Round 21 Review

Written by Dane on August 1 2022

Fremantle (5.9.39) defeated by Melbourne (12.13.85)

1. Andrew Brayshaw (138). Provided the top score in this game despite his team losing pretty heavily. Ran all night to gather 30 touches that ran at 93% DE with no clangers, while also hauling in 10 marks and laying 8 tackles.

2. Christian Petracca (134). Really solid game from Petracca who found 30 touches (16 contested) plus 6 clearances, 8 tackles and just under 500 metres gained for the game.

3. Angus Brayshaw (123). Fresh off a big deal, Brayshaw continued his hot streak of scoring (seven tons in nine games) with 28 touches and 6 tackles while also having a team high 564 metres gained.

4. James Aish (120). Played a defensive role on Oliver for much of the night but was damaging in attack, finding 28 touches that ran at 89% DE plus 9 tackles in the midfield.

5. Jack Viney (118). Couple of poor weeks for Viney in the two rounds before this but returned to the big scores here with a 33 touch (16 contested), 6 tackle effort.

Other 100+ scores: Max Gawn (114), Luke Ryan/Hayden Young (110)

Dissapointment: Couple of candidates here but it’ll have to go  Oliver for his second sub ton in a row. Had 21 touches and 6 tackles but 47% DE (plus an Aish tag) held him to 85.

Rookies: None to cover in this one.

Injuries: No subs used from the first game of the round so hopefully no new injuries to come from this game!

Collingwood (13.10.88) defeated Port Adelaide (12.10.82)

1. Jeremy Finlayson (132). Big score from the Port makeshift ruckman in this one, as he found 20 touches (12 contested) with 6 clearances, 13 hitouts and 1 goal for his second best score of the year.

2. Ollie Wines (125). First ton since round 16 for the 200 gamer, as he found 30 touches (12 contested) with six tackles and a team best 563 metres gained on Saturday afternoon.

3. Zak Butters (120). Played an important role in this tight contest, gathering 25 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals in his usual rotating role.

4. Connor Rozee (119). Kept his big scores coming in his new, pretty much full-time midfield role. Had a career high 35 touches this weekend while also taking 6 marks and having 5 tackles.

5. Darcy Byrne-Jones (117). Best score of the season for the Port Blackman who found 30 touches  (14 contested) at 80% to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Cameron (113), Jordan De Goey (100)

Dissapointment: There’s been heavy debate over Crisp recently and they’ll be even more after a season low 60. 

Rookies: No new rookies in this game but small shoutouts to Burgoyne (85) and Ash Johnson (77) who provided serviceable cover scores for coaches this weekend.

Injuries: Pies midfielder Taylor Adams was the initial sub in this one as a groin injury ruled him out, while he was later joined on the bench by defender Jeremy Howe with a quad injury.

Sydney (17.10.112) defeated GWS (5.9.39)

1. Sam Reid (152). Massive score this from Reid, actually a career best score at that. Had 18 touches (12 contested), 5 marks, 4 tackles, 13 hitouts and 3 goals to lead this games scoring.

2. Sam Taylor (132). Third 120+ score in the past five weeks for Taylor who had 21 touches (15 contested) plus 10 marks for the game.

3. Errol Gulden (131). Is showing all the right signs in his young career that he’ll be a premium scorer for years to come. Fifth ton this season on the back of 33 touches (24 kicks), 12 marks, 10 inside 50’s, 2 goals and 692 metres gained.

4. James Rowbottom/Callum Mills (120). Rowbottom has shown in the past that his strong, contested nature can net him big scores, but this was a career high thanks to 21 touches and 13 tackles (career best tackle number that) plus 1 goal from the 21 year old. Mills did was he’s been doing all season with 27 touches (10 contested) plus 8 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal in the midfield.

5. Luke Parker (119). Another Brett Kirk medal for Parker, his second this year and 5th overall. Had 34 touches (16 contested) plus 7 tackles and 6 clearances in the Swans big win.

