Round 21 Review

Written by Dane on August 2 2021

St Kilda (12.9.81) defeated by Carlton (18.4.112)

1. Jack Steele/Rowan Marshall (158). Huge return on Friday night for these two popular Supercoach players. Steele had a huge 36 touches (19 contested), 5 marks, 14 tackles and 8 clearances, while Marshall had the ruck battle to himself after De Koning went down to record 46 hitouts, 22 touches (16 contested), with 1 goal and 5 tackles.

2. Sam Walsh (141). Fantastic for the Blues as he probably grabs another couple of Brownlow votes. Had 3 goals from his 26 touches (11 contested) which ran at a solid 84% DE.

3. Jacob Weitering (122). Has gained over 100K since round 14 (averaged 107 in that time), this latest score coming on the back of 21 touches, 10 marks, 480 metres gained and 90% DE.

4. Matthew Kennedy/Jack Silvagni (120). A semi-popular pickup for Martin was Kennedy, who bounced back from a 46 with this 23 touch, 10 tackle, 1 goal game. Silvagni had career highs in touches (25), handballs (12), tackles (9), clearances (6) and hitouts (5), which all led to a career best Supercoach score.

5. Zak Jones (102). Rounding out the top 5 was Jones who scored his fifth ton of the year thanks to 30 touches, 8 tackles and 1 goal on Friday evening. 

Other 100+ scores: Harry McKay (101)

Disappointment: No real standout from a highly owned player in this game, so I’ll hand it to Billings (75) who hasn’t gone above 100 since round 11. Had six tons between rounds 1-11 and is now just 360K after peaking at 520K.

Rookies: Since many teams would now be at full premo/keeper, the bench/rookies are a little less important in terms of a review, but I’ve talked about them for 19 rounds so far so it’d be wrong to not see it through! Highmore may still have some coaches running with him as D6 and his 16 touch, 6 mark, 70 point game wasn’t shocking! A point above him was Connolly, who did some nice line-breaking off half-back for 18 touches, while just below on 66 was Byrnes, who hasn’t missed a game since his debut in round 7. Paul Hunter was a late in to register 47 points, while Sharman kicked 2 goals after being the sub to score 34. For the Blues, Dow scored 89 again to equal his career best, but Stocker (34) and Owies (29) are losing cash quickly. Josh Honey is a 123K forward who played 1 game last year, so it’s unsurprising that his score of 64 was a career best and a decent first game for 2021. Another guy who hasn’t played for a while is Lochie O’Brien (last game was round 1), he scored 91 from 21 touches that ran at 81%.

Injuries: Unfortunately Hunter Clark had another knock to the head/jaw and finished his night on the bench along with important defender Dougal Howard. As mentioned before, De Koning went down which allowed Marshall to dominate the makeshift ruckmen from the Blues.

Western Bulldogs (15.15.105) defeated Adelaide (8.8.56)

1. Jack Macrae (131). Just another typical Macrae game as he picked up 31 touches (19 contested) with 12 clearances through the middle of Mars stadium. 

2. Bailey Dale (130). Gained plenty of the ball off half-back and drove the Bulldogs forward with a game high 682 metres gained off half-back from those 31 touches. Also slotted a goal.

3. Caleb Daniel (128). A couple of big scores in a row now from Daniel as he collected 32 touches off half-back. Ran at 84%, kicked 1 goal and gained 564 metres on the day.

4. Tom Liberatore (123). Despite copping some close attention, Libba still bulked his way to a good score thanks to 25 touches (14 contested), 1 goal, 8 tackles and 6 clearances.

5. Tom Doedee (114). The best score from the Crows came from their future leader, as he finished the afternoon with 20 touches and 9 marks in the backline.

Other 100+ scores: Tim English (111), Reilly O’Brien (109), Bailey Smith (105), Lachie Hunter (103), Rory Laird (102), Rory Sloane (100)

Disappointment: Ben Keays has had a super year, with this weeks 71 being his worst return thus far in 2021.

