Round 7 Review

Written by Dane on May 3 2021


Richmond (11.11.77) defeated Western Bulldogs (7.13.55)

1. Bachar Houli (143). His best score of the year came on the back of a sublime showing off half-back, where he collected 31 touches (82% DE), 10 marks, 665 metres gained and kicked 1 goal.

2. Alex Keath (126). This was the best score of the former cricketers career, and it bumped his season average up to 90, the best of his 5 year career. Ran at 88% DE from his 18 touches, as well as hauling in 7 marks.

3. Nathan Broad (122). Another career high score in this game went to Broad, who seemingly marked every Bulldog forward thrust in the 2nd half, eventually finishing with 11 marks and 25 disposals.

4. Shai Bolton (121). Kicked 3 goals which really helped the Tigers in the 2nd half, which along with 22 touches, gave him his third ton in four games.

5. Caleb Daniel (117). Bounced right back from a couple of down performances with a 34 touch game off half-back that ran at 92% DE. Was fairly shocked these stats didn’t equate to a 130+ score.

Other 100+ scores: Jayden Short (116), Bailey Dale (112), Jack Macrae/Marcu Bontempelli (107), Tom Lynch (102)

Disappointment: Hardly Supercoach relevant but a game that includes 4 free kicks against, 5 clangers, 20% DE from just 5 touches and 1 point gets Rhylee West the chocolates here.

Rookies: Scott (63) and Mansell (48) were good enough to beat their BE and will earn more cash, while Patrick Naish was the medical sub and only scored 5 points. The long awaited debut of Riley Collier-Dawkins proved to be worth the wait, he collected 14 touches, laid 5 tackles and had 5 clearances for a score of 76.

Injuries: The talk is that Richmond skipper Trent Cotchin will miss some time with a hamstring injury sustained late in the game.

Collingwood (7.13.55) defeated by Gold Coast (12.7.79)

1. Brodie Grundy (144). Did as many thought he would against a Suns team that doesn’t have a genuine ruckman at the moment. Had 23 touches (15 contested), 5 clearances, 1 goal, 4 tackles and 37 hitouts for a great VC score.

2. Brandon Ellis (143). Take away his 64 in round 1 and he is averaging 109 with 4 tons and 2 nineties. Ran on the outside all day to gather 35 touches (26 kicks), 16 marks and 1 goal.

3. Hugh Greenwood (142). One of the AFL’s best contested players turned in another blinder on the weekend, picking up a ridiculous 21 contested touches (26 disposals overall), 10 tackles, 12 clearances and 1 goal.

4. Touk Miller (115). Another guy who excels with his contested work, Miller picked up 34 touches (13 contested) with 8 marks and 5 tackles for his fourth ton of the year.

5. Jack Bowes (110). Back in the hundred club after a couple of weeks out, Bowes picked up 30 touches and 7 marks off half-back to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Brody Mihocek (109), Josh Corbett/Josh Daicos (105), Sam Collins (101)

Disappointment: I think Darcy Moore played forward again, and it once again didn’t allow him to pick up the intercept possessions he usually would, finishing on only 24 points.

Rookies: Money maker Jy Farrar played fairly well down back to gather 13 touches at 92% DE which led to a score of 43 points, while another guy who will continue to grow in $$$ is McCreery (57), who had 9 tackles and 10 touches. Nathan Murphy (55) is a 123K defender and looks a decent downgrade option, while first-gamer Caleb Poulter (52) is a 117K M/F and looked good on the day. Finlay Macrae (23) is only averaging 33 through his first three career games but fear not, his brother only averaged 42 and look what he has done since.

Injuries: No subs used which hopefully means there’s no injuries to worry about from this contest.

Adelaide (4.15.39) defeated by GWS (15.16.106)


1. Tim Taranto (139). After a couple of really good weeks that were let down by DE, Taranto churned out his best score of the year thanks to 35 disposals, 7 tackles and 7 clearances.

2. Josh Kelly (129). Kelly finally returned a good score for his owners, recording 27 touches, 10 marks and 1 goal while running at 85% DE. Will the return of Whitfield allow him to return to his normal game? Because at near 500K, he is so underpriced compared to what he can produce.

