Round 9 Review

Written by Dane on May 16 2022

Collingwood (7.9.51) defeated by Western Bulldogs (14.15.99)

  1. Adam Treloar (149). Massive game from Treloar who took home the best on ground medal for his 3 goal, 37 touch (15 contested), 8 clearance performance under Friday night lights.
  2. Bailey Smith (144). Massive game from Smith who found 41 touches of the ball to gain a game best 684 metres. Also had 16 contested possessions and 8 clearances.
  3. Tom Liberatore (128). Great game from Libba as he found 31 touches in typical contested fashion, while also laying a game best 8 tackles for his fourth ton of the year.
  4. Marcus Bontempelli (125). Back in the side and back to the ton scoring as he produced his second best score of the year from 26 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.
  5. Josh Dunkley (118). Solid game from Dunkley after a season worst 75 last week. Kicked 3 goals from 24 touches and 9 marks while also running at 91% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Macrae (117), Bailey Dale (113), Caleb Daniel (111), Jeremy Howe (110), Aaron Naughton (104), Jack Crisp (100)

Disappointment: Taylor Adams had potential as a great POD at the start of the year but with this latest score of 55 it brings his season average to just 87, not what we were expecting.

Rookies: Rough score for Aiden Begg (10) and the subbed on, 206K mid Finlay Macrae (17), while Daicos (69) continues to put up serviceable scores. For the Dogs, first-gamer Cleary looked pretty solid with 13 touches and 7 marks off half-back for a score of 61, while Baku Khamis snagged 3 goals from 10 touches and 4 marks for his 66. 187K forward Rhylee West made his season debut here and scored a solid 73 from 16 touches and 5 tackles, while McComb netted 41 from 13 touches but did have 4 clangers.

Injuries: Rough looking shoulder injury for Jack Madgen in this one, while Gardner and Naughton had leg issues but played out the game.

Hawthorn (14.10.94) defeated by Richmond (17.15.117)

1. James Sicily (141). Best score of the season so far for Sicily who has been producing week in week out. Had 24 touches (23 kicks) this week as well as hauling in 9 marks and producing a game high 680 metres gained.

2. Tom Lynch (125). Kept his hot form going with another 4 goals this week. Also had 16 touches and 6 marks to bring his three round average to a monstrous 158.


3. Dustin Martin (119). Snagged 3 goals from 20 touches in his usual midfield/forward split role. Obviously has the potential to be a top 6 forward and has shown that in his first two games back.


4. Toby Nankervis (108). Back to back tons for Nank who could’ve been much higher if it wasn’t for 6 frees against and 9 clangers! Had 20 touches (15 contested) with 8 clearacnes, 35 hitouts, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

5. Shai Bolton/Jarman Impey (102). Bolton was probably best on for the Tigers after half-time, eventually finishing with 20 touches, 7 tackles and 2 goals, while Impey had his first ton of the season thanks to 25 touches, 8 marks and no clangers off half-back.


Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: After a season worst 72 last round, Dylan Moore produced a 56 this week from just 14 touches.

Rookies: Max Lynch (51) continues to perform decently as a solo ruck and is making some cash currently after hitting a ton last week, while Maginess (50) had 13 touches as he continues to climb. Debutant Sam Butler only found 3 touches for the game and scored 18 and if youre still rolling with either Grainger-Barras (33) or MacDonald (30) on your field well at least it wasn’t a donut. Similarly, rough week if you brought in Maurice Rioli Jnr and stuck him on the field, as he only mustered 7 points from 4 touches, 2 tackles and 4 clangers, ouch for that $$$ generation. The Tigers also had a debutant in Bigoa Nyuon (39) who had 6 touches at 100% down back.

Injuries: Key position utility Noah Balta had a hamstring iced up around three quarter time, while Jack Gunston couldn’t overcome an ankle knock, being subbed out in the second quarter after trying to play through it.

North Melbourne (6.10.46) defeated by Port Adelaide (17.13.115)

1. Ollie Wines (155). Massive game from Wines who looks a steal at his current price. Had 33 touches (16 contested) to pair with 9 clearances, 575 metres gained as well as 2 goals.

2. Sam Powell-Pepper (131). Best score of his career on Saturday afternoon thanks to 23 touches (13 contested), 6 clearances, 3 tackles and 1 goal.

3. Karl Amon (117). Led the game for metres gained with 606 of them from just 24 touches (20 kicks) for his first ton since round 3.

4. Connor Rozee (116). Played a solid amount of midfield time in this one to win 27 touches of the ball (13 contested), as well as 7 clearances and land 4 tackles.