Rookies: Nothing crazy good for the Crows bench warmers with Rowe (55) being the best over Butts (45) and Berry (28). The Bulldogs ones on the other hand were much better, and I’m sure a couple of coaches were pleased with Weightman (71) who had 14 touches and 1 goal, as well as Garcia (77) who had 18 touches and 1 goal himself. Ugle-Hagan (67) continues to impress with another couple of goals up forward this week, with Scott, who probably doesn’t have any owners anymore, rounded out the scores with 74 from 17 touches.

Injuries: The only injury from the day was exciting young Crow Chayce Jones, who suffered a quad injury.

North Melbourne (6.6.42) defeated by Geelong (8.14.62)

 1. Cameron Guthrie (147). Slightly underpriced heading into the round and rewarded his coaches/anyone who picked him up with a 29 touch (13 contested) game that also included 4 tackles and 2 goals.

2. Zach Guthrie (142). Not to be outdone, the other Guthrie had his best career game after being a late in. Had 28 touches (24 kicks) with 13 marks and 483 metres gained.

3. Aaron Hall (128). Led all comers with 36 touches that resulted in a huge 757 metres gained for the game. Also ran at a very good DE of 86%.

4. Tom Stewart (118). Left alone all day and did what he usually does, collecting intercept marks and using that to drive Geelong forward. All up he had 24 touches with 13 marks and ran at 91%.

5. Luke Davies-Uniacke (114). Copped a knee knock but played on bravely to round out the top five with a 23 touch (12 contested), 6 clearance, 1 goal game for his fourth ton of 2021. 

Other 100+ scores: Joel Selwood (112), Isaac Smith/Jack Ziebell (106), Zach Tuohy (105), Jy Simpkin (104)

Disappointment: Since he was on debut for my team this week, I was extra disappointed with the 88 from Dangerfield, especially since he had my VC!

Rookies: The Cats had a debutant in defender Nathan Kreuger (48) who played his role in the backline, collecting 7 touches and 4 marks for the day. Will Phillips has put together some decent performances in the second half of the year, this latest one concluding with 17 touches and 55 points. Second gamer Eddie Ford (37) had 10 touches, 7 marks and kicked his first career goal up forward, as did Bosenvulagi (65), who also had 11 classy touches off half-back.

Injuries: Nothing serious from this game it seems!

Collingwood (14.6.90) defeated West Coast (6.9.45)

1. Jack Crisp (143). A huge game from Crisp through the middle of the ground/half-back. Had 36 touches at 88% DE with just the 1 clanger as well as 9 marks for his eleventh ton of the year.

2. Jordan De Goey (138). Speaking about a huge game, De Goey set a career best in disposals (34) and kicks (23) in this game as Collingwood dominated the Eagles. Also ran at a great DE of 82% and had a game high 540 metres gained.

3. Braydan Maynard (130). Following the trend, Maynard ran at 90% DE from his 30 touches (25 kicks) for his tenth ton of the year. 

4. Steele Sidebottom (123). Turned in his best return of the year thanks to 33 touches and 1 goal that was aided by no clangers and 84% DE.

5. Taylor Adams (119). Rounded out the top 5 with 34 touches (14 contested) to go along with 9 clearances and 4 tackles. Also ran at a very good 79% DE, so you’ve probably noticed a trend here that the Eagles had literally no pressure around the contest all day.

Other 100+ scores: Brodie Grundy (110), Nic Naitanui (104), Jeremy Howe (101), Andrew Gaff (100)

Disappointment: If you’re one of the few that own either Yeo (50), Kelly (71) or Hurn (68) you’d be spewing with these returns from PODs.

Rookies: Third gamer Connor West wasn’t the worst of the Eagles as he put up 59 points from 13 touches and 5 tackles before his first price rise, while defender Edwards has minimal ownership so his score of 49 won’t affect many people. Ruscoe has had some good weeks lately and that continued with this 80 point game on the back of 22 touches and 9 marks with no clangers. Trent Bianco unfortunately had 6 clangers in his 15 touches but still kicked 2 goals to score 47, which was the middle ground between the Collingwood rookies as Ginnivan scored 39, Henry netted 57 and Macrae rolled off his second decent game in a row with 63 which will see him rise in price from his current 111K.

Injuries: Once again no subs used in this game so hopefully no injuries!

