Round 21 Review

Written by Chillo on August 14 2017


Stephen’s Wognuts are still hanging on to top spot in the SCT group, but it’s incredibly tight. It could all come down to trades, captains and loopholes. Good luck to all!

The top 5 teams are:

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 45847 423
2 No Worries@SCT Timothy 45770 550
3 BabyBombers@SCT Dilan 45748 586
4 WeDoNotForgive@SCT Jeremy 45732 626
5 ScrambledLegs@SCT Michael 45716 658

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Jack Macrae – A season-high score for the popular “forward”.

4 – Max Gawn – It’s been a tough year, but Max is charging home.

3 – Nat Fyfe – Contract signed, and Nat is officially back.

2 – Lachie Neale – Fyfe’s partner in crime was everywhere.

1 – Rory Sloane – No Showdown tag for Sloane!

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 51
2 Sam Docherty 19
3 Dustin Martin 17
4 Rory Sloane 17
5 Nat Fyfe 13
6 Adam Treloar 12
7 Tom Rockliff 11
8 Tom Mitchell 10
9 Joel Selwood 10
10 Gary Ablett 9
11 Marcus Bontempelli 9
12 Rory Laird 9
13 Scott Pendlebury 9

So who did you like in Round 21?

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Hello SCT faithful! I’m filling in for Thommo this week while he’s off enjoying his Sicilian holiday. Enjoy the cannolis, you lucky bugger!

Of course, it’s Elimination Finals time in Supercoach, which means your premiums really need to be firing this week. And with all the carnage around, your bench options need to be firing also. And you need to nail those captaincy and emergency loophole options too. So much pressure! So who were the Studs and Spuds in Round 21?


In 1974, the magnificent Muhammad Ali employed his infamous “rope-a-dope” strategy to beat the great George Foreman and win the world heavyweight championship in Zaire, a bout now universally known as The Rumble In The Jungle. On Friday night, the blokes in the dayglo orange showed this tactic is still valid against the Dogs. Despite being absolutely hammered in the second quarter, losing the inside 50 count by an astonishing 22-4, the Giants soaked up all that pressure and actually led by 4 points at the main break. They then powered home in the second half against an undermanned Dogs defence to run out convincing winners, and put the Bullies’ finals hopes on the canvas.

Speaking of canvas, it just wouldn’t be a Giants game without Toby Greene doing something stupid. Silly Toby, don’t you know that face contact is only allowed if you do the crane position first?

Larusso doing his best Greene impression


Josh Kelly (GWS) 132 – The kid’s a star, and deserves all the hype all around him. 25 disposals at 80% efficiency and two crucial goals. Put him on your list for 2018!

Zac Williams (GWS) 119 – It hasn’t quite been the breakout season his owners were hoping for, but ZWillo has been more than serviceable. 27 touches including 23 kicks, and ten R50s.

Dylan Shiel (GWS) 116 – Seems to cop a knock every week but it didn’t bother him much this time out, with a game-high 30 disposals.


Lewis Young (WBD) 23 – OK, very harsh for a kid in only his fifth game. But if you were counting on him for cover this week, watching him turn it over time and again (6 clangers, 18% efficiency) would have been a real kick in the goolies. Hopefully he bounces back next week.

Mitch Wallis (WBD) 37 – Remember when we were trying to decide if having four Dogs in your team was too many? Turns out the answer was ‘yes’. Only one kick in the whole game for Mitch.


A battle of heavyweights, this wasn’t. This was more like a meeting of mirrors. Fremantle started the season by winning six of their first eight games and looked like top 8 contenders. Meanwhile Sydney couldn’t manage a win from their first half dozen games, and were anchored to the bottom of the ladder. Since then, Freo have barely won and the Swans have rarely lost, and that form line continued at the SCG. Sydney kicked eight goals to one in the first quarter, and it was a glorified training drill from there.


Lance Franklin (SYD) 164 – It’s actually been a lean month for Buddy, but he bossed the game in trademark fashion this week. 24 possessions and four goals, all kicked in the Swans’ dominant first half.

Isaac Heeney (SYD) 130 – Heenz has also struggled SC-wise of late, but he cashed in this week, filling the stats sheet with 23 touches and 3 goal assists.

Luke Parker (SYD) 126 – Parker has been solid rather than brilliant in 2017. But he seems to be coming good at the right end of the year, backing up last week’s BOG performance with another 29 disposals and a game-high seven clearances.


Lachie Neale (FRE) 44 – Tumbleweeds. He was a popular replacement for Jelwood this week (over 3000 trade ins), but he did his new owners no favours with a season-low. Finished the game in the forward pocket and only found the ball nine times. Yuck!

