Round 21 Review

Written by Dane on August 7 2023

Western Bulldogs (19.12.126) defeated Richmond (10.11.71)

  1. Tom Liberatore (159). Dropped what I consider an AFL version of the triple double on Friday, finishing with 31 touches (18 contested), 10 clearances and 12 tackles plus over 500 metres gained, outstanding game.
  2. Marcus Bontempelli (153). Brownlow could be his own destiny with the injury to Daicos, and did it no harm with a 32 touch (16 contested), 10 clearance, 3 goal game while also laying 9 tackles.
  3. Jamarra Ugle-Hayam (127). Best score of his young career, the Dogs forward slotted 5 goals from 15 touches and 5 marks.
  4. Adam Treloar (123). Underrated season from Treloar who continues to find the ball at will in the middle, this week collecting 32 disposals (14 contested) plus 4 marks and 4 tackles.
  5. Rory Lobb (115). Finishes an all-dogs top five due to a well rounded performance of 13 disposals (10 contested), 5 marks, 5 hitouts and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Bailey Dale (113), Tim English (112).

Disappointment: Sticking with the all Bulldogs theme, Macrae used a big last quarter to finish on just 87, while Bailey Smith (59) hasn’t hit the same form as years past.

Rookies: Bauer played his second game and scored 15 from 1 goal and 4 touches, while Coulthard (54) found 12 touches in his third game.

Injuries: Hopper was subbed off pretty early with a concussion, the same as Anthony Scott. Rioli was also off the field for a fair amount of time with an ankle but played through.

Essendon (10.13.73) defeated West Coast (11.6.72)

  1. Zach Merrett (143). Popular fall back VC/C option for those that went English on Friday and the Bombers skipper delivered. 29 disposals (12 contested) with 7 marks, 8 tackles and solid DE of 79%.
  2. Nick Hind (137). Career high score for Hind who had 31 touches at 80% DE off half-back plus a team high 592 metres gained.
  3. Kyle Langford (132). Kicked the sealer with one of his 5 goals which obviously boosted his score. Still, 13 touches, 7 marks and 8 shots on goal itself made it another career high score in this game.
  4. Mason Redman (123). No clangers from his 22 touches that ran at a very nice 86% DE, plus 6 marks, 535 metres gained and 1 goal for Redman.
  5. Darcy Parish (119). Rounds out an all-Essendon top five thanks to 33 disposals (17 contested) plus 9 clearances and 1 goal. Popular option with his run home and delivered.

Other 100+ scores: Liam Duggan (118), Tim Kelly (117), Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (113), Alex Witherden (107), Dyson Heppell (102)

Disappointment: Martin (57) again takes the honours, third score in the 50’s from the past month.

Rookies: Obscure one if you own him but Luke Edwards was impressive with 20 touches and 5 tackles @ 95% DE for 95 points, leading a host of Eagles rookies in scoring. The other note was the debut of Tsatas for Essendon who had 14 touches and 6 marks for a first up 41.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report, those being subbed out were named Caldwell and O’Neill.

Adelaide (13.11.89) defeated Gold Coast (9.7.61)

  1. Mitch Hinge (123). Best score of Hinge’s career here as he found 31 disposals (15 contested) plus 7 marks and 451 metres gained in the Crows backline. Nice run of form with three tons.
  2. Darcy Fogarty (120). Great all round game from Fogarty. 3 goals from his 20 touches but also hauled in 10 marks and had 8 tackles for the game.
  3. Matt Crouch/James Borlase (112). Crouch did Crouch things and deserves an apology in my eyes. 31 touches, 7 tackles, 1 goal, while Borlase had an elite debut of 18 touches, 9 marks and 4 tackles but stood out with 100% DE.
  4. Jarrod Witts (109). Another ton for Witts, this week compiling 19 touches and 39 hitouts for his fifth ton in a row.
  5. Reilly O’Brien (105). First ton since round 17 for ROB who has had a respectable year of a 97 average. Only 6 touches but ran at 100% DE plus 3 tackles and 41 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Jake Soligo (102)

Disappointment: As you can tell above, none of the really popular players made massive impacts here. Anderson and Rowell were in the 80’s, pretty much the same as Dawson (89) and Laird (93).

Rookies: Atkins (84) gets another mention and may be called upon heavily with trades running low and more injuries this week. Keane was good in his second game with 63 and Nankervis had 51 in his third.

Injuries: Hollands was the initial sub for the Suns but Powell suffered a leg injury that saw him stretched off later on, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Jones suffered a foot injury and was the sub for the Crows.