Other 100+ scores: Nick Blakey (118), Isaac Heeney (104), Josh Kelly (103)

Dissapointment: Plenty of the m for the Giants with the really popular picks in Himmelberg (74) and Taranto (72) being quiet for the majority of the day. Chad Warner (69) was tagged.

Rookies: First game in this one for Leek Aleer (14) who found 5 touches and 3 marks on debut.

Injuries: No subs used in the Battle of the Bridge or whatever they call it these days. Worth mentioning that Coniglio was a late out in this game.

St Kilda (10.15.75) defeated Hawthorn (9.9.63)

1. Rowan Marshall (175). Monster game from Marshall who was helped by the late out of fellow ruckman Campbell. Had 30 touches, 9 marks, 7 tackles, 35 hitouts, 13 contested possessions and 7 clearances to give his owners (some who even VC’d him, great pick to site favourite Bearded Burbler) a massive boost.

2. Brad Crouch (130). Second big score in a row for Crouch who found 30 touches (15 contested) plus 9 clearances, 1 goal and 11 tackles.

3. Seb Ross (118). Tenth ton this for Ross in 2022 after collecting 26 touches (10 contested) plus 7 tackles and 1 goal in the Saints midfield on Saturday afternoon.

4. Ben Paton (115). Career game (and SuperCoach score) for Paton as he found a career best 25 touches, plus 5 tackles and 13 contested possessions in the Saints backline.

5. Ben Long (108). Rounds out the top five with a solid stat line of 14 touches, 6 marks and 9 tackles while running at 85% DE for his first ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Steele (107), Tom Michell/Ben McEvoy (106), Mason Wood (104), Jack Sinclair (102)

Dissapointment: After a few big weeks, Dylan Moore only reached 69 here. His stat line was very good with 21 touches, 8 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal, but 5 frees against and the Hawks being hammered most of the game held his score back.

Rookies: Once again no debuts or bubble games in this one but serviceable scores from Ward (83), McDonald (70) and Owens (67) if they had to be used for late-out Coniglio.

Injuries: Couple of injuries soured the Hawks day as Lewis (knee) and Morris (shoulder) finished their day on the bench.

Geelong (14.10.94) defeated Western Bulldogs (9.12.66)

1. Josh Dunkley (130). After some poor scores, Dunkley produced on Saturday night with a 25 touch, 6 mark, 6 tackle, 2 goal game.

2. Brad Close (123). Splendid game from Close who had 19 touches, 4 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal in the Cats victory.

3. Tom Stewart/Tom Liberatore/Ed Richards (112). The returning Cats defender slotted right back in and found 22 touches at 90% DE with 10 marks in the backline, while the second Tom to finish on 112 was the Bulldogs inside midfielder, who had 28 touches (16 contested) with 10 clearances. Ed Richards rounds out third place with another great game off half-back, finding 28 touches (career high) with 11 marks.

4. Cam Guthrie (109). 25 touches (16 contested) for the Cats midfielder, who also slotted 2 goals for the game with 5 clearances to add to that. Ran at 48% DE but didn’t have a single clanger interestingly.

5. Isaac Smith (105). Rounding out the top five is the hard running Smith, who found 26 touches and 8 marks on the outside to gain a team high 499 metres. Also snagged 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Bailey Dale (103)

Dissapointment: Plenty from the Bulldogs which is an issue as they’re so heavily owned. Smith (59), English (78) and Macrae (82) the worst offenders, while Atkins (64) and Blicavs (66) were down on recent form.

Rookies: None to cover here.

Injuries: The only issue from this game was seemingly Rohan who had a head knock. I also saw a comment Bontempelli was on the bench for the final 10 minutes or so but couldn’t find anything to say he was injured (also didn’t get to watch this game).

Adelaide (12.12.84) defeated Carlton (8.7.55)

1. Patrick Cripps (146). Massive game from Cripps who collected a career best 41 touches in this game, with 21 of those being contested. Also had 13 clearances plus 6 tackles and 596 metres gained.