5. Darcy Byrne-Jones (114). Rounds out the top 5 on the back of 20 touches and 9 marks that ran at 90% DE, plus he slotted 1 goal.


Other 100+ scores: Luke Davies-Uniakce (113), Todd Marshall (108), Williem Drew (107), Ryan Burton (106), Steven Motlop (105), Zak Butters (104), Todd Goldstein (103), Robbie Gray (101)

Disappointment: Despite Port dominating, it was a rough scoring day for Travis Boak (39), who only found 13 touches of the footy.

Rookies: Nothing to really see here. Hayes (55), Curtis (40) and Perez (30) all hit their respective breakevens at least, while Kyron Hayden (who is a 199K defender) made his season debut here and finished with 8 touches and 46 points.

Injuries: No subs used here in this game but Jones, Georgiades and Marshall all spent time off the ground for individual injury concerns, ultimately playing the game out though.

St Kilda (13.12.90) defeated Geelong (11.14.80)

1. Brad Crouch (140). If you take out his 46, Crouch hasn’t gone below 96 all season, a solid return for someone priced below 500K to start. This though was his best so far thanks to 36 touches (18 contested), 5 clearances and 7 tackles.

2. Jade Gresham (115). Got more midfield time than usual this week and ultimately finished with 30 touches (13 contested), 8 clearances and 6 tackles to be one of the Saints best.

3. Tom Stewart (113). Productive game from Stewart who once again saw some time on the wing and eventually that resulted in 27 touches and 9 marks that ran at a very good 92% DE.

4. Tom Hawkins (108). Was the main man up front for the Cats, kicking 4 goals from 14 touches and 4 marks while also doing his usual little bit of ruckwork with 6 hitouts.

5. Jack Sinclair/Joel Selwood (107). After back to back 80’s from Sinclair, he returned to the 100 club thanks to 31 touches, 7 marks and 650 metres gained, while Selwood had 23 touches (13 contested) with 10 clearances, 5 tackles and 512 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Mark Blicavs (104), Daniel McKenzie/Zach Tuohy (100)

Disappointment: Once again numerous Cats fell well below their potential scoring potential, with Dangerfield (69), Guthrie (69) and Duncan (77) all falling below their season averages.

Rookies: Once again not a hell of a lot going on in this game. Windhanger was subbed on and performed pretty well with 15 touches at 86% DE with no clangers pushing his score to 63, while De Koning was once again serviceable this week as alot of coaches were using him on field, so with 15 touches (11 contested) with no clangers, his score of 69 was pretty good. Knevitt played his second game and finished up with 7 touches and 24 points.

Injuries: Unfortunately Jack Higgins was subbed off early with concussion, his second so far this year, while in big Supercoach news Jack Steele had much of the second quarter off the ground while his shoulder was looked at. He played on to score a respectable 74 given the circumstances, but has been sent for scans, so keep an eye out for any news. UPDATE: 6-8 weeks with shoulder surgery!

Sydney (14.21.105) defeated Essendon (6.11.47)

1. Callum Mills (167). Another massive score for Mills who laid a huge 13 tackles to really boost himself. Also had 29 touches (12 contested) to pair with 7 marks and 7 clearances.

2. Errol Gulden (130). Found 26 touches of the ball playing along the wing, which ultimately allowed him to gain 504 metres, while he also went forward to slot 1 goal. Will be a really popular pick in the years to come you’d think.

3. Chad Warner (118). Talking about in the years to come, Warner looks as good as a lock to be a tod-tier midfielder. This week he finished with 32 touches with 507 metres gained while going at 75% DE.

4. Lance Franklin (117). Could’ve had a huge score if he kicked straight but was dangerous all evening with 16 touches, 6 marks and 2 goals.

5. Jordan Ridley (113). Posted his fourth ton of the season thanks to 22 touches that ran at 86% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Parish (109), Tom Papley (108), Nick Blakey (106), Luke Parker (105)

Disappointment: Really quiet night for Zach Merrett (57), who only found 14 touches of the ball in 83% game time, his worst score since round 3, 2018. Draper (6) had 9 clangers, 6 frees against and just 4 touches, ouch.

Rookies: Starting off with the Swans, it was Paddy McCartin once again producing a decent score of 75 from 15 touches at 93% DE that was the standout, while 200K forward James Bell (64) played his third game of the year and kicked 1 goal from 10 touches and completed 5 tackles. For the Bombers, Nick Bryan once again shared the ruck duties and scored 34 as a result, while downback Reid (66) was pretty good for 13 touches and 10 marks. Ben Hobbs (75) continues his cash generation with another good game of 17 touches and 1 goal, while Nic Martin had his worst score of the year, with just a 59 from 15 touches, 5 marks and 1 goal at 86% DE, which purely based on stats, seems well under-par. 

