Round 22 Review

Written by Dane on August 16 2021

GWS (16.10.106) defeated Richmond (10.7.67)

1. Josh Kelly (148). After being questionable to play, Kelly put in a ripper game on Friday night to lead the Giants to an important victory. Had 32 touches and 5 marks to pair with a game high 11 tackles.

2. Tim Taranto (131). Another big game from Taranto (this week up forward so could be horrid next week), as he slotted a career best 4 goals from 18 touches. Could’ve easily been 6 too.

3. Jayden Short (126). With the Tigers getting bombarded with forward forays for most of the night, Short found plenty of it with 32 touches at 81% DE. Also had a game best 603 metres gained.

4. Nick Vlastuin (118). In the same boat as Short here, he had a mountain of work to do and did it pretty well, gathering 20 touches (10 contested) to go along with 7 marks and 481 metres gained. 

5. Liam Baker (115). Played a really good game off the half-forward flank again this week, kicking 2 goals from 23 touches of the footy to round out the best five scores.

Other 100+ scores: Jacob Hopper (114), Trent Cotchin (109), Isaac Cumming (105), Tom Lynch (100)

Disappointment: With so many premium defenders missing this week, Lachie Whitfield’s score of 81 was even more unwelcome to start the weekend.

Rookies: The game was filled with possible bench players, the best of them (from a Giants perspective) was the 14 touch game of Tanner Bruhn that netted 69 points. Elsewhere there were decent enough scores from Sproule (65), but all of Stein (52), Idun (49) and Peatling (36) weren’t good. The best from the Tigers was 67 from Callum Coleman-Jones, slightly above late-in Garthwaite (65). Pretty average after that with Dow (52), Parker (47), Mansell (39), Rioli Jnr (22) and Ralphsmith (15) rounding out the possible bench players coaches may have.

Injuries: No subs, no injuries (hopefully).

Hawthorn (9.10.64) defeated Western Bulldogs (5.7.37)

1. Jack Macrae (136). Typical Macrae game as he found 32 touches (10 contested) with 5 marks, 8 tackles, 6 clearances and no clangers according to champion data, although I swear I saw at least 4 of them. Too good as usual anyway.

2. Tom Liberatore (132). Twelfth ton of the year for Libba as he found 26 touches (16 contested) of the footy to pair with his 8 tackles and 11 clearances.

3. Chad Wingard (130). Played a ripping second half as Hawthorn ran over the top of the Bulldogs, as he ended the day with 26 touches (13 contested) as well as 1 goal and 4 clearances.

4.Daniel Howe (129). A career game from Howe as he set career bests in disposals (34), kicks (26) and Supercoach score. Also had a game best 769 metres gained, which was probably a career best but I don’t have those numbers.

5. Tim O’Brien (125). Another guy who set multiple career benchmarks in this one was O’Brien, who had bests in disposals (25), kicks (16), handballs (9) and marks (10), while also running at 83% with no clangers!

Other 100+ scores: Tom Mitchell (117), Marcus Bontempelli (114), Caleb Daniel/Mitch Lewis (112), Bailey Dale (108)

Disappointment: Not a great day for owners of Dunkley, he only had 15 touches for 61 points. 

Rookies: Forward rookies Weightman and Garcia didn’t do much and hence neither could get past 50 points, only finishing on 42 and 44 respectively. The Hawks on the other hand had some handy bench scores with Newcombe’s 18 touch, 8 mark, 11 tackle game netting him 94 points, while Bramble had 19 touches for 78 points. Koschitzke was also great, scoring 87 from 10 touches, 6 marks and 2 goals for coaches who may have held him considering he’s hardly missed this year. Brockman had 10 touches and 4 tackles for 46 points, while the seemingly forgotten Downie (44) had 12 touches in his first game (not being an unused sub) of footy. 

Injuries: Once again no subs used here!

Geelong (13.7.85) defeated St Kilda (11.5.71)

1. Patrick Dangerfield (169). Made up for last week’s score with this huge return that came on the back of 31 touches (24 contested) that also had 6 marks, 6 tackles, 9 clearances and a very important goal late in the contest.