Gold Coast (4.6.30) defeated by Melbourne (18.20.128)

1. Clayton Oliver (166). Huge game from Satan as he hit the ton before halftime, ultimately finishing with 35 touches (19 contested), 12 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 goal for his second best of the year.

2. Christian Petracca (148). Also the second best score of his year as he finished up with 32 touches (13 contested), along with 10 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and team high 528 metres gained.

3. Touk Miller (142). Too good again for Touk even with his team getting smashed, racking up another 34 touches (17 contested) with 10 tackles and 6 clearances for the afternoon.

4. Luke Jackson (141). Huge effort from Jackson as he posted a career best score on the back of a career best 4 goals up forward. Also contributed 17 touches and 13 hitouts for the game.

5. Max Gawn (138). Finishing up with the big scores was Big Max who started slow but ended up with a worthy C score thanks to 16 touches (11 contested), 4 clearances, 2 goals and 31 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: David Swallow/Alex Neal-Bullen (110), Brayden Fiorini (106), Bayley Fritsch (103), Ben Brown (102), James Harmes (100)

Disappointment: Another tough week for owners of Christian Salem (40), who had his worst score of the year from just 17 touches.

Rookies: If you’re still running with him, James Jordon was the sub and only managed 2 touches and 1 tackle for 9 points, while first gamer for the Demons Bowey played pretty well in the backline, collecting 13 touches at 92% DE for 52 points. Another first-gamer in Joel Jeffrey couldn’t covert his form from the VFL (9 goals the other week), only registering 27 points from 5 touches. Other forward options in Flanders and Farrar both scored 62, with Sharp, who is at M8 for a lot of teams, only got 9 touches and 27 points.

Injuries: Big forward Tom McDonald went off late in the game with some back soreness.

Hawthorn (14.8.92) defeated Brisbane (12.8.80)

1. Jaeger O’Meara (156). Actually a career best score for Jeager who was enormous in the Hawks midfield, collecting 35 touches (14 contested) to go with 5 marks, 6 clearances, 10 tackles, 1 goal and 461 metres gained.

2. Chad Wingard (139). Two tons in a row now for Chad after a month off. He rotated between the middle and up front to collect 32 disposals (503 metres gained) along with 7 marks, 7 tackles and 2 goals 

3. Tom Mitchell (132). Another great score for Titch who had a team high 598 metres gained from his 34 touches of the footy. Also had 8 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

4. Harris Andrews/Jarryd Lyons (121). The tie for fourth went to these two Brisbane stars. Andrews stood tall in the backline to have 15 touches, 9 marks and 4 tackles, while Lyons had 38 touches (19 contested) with 9 clearances, 9 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 614 metres gained.

5. Daniel Rich (117). Ton number 11 for the Brisbane superboot as he had 697 metres gained from his 32 touches off half-back. Also grabbed 9 marks and ran at a solid 75% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Oscar McInerney (113), Ned Reeves (112), Jack Payne (109), James Worpel (100)

Disappointment: Hawthorn captain Ben McEvoy has had a super year, scoring eight tons, but this score of 47 was his worst of the year.

Rookies: For Brisbane, Fullarton has returned to the team with some decent scores, this week posting 58 from 14 touches and 1 goal to lead the scores of our bench players. Madden hasn’t done much lately and that continued with a score of 41, while the season debut of Cockatoo yielded 1 goal, 8 touches, 5 tackles and 49 points. Reeves was great for Hawthorn, posting 112 from 11 touches, 7 tackles and 31 touches, which was much better than Bramble (53), Brockman (40) and Granger-Barras (39)

Injuries: Unfortunate news for goal sneak Luke Bruest, who went down with a knee injury in the third term.

Essendon (16.6.102) defeated by Sydney (17.7.109)

1. Zach Merrett (168). Massive game from the gun midfielder who a career best score thanks to 35 touches, 7 marks, 5 tackles, 2 goals and a game high 624 metres gained on the day.

2. Callum Mills (129). Out of quarantine and back into the high scores for Mills, as he finished with 33 touches with 12 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and a team best 522 metres gained.

3. Jake Stringer (123). Turned it on after halftime to drop another big score. Had 19 touches (13 contested) with 2 goals, 5 tackles and 9 clearances for the afternoon.