3. Tom Green/Harry Perryman (111). After getting dropped in round 1, Green has upped his game, this week recording 22 touches (12 contested) and 2 goals, while Perryman played through the middle to record 26 touches of the leather.

4. Jacob Hopper/Shane Mumford/Sam Taylor (104). Hopper was another of the GWS midfielders to score well here, as he picked up 30 touches and 9 marks, while Mumford continues to score well with another 15 touch, 4 tackle, 21 hitout game. Sam Taylor kept Walker quiet while having himself a day out, recording 14 touches and 9 marks.

5. Tom Doedee (102). The only Crow to feature here was their star young defender Doedee, who had 22 touches and 9 marks while facing an onslaught of Giant forward entries.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: A dirty day for the Crows was further backed up by bad scores from popular players Rowe (36), O’Brien (60), Walker (38) and Laird (75).

Rookies: Rowe was previously mentioned as disappointing, while the combo of Nic Murray (59) and Thilthorpe (55) look good downgrade options at 102K in the backline (Murray) and 202K (Thilthorpe) up forward. The money making of Butts (88) and Idun (76) will continue.

Injuries: Goalsneak Brett Daniels was subbed off in the first quarter following a hamstring issue.

St Kilda (19.14.128) defeated Hawthorn (9.5.59)

1. Zak Jones (159). The Saint set career highs in this game with 37 disposals, 19 handballs and of course, Supercoach score. Throw into that 2 goals, 7 clearances, 6 tackles and nearly 500 metres gained and it was a good day.

2. Brad Hill (124). Hill was fantastic running around on the outside on Saturday afternoon, finishing the game with 27 touches (85% DE) and 571 metres gained for his best score of the year.


3. James Worpel (110). Talking about best scores for the year, Worpel’s scores have been pretty putrid thus far and hence he has lost almost 150K to be priced at around 335,000. This game seemed to be a step in the right direction as he picked up 33 touches (17 contested), 11 clearances and 7 tackles.

4. Jack Sinclair (108). Running off half-back, Sinclair gained 26 touches of the sherrin and topped it all off with 1 goal for his best score of the year as well.

5. Hunter Clark/Ben McEvoy (106). The Saints young gun kicked 2 goals, had 6 tackles and earned 26 touches for the game, while the Hawks skipper had 15 touches, 7 marks, 24 hitouts and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Mitchell (105), Jack Scrimshaw (103)

Disappointment: For a guy that had potential at the start of the season to be a solid forward option with his proposed midfield time, Tom Phillips has gone no where close thus far. His score of 65 was his third under 70 and he is averaging just 73.

Rookies: The debut of Emmerson Jeka didn’t go to plan, he only scored 26 from 2 disposals and 3 tackles, while second-gamer Maginness (47) had 12 disposals and 5 tackles. Ryan Byrnes, who is a 123K midfielder, came into the Saints lineup and played pretty well, having 18 touches and 9 marks for a score of 52. 177K defender Joyce managed 40 from his 12 touches, while Koschitzke scored 66.

Injuries: Once again no injuries to speak of here, unless news comes in the next couple of days.

Sydney (14.6.90) defeated Geelong (12.16.88)

1. Joel Selwood (133). The Geelong skippers scoring resurgence took another step on Saturday night thanks to 29 touches (14 contested) with 7 tackles and 5 clearances. Averaging 113 with a low of 88.

2. Cameron Guthrie (132). Another Cat in stellar scoring form is this guy, who despite a 75, is averaging 121 so far in 2021. Had 30 touches (12 contested), 9 clearances, 7 tackles and importantly, no clangers on Saturday night.

3. Oliver Florent (117). The young Swan was a driving force for his team, having a game high 645 metres gained from his 26 touches, while also kicking 2 goals.

4. Tom Stewart (114). Scored more than half his points in the first quarter alone, ultimately finishing with 25 touches and 9 marks while running at a solid 88% DE.

5. Tom Hickey (110). Returning in record time from a PCL injury, Hickey was fantastic for the Swans, finishing the game with 20 touches (16 contested), 10 clearances, 1 goal and 23 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Jake Lloyd (109), Jack Henry (108), Callum Mills (101)

Disappointment: He spent some extended time on the bench due to a ankle issue, but the return of 7 touches and 19 points was painful for owners of Heeney.

