Tech Leagues Review

Written by JimmyDee on August 1 2021

Grace’s Ninius popped off with a huge score of 2754 which would have put her inside the top 1% of the overall for the week. As it was, it pushed her to the top of the Tech Leagues Group. Well done Kirstie.

If the Techies were playing finals, Chips Ahoy would have been annoyed as Ninius was the only team to beat his score of 2738 and they played each other. Ironic how SC works! Still, Matt has maintained third spot in the group, only 107 points off the pace.

Other big scores for round 20 included All Nuns (2648), DR’s Tech Team (2586), Terangatangs (2585), The previous Champ (2574), Snipers (2560) and Goopstars (2520).

Top five in the group now are Ninius, Phil Gilbert, Chips Ahoy, DR’s Tech Team and All Nuns with 616 points between first and fifth.

So folks, fill out the poll below and tell us in the comments of any strategies going forward.

Be honest, how many trades do you have for the last three rounds?

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6 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Review”

  1. Still have two to no avail. Did manage my highest score of the Tech season and that was supposed to start about ten rounds ago.


  2. Some great scores from the various teams! Amazing and sad that I have been more decimated than most to not be able to defend as well.

    I am stunned that there are teams with trades still left at this point – well done to you if you have been able to hold them and are still in the race for first place!



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