Luke Ryan (FRE) 32 – Unfortunately the ride is over for Ryan owners, as Sydney’s forward pressure wiped out all those uncontested marks that the purple rook has racked up in recent weeks. Ten possessions and only 2 grabs for Ryan.


It was billed as a head-to-head between the deposed Brownlow favourite and his successor, but really it was a chance for the Tigers to beat an understrength title contender and make a run at a precious top 2 spot. Unfortunately Richmond fluffed their lines again. The absence of Duncan, Selwood, Hawkins and Blicavs, combined with the ignominy of his one week suspension, only served to make the Dangerhulk bigger and angrier as he led the Cats to an ultra-important 14 point victory.

We won’t mention the free-kick count….

I thought I told you not to mention the free kick count!


Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) 141 – Even though they’ll ultimately be meaningless, Danger definitely got the three votes in this one. Thirty touches, including 21 contested, 11 clearances and 10 tackles for the reigning Brownlow medallist and Supercoach perma-captain.

Dion Prestia (RIC) 126 – This is more like what the Tigers were hoping for when they gave up a first round draft pick for the Meatball. 29 possessions and back-to-back tons for Prestia; if you’re looking for late-season bench cover, there are worse options.

Harry Taylor (GEE) 110 – Nick Vlastuin was actually the third-highest scorer but Happy Harry must be mentioned here for his efforts in a diminished forward line. By kicking four goals against Rance, Taylor was what fashionable commentators like to call the “X-factor”. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds cool!


Josh Caddy (RIC) 14 – He followed his best game of the year with his worst, which pretty much summarises Caddy’s career to date. A pinged string in the first quarter meant that Josh spent most of the afternoon in a tracksuit, not a footballer’s preferred choice of garb on game day!

Toby Nankervis (RIC) 61 – The Nank Tank continues to sputter its way to the finishing line. Big Toby was struggling mid-season, and even more so since he started dual rucking with Soldo. Hopefully you’ve moved him on by now.


In its brief history, the “Q-Clash” has yet to assume any real relevance to the competition, apart from pride and bragging rights among the northern franchises. Despite their position at the base of the ladder, the Lions started warm favourites in this one, with the Suns missing their senior stalwarts in Ablett, Lynch and Hanley. Gold Coast got the jump and led by 21 at the first break, but were thoroughly outclassed from there, with most of Brisbane’s prime movers getting plenty of the pill.


Dayne Beams (BRL) 138 – He’s been a value late season pickup, and well done to you if you took the chance on the older Beamer’s dodgy rig. 32 possessions and 4 goals is a high quality stat line in anyone’s language.

Stefan Martin (BRL) 129 – It’s been a hard year for rucks; Martin actually sits at number 2 on aggregate, despite his performance being well down on previous seasons. He made the most of Witts’ absence with 23 possessions and 34 hitouts.

Lewis Taylor (BRL) 129 – Not really SC-relevant in any way, shape or form, but Lewie is fun to watch when he catches a downhill slope. 25 touches and a couple of goals.

A special mention to one-time premium Tom Rockliff, who tonned up for the first time since dislocating his shoulder in Round 8, and dedicated the Lions win to his late cousin. Good on ya Rocky!


Dayne Zorko (BRL) 78 – Slightly better than the puke Neale served up, but only really thanks to some junk time feeding, Zorko was another to disappoint those who traded him in this week. The Zork looked a bit bored, and may have been marked down by CD as a result.

Jarrod Harbrow (GCS) 72 – Never again!


The Crows just about sealed the minor premiership with a resounding 7 goal hammering of the Bombers. Essendon have tried very hard this year, but I think getting games back into their list will see them improve in 2018. As for Adelaide, I actually haven’t seen much of them this year, but they could hardly have been more impressive. Fast, skilful and well-coached, they’re the team to beat in September. I look forward to your angry replies, non-Crows fans!


Matt Crouch (ADE) 139 – How is this guy at only 4.2% ownership? He’s a gun! Now averaging 127 in his past five games, and has raised the bat in eleven consecutive matches. Shortlisted for 2018, get on board.

Rory Atkins (ADE) 130 – More well-known for his flamboyant bouffant, the youngest of Adelaide’s fleet of Rorys can play footy too. 27 touches, a goal, and a bit of a questionable razz-up from Joe Daniher.

Brodie Smith (ADE) 125 – If there was an award for most infuriating player in Supercoach, B.Smith would be a hot contender. He was up near his best this week, running the ball off halfback in his familiar style with 23 possessions and a couple of snags.