4. Jordan Dawson (122). Almost averaging triple figures now after a huge second half to 2021, this week finishing up with 24 touches and 11 marks with just 1 clanger.

5. Justin McInerney (116). The rising Swan rounded out the top five with a ripping game that included a career best 28 touches (13 contested) that was paired with 8 marks and 6 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Luke Parker (111), Jake Lloyd/Darcy Parish (108), Peter Wright (103), Sam Draper (101), Dyson Heppell (100)

Disappointment: Not a great day for Jordan Ridley down back, he only scored 52 points from 10 touches.

Rookies: When the best score from potential bench players is 34 from Nik Cox, it means the rest of the scores aren’t going to be great. Durham only had 33 from 11 touches in his third game, and I hope no one was relying on Perkins, he posted 12 points from 4 touches.

Injuries: No subs used but Jayden Lavarde was suffering from a sore shoulder for much of the day.

Fremantle (7.13.55) defeated Richmond (6.15.51)

1. Andrew Brayshaw (190). Huge game, like massive. Had 39 touches (15 contested) with 8 clearances along with 12 tackles and 567 metres gained. I didn’t have him which cost me dearly in many leagues, but congrats to those that had him and put the C on him!

2. Sydney Stack (149). Another career best score here as Stack dominated across the ground, picking up 25 touches at 96% DE as well as grabbing 10 marks.

3. Adam Cerra (147). The third career best score came from the Dockers young gun, as he had a huge 735 metres gained from his 33 touches of the ball. Also contributed 6 tackles and a couple of clearances.

4. David Mundy (126). Not a career best score, but Mundy was at his fantastic best with 29 touches of the ball (14 contested) with no clangers and 5 clearances during the game.

5. Hayden Young (117). The fourth career best score came from the promising young Dockers backman who notched a career best in disposals (23) which ran at 91% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Sean Darcy (116), Dion Prestia (113), Liam Baker (106)

Disappointment: For the second week in a row, Shai Bolton didn’t do his coaches any favours with just 56 points.

Rookies: Forward rookie Matt Parker was very good with 12 touches, 2 goals and 5 tackles that returned a great score of 84 points, which was a little bit ahead of backline rookies Garthwaite (66) and Mansell (62). Nothing great for anyone from the Dockers with Western (46) being the best of a bad bunch of scores, with forward rookies Treacy (37) and Henry (38) at least providing scores and staying in the team. Furthermore there was Meek (24) and Walker (24) who didn’t do too much.

Injuries: Docker Banfield copped a big hit and was stretchered off early in the second quarter. 

GWS (11.7.73) defeated by Port Adelaide (15.10.100)

1. Karl Amon (152). Fantastic game from Amon, posting a career best return from a 31 disposal effort that ran at a brilliant DE of 90%. Also had a game high 683 metres gained and layed 5 tackles.

2. Ollie Wines (115). Another good game for Ollie which may see him jump into the Brownlow votes, as he grabbed 28 touches (14 contested) that ran at 92% DE.

3. Nick Haynes/Harry Perryman (107). A tie for the Giants here. Haynes posted his first ton since round 13 thanks to 28 touches and 10 marks that saw him gain 559 metres, while Perryman ran at 90% with his 20 disposals.

4. Charlie Dixon (100). Solid score again from big Charlie who kicked 4 goals from his 12 touches of the ball. Ninth ton of the year for him.

5. Travis Boak (98). Nothing spectacular from Boak but a good score nonetheless as he compiled 24 touches (14 contested) with 6 tackles, 7 clearances and 1 goal to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Rough month for Tim Taranto, he dished up 57 this week to back up his previous scores of 53, 94 and 64.

Rookies: Decent first game from Peatling, who rotated around the backline to finish with 19 touches, 7 marks, 3 tackles and a great score of 97. Tanner Bruhn was once again the sub and picked up 6 touches for 26 points during his time on the field, while the last notable score was Bergman, who provided decent cover with a score of 83 from his 21 touches.

Injuries: A couple of big injuries to Giants players Davis (neck) and Hopper (concussion) which finished their nights early.



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