Injuries: He’s had a pretty good year thus far and has made 120K, but unfortunately Jye Caldwell (40) will be missing next week due to concussion protocols. 

Adelaide (9.12.66) defeated by Brisbane (16.6.102)

1. Rory Laird/Oscar McInerney (142). Just another massive game from Laird as he found 33 touches (17 contested) as well as 10 tackles and 9 clearances to lead the Crows midfield, while The Big O posted his first ton since round 1 thanks to 11 touches, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 40 hitouts.

2. Jarryd Lyons (118). Very good game from Lyons in the middle as he collected 24 touches (16 contested) to pair with 8 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

3. Lachie Neale (115). Hasn’t dropped below 100 yet (Keays being the only other player to join him out of players who have played all games) this season and wont anytime soon if he keeps producing 36 touch (19 contested), 1 goal performances.

4. Jackson Hately (110). Really good game from Hately in the middle as he found 27 touches (10 contested) to pair with 5 tackles and 1 goal that will result in a decent price rise.

5. Jordan Dawson (107). Heaps of talk about him this week and understandably so as he led the game with 695 metres gained from his 24 touches (22 kicks) to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Zac Bailey/Ben Keays (106), Dayne Zorko (103), Tom Doedee (102)

Disappointment: After peaking at 380K, Berry has dropped two scores in the 40’s, with this weeks 43 being the worst of them as he only found 7 touches.

Rookies: Nothing really here for the Lions, and Hately has already had his time in the sun. That just leaves Hinge (55), Rachele (32) and Soligo (61) as those guys that started below 200K and may still be running around in teams. This was Soligo’s third game after scoring 29 and 7 in rounds 1 and 2.

Injuries: No subs used in this one!

Gold Coast (10.9.69) defeated Fremantle (4.9.33)

1. Touk Miller (130). In conditions made for him, the Suns co-skipper led the game with 562 metres gained from his 34 touches (17 contested), while also laying 8 tackles and having 10 clearances.

2. Will Brodie (121). Up against his old side and turned in a great performance in the midfield. Had 27 touches (17 contested) with 8 tackles and 8 clearances while running at 74% DE.

3. Griffin Logue (116). Really solid game from Logue in the wet weather as he had a game high 11 marks to pair with a team best 29 touches playing across half-back. 

4. Mabior Chol/Jarrod Witts (113). Chol was the main threat up forward for the Suns, kicking 4 of their 10 goals from 10 touches and 4 marks, while Witts kept his incredible scoring run going with 10 touches, 8 tackles, 1 goal and 29 hitouts.

5. Caleb Serong (111). Touched on it last week but the breakout maybe just slowly emerging for Serong. His second ton in a row came from 26 touches and 12 tackles to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Brennan Cox (108), Brandon Ellis (106), Will Powell (103), David Swallow/Blake Acres (101)

Disappointment: Fremantle ruckman Sean Darcy had a monster score last week but came back down badly here, only scoring 51 from 9 touches, 1 goal and 39 hitouts.

Rookies: Neil Erasmus looked decent in the wet up at Metricon, finding 12 touches and slotting 1 goal for 60 points. Rosas found 11 touches and had 3 tackles up forward for 55 points, while tall forward in Joel Jeffery (25) found it tough in wet conditions. Down back, Rory Thompson (51) only had 5 touches and 3 marks in once again tough conditions for key position players, but if you’re looking for a bargain-based defender, at least he will play.

Injuries: Dockers skipper Alex Pearce was subbed off late in the game with ice on his ankle.

GWS (11.9.75) defeated by Carlton (15.15.105)

1. Josh Kelly (156). Massive game from the smooth moving midfielder as he collected 36 touches (15 contested) to pair with 7 tackles and 6 clearances, plus the one goal, for a season best score.

2. Sam Walsh (149). Another season best score here this time from the Carlton gun. Had 31 touches at 87% DE, with 15 of those being contested, while also slotting 2 goals.

3. George Hewett (121). Back in the team and back to the 100 point scoring that we’ve become so used to. Had 30 touches (16 contested) with 8 clearances and 4 tackles.

4. Braydon Pruess (120). Another week and another ton from Pruess who took control of the ruck contest with 44 hit outs to pair with 15 touches and 6 marks.