2. Sam Menegola (145). Was super during this Saturday afternoon fixture, gathering 35 touches of the ball to pair with 9 marks, 470 metres gained a 1 goal for his fourth ton of the year (they’ve all been over 130).

3. Rhys Stanley (143). Best score of the year for Rhys as he led the ruck duties for the Cats, finishing with 16 touches (at 91% DE) with 6 clearances, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

4. Cameron Guthrie (133). Ran around by himself as per usual to collect 36 touches around the ground without committing a single turnover. 

5. Tom Hawkins/Shaun Higgins (109). Geelong’s big forward had 3 goals from 14 touches while also having 8 hitouts for the game, while veteran Higgins had 28 touches, 9 marks and 5 tackles. 

Other 100+ scores: Jeremy Cameron (105), Isaac Smith (102), Joel Selwood/Jack Steele (100)

Disappointment: It’s extremely unlikely someone would ever cop the disappointment score after scoring a ton, but since Jack Steele was on 97 at half-time and only just got to 100, so this qualifies. 

Rookies: The only possible bench player for Gellong was the impressive Max Holmes, who played well again to grab 17 touches and 3 tackles for 71 points. On the Saints side of things, Cooper Sharman continued his decent run after being picked up in the mid-season draft, slotting 2 goals from 10 touches for 60 points, which was much better than Byrnes return of 30, or Clavarino’s 1 hitout, 1 free against game that scored 3 points.

Injuries: Darragh Joyce was subbed off late in this contest due to a concussion, while i’m pretty sure Ratugolea was subbed off late for Narkle

Port Adelaide (21.14.140) defeated Carlton (5.15.45)

1. Aliir Aliir (137). Second big game in a row for Aliir who played the intercepting role to perfection again to finish with 19 touches, 8 marks and a great DE% of 91.

2. Matthew Kennedy (130). Has scored a ton every second week in the last 9 games, so if you own him get ready for a sub ton next week. Ripping game on Saturday, being one of the Blues best with 28 touches (11 contested), 8 marks, 7 tackles, 6 clearances and 1 goal.

3. Peter Ladhams (118). Very good all round game from Ladhams who had 17 touches (12 contested) with 6 marks, 4 tackles, 23 hitouts, 1 goal and no clangers to help boost his score.

4. Sam Walsh (115). Bounced back from last weeks disappointing return with 30 touches (14 contested), 5 marks, 5 clearances and 6 tackles for the game.

5. Travis Boak (106). Could’ve been a huge score if he didn’t have 8 clangers, or 3 behinds, or a DE of 45%, but still did very well with 31 touches (15 contested), 5 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Ollie Wines (105)

Disappointment: It’s been an up and down year for Adam Saad, as he’s lost 16 points from his 2020 average as well as dropping over 120K. This week’s 45 was his second worst for the year after he committed 7 clangers.

Rookies: Once again the only one to talk about for Port was Bergman (62), who had 20 touches, 7 marks and 2 goals. The Blues on the other hand had a debutant with Kemp occupying a spot in the backline to have 5 touches and 20 points, which was the worst of the possible benchwarmers from the Blues. Corey Durdin also played his first game after being a late in to have 5 touches and 3 tackles for 37 points, while above him was Dow (53), Honey (55), Stocker (56) and O’Brien (65).

Injuries: Unfortunate news on the eve of finals for Scott Lycett, who was subbed off with a knee injury at three quarter time, hopefully it’s nothing serious!

Brisbane (22.10.142) defeated Collingwood (8.9.57)

 1. Jarryd Lyons (152). At his lowest price all season, Lyons produced his highest score all season with a great display that resulted in 28 touches, 6 marks, 6 clearances and 9 tackles, that was also paired with 1 goal and 471 metres gained.

2. Oscar McInerney (131). On a great run at the moment, scoring seven out of eight tons since round 15 (with a low of 91) that has hence resulted in an average of 117. Had 16 touches (12 contested), with 6 clearances, 3 tackles and 32 hitouts.

3. Jack Crisp (124). His incredible consistency continued with another well rounded game against his old club. Had 30 touches (16 contested) to go with 7 clearances, 7 marks and 4 tackles.

