Round 19 Review

Written by Dane on July 24 2023

Essendon (7.7.49) defeated by Western Bulldogs (13.12.90)

  1. Jordan Ridley (138). Clean all night with his 29 touches running at 96% DE plus 14 marks as the Essendon back six just played with their own ball at times, 83 marks between the rotating 7. Ridley has been great in the second half of the season, but a quad injury robbed him of 150+ and potentially the last few games of the season, keep an eye out.
  2. Tim English (134). Popular VC pick as always, so no complaints on this score. 18 touches (10 contested), 6 clearances, 33 hitouts and no clangers this week. Just .06 between him and Bont for overall average.
  3. Jayden Laverde (133). Another Bombers defender who played a super game, Laverde also ran at 96% DE from his 27 touches and 15 marks. Career high score.
  4. Marcus Bontempelli/Tim Liberatore (126). Again, both popular VC picks and no issues taking 125+. Bont had 29 touches, 11 marks, 647 metres gained and 2 goals while Libba found 36 touches (22 contested) plus 12 clearances and 4 tackles.
  5. Adam Treloar (113). Rounding out the top five with his eighth ton of the year was the speedy Bulldog, who found 25 touches (14 contested) plus 1 goal and 6 clearances on Friday night.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Parish (109), Bailey Smith/Zach Merrett (105)

Disappointment: Another sub ton for Jack Macrae (91), who now only has one ton since round 14.

Rookies: Just about nothing to capture here bar the first game of the season for Nik Cox (198k M), who had 13 touches for 35 points.

Injuries: As mentioned, Ridleys right quad was a massive casualty, waiting to hear word on time missed. Oscar Baker the sub for the Dogs, Nick Bryan the sub for the Dons.


Richmond (14.12.96) defeated Hawthorn (15.5.95)

  1. James Sicily (171). Set an equal record for intercept marks with 10 for the game out of his 13 grabs. Overall had 28 disposals (13 contested possessions) and just 1 clanger @ 92% DE for his second 170+ of the year.
  2. Jack Graham (132). Did what Jack Graham does with 21 touches (10 contested) plus 8 tackles and 1 goal. First ton of the year.
  3. Dion Prestia (115). About the same could be said for Dion, who found 28 disposals plus 7 tackles and importantly no clangers in his usual midfield role.
  4. Jack Ross (112). Another unheralded Tiger, Ross posted a career high score from 27 touches @ 92% DE plus 4 tackles.
  5. Daniel Rioli (106). Had a slight tag to him early but still broke lines to find 20 touches @ 90% DE with 6 tackles to round out the 5 from this game.

Other 100+ scores: Karl Amon (103)

Disappointment: 3 goals and 23 touches plus 8 tackles is usually 120+, but not when Tim Taranto (91) records 13 clangers.

Rookies: Very good third game from Sam Banks (82) with 18 touches and 432 metres gained plus 4 tackles before his first price rise. Debut here to and an influential one from Matthew Coulthard (40) finding 7 touches at 100% DE in the last quarter as the Tigers made their comeback. Numerous Hawks rookies played but nothing of note.

Injuries: Looks like a clean bill of health from this game, just Young and Grainger-Barras subbed out tactically.


Carlton (21.14.140) defeated West Coast (10.9.69)

  1. Charlie Curnow (178). Feasted on the Eagles for the second time this season, with his first goal a shank that rolled through from 50 it was clearly going to be his day. Slotted 10 majors from 20 touches and 8 marks for his seventh ton of the year. Top team score this week ran the VC on him.
  2. Sam Docherty (156). Best score of the season for Doch who found 29 touches (12 contested) plus 9 clearances, 7 marks, 8 tackles and 555 metres gained for the game, with incredibly no clangers next to his name, and 89% DE.
  3. George Hewett (127). Semi popular pickup this week and rewarded owners with a game very reminiscent of 2022. Had 31 touches (13 contested) plus 10 clearances and 1 goal. No marks and only 2 tackles so used the ball well.
  4. Alex Witherden (123). Sixth ton of the year for Witherden who had 30 touches at solid 80% DE in the Eagles backline. Also had 7 marks and a team high 579 metres gained.
  5. Tom De Koning (118). Dropped career highs two weeks in a row, with this new benchmark coming from 19 disposals (14 contested) plus 9 clearances, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 25 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Andrew Gaff (114), Sam Walsh (109), Jacob Weitering (103)

Disappointment: Tim Kelly has actually been super during this very poor season for West Coast, but this 56 was a season worst.