2. Rory Laird (144). Now outright first in SuperCoach score per game in 2022, Laird kept his insane run going with another 32 touches (15 contested) plus 12 tackles, 8 clearances and 500+ metres gained on Saturday night.

3. Brodie Smith (134). Joined an exclusive club on Saturday night, that being the 1,000+ metres gained club in a singular game. Had 1019 of them from his 37 touches off the half-back flank.

4. Jordan Dawson/Taylor Walker (126). Couple of down weeks from Dawson was rectified here with a 25 touch (88% DE), 5 mark, 5 tackle, 658 metres gained game, while Tex is averaging 95 with seven tons, this week getting there thanks to 21 touches, 5 marks and 3 goals.

5. Sam Walsh/Adam Cerra (113). A pair of Blues midfielders couldn’t be split here. Walsh had 40 touches (15 contested) while Cerra had 24 touches, 7 marks and 9 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Adam Saad (111)

Dissapointment: Crows ruckman Reilly O’Brien has had a pretty decent year but this score of 46 was a season low.

Rookies: Josh Worrell (123K defender) played his first game for the year here after debuting in 2021, performing superbly with 17 touches (8 contested) at 82% DE with nearly 450 metres gained for a great score of 87.

Injuries: The Blues were the walking wounded on Saturday night unfortunately, with all of Newman (knee), Durdin (shoulder) and Kennedy (headclash) finishing the game on the bench.

Gold Coast (16.11.107) defeated West Coast (16.8.104)

1. Touk Miller (151). A popular C choice and delivered with a 31 touch (21 contested), 10 tackle, 16 clearance, 591 metres gained game. Fifth game of 150+ and ninth of 130+ in 2022.

2. Shannon Hurn (137). Elite game from Hurn in the Eagles backline as he found 26 touches and 6 marks while running at 100% DE for his ninth ton of the year.

3. Jack Redden (121). Sixth ton of the year for Redden who had 23 touches at 87% DE through the midfield, while also adding 6 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals to his stat line.

4. David Swallow (111). Thrown into the middle in this game and ultimately finished with 22 touches (13 contested) with 7 clearances and 9 tackles for his fifth ton of the year.

5. Tom Barrass (109). In hot scoring form lately and that continued with this 19 touch, 11 mark game that rounded out the top five. Averaging 90, a career best.

Other 100+ scores: Noah Anderson (105), Liam Duggan (103), Matt Rowell/Jack Darling (101), Mabior Chol (100)

Dissapointment: I feel like I’ve given this to Witts (85) for about a month straight so hopefully that finishes soon. His opposing ruckman and unique POD for some Naitanui (84) not much better.

Rookies: One of last years tops draft picks Mac Andrew (33) made his debut in this one and was good enough to gather 9 touches and 3 marks at 88% DE in the backline, while second gamer Hollands was once again solid with 14 touches plus 4 tackles for 65 points.

Injuries: I would’ve included Jai Culley’s third game in the section above, but unfortunately he was iced up with a hamstring injury late, although he’ll miss sometime anyway after throwing an elbow into Anderson’s face.

Richmond (15.14.104) defeated Brisbane (14.13.97)

1. Shai Bolton (131). Was electric in the Tigers comeback victory, recording 24 touches with 7 marks and 711 metres gained for the game. Could’ve gone huge if he’d kicked straight, finishing with 2.5 for the afternoon.

2. Tom Lynch (123). Along with Bolton, was superb in the comeback, snagging 4 goals from 15 touches and 7 marks for the game.

3. Hugh McCluggae (114). Smooth moving as usual for Hugh who roamed freely all day to find 26 touches and 6 clearances plus 1 goal with no clangers for his tenth ton of the year.

4. Kamdyn McIntosh/Lachie Neale (110). Second ton in a row for McIntosh who had 20 touches and 5 marks along the wing, while Neale found 31 touches (18 contested) plus 5 tackles and 6 clearances for his seventeenth ton of the year.