4. Jordan De Goey (119). Kept his good form going with another 27 touches and 6 clearances in the middle of the ground to pair with his 1 goal and 4 tackles. Has an eight round average of 111.

5. Dayne Zorko (117). The Brisbane skipper started slow but perked up to finish with 27 touches (11 contested), 9 tackles and 6 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Taylor Adams (116), Hugh McCluggage (113), Zac Bailey (110), Charlie Cameron (104), Joe Daniher (103), Daniel McStay (101)

Disappointment: Even with the plethora of triple figure scores in this one, there was no room for popular picks Rich (65) or Grundy (89)

Rookies: In his third game, Nakia Cockatoo ran at 100% DE from his 10 touches, while also slotting 2 goals for 65 points, which would’ve been more than handy if his time on the field didn’t come in rounds 20, 21 and 22. Fullarton (26) and Prior (20) didn’t produce much but I’d be concerned if anyone was relying on them anyway. The same could be said for the Pies rookies, as their best scores were forward Henry (64) and defender Murphy (61) who had 12 touches in the back half. Below their scores were Macrae (47), Ginnivan (41), Ruscoe/Bianco (40) and finally McCreery (27).

Injuries: A knee injury to youngster Trey Ruscoe was the only casualty from this game.

North Melbourne (12.5.77) defeated by Sydney (13.13.91)

1. Luke Parker (148). Kept the good scores coming for his small owner base with a 25 touch (11 contested), 8 tackle, 6 clearance, 1 goal game. Personally started him as a POD and pretty happy about it at this stage, the opposite to how I felt at round 9 when he was about 500K.

2. Will Hayward (135). Kicked big goals in the last quarter to get the Swans over the line, ultimately finishing with 3 of them from 17 touches and 11 marks playing a high half-forward role.

3. Aaron Hall (127). Drove North Melbourne forward with 771 metres gained from his 30 touches (26 kicks) of the football. Also had 10 marks.

4. Harry Cunningham (111). The underrated Swan made it back-to-back tons this week as he collected 26 touches and 10 marks off half-back with just 1 clanger. Game 150 next week.

5. Tom Hickey (107). Ton number eleven for Tom as he continued his outstanding individual season. Had 18 touches (7 contested) with 5 marks, 4 clearances, 23 hitouts and a team best 475 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: George Hewett (102)

Disappointment: Premium North players Simpkin (71) and Ziebell (60) didn’t deliver on Saturday night.

Rookies: Big guy Charlie Comben made his long awaited debut this weekend, finishing the day with 6 touches, 2 marks, 1 tackle and 1 goal for 35 points. Other than that there was Phillips (73) who had 12 touches and 5 tackles, the impressive Eddie Ford (80), who had 2 goals from 11 touches and 7 marks, and Swan pairing Gulden (45) and Campbell (63) who surely no one held.

Injuries: Nothing from this game either!

Melbourne (16.8.104) defeated Adelaide (9.9.63)

1. Bayley Fritsch (132). A career best 7 goals from the man with the most gelled hair in the AFL propelled him to this game high score. Also had 16 touches with 5 marks and 3 tackles.

2. Christian Petracca (126). A trusty Petracca game as he notched his thirteenth ton of the year thanks to 25 touches (9 contested) to pair with 6 clearances, 5 tackles and 2 goals.

3. Ben Keays (125). First ton since round 18 for the ever improving left footer. Was great in the Crows midfield as he finished with 29 touches (16 contested) as well as 8 clearances and 11 tackles. 

4. Rory Sloane/Paul Seedsman (122). Another couple of guys who played well for Adelaide were these two. Sloane actually wouldn’t have been a bad pick at the start since he’s averaged 96 starting at 471K, but he’s missed too many games. Scored his eighth ton of the year thanks to 25 touches (15 contested), 9 tackles and 9 clearances, while Seedsman has enjoyed a career year also (averaging 96 too, his best by 18 points), this week getting 36 touches, gaining 729 metres and kicking 1 goal.