Eddie Betts (ADE) 34 – Electric Eddie was well held by rookie defender Andrew McGrath, in what was one of the Bombers few wins on the night. Seven touches and no goals for Betts, but with the 4 points on the board I doubt he’ll mind!

Dyson Heppell (ESS) 59 – The Bombers midfield was well beaten on the night by the Crows’ superior speed. Heppell was unfortunately no exception, although he may have been a little hard done by with 20 possessions at 60%.


The Blues have actually fought quite hard all season, but their inability to kick a winning score sees them contending with the Lions for the spoon this year. A key forward or two should be on Carlton’s off-season shopping list, as well as further developing the likes of Charlie Curnow and Harry McKay. The Eagles continue to stumble towards September, but with the toughest possible draw ahead of them, they will need to lift dramatically to be a factor.


Matthew Kreuzer (CAR) 133 – The Kreeeuuuuz was always going to dominate against the Eagles unexperienced ruck division. He’s in prime All-Australian contention this year, and another 17 disposals and 33 hitouts only strengthened his case.

Marc Murphy (CAR) 128 – Another discounted pre-season pick, Murphy has overcome a mid-season form dip to put together his best year since Prince Willy was a bachelor. 2 goals to go with his standard 29 touches.

Josh J Kennedy (WCE) 120 – His six goals were really the difference between the Eagles getting rolled and living to fight another day. Is it just me, or are goals not getting the same SC clout that they used to?


Drew Petrie (WCE) 22 – At 35 years of age, Drew wants to play on in 2018. What say you, footy?

Luke Partington (WCE) 77 – Look, it’s a good score, especially for a rookie. I just don’t get it. Seven possessions and a goal is 77 points??? Recount, please!

Champion Data calculate Luke Partington’s score


The Saints probably went marching out for 2017, outlasted by the Dees in a scrappy Sunday arvo at the G. It was anyone’s game at three quarter time, but a couple of timely goals from rookie forward Mitch Hannan got the red and the blue home. A shot at finals footy is in the Demons’ hands now, with games against the Lions and Pies to come.


Cameron Pedersen (MEL) 137 – Wow! Who saw this coming? If you did, you’re a smarter man than I. Pedersen has averaged 49 in his past four games, but busted out 26 possessions and two goals off the half-forward flank. If you’re among the 1.1% who still have him, he probably won you a league semi.

Nathan Jones (MEL) 128 – The Dees skipper has never been a Supercoach darling, but year after year he quietly puts together a solid set of numbers. 35 disposals at 80% efficiency.

Jack Billings (STK) 112 – Billings finished the game looking like he just went 12 rounds with Tyson, but the most talented of the five Jacks did his utmost to try to get his team home. 30 touches and a goal, and only inaccuracy in front of the sticks prevented him from posting a real monster score.


Max Gawn (MEL) 56 – Sadly Max couldn’t continue his late-season revival, getting mauled in the ruck by Billy Longer, of all people! Five free kicks against hampered Gawn’s score, not really what you wanted from Grundy’s replacement.

Seb Ross (STK) 61 – Ross has been a useful POD for most of the season but hit the wall in this one, with only 4 contested possessions and 5 clangers.


Hodgey’s last game in Tassie, where he has played (and won) more than anyone else, and his teammates didn’t let him down. The Roos fought hard and actually had the momentum at the end of the third quarter, but Hawthorn steadied and kicked away at the end. Unfortunately last week’s loss almost certainly means Hodge only has a couple of games to go, but he is finishing strong as you would expect.


Jack Gunston (HAW) 124 – Is Gunston a viable defender option in 2018? He’s been a revelation since Clarkson moved him back mid year, this time compiling 27 possesssions and 11 marks. Averaging 106 in his past five games.

Isaac Smith (HAW) 118 – Smith loves these fast, open games where he can use his leg speed. 29 touches, two goals and lots of metres gained in his fifth SC ton of the year.

Luke Breust (HAW) 115 – Spent most of the day running around the forward 50 unattended. 18 touches and four goals straight is the result. Too inconsistent to be relevant to Supercoach but there’s no doubting his class.


Todd Goldstein (NTH) 32 – Those trade whispers will only grow louder after a lifeless display from the big Goldmine. Sharing the ruck duties with Preuss is bad news and Goldy could only manage 4 possessions and 22 hitouts.

Shaun Atley (NTH) 60 – His name seems to pop up every pre-season for some reason, so we’ll say it again – don’t do it. His speed is only matched by his inconsistent disposal.


The Pies are out of finals contention but have impressed of late. Ultimately though the Power are playing for a finals spot and are pretty good at beating teams who are not. They rode their home ground advantage in the final quarter to stay in the hunt for the big dance.