5. Jarryd Lyons (107). Down year overall for Lyons, this just his sixth ton for the year and first since round 13, dropping 24 points on last year. Was important Sunday though with 21 touches, 6 marks and 6 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Keidean Coleman (105)

Dissapointment: The hot discussion this week was who to upgrade between Short and Crisp. Crisp got the dissapointment score in his game, so it only seems right that Short gets it here for his 74, which puts him 14 points up in the current standings. Had 17 touches, 7 tackles and 1 goal in a variety of roles in this one.

Rookies: Couple of big shout outs in this one to Sonsie (95), who had 20 touches (9 contested) plus 85% DE, and Cumberland (88), who snagged 5 goals from 8 touches to play a pivotal role in the game.

Injuries: Defender Dylan Grimes was off with a hamstring injury in this game, while Zac Bailey copped a big hit that saw him subbed out.

Essendon (17.12.114) defeated North Melbourne (9.12.66)

1. Mason Redman (176). Elite game from Redman who was doubtful to even lineup earlier in the week. Had 32 touches (25 kicks) to gain 607 metres that ran at 96% DE which was paired with 10 marks and 1 goal.

2. Zach Merrett (140). Monsterous second half from Merrett who finished with 38 touches (13 contested), 8 clearances, 6 marks, 10 tackles, 1 goal and a game high 688 metres gained for his fifth 130+ score in a row.

3. Jy Simpkin (120). Reportedly copped a tag but I wouldn’t call it that as he finished with a massive 41 touches plus 555 metres gained and 5 tackles.

4. Jake Stringer/Jayden Laverne (114). The Package had his best game of the season with 14 touches, 7 tackles and 5 majors in Essendons win, while Laverde set a career best score in game 88, having 23 touches and 12 marks at 87% DE.

5. Jaidyn Stephenson (111). Second ton in the past three weeks for the former rising star winner as he found 34 touches for 551 metres gained in a half-back role.

Other 100+ scores: Dyson Heppell/Kyle Langford (106)

Dissapointment: Goes to Luke Davies-Uniacke for his score of 68, first sub ton in the past month.

Rookies: Firstly, a shoutout to Nic Martin who had another great score of 90 from 17 touches to continue his elite debut season. Second game here for Jackson Archer, who had 6 touches and 6 tackles for 46 points, while there were some solid debuts for Kallan Dawson, who had 13 touches and 6 marks for 63 points, while late inclusion Jye Menzie had 10 touches at 100% DE for 31 points. Also a shoutout to Jason Horne-Francis (94) for his third score in the 90’s this season.

Injuries: Jye Caldwell was the one tagging Simpkin apparently, so maybe he was holding him well enough before being subbed off with a calf injury in the third term.



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3 thoughts on “Round 21 Review”

  1. I think Jye caldwell was tagging LDU not simpkin hence LDU’s below par performance. Simpkin was running riot at the clearances with both parish and shiel out.


  2. Great write up again Dane – thanks heaps 🙂

    After Coniglio was a late out, I spent Sunday morning cursing my decision to play Culley on field (26 points) over Cumberland (88 points) – which cost me an extra 62 points.

    And at the time (before Merrett’s heroic second half & 140 points), I thought it had cost me my main league finals game.

    After the Culley move, it came down to “my Merrett” versus “his Zorko + 10 points”.

    Zorko ended up on 85 points, and Zerrett came good in the second half.

    But would have felt a lot more comfortable if I have played Cumberland on field over Culley.

    Culley ran around at half pace in the first quarter (so only got 1 x handball from memory), then elbowed someone in the head completely out of the blue (not much impact to the Gold Coast player but Culley should still get a couple of weeks) then he got pushed out of the mid rotations as a result of his poor form – before pinging a hammy & getting subbed out 🙁

    Was hard to watch – especially when every point counted, and Cumberland had started so well !!!

    Lucky to get the win in the end


  3. Thanks Dane – Yep, I’ll enjoy that moment of ‘head wobble’ for picking Marshall as VC!



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