Round 3 Review (so far)

Written by Dane on April 1 2024

Brisbane (10.12.72) defeated by Collingwood (14.8.92)

1. Lachie Neale (129). Elite game from the dual Brownlow medallist, a game high 35 touches (20 contested) with 10 clearances plus 1 goal, 6 marks and 4 tackles.
2. Dayne Zorko (127). The former skipper was damaging with 30 touches and near on 450 metres gained for the game.
3. Tom Mitchell (121). Game 200 resulted in 24 touches (14 contested) plus 7 tackles, 5 clearances and really clean use of 95% DE.
4. Jamie Elliott (120). Most damaging forward on the night, slotting 4 majors from his 16 touches.
5. Cam Rayner/Nick Daicos (112). Rayner was damaging in that hyrbid role, slotting 2 goals but also finding 21 touches and 4 tackles, while Daicos collected 30 touches despite an early knock to his knee.

Other 100+ scores: Hugh McCluggage (110), Oscar McInerney (107), John Noble (105)

Disappointment: De Goey has had a grim start to the season, his 4 games read 43, 96, 39 and now 55.

Rookies: Not much from the Pies side of things, just low scores from McInnes (28) and the subbed out Macrae (30). Pretty much the same for the Lions, just Answerth (37) and Lohmann (18), the latter being subbed on.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report for either club, Robertson and Macrae the one subbed out.


North Melbourne (12.9.81) defeated by Carlton (21.11.137)

1. Harry McKay (137). Kept his big start to the season rolling along with 5 majors on Good Friday, pushing up the ground for a game high 10 marks and 19 touches of his own.
2. Harry Sheezel/Adam Cerra (128). Sheezel was the only Roo to hit triple figures, his 32 touches also had a team best 516 metres gained. Cerra was clean and had 22 touches with 7 tackles plus 1 goal.
3. George Hewett (124). Did the small things well, gathering 26 touches (12 contested) with 9 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal for the game.
4. Charlie Curnow (122). Powerful along with McKay up forward, Curnow slotted 4 majors from 15 touches and 5 marks.
5. Elijah Hollands (116). In his club debut, Hollands rounded out the top 5 thanks to 22 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 1 major.

Other 100+ scores: Patrick Cripps (100)

Disappointment: Really quiet game for Luke Davies-Uniacke (67) even though he found 27 touches of the football.

Rookies: Plethora of them for the Roos as per usual, the best of them being McKercher (74) for his 19 touches across the back-half. There was also Lazzaro (64), Dawson (35), Duursma (29) and Pink (19). Just Carroll (65) and Fantasia (18), who was subbed on late for the Blues.

Injuries: Coleman-Jones had a rough looking achilles injury which will rule him out for a while. For the Blues, Marchbank and Curnow are on the injury report, but Durdin was the original sub.

Fremantle (9.15.69) defeated Adelaide (4.10.34)

1. Hayden Young (132). Murphy law isn’t it? The most traded out player this week went nuts on Friday for 32 touches (12 contested), 8 clearances, 8 marks, 7 tackles and a massive 661 metres gained.
2. Luke Ryan (130). Game best 742 metres gained from his 27 touches down back, plus the usual 10 marks. A must have at this early point.
3. Caleb Serong (125). Speaking about must haves, Serong is that in the midfield after another great performance of 28 touches, 6 marks and 6 tackles.
4. Jordan Clark (119). Averaging an elite 115 across the first three games, Clark had 26 touches at a highly effected rate of 88% DE.
5. Mark Keane (118). The only Crow to make it, Keane dropped a career high score from 26 touches and 11 marks but importantly ran at 92% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Rory Laird (111), Matt Crouch (110)

Disappointment: Dawson, is there any other option? 27 touches but 7 clangers and 48% DE held him to just 68.

Rookies: Second gamer Draper (68) shines like a beacon of hope down back for our rookies after a 14 touch game, leading the Fremantle rookies that also had Taberner (59) and Emmett (18). Slightly above them though, was Jeremy Sharp, who did nicely on field for us this week with 15 touches, 5 marks and 71 points. Just Burgess for the Crows, he was solid again for 10 touches, 1 goal and 72 points.

Injuries: A couple of unfortunate knee injuries for the Crows with Milera and Murphy finishing the game on the bench. Emmett to sub for the Dockers.

Essendon (10.11.71) defeated St Kilda (9.13.67)

1. Dyson Heppell (139). Throw back for Heppell, an elite game across the half-back line with 30 touches and 12 marks while running at 86 % DE.
2. Nic Martin (136). Similar to Martin, got culled from plenty of teams this weekend but responded with a 44 disposal performance, best to keep him for now.
3. Zach Merrett (131). Massive last qaurter, I think around 55-60 points worth as the Bombers skipper propelled the victory thanks to 30 touches (14 contested), 6 tackles and 7 clearances.
4. Jack Steele (124). Another ton for Steele, super consistent performance as he found 29 touches, 9 marks and 7 tackles in the middle of the ground.
5. Seb Ross (112). Rounding out the top five thanks to 28 touches (11 contested), 6 clearances and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Andrew McGrath (110), Riley Bonner (104)

Disappointment: Marshall had 14 clangers next to his name. Well rounded stat line of 20 touches, 8 marks, 7 tackles, 27 hitouts, but once again, 14 clangers which held him to just 79.