Hawthorn (16.9.105) defeated Collingwood (11.7.73)

  1. James Sicily (166). Another monster game for Sicily who led the Hawks to a famous victory. 37 touches plus 19 marks, just 1 clanger, 515 metres gained and 89% DE.
  2. Jai Newcombe (119). Nice game in the middle for Newcombe as he found 28 touches and 6 clearances plus 5 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal
  3. Dylan Moore (117). Back to his best which has admittedly been up and down this year SuperCoach wise. 2 goals, 21 touches and just 1 clanger in his linkman role.
  4. Scott Pendlebury (103). Only Pie to reach triple figures was SuperCoach royalty himself. 23 touches, 7 tackles, 6 clearances and 1 goal.
  5. Will Day/James Worpel (98). Nice games between these two in the middle. Day had 29 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances, while Worpel had 23 disposals, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Quiet game for Darcy Cameron (74) after an elite fortnight.

Rookies: Nice second game for Brandon Ryan (59) who slotted 3 goals in the Hawks win but is the only one to mention here.

Injuries: Mitchell was the sub for the Hawks again, but in big SuperCoach news Nick Daicos has suffered a knee injury and will miss the rest of the SuperCoach season, hopefully you’ve got cover or a trade left. Murphy also had a foot injury that leaves a whole in their backline, while Tom Mitchell was the initial sub with a quad injury.

Geelong (14.13.97) defeated Port Adelaide (12.13.85)

  1. Gryan Miers (159). Elite game from Miers to post a career high score. Kicked essentially the game winner with one of his two goals but also set up another 5 from his 24 touches and 10 marks, plus 558 metres gained.
  2. Zak Butters (137). Made it a really nice fortnight with another great game in the middle, finding 30 touches with 8 marks and 6 tackles plus 1 goal and 656 metres gained.
  3. Tom Stewart (134). Started slow but was influential with his reading on the play by all reports, no real surprises. 23 touches, 91% DE, 7 marks, 704 metres gained.
  4. Ryan Burton (115). Led Port with 682 metres gained from his 25 touches (24 kicks) which ran at a very nice 84% DE for his third ton of the year. 
  5. Mitch Duncan/Rhys Stanley (105). Couple of veterans couldn’t be split here. Duncan had 18 touches (13 contested) plus 1 goal and 4 tackles, while Stanley produced one of his customary tons for the year with 18 touches, 5 tackles and 31 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Patrick Dangerfield (100)

Disappointment: Dan Houston was really quiet on Saturday night, only finding 9 touches for 61 points. Unsure if a tag was applied.

Rookies: A very nice score from Dylan Williams (87) but I’m not seeing him in many teams anymore, still worth a mention. Third game for Visentini (65) who had 10 touches, 25 hitouts and 8 clearances.

Injuries: Both teams had key defender go down with McKenzie (knee) and Jack Henry (foot) being subbed out.

GWS (12.13.85) defeated by Sydney (15.6.96)

  1. Tom Green (126). Back from three weeks off but you wouldn’t have known it as Green played 91% game time to record 38 touches (20 contested) with 10 tackles and 7 clearances.
  2. Hayden McLean (125). Shared the ruck load but did his damage up forward with 4 goals from his 10 touches and 4 marks to be pretty much the difference in the game
  3. Chad Warner/Kieran Briggs (122). Warner kicked the sealer but was important all night with 22 touches @ 86 DE%, while Briggs did great against a combo Sydney lineup, finishing with 20 touches, 8 clearances, 5 tackles, 6 marks and 28 hitouts.
  4. Errol Gulden (120). Continued his rise to stardom and an All-Aus jumper with a 32 touch, 2 goal, 7 tackle, 677 metre gained performance to take home to B.O.G medal.
  5. James Rowbotton (112). Rounded out the top five with a standard Rowbottom game. 24 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances and 7 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Buckley (108), Stephen Coniglio (106)

Disappointment: 23 touches but not much else held Josh Kelly back to a 62.

Rookies: Could be his last mention for the year so a massive shoutout to Jack Buckley who actually posted his first ton of the year here with 108 coming courtesy of 11 touches (10 contested) plus 5 marks and 90% DE with no clangers. Made great money this year and a respectable average of 80 to this point in the season.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report here, McDonald and Riccardi those subbed out in wet conditions.