Rookies: If you had to play them, Cunningham (80) and Maric (67) were serviceable this week, Cincotta (72) in the same category.

Injuries: For the Eagles, Luke Shuey went down with a hamstring again. The big news though came from the Blues with Motlop, Silvagni and Walsh all finishing the game on the pine. Walsh the most SC relevant, had a ton before half time from 14 touches at 100% DE. Paddy Dow also listed on the injury report.


Brisbane (9.10.64) defeated Geelong (7.11.53)

  1. Tom Stewart (152). Massive score for Stewart, the third 150+ for premium defenders this weekend in just the fourth game. 25 disposals, 9 marks, 5 tackles and just 1 clanger.
  2. Callum Ah Chee (140). Career best score from CAC. 23 touches was also a career mark while 9 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal rounded out his game.
  3. Josh Dunkley (115). First game back and it was a slow start but Dunkley is a star and powered through with 27 disposals (16 contested), 7 clearances and 8 tackles.
  4. Lachie Neale (108). Got to another ton after collecting 25 touches of the sherrin (14 contested) plus 10 clearances, 7 marks and 6 tackles.
  5. Oscar McInerney (96). Sneaks into the top 5 due to a very spread scoring table. 11 disposals, 33 hitouts and a few tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Tough one to hand out but even with 3 goals late, Jeremy Cameron disappointed again with just 76.

Rookies: If you’re still running either Wilmot or McKenna, you’d be more than happy with 85 and 89 as cover. Admittedly the same for Fletcher (66), any score is better than no score at the end of the day.

Injuries: Horrid news for Will Ashcroft who suffered an ACL injury that will finish his debut season early, another bit of coverage gone from our sides. Tanner Bruhn the sub for Geelong after a few knocks throughout the game.


Fremantle (12.4.76) defeated by Sydney (16.9.105)

  1. Luke Parker (155). Classic Parker game. 31 touches, 9 tackles, 15 contested touches, 8 clearances, not really much else to be said.
  2. Andrew Brayshaw (116). Great comeback from not bad form, but more poor scores that plagued Brayshaws early season. Eleventh ton of the year now, coming from 26 touches (9 contested), 1 goal and 4 tackles.
  3. Luke Ryan (111). Used it well as always and gained 487 metres from his 23 touches, while also snagging 8 marks for his twelfth triple figure outing.
  4. Callum Mills (107). Mills hit the scoreboard with 2 majors from his 20 touches in this contest, while recording just 1 clanger and really solid DE of 90%. Looking solid for an M7/8 to finish the year.
  5. Jaeger O’Meara (102). Rounding out the top five thanks to his 26 touch, 8 tackle game. Been an underrated first year at his third club, very consistent.

Other 100+ scores: Caleb Serong/Tom Papley (101), Lachlan Schultz/Luke Jackson (100)

Disappointment: A mixture of poor DE, low contested touches and clangers held Errol Gulden (66) back.

Rookies: First game for the subbed on Ethan Stanley (15), as he found 5 touches, while Hamling played game 2 for 8 touches @ 100% DE for 58. Little shout out to Liam Henry (86) who has really found his feet since breaking back into the 22, what we hoped for in the early rounds, very similar to Flanders.

Injuries: Clean sheet here, Amartey and Johnson the subs.


Port Adelaide (12.11.83) defeated by Collingwood (13.7.85)

  1. Darcy Cameron (135). Week off and not the night for ruckman, but his tap work was actually first class. 45 hitouts plus 16 disposals (12 contested) and 5 clearances to lead this games scoring.
  2. Williem Drew (121). Had a hard tag on Daicos which led to him laying an insane 16 tackles, the same total of his disposals. Played an important role all night.
  3. Dan Houston (120). Great game from Houston who had the second most clearances (8) of the game despite being around half back for most of it. Finished with 25 touches (14 contested) plus 8 tackles as well.
  4. Ryan Burton/Connor Rozee (117). Burton was smooth as usual in slippery conditions, finishing with 22 for a game high 742 metres gained, while Rozee was second for metres gained with 647 from his 28 touches and 2 goals.
  5. Darcy Moore (113). Another superb game for the Collingwood skipper who found 20 touches (9 contested) down back. Ninth ton and fourth on the trot.

Other 100+ scores: Jeremy Finlayson (112), Jamie Elliot (108), Zak Butters (101)

Disappointment: Brownlow medallist’s at their peak, but Wines (47) and Mitchell (30) didn’t look great here. Mitchell subbed out and semi popular in SC terms too. De Goey (55) had a tag.

