Polling Station – Round 4

Written by Dane on April 1 2024

Got some ideas for the site this week? Chuck it in the comments below and some will find their way into a thread this week!


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7 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 4”

  1. Quoting from Nato, what to do about “burn man Heeney” – I resisted him at the start of the season as he & Whitfield were the headline acts on my “NEVER AGAIN” list. But not having him is killing my score. A poll on “is it too late / if you don’t have him, will you be”?
    The problem now is his R5 bye – but he plays against WCE next week!


    1. Hahaha! I backed him in because forwards were so slim and then the Sydney midfielders were getting injured.
      Another problem is that he will be about 590-600k next round. Seems too much to pay for. Interesting to see others decisions.


  2. I’m assuming Sam Darcy plays next round and will be a popular downgrade target. I assume many will ask which rookie to cull for him.
    Many preferences will be Wilson, Sexton, and Windsor all with 40+% ownership

    I suggest a poll on who to trade of the three


  3. What to do with supposed premiums in LDU and Dawson? I’ve always been a hold your premiums, but this year with extra trades, I think we seriously need to look at trading these underperforming premiums.


    1. All those that traded Young & to a lesser extent N Martin this round, would probably vote for HOLD.


  4. A poll between who is the better pick, Joshua Draper or Tom Brown.
    2 rookie defenders on the bubble.
    Draper 123.9k for Freo; BE -32
    Brown 154.2k for Tigers; BE -35



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