Round 6 Review

Written by Dane on April 22 2024

St Kilda (9.10.64) defeated by Western Bulldogs (19.10.124)

  1. Bailey Dale (175). Massive score from Dale, a career high which also coincided with a career best 39 disposals and 15 marks. Game best 867 metres gained and stellar DE of 92% as well.
  2. Adam Treloar (151). Best score of a consistent year thus far, the lowest being a 91. 31 touches (13 contested) with 9 clearances, 8 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal to top it all off.
  3. Marcus Bontempelli (125). Hard to read where his body was at, and seemed to have some attention at different points but finished with 24 touches (13 contested) plus 3 majors and 6 tackles for a VC worthy score.
  4. Aaron Naughton (124). Matched a career high 6 goals on Thursday, all coming from just 11 touches and 6 marks.
  5. Jack Macrae (123). Got a full run at it and did what we all know he can do. 30 touches, 6 marks, 7 tackles and 1 major, another one like this and he’ll be welcomed back into thousands of teams.

Other 100+ scores: Jason Johannisen (115), Tim English (114), Brad Hill (101)

Disappointment: Couple around but the worst would have to be Rowan Marshall’s return in the battle of the rucks, finishing on just 51.

Rookies: Hugo Garcia shapes as a top downgrade target next week with an impressive showing on Thursday. He finished on 69 from 14 touches (10 contested) plus 9 tackles and 1 goal, the same score as Wilson who had 15 disposals and 1 major. For the Dogs, the news wasn’t as good. Khamis (53) led Gallagher (50) and Darcy (49), while Sanders (15) was the sub.

Injuries: Only injury on the report was Butler for a hamstring, unfortunate because he came on late as the sub. Vandermeer and Jones the initial subs.

Adelaide (11.9.75) defeated by Essendon (10.18.78)

  1. Jordan Dawson (168). About time! After a grim scoring start to the season, the Crows skipper exploded on Friday night with a 31 touch game that also had 7 marks, 9 tackles, 2 goals and a game high 734 metres gained attached to it. So tempting at his current price.
  2. Jye Caldwell (129). Career high score for Caldwell in the middle of the ground. 26 touches (11 contested), 6 clearances, 10 tackles and not a single clanger.
  3. Josh Worrell (122). Another career best score in this one. Worrell found 21 touches across the backline but importantly used it @ 90%.
  4. Nic Martin (114). Personally dropped him at the wrong time, but he has been super since the first fortnight, marking another triple figure score thanks to 28 touches, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 722 metres gained.
  5. Zach Merrett/Mitchell Hinge (109). Super first half from Merrett who then slowed, but another ton on the back of 28 touches (15 contested) with 7 clearances and 1 goal, while Hinge had 632 metres gained from 26 touches across half-back.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Second week in a row that it’s gotta go to Rory Laird (74).

Rookies: Hamill (44) played his second contest of the year so is on the bubble this week, but theres other options, no one to cover at the Bombers.

Injuries: Match report names no one, just Berry and Hind being subbed out of the game.

Collingwood (17.21.123) defeated Port Adelaide (12.9.81)

  1. Dan Houston (141). Made it 6/6 tons for the year with a monster on Saturday afternoon, collecting 28 touches with 7 tackles down back while running at 89% DE. Also a team high 722 metres gained.
  2. Nick Daicos (133). Game best 757 metres gained for Daicos, who after a slow start due to a tag, found 30 touches (15 contested) with 8 clearances for the game.
  3. Zak Butters (127). Outstanding early in the game and overall a stellar stat line of 31 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 574 metres gained.
  4. Will Hoskin-Elliot (116). 21 touches, 9 marks and 2 majors stand out, so good between the arcs on the weekend.
  5. Patrick Lipinski (114). Rounded out the top five with a career best 4 majors propelling his 16 touch game to this score.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Cameron (110), Jordan De Goey (105)

Disappointment: Connor Rozee really quiet in this Saturday afternoon game, just 20 touches and 65 points.

Rookies: Just McInnes for the Pies, but he was the sub and only got to 11 points. The Power had Mead (50) and the debuting Sweet (68) who was solid before being subbed out. Burgoyne (88) produced a second solid score in a row from 21 touches and 7 marks.