Rookies: Nothing for the Bombers and just Wilson (29) and the debutant Hastie (18) for the Saints.

Injuries: Durham unfortunately had a shoulder injury that ended his day, while Sharman was the one subbed out for St Kilda.

Port Adelaide (13.11.89) defeated by Melbourne (15.6.96)

1. Max Gawn (177). Dominated and was the VC/C for plenty as big Max found 20 touches (14 contested) with 6 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 50 hitouts for the game.
2. Williem Drew (135). Second massive week in a row. Drew dropped a triple double of 25 touches (13 contested), 11 tackles and 10 clearances to pair with a team best 501 metres gained.
3. Alex Neal-Bullen (134). Elite as anyone on Saturday night, ANB found 24 touches (12 contested) plus 6 tackles and 2 goals to be a real difference in this contest.
4. Ivan Soldo (112). Wasn’t completely overrun by Gawn, finding 16 touches (11 contested) of his own to pair with 6 tackles, 8 clearances and 24 hitouts.
5. Trent Rivers (107). 27 touches and game best 662 metres gained for Rivers, his first ton of the season.

Other 100+ scores: Dan Houston (105), Jake Lever (103), Connor Rozee (102)

Disappointment: 90’s all round for premiums Butters (98), Petracca (97), Wines (96) and Oliver (92).

Rookies: For Port, Mead (59) and the subbed on Burgoyne (32) were the only ones to cover, while for the Demons, there was nothing special, with Windsor (56) leading Hore (52), Howes (26) and Woewodin (19).

Injuries: Just the veteran Boak on the injury report due to a head knock, Evans and Billings the subs.

Western Bulldogs (16.10.106) defeated West Coast (3.12.30)

1. Tim English/Adam Treloar (124). A well rounded scoring affair for the Dogs, with these two tying at the top. English found 17 touches, 2 goals and 24 hitouts, while Treloar had 35 touches (12 contested), 8 clearances and 1 major.
2. Laitham Vandermeer (122). Career high score in this one thanks to nearly 500 metres gained from his 23 touches that ran at 78% DE. Also had 10 marks and slotted 1 goal.
3. Jeremy McGovern (120). Same as last week, read the play well and used plenty of intercepts to boost his score. 24 touches, 11 marks and 91% DE.
4. Bailey Williams (116). Roamed free at half-back, finding largely uncontested ball for 26 touches and 8 marks that went @ 96% DE.
5. Aaron Naughton/Marcus Bontempelli (110). 20 touches (10 contested) with 8 marks and 1 goal for Naughton, while Bont took it really easy with 16 touches, 3 goals and 9 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Jason Johannisen/Liam Duggan/Tim Kelly (104)

Disappointment: Yeo has been a solid pick to start the year, but 9 clangers and 44% DE held him to just 82.

Rookies: Some really nice returns from Gallagher (89) who had 2 goals and 16 touches, plus Khamis (82) with 19 touches and 9 marks. Sanders (77) not far behind while Darcy (54) will be a popular downgrade this week. The Eagles only had Jamieson (62), Reid (54) and Chesser (17) who will always struggle to score in thumpings.

Injuries: Brockman suffered a concussion for the Eagles, while it was Liberatore who got subbed off for the Dogs.


Richmond (11.16.82) defeated Sydney (11.11.77)

1. Nick Vlastuin (167). Didn’t waste any of his 29 touches, running at 100% DE across Sunday afternoon to star in a well fought victory. 13 marks and 577 metres gained too.
2. Isaac Heeney (148). Another stellar performance from Heeney with 27 touches, 8 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals, a team best 644 metres gained plus no clangers next to his name.
3. Tim Taranto (128). Led the game with 35 touches of the football (11 contested) plus 8 clearances, 6 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 586 metres gained.
4. Jake Lloyd (125). The seagull of old. 90% DE attached to his 32 touches of the football, plus 9 marks for the game.
5. Shai Bolton (119). Dangerous as ever and led the game with 692 metres gained from his 25 touches (13 contested), while also slotting 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Daniel Rioli (117), Brodie Grundy (114), Ryan Mansell (110), Ben Miller (103)

Disappointment: Saw him as a C in a few teams, but Gulden’s score of 73 was super disappointing due to 7 clangers.

Rookies: Super score on Sunday from Roberts (98) who found 27 touches, 8 marks and had over 500 metres gained for the game. Debutant Mitchell (28) and the subbed on Warner (23) didn’t do that much. Rioli Jnr led the Tiger rookies with 79 from 17 touches and 6 tackles, while under him was Brown (60), Campbell (43), Lefau (39) and then Sonsie (33).

Injuries: Hamstring injuries to both Lynch and Rampe on the report, with second gamer Lefau was the initial sub for the Tigers.


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