out the top five.

Other 100+ scores: Scott Lycett/Williem Drew (107), George Hewett (102), Justin McInerney (100)

Disappointment: Premium defender Jake Lloyd turned in his worst score of the year, putting up just 73 from 24 touches.

Rookies: Port first-gamer Dylan Williams was alright in his debut, gathering 7 touches and laying 3 tackles for his score of 30. Late in Martin Frederick was pretty good, collecting 12 touches in the back half to score 65, while fellow money-maker Bergman had 17 touches, 7 marks and 1 goal to score 74. Over on the Swans side, Joel Amartey had 5 tackles, 11 hitouts and 4 touches for his third up score of 39 points. 

Injuries: Superboot Trent McKenzie was subbed off in the last quarter with a shoulder injury.

Essendon (8.9.57) defeated by Melbourne (9.14.68)

1. Zach Merrett (147). Ran around by himself all night to collect a career best 41 touches of the football, which ultimately helped him gain 563 metres. Also threw in 8 tackles.

2. Dyson Heppell/Darcy Parish (121). The Bombers skipper kept up his great run with another 26 touches of the football at 100% DE, while he also hauled in 10 marks and kicked 1 goal. Parish also kept up his amazing form, collecting 37 touches (14 contested), 8 clearances and 536 metres gained.

3. Jake Lever (117). Used his 18 touches (8 contested) at a very good 94% DE while also grabbing 8 marks. His eighth ton of the season.

4. Christian Salem (114). His first ton since round 9 also came on the back of solid DE (88%) as he grabbed 26 touches and 10 marks in the back-half of the ground.

5. Jordan Ridley (111). Solid DE once again got Ridley to this score. His 28 touches ran at 88%, also hauling down 6 marks and gaining 531 metres.

Other 100+ scores: Steven May (107), Clayton Oliver (105), Max Gawn/Kyle Langford (103)

Disappointment: Dashing backman Nick Hind was a popular replacement for Impey but his score of 61 was quite unwelcome as a first up return.

Rookies: Sensation James Jordon once again only just reached 60% game time, but his damage while on the field still read 21 touches, 2 goals and 86 Supercoach points, his fourth above 80 in a row that’ll see him reach 400K. All of the money-makers from Essendon in Cox, Perkins, Jones and Waterman didn’t even break 50, or 40 in Watermans case.

Injuries: Doesn’t look there was anything major in this game either!

GWS (11.6.72) defeated by Hawthorn (13.12.90)

1. Jack Scrimshaw (131). Has really impressed with his scoring from round 7, scoring 4 tons with a low of 89 in the seven games following. Sundays effort was the best score of his career as he had 28 touches at 85% across the half-back flank.

2. Tom Mitchell (118). Avoided a tag from De Boer to gather 40 touches of the football, also hauling in a career high 11 marks.

3. Lachie Whitfield (116). The hard running Whitfield was the best for the Giants with 32 touches all over the ground. Ran at a solid 75% DE as well as laying 6 tackles and gaining 552 metres for his club.

4. Daniel Howe (114). His first ton of the year came courtesy of 31 touches of the football out on the wing, which was a career best disposal tally.

5. Will Day (112). Another guy who set a career mark in disposals was Day, as he had 29 of them to gain 634 metres for his club.

Other 100+ scores: Isaac Cumming (110), Ben McEvoy (104), Josh Kelly (103), Harry Perryman (101), Tim Taranto/Dylan Moore (100)

Disappointment: The year overall for Tom Phillips has been shocking, this week being no different, as he collected just 12 touches and scored 62 points.

Rookies: The tall duo of Flynn (84) and third-gamer Briggs (77) were serviceable here, both collecting 14 touches throughout the afternoon. Fellow third gamer Jai Newcombe kicked his first career goal from one of his 12 touches to score 54 points, while second gamer Bramble was serviceable too with 11 touches and 45 points. Koschitzke only scored 33 and ideally shouldn’t be on anyone’s field anymore, the same score that first gamer Grainger-Barras had before…

Injuries: He suffered a concussion in his first career start. Joining him on the bench was livewire forward Wingard, who had a hamstring concern.

