Tech Leagues Review

Written by JimmyDee on June 27 2021

A giant Tech score of 2455 by Technicoolz headlined the top of the scorecard this week. Obviously relishing putting all his premos back on field and not being let down was a pleasing result. Thirteen tons and four in the nineties highlights Kevin’s round, and all the while carrying Heeney and Crippa. A very fine effort, that.

Champs Chumps also pulled a 2401 with DR’s Tech Team , All Nuns and Max Power Experience rounding out the top five with high 2300 scores. DR’s 2393 keeps him atop of the Tech Leagues group ahead of Ninius, Phil Gilbert, J&R Bombers and the Convent FC All Nuns.

Less than a thousand between first and tenth, who’s got the trades and/or cash for more improvement. Let us know in the comments.


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