North Melbourne (10.11.71) defeated by Melbourne (15.13.103)

  1. Max Gawn (130). Still solo rucking and loving it, Gawn pumped out this score from 17 touches, 5 marks and 30 hitouts for another C worthy score.
  2. Jack Ziebell (127). Could be the last time Ziegull makes one of these lists with just three games to go maximum. 32 touches, 12 marks, 555 metres gained and solid 81% DE.
  3. Christian Petracca (125). Hasn’t dropped below 100 since his bye and if he keeps producing games of 2 goals and 27 touches, he probably never will. Outside chance for the Brownlow as well if he can pop off in the final three rounds.
  4. Lachie Hunter (119). Great game from Hunter on the outside, finishing with 33 touches (15 contested) plus 7 marks and 5 clearances with just 1 clanger.
  5. Jy Simpkin (116). Rounds out the top five with just his third ton of the year. 28 touches, 1 goal and 5 tackles for him. Averaging just 78 after three years of 90+, one to hope takes a leap in 2024 with an enticing starting price.

Other 100+ scores: Todd Goldstein (110), Luke Davies-Unaicke (106), Tarryn Thomas (101), Kayne Turner (100)

Disappointment: Gonna break the no-rookie rule here, welcome to your debut disappointment score Harry Sheezel (56).

Rookies: Second game for Hansen Jnr was similar to the first, just 4 touches and 12 points. Van Rooyen was great once again with 2 goals from 11 touches for a score of 87 and deserves a shoutout. Chandler (76) good too with 3 goals.

Injuries: Hansen Jnr was subbed off for the Roos while Petty, after starring last week, might face some time away from the game with an ankle injury.

St Kilda (8.6.54) defeated by Carlton (10.13.73)

  1. Nic Newman (144). Has always had this type of scoring in him but is also helped along by some elite current form. Starred again on Sunday with 35 touches, 13 marks and 623 metres gained.
  2. Zac Fisher (126). Career high score for Fisher who gathered a (also career high) 32 touches in a linking role between the arcs. Used it well @ 84% DE and gained 551 metres.
  3. Rowan Marshall (118). Another great game from Marshall as he finished with 13 touches (12 contested) plus 30 hitouts, 8 tackles and 1 goal for his twelfth ton of 2023.
  4. Mason Wood (113). It’s been a career season for Wood, averaging 93 across 20 games, his previous best being 82 (8 games in 2016) and 69 (13 games in 2018). Eighth ton of the year from 36 touches and 14 marks while having a game best 773 metres gained.
  5. Callum Wilkie (111). Also a career season for Wilkie, who is averaging 92. Seventh ton this week, courtesy of 23 touches and 10 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Docherty (107), Brad Crouch (101)

Disappointment: Steele (57) had 10 tackles but couldn’t get his hands on the ball with 11 touches. Cripps (66) had 24 touches (15 contested) plus 11 clearances but just 1 tackle and no marks.

Rookies: Only thing to shout out here is a great game from Hollands (95) who found 20 touches and 6 tackles running on the outside for the best score of his impressive debut season.

Injuries: Just tactical subs by the looks of it, nothing on the injury report. Philipou for the Saints, Fogarty for the Blues.

Fremantle (11.8.74) defeated by Brisbane (11.11.77)

  1. Luke Jackson (173). Best score of the weekend came in the last game as Jackson set his own personal benchmark thanks to 24 touches (15 contested), 2 goals, 5 marks, 6 tackles and a huge 44 hitouts.
  2. Caleb Serong (126). Helped along by Jackson’s dominance, Serong posted his fifteenth ton of the year thanks to 35 touches (14 contested), 9 clearances and 7 tackles.
  3. Andrew Brayshaw (124). Same as the guy above, Brayshaw was part of a strong midfield showing as he found 29 touches and 6 tackles plus elite DE of 93%.
  4. Hayden Young (123). Had more midfield time as he stuck close to Neale, which allowed him to finish with 10 tackles plus 29 touches (15 contested) and 7 clearances in a new role for him.
  5. Jarrod Berry (120). Only Lion to make the top five despite the win, Berry dropped a season best on the back of 28 disposals with no clangers plus 7 marks and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Hugh McCluggage (116)

Disappointment: Going to one of the more consistent players in recent years, Josh Dunkley, for his season worst, 77.

Rookies: Nothing to cover here, majority falling below 60.

Injuries: Hughes had a leg issue that saw him subbed off for the Dockers, while Fletcher was subbed off tactically for the Lions.


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  1. Just seeing almost all the players in the disappointing section of the games were in my team this weekend…
    Lost so many matches and out of a few leagues 🙁


    1. I feel your pain. Similar story with my team – the cherry on top of my despair was Jackson on the bench after so many other sub-par performances.


      1. I lost a match due to having Steele and my opponent had Newman. Almost a 100 point swing in a match I was a strong favourite in



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