West Coast (6.7.43) defeated by Western Bulldogs (13.20.98)

1. Marcus Bontempelli (156). His price is about to jump over 700K after another huge score. Hasn’t gone under 125 for seven games now and with state lines that read: 29 touches (17 contested), 10 clearances, 3 goals, 7 tackles and 514 metres gained he won’t for a while yet.

2. Jack Macrae (137). Typical 32 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances and 1 goal for Macrae who once again just ran around by himself. Has anyone ever tried to tag him just out of curiosity? 

3. Bailey Smith (126). It’s been a disappointing year for Smith Supercoach wise, this only being his second ton (round one was the first). Gathered 31 touches (14 contested) with 2 goals, 5 tackles and 5 clearances for the game.

4. Jeremy McGovern (121). Plucked down 9 marks for the game and used his 17 touches at a very good 94% for his third ton.

5. Tom Barrass (115). The Eagles other tall defender had plenty to deal with as the Bulldogs sent down entry after entry, but in the end he had a pretty good game with 22 touches and 7 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Brad Sheppard (112), Tim English/Aaron Naughton (108), Nic Naitanui (106), Shannon Hurn (104), Tom Liberatore/Caleb Daniel (100)

Disappointment: Another dirty day for Andrew Gaff, who only gathered 16 touches of the footy for a season low 49 points.

Rookies: Midfielder Luke Edwards kept his spot in the Eagles team even with some big in’s, but only mustered 5 touches and 22 points for the day. Second-gamer Riley Garcia kicked the first goal of his career from 11 touches but 5 clangers held him to 36, while both forward money-makers Weightman (41) and Scott (31) will now struggle to earn any significant cash.

Injuries: Important defender Ryan Gardner had his shoulder pop out in a fierce contest.

Carlton (12.11.83) defeated Adelaide (10.13.73)

1. Jacob Weitering (143). A huge game from the former number 1 pick produced his fourth ton on the year. He had 22 touches with 16 marks to be one of the most important men on the ground.

2. Ben Keays (134). I feel like I’ve sung this guys praises multiple times this year but with performances that include 30 touches (17 contested), with 1 goal and 7 clearances, I guess he deserves it.

3. Sam Walsh (131). Tagged out one week, and dominant the other. Had a couple of career highs in this game (38 touches and 9 inside 50’s) to return a great score.

4. Zac Williams (123). A team high 626 metres gained for the Blues recruit from his 26 touches off half-back, although he did get forward enough to slot 1 goal.

5. Paul Seedsman (119). Another ton for Seedsman (eight this year) rounded out the top 5. He kicked 2 goals from 24 touches and gained 645 metres for his team.

Other 100+ scores: Rory Laird (109), Taylor Walker (107)

Disappointment: Skipper and re-signed star Patrick Cripps once again features here, only 20 touches and 1 goal for his score of 65.

Rookies: Largely unheralded forward Matthew Owies isn’t in many a team but he has cemented himself in the Carlton forward line this year, this week producing a career best score from career best stats of 17 touches and 8 marks, also kicking 1 goal. Another Carlton youngster who impressed was Stocker (73), who had 17 touches and 7 marks, as well as Paddy Dow (88), who had 20 touches and 1 goal. If you’re still running with anyone of the Adelaide rookies, you’d be disappointed with all of Thilthorpe (49), Butts (31) and Berry (26), but mildly impressed with Rowe (78). 

Injuries: Veteran Marc Murphy was subbed off super early with a leg injury, which may mean he struggles to get to the 300th game milestone this year.



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  1. I was always under the impression that if a player scores 0 his price is not affected. Can someone please explain why McCreery dropped $10,600


    1. Hi Tiger Callum Brown was the Pies sub. Beau McCreery subbed out with hamstring injury early first quarter.


    2. Hey Tiger,

      I imagine that zeros only usually apply when a player doesn’t actually play the round. Unfortunately for McCreery owners (including me), the fact he played at all means he’s then subject to the regular scoring and price change process.

      That’s just an assumption but seems logical in my head.



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