Taylor Adams (COL) 138 – Adams has been outstanding since Pendles was ruled out for the season, to the point where he is a captaincy option every week. Overcame a slow start in this one to post 31 possessions at an uncharacteristically efficient 90%, hoisting his 5RA to 127 ppg.

Steele Sidebottom (COL) 122 – Sidey is usually too much of an outside player for Supercoach, but 12 contested disposals and 7 tackles boosted his score this time. A rough chance at forward eligibility in 2018, so keep an eye out.

Jasper McMillan Pittard (PTA) 111 – I know at least one SCT semi-regular will be pleased about this! 26 possessions at 88% should help push those contract negotiations along.


Jordan De Goey (COL) 46 – The young Pie’s roller coaster continues, as De Goey has not scored between 60 and 100 for the past six weeks. This time he could only manage nine possessions and five tackles.

Justin Westhoff (PTA) 63 – A month ago he put together three consecutive tons and looked like a decent POD, but normal service has since been resumed. Just one contested possession out of 17, plus four turnovers for the Hoff.

Would you trust this man in your backline? Yeah, me either.



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18 thoughts on “Round 21 Review”

    1. Thanks Hutta, have fun! I tried really hard to think of a Thommoesque theme for the article, but came up empty. That guy is some sort of savant or something.


        1. Geez, a guy leaves the country for a a few days and the abuse starts!

          Chillo, I am just very full of sh@t so I can write underwater.


  1. Tossed up between zorko, neale, crouch and kelly as a replacement for selwood. Was quick to cross kelly and crouch off list and focussed on the “proven” performers. But I should have remembered how well other “proven” mids have gone this year, namely jpk, pendles and hanners.
    It couldve been worse, I couldve gone neale over zorko and lost another 30 points.


    1. Definite changing of the guard this year, JJJ. Priddis is another who was once a perm-anent fixture in my team…


  2. Knocked out of my major cash league by 48 pts thanks to some premos who will never play for Willys Guns again.Life returns to normal & will have to start talking to the wife again.


  3. Dear Supercoachers
    I must regretfully inform you that my team The Buttslappers lost to Shaggi Jnr’s team The Danny La Roos in the match of the Round in The Looney Mooney league.
    The standard was definitely not high (a bit like Collingwood vs North last week). Mistakes were plentiful. I did not vc or C Dangerfield as basically most of my midfield were playing at the same time as he and if he flopped I would be bereft of viable alternatives.
    Shaggi Jnr had Franklin and Higgins on the bench and no way to loophole thanks to Callum Brown playing. Instead he had Dahlhouse and Wallis’s score to count.
    I had Zorko as C whilst he had JJK
    I had Nank the Tank – he had Goldy (like the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz – someone give this man some heart)
    I am still alive in a few leagues including SCT 5 and the Fantasy Fiends but I will be helping my son defeat the Mighty Motts by not helping him.
    Unfortunately I would be a liability.
    Go the Danny La Roos!!!


    1. Sounds like you had a bit of fun anyway, Shaggi. It was a tricky schedule for loopholing last weekend. I suspected Buddy would go big, but unfortunately he was playing at the same time as Danger.


    2. Yeah Shaggi you both let the League down with your scores even though it moved up from 112 into the Top 100 at 99 with Motts carrying it with a 2400 odd.

      I managed to get over the line against The Good Father in the other Looney Mooneys Semi Final with Wallis and Newman sealing his fate. I now face Thommo’s strong Team in the Prelim in the Looney Mooneys and SCT3 and i am not confident..


  4. Chillo is it?

    Wasn’t aware of the term itself, but this “rope-a-dope” strategy certainly makes sense now that you’ve put in context. Did Holly Holm employ a similar strategy to oust Ronda Rousey, I wonder?

    Re commentators wanting to sound fashionable, I think it was Healy (or Russell) who seem to keep indulging with the term “lace-out”……but just so happened this particular kick on the weekend (I forget the game), wasn’t quite so lace out and the player happened to drop the mark….ugh

    I’m also curious as to whether any airbrushing was involved with that mugshot of Jasper. Looks a completely different bloke to the one on TV!

    Finally I agree that you may not have come up with a theme or win a Pulitzer for it like Thommo says, but you’ve certainly managed to retain the flavour of the weekly reviews – well done!


    1. Thanks Weendog.

      I think the Rousey loss was more due to (a) her being slightly over-hyped, and (b) Holm being really good at kicking people in the head.

      I don’t know what “lace-out” means either. I do remember “laces out!” from Ace Ventura, but that was a different kind of football.



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