Rookies: Gulden (54) and Warner (61) were pretty much the only two notable Supercoach relevant rookies in this game, even though they don’t really classify as rookies anymore.

Injuries: Energetic forward Miers was subbed off with an ankle injury at halftime, while big Swan defender Melican succumbed to a hamstring concern late in the contest.

Brisbane (13.15.93) defeated Port Adelaide (5.14.44)


1. Williem Drew (129). The best score of Drew’s career came on Saturday night, as did his career high in disposals (32), handballs (20) and marks (6). 

2. Harris Andrews (123). Three tons in the last four weeks has pushed Andrews average back into the 90’s. Marked everything the Power kicked forward, finishing the game with 15 touches and 10 marks at 100% DE.

3. Jarryd Lyons (122). Is yet to drop under triple figures so far this year (the only player in the competition I think who has done so in every game they have played bar Mumford), this week getting to the magical figure thanks to 28 touches (16 contested) with 7 clearances and 4 tackles.

4. Hugh McCluggage (117). A month long average of 122 is a great return for a guy who was priced at 501K a couple of weeks back. Had another fabulous game of 30 touches (14 contested), with 6 clearances and 1 goal.

5. Charlie Cameron (112). Charlie has been pretty quiet this year, only averaging 60 thus far and that includes this score. Kicked 4 goals from 13 touches and 6 marks to be the most dangerous forward of the night.

Other 100+ scores: Joe Daniher (109), Aliir Aliir (106), Tom Jonas (105), Zac Bailey (102)

Disappointment: He’s had a pretty good year but unfortunately Dan Houston’s 17 touches only equated to 57 points on Saturday night.

Rookies: The Power had a couple of promising youngsters in this game, with Frederick (74) and Bergman (76) showing their scoring potential. Young Lion money maker Robertson scored 69 to continue his strong cash generation, as will Jaxon Prior (62). First-gamer James Madden didn’t look out of place, gathering 13 touches (10 contested) down back for a first up score of 47.

Injuries: Poor Ryan Burton got subbed off again, this week with a rib injury.

North Melbourne (11.7.73) defeated by Melbourne (16.7.103)

1. Steven May/Ben Cunnington (145). A tie at the top between two hard heads. May was awesome down back with 25 touches and 14 marks at 88% DE, while Cunnington had 2 goals, 35 touches (20 contested), 6 tackles and 8 clearances.

2. Ed Langdon (120). The hard running Langdon scored his fourth ton of the season with a stellar performance running the wings, taking 12 marks, kicking 1 goal and using his 25 touches very well at 92% DE.

3. Clayton Oliver (116). Led the inside midfield as per usual with 25 touches (17 contested), 7 clearances and 5 tackles, topping off his day with his first goal of the season.

4. Kayne Turner (109). Had by far his best game of the season and probably career, collecting career best hauls in disposals (27) and clearances (5), while also laying 6 tackles.

5. Aaron Hall (106). Had himself a bit of a Ziebell game off half-back, collected a huge 33 touches (25 kicks) and 12 marks, all while gaining a game best 792 metres off half-back.

Other 100+ scores: Christain Salem/Luke Jackson (104), Jy Simpkin (103), Jack Ziebell (102)

Disappointment: Pretty obvious isn’t it? Christian Petracca score of 78 from 23 touches was his worst of the season! There was also a guy with a pretty decent beard who many had the C on that only managed 63…

Rookies: The cash generation of Powell (97) and Jordon (91) will only continue to go up after another outstanding effort from both players. The majority of North’s other cash generators played pretty well, with Campbell (73) being the best of them with 2 goals and 11 touches. Other notable scores went to Bosenvulagi (59), Young (49), Phillips (53), Lazzaro (43) and Menadue (32), who was subbed on in his third game.

Injuries: Menadue got onto the ground following Bonar injuring his knee, while the debut of Ben Brown (57) was finished on the bench with a cut head. The biggest injury news from the game was the suspected ACL to important cog Tomlinson very early in the contest.