Rookies: Nothing to cover with two experienced lineups playing out probably, game of the year.

Injuries: Lycett and Mitchell those subbed, don’t think there were any injury concerns for either.


GWS (15.13.103) defeated Gold Coast (9.9.63)

  1. Lachie Whitfield (133). Classy, classic Whitfield game, as he used his 25 touches @ 92% DE off half back with 498 metres gained.
  2. Sam Taylor (121). In a very nice vein of form, his fourth ton in a row came from 15 touches and 10 marks at 100% DE.
  3. Sam Collins (115). Essentially the same game as above from another Sam as the Suns CHB found 17 touches and 11 marks for his third ton of the year.
  4. Stephen Coniglio (114). 29 touches (12 contested) plus 5 clearances, 3 tackles and 1 goal for Cogs, another welcome score.
  5. Sam Flanders (113). Kept his immaculate form going with 31 disposals (10 contested), 9 clearances and 6 marks. Again, where was this at the start of the year?

Other 100+ scores: Harry Himmelberg (109), Jorrod Witts (101)

Disappointment: None of Miller, Anderson or Rowell got to 85, all providing sub par scores on Sunday.

Rookies: Another 730 metres gained from 29 touches for Rory Atkins (99) who has enjoyed a new lease of life with a new coach.

Injuries: No injuries here, at least from the match report. Greene and Oea those who finished in the red vest.


Melbourne (14.13.97) defeated Adelaide (13.15.93)

  1. Angus Brayshaw (125). Seemed to have more midfield time than usual without looking at the numbers, which meant he found 26 touches (16 contested) plus 8 clearances and 7 tackles.
  2. Max Gawn (120). Solo ruck again and just a standard Gawn game. 2 goals, 13 touches plus 8 marks and 38 hitouts on Sunday.
  3. Christian Petracca (119). No goals this week in his usual hybrid role but another 26 touches (14 contested) with 5 clearances and 5 tackles for another triple figure outing.
  4. Jordan Dawson/Izak Rankine (115). The Crows skipper survived a rough looking fall to finish with 22 touches and 11 tackles, while Rankine was close to BOG for his 20 touch, 3 goal effort before a hamstring injury.
  5. Harry Schoenberg (107). Solid midfield time for Schoenberg to finish off the top 5, finding 23 touches (10 contested) and 5 clearances, helped along by not recording a clanger.

Other 100+ scores: Mitchell Hinge/Ed Langdon (105), Kade Chandler (102)

Disappointment: Solid scores all round here, but if you’re running Salem as a POD, too many clangers held him back to 69.

Rookies: Chandler is hardly owned anymore but 3 goals plus 16 touches and 6 marks deserves a mention for his 102. Third game for Woewodin netted just 34, while it was an impressive debut for Luke Nankervis (57) who found 16 touches and 6 marks while looking set at the top level.

Injuries: There was the unfortunate hamstring injury to Rankine as mentioned, but previous to that it was Brown and Butts who were subbed out.


St Kilda (9.15.69) defeated  North Melbourne (9.7.61)

  1. Jack Steele (160). Old style Steele game and a great way to end the round. Had 33 touches, 9 marks and 4 tackles plus 1 goal, 17 contested touches and 7 clearances to lead his team to a come from behind victory.
  2. Luke Davies-Unaicke (133). Fought his way through a tough midfield battle, finishing with another great stat line of 33 touches (23 contested) plus 11 clearances and a game best 668 metres gained.
  3. Jack Sinclair (132). Found 29 touches of the pill (11 contested) plus 6 marks and 1 goal while running at a classy 79% DE.
  4. Harry Sheezel (126). Another great score to his insanely good debut season. 28 touches, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 647 metres gained while running @ 89% DE.
  5. Rowan Marshall (124). Rounded out a great top 5 in SuperCoach relevant players with 19 disposals, 22 hitouts, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Mason Wood (112), Todd Goldstein (107), Marcus Windhager (104), Brad Crouch (101)

Disappointment: Really tough one to give out with most popular players popping off. Mitch Owens owners, if you’re still hanging on, 81 is slightly unders after a hot start.

Rookies: Sheezel has been praised, so Phillips (88) is next. Solid 20 touches and 11 tackles for him. Harvey’s third game only ended with 16. 85 from Caminiti was nice too.

Injuries: Hill got cleaned up and went to hospital before half time, while Shiels was subbed off for North due to a calf.


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