Injuries: Pendlebury and Sweet those subbed out, but Horne-Francis is listed for a hamstring injury on the match report.


Carlton (17.15.117) defeated GWS (15.8.98)

  1. Patrick Cripps (142). Went complete beast mode in the middle, collecting 39 touches (24 contested) with 13 clearances and 7 tackles to lead the midfield battle.
  2. Josh Kelly (132). Not his usual high scoring self to start the year but also hasn’t had anything shocking. 3 majors from 23 touches with a team best 577 metres gained this weekend.
  3. Sam Walsh (130). Will be a hot trade target this week after a massive fortnight. 35 touches (11 contested) with 6 clearances and 511 metres gained here.
  4. Tom De Koning (122). Third ton of the year for TDK, a well rounded line of 15 touches, 5 marks, 4 tackles, 16 hitouts and 3 majors.
  5. Nic Newman (116). Clean down back, finishing with 26 touches @ 80% DE and nearly 500 metres gained to round out this games five.

Other 100+ scores: George Hewett (110), Jesse Hogan (105), Matt Kennedy (103), Lachie Ash/Harry McKay (101)

Disappointment: Second week in a row it’s going to Tom Green, even with 30 touches it was just 82 points.

Rookies: Carroll (26) was the sub again while Fantasia (37) hasn’t gone above 41 in his 6 games. Cadman (60) is doing his job making cash on our benches but will reach his peak soon, he led the Giants rookies with Wehr (52) and Thomas (29) being the others to have already played. Leek Aleer was solid on return from long term injury, scoring 53 from 5 touches and 4 tackles with plenty of spoils in there.

Injuries: Unfortunate news with for the Blues with Williams suffering an achilles knock and Weitering a corked quad, finding themselves on the injury report. O’Halloran subbed off for the Giants.

Brisbane (4.13.37) defeated by Geelong (9.9.63)

  1. Dayne Zorko (130). Alright we’re going to have to consider him now. The magician is averaging 108 with this being his fourth ton. 26 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles, 2 goals and a team best 641 metres gained.
  2. Jack Bowes (124). Second ton in a row from Bowes, spending another game in the middle of the ground, eventually finding 21 touches (10 contested) with 5 tackles and 1 goal.
  3. Noah Answerth (116). Started at rookie price but with minimal ownership. Went off for a career best here thanks to 24 touches (12 contested) and 5 tackles.
  4. Tyson Stengle (113). Slotted 2 goals from his 17 touches (11 contested), important in some wet weather football on Saturday night.
  5. Lachie Neale/Jarrod Berry (109). Neale had O’Connor for company, but still found 28 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances, while Berry led the game with 29 disposals plus 1 goal and 541 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Hugh McCluggage (103)

Disappointment: Tough one, but it goes to Jeremy Cameron for his 59 without recording a scoring shot.

Rookies: Conway (64) had another nice game for the Cats with 9 touches, 4 tackles and 41 hitouts, while Dempsey (53) had 13 touches and 5 tackles. Clark (11) was once again, the sub. After Answerth, the Lions had Lohmann (62), Tunstill (61, on the bubble this week) and Gardiner (58). 

Injuries: Double concussions here with Stewart and McInerney being subbed out of the game.


West Coast (16.9.105) defeated Fremantle (10.8.68)

  1. Harley Reid (147). Stamped himself early and kept it rolling the whole derby, slotting 3 goals from 19 touches (13 contested) with 7 clearances, he’ll reach 400k very quickly now.
  2. Caleb Serong (117). Ended the game with 27 touches (12 contested) with 6 clearances, 6 marks and 6 tackles in the middle of the ground.
  3. Jordan Clark (115). A really good start to the year for Clark, running with a 105 average with 4/6 tons. 24 touches, 8 marks and no clangers plus a team best 485 metres gained in the derby.
  4. Elliot Yeo (112). Took home the best on ground medal after collecting 26 touches (11 contested) with 6 clearances, 1 goal and over 500 metres gained for the game.
  5. Jake Waterman (107). Rounds out the top five with his second ton in a row, slotting 5 majors from 11 touches and 8 marks to be the dominant forward on the night.