5. Ed Langdon (109). Hard running all day allowed him to get 27 touches, 7 marks and 7 tackles with 558 metres gained for his club, a team best.

Other 100+ scores: Christian Salem (108), Rory Laird (105), Darcy Fogarty (103), Max Gawn (100)

Disappointment: After three tons in a row, Tom Doedee didn’t have his usual influence on the contest, only recording 14 touches and 5 marks for 61 points.

Rookies: The Dees had Jordon and Bowey, who were four points apart on 66 and 62 respectively, which was much less players than the Crows had. For the sake of saving time, Murray (64) was the best for them, slightly above Davis (63), Thilthorpe (61) and Butts (55). Second gamer Cook had 6 touches and 2 tackles for 31, while 146K ruckman Strachan (85) was pretty good with 13 touches and 25 hitouts

 Injuries: Elliot Himmelberg didn’t last more than the first quarter before his hamstring was iced up.

Gold Coast (4.6.30) defeated by Essendon (14.14.98)

1. Jake Stringer (147). Huge game from Stringer, as he produced his second best score of the year thanks to 5 goals and 511 metres gained from his 19 touches, of which 13 were contested.

2. Nick Hind (133). What a pick up this guy has been for the Bombers and Supercoaches in 2021. Had 30 touches and 8 marks across the backline, also sneaking forward to kick 1 goal.

3. Brayden Fiorini (119). Another week and another Fiorini ton. Had plenty of it in the middle, recording 30 touches (10 contested) as well as 5 clearances and 1 goal.

4. Darcy Parish (112). At his cheapest in a long time, Parish returned to the top five with a solid display of 34 touches (11 contested) to go with 6 clearances and 563 metres gained.

5. Mason Redman (111). Rounded out the top five with a 30 touch game off half-back that had a team best 583 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Dyson Heppell (110), Jordan Ridley (108), Zach Merrett (107), Will Snelling/Touk Miller (103)

Disappointment: Pretty horrid day all round for the Suns, hopefully no one jumped on Powell after last week, he only scored 57 from 20 touches that included 8 clangers.

Rookies: Midfielder Jeremy Sharp (63) was okay for the handful of coaches who may have been relying on him, slightly better than Farrar (62) who had 17 touches and 7 marks. Forwards Jeffrey (45), Perkins (47) and Waterman (58) had those scores if anyone cares.

Injuries: Important player Lemmens had a corky and was subbed out later on in the contest.

Fremantle (12.7.79) defeated West Coast (9.10.64)

1. Sean Darcy (150). Returned to the massive scores this week thanks to his superb game of 17 touches (11 contested), 7 clearances, 4 tackles, 29 hitouts and 1 goal.

2. Caleb Serong (135). Took home best afield honours for his 33 touch (10 contested), 6 clearance, 5 tackle, 2 goal game, the final of those two goals nailing the game.

3. David Mundy (134). Too classy as per usual through the middle of the ground, ultimately had 28 touches (16 contested) with 6 tackles, 7 clearances, 1 goal and the Freo games record to top it all off.

4. Nic Naitanui (130). Led a lot of the Eagles comeback especially with his clearance work. Had stats of 15 disposals (13 contested), 36 hitouts and 7 clearances.

5. Jack Redden (125). Applied plenty of pressure in the midfield to round out the top five with a 25 touch (11 contested), 9 tackle, 5 clearance game.

Other 100+ scores: Andrew Gaff (116), Matt Teberner (106), Luke Shuey/Luke Ryan (103), Elliot Yeo (101)

Disappointment: The small percentage of owners of Hayden Young would’ve wanted more than 71.

Rookies: Nothing great from Eagles pair Edwards and the returning Foley, both had 13 touches, but Foley the edge in scoring, taking it out 59 to 36. Brandon Walker (59) played pretty well, getting 13 touches and 5 marks for the game to lead the Dockers benchwarmers, he finished ahead of Meek (44) and the usual suspects Treacy (38) and Henry (29).

Injuries: Not for the first time this year, Eagles midfielder Tim Kelly was subbed off with a knee issue, while Fremantle runner Blakely had a hamstring to deal with.



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