5. Jacob Weitering (116). Second ton of the year for the Blues pillar down back. He had 18 disposals and 8 marks while running at 88% DE to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Matthew Kennedy (110), Sam Doherty (108), Jack Silvagni (104)

Disappointment: Does it go to Cripps (83), Green (75), Taranto (69), Whitfield (43) or Conigilio (37)? Take your pick.

Rookies: Forward Corey Durdin had a really solid score here that will re-start his cash generation, finishing on 76 thanks to 19 touches and 2 goals. Kemp (56) played his first game of the year and had 14 touches and 5 marks for a score of 56, while Carroll had a third up score of just 28. Debutant Jesse Motlop (34) snagged his first goal in senior footy and ultimately finished with 9 touches and 5 marks. For GWS, high draft pick Callaghan (57) had 12 touches and 1 goal, while Hamilton had a third up score of 59 from 19 touches and 3 tackles. Conor Stone (181K Fwd/Mid) made his season debut here to score 27, but he did get subbed out which leads us to the injury section…

Injuries: Stone was joined on the bench by a rough piece of luck for Zac Williams, who was subbed off super early with what seems to be an achilles injury.

West Coast (5.8.38) defeated by Melbourne (16.16.112)

1. Christian Petracca (136). Feasted on Sunday afternoon to lead this games scoring on the back of 28 touches, 6 marks, 8 tackles and 2 goals.

2. Jack Viney (129). Best score of the season from Viney who produced a game high 12 tackles to boost his score. Also had 27 touches (13 contested) and 7 clearances.

3. Connor West (123). Best game of West’s young career here as he collected 29 touches of the ball (12 contested) to pair with 7 tackles and importantly no clangers!

4. Jeremy McGovern (115). Made it into the top 5 once again for the same reasons as the weeks before. Had 23 touches and 6 marks, with a fair few intercept possessions as well as 1 goal. Ran at 87% DE.

5. Tim Kelly (114). Had a game best 32 touches of the footy (13 contested) as well as team best 507 metres gained for his first ton of the season.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Barrass (112), Kysaiah Pickett (107), James Jordon (100)

Disappointment: This probably has to go to Max Gawn again, who scored just 73 for the game.

Rookies: Kade Chandler (6) was subbed on late and was the only rookie for the Dees, but the Eagles, as they have most of the season, had plenty. Patrick Naish (10) has been the most prominent of those but being the sub, this will make him lose cash quickly. Isiah Winder (23) had 10 touches, Callum Jamieson (33) had 8 and 6 hit outs, while Dixon (48) was a late in and had 11 touches. The one guy the majority will have eyes on though in Greg Clark had a solid 13 touch, 5 tackle game for his second run around to score 62 and is the best downgrade option this week. Run, don’t walk.

Injuries: Another week and some fresh injuries for West Coast, this time it was Ryan with an ankle and Foley, who got knocked out. Harmes was subbed out for the Dees.



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4 thoughts on “Round 9 Review”

  1. Great summary again Dane!!!

    Last week I debated the merits & watched all the footage of the three main bubble boys in Hamilton, Rioli & Carroll.

    Generally I hate having small forwards in my SC team, but with scores of 92 & 72 in an improving Richmond side, my first downgrade selection was Maurcie Rioli Jnr.

    For an amazing return of 7 SC points on the weekend (NOTE – he even somehow managed to go backwards from 16 points to 8 points at one of the quarter breaks 🙂 🙂

    Then selected Carroll due to his ability to find & use the footy well.

    I may be delusional, but I can even see shades of Pendlebury in this young lad – he seems to have the time & awareness to use the ball very well, and he hits his targets most of the time.

    Knew that Hewett coming back would change Carrolls role, but after playing predominantly mid the last two weeks, he seemed to spend almost all the game forward this week?

    So another output of just 28 SC points there – and will these two lads now get dropped this week (or will they get another week to redeem themselves) is the big question now?

    And meanwhile Hamilton punches out a great 59 point performance, looks comfortable at the AFL level – and looks a very solid player (as he did the previous two weeks).

    But unfortunately he is not in my side!!

    I suspect there may be a few of us feeling this way today, but we live to fight another day 🙂


    1. I chose Hamilton based mainly on the fact that his starting price over the long run, will most likely generate the most cash.
      Didn’t think it would take effect right away though.


    2. Solid breakdown here Brett!

      Rough week for those who brought in Rioli (including myself) but in a winning team I think he keeps his spot for the time being!

      Will be interesting to see if Hamilton remains the same with a new coach as there’s a fair few players at the Giants who aren’t performing to their expected standards, maybe some role changes might be on the way.

      Carroll playing forward is an issue in the long run imo



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