Other 100+ scores: Sean Darcy (102), Jeremy McGovern (100)

Disappointment: First poor score of the year for Ryan (89), maybe it’ll make him attainable for those who are yet to pick him up!

Rookies: After Reid, the Eagles really only had Chesser (44) who was subbed out later on. Fremantle had the usual likes of Sharp (67), Emmett (66) and Draper (58) who all did enough to keep the cash rolling over.

Injuries: Jye Amiss had a concussion very early in the game, while Chesser was the tactical sub late for the Eagles.


Sydney (17.8.110) defeated Gold Coast (8.9.57)

1. Brodie Grundy (158). Massive in his 200th after being heavily traded out before his bye. 24 touches (15 contested), 6 clearances, 11 tackles, 29 hitouts and 1 goal on Sunday.

2. Matt Rowell (126). Kept his elite season going with another massive effort on the inside, collecting 20 touches (15 contested) with 9 clearances and 12 tackles.

3. Matt Roberts (117). Keeps on making cash! Great return from Roberts who is safe on field currently, he found 23 touches but importantly had 91% DE.

4. Jarrod Witts (113). Not completely outdone by Grundy, the Suns co-captain was solid for 19 touches (11 contested) with 7 tackles, 7 clearances and 31 hitouts for the game.

5. Nick Blakey (112). Run and drive off half-back which resulted in a game best 611 metres gained from his 21 touches and 8 marks, his third ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Flanders (110), James Rowbottom (108), Mac Andrew (103), Ollie Florent (100) 

Disappointment: A couple of really mid scores for premiums, but the worst of the day would be Anderson for his 50 after a heavy tag from Jordan.

Rookies: Bar Roberts, there is no one else to cover for the Swans, so over to the Suns. Clohesy (75) had another good game of 16 touches and 1 goal and is a safe bet to play on field for now. Graham was on the bubble and theres nothing wrong with his 61 from 11 touches and 5 tackles, while Berry kept the good news coming with 74 in a 22 touch, 7 mark game. Walter (53) led the rest of the Suns that included debutant Rogers (28), the subbed out Read (27) and Uwland (15). 

Injuries: No injuries on the report, just Read and Melican being subbed out.

North Melbourne (10.8.68) defeated by Hawthorn (17.11.113)

1. Tristan Xerri (144). Career high score from Xerri, winning the ruck battle comfortably with 18 disposals (12 contested), 10 tackles, 10 clearances and 44 hitouts, a very nice triple double to finish the round.

2. Jai Newcombe (129). 32 touches in the middle of the ground for the bull, 14 of those contested plus 9 clearances and 6 tackles.

3. Conor Nash (121). Prolific in the middle with 32 disposals (15 contested) with 10 clearances and 8 tackles in a well rounded performance.

4. Dylan Moore (116). Snagged 4 majors up forward  from 20 touches, while running at a very smooth 85% DE.

5. Harry Morrison (114). Ran up and down the wings all day to eventually finish with 26 touches, 7 marks and 1 goal to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Harry Sheezel (110), Connor MacDonald/Jack Scrimshaw (108), Jarman Impey (103), James Sicily (100)

Disappointment: Throwing it out to Tom Powell (73) who just couldn’t really get things clicking on Sunday.

Rookies: First game for the year for Serong (39) who played down back, while Hurstwaite (20) was the sub and didn’t do much. McKercher (34) had clangers galore, while guys like Duursma (27), Lazzaro (33, who was subbed on), and Drury (39) couldn’t really get involved. Sellers (6) only had 2 handballs, while Nyuon (46) looks a good option next week after overcoming a knee issue.

Injuries: D’Ambrosio was subbed out for the Hawks in a tactical move, while Ford ended on the bench with a hip issue.


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  1. Tom Green is a worry but I’m sticking with him. He’s still getting plenty of the ball so should come good soon. Hopefully….


  2. Probably my worst Round in i don’t know how many years. Early Subs, Tactical Subs and players Knocking themselves out. Another one of these and I’m toast. Think I already smell the Vegemite and Peanut Butter. Probably Taste it soon enough. Soldier on Legends. Just hoping my team can win a few games now.



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