Essendon (16.11.107) defeated by Carlton (19.9.123)

1. Sam Walsh (130). The continued growth of this young star was on full display Sunday afternoon, with a best on ground performance that included 1 goal, 33 touches (18 contested), 8 clearances and 5 tackles.

2. Ed Curnow (108). Ed was super again, collecting 26 disposals to go along with 6 tackles and 1 goal to play an important role in the Blues victory.

3. Zach Merrett/Darcy Parish (107). A pair of Essendon aces couldn’t be split here. Merrett had 25 touches and 7 tackles, while Parish had 26 touches and 7 tackles.

4. Adam Saad (106). Was fantastic against his former team, providing his usual dash off half-back to gain 677 metres from his 21 touches, while also sneaking forward to kick 1 goal.

5. Cale Hooker/Jacob Weitering/Harry McKay (99). There was a three way tie between the three big men to finish the game. Hooker had 15 disposals and 5 goals, Weitering was solid down back with 19 touches and 11 marks, while McKay was brilliant up forward with 4 goals from 12 touches.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: No real obvious ones here with pretty spread scoring line, so this one will be roughly given to Ridley (87), who failed to crack a hundred on return. I do feel bad with that one.

Rookies: Budget ruckman Bryan made his debut and didn’t look out of place, picking up 12 touches, 19 hitouts and 51 points, while Archie Perkins had the best game of his young career, scoring 94 from 18 touches. Fellow high draft picks Jones (79) and Cox (49) also played well. Luke Parks returned to the Blues lineup and had 9 touches at 100% for 58 points, while second gamer Owies kicked 3 goals from 7 touches and laid 4 tackles for a score of 67.

Injuries: Paddy Dow copped a decent head knock in the first quarter which subbed him out of the contest, while Mitch McGovern hurt his hamstring in the 4th.

West Coast (20.12.132) defeated Fremantle (11.7.73)

1. Tim Kelly (131). Kelly played a sublime game through the middle of the ground, picking up 42 touches (22 contested), 9 tackles, 13 clearances and the B.O.G medal to top it all off.

2. Andrew Gaff/Jack Darling (123). The Eagles wingman was fantastic, grabbing 35 touches and kicking 1 goal, while Darling kicked 3 goals from 17 touches, as well as grabbing 9 marks and laying 5 tackles.

3. Andrew Brayshaw (121). A huge effort from Brayshaw resulted in a 32 disposal (15 contested) effort that ran at an extremely good 90% DE.

4. Jermaine Jones (118). Set a career high in disposals (21) and Supercoach score in this game, as well as kicking 2 goals and running at 90% DE. Priced at 213K, he’ll make some quick cash if he can stay in the team.

5. David Mundy (115). Rounding out the top 5 is Mundy, who was once again fantastic, especially with his field kicking. Ultimately had 29 disposals with a couple of clearances and 1 goal to top it off.

Other 100+ scores: Dom Sheed (106), Jamie Cripps (103), Nic Naitanui (102), Nat Fyfe (100)

Disappointment: Ruckman Sean Darcy has been on fire over the past couple of weeks, but couldn’t get into this game, only registering 15 touches and 74 points.

Rookies: Second gamer Harry Edwards was fantastic down back in a defence that was missing a couple of its usual pillars, finishing with 14 disposals and 8 marks for 61 points. The cash generation of Chapman is stalled after his 28 point effort, although he did play through a dislocated shoulder from the first 5 minutes of the game so credit to him, that’s tough stuff

Injuries: Bar Chapman’s dislocated shoulder, there was also Ethan Hughes, who dislocated his shoulder too to be subbed off in the 2nd term. Brayshaw, Vardy and Frederick also spent extended time on the bench but played out the game.



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  1. No real obvious ones from CARL/ESS?!

    It’s sad to see but Cripps is genuinely no good, consistently racks up 4-5th most touches on the ground but scores sub 80s. Not quite sure what’s happened to him but he’s no longer his former self.

    A must-trade now.


    1. I’ve had to keep him because of other priorities. Its actually quite sad to see his demise and I’m a bombers fan.


  2. Chaos Theory
    St Kilda : Tom Highmore. VFL. “Soared with a game-high 14 marks (9 in the first half) and 30 disposals.”

    Oh why do you tease?



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