SC Finals Wk1, 2013: Forwards

Written by MJ on September 5 2013

We’ve had a look at Defenders and Rucks already, but now it’s time to turn our attention to the Forwards.

The In-forms:

Matthew Stokes ($408,500; 3 Rd Ave: 127.3, 5 Rd Ave: 108.4) Stokesy emerged from nowhere as a premium forward this year, with a strong finish (135, 141, 106) to the season helping him to a 97.33 average for 2013. He’s been the 6th best player in the whole competition over the last 3 weeks. Could he keep that kind of form up?

Jimmy Bartel ($451,200; 126.3, 106.8) One of the standout forwards this year, Jimmy has really lifted in the last 3 weeks with 135, 88 and that huge 156 in our Grand Finals. Scored 108 against the Dockers at Simonds in R14.

Aaron Edwards ($313,900; 115.3, 102.6) Boy has he taken the opportunity of playing Finals footy with both hands!? Coming into the Richmond lineup in R22 and 23 after playing R10-16, the former North Melbourne man kicked 5.2 and 4.1 in the last two weeks against GWS and Essendon for scores of 153 and 122! I doubt many even know about him, so could be a real under the radar selection.

The Undervalued:

Paul Chapman ($345,500) Frustratingly for Chappy, what looked like a minor hamstring complaint turned into four months on the sidelines. He’s now played two AFL games and is ready to go for Finals. A 113 last weekend against Brisbane shows he’s still got it. Plenty of value here and I suspect he’ll be a popular selection.

Matthew Pavlich ($345,500) For the same price you can get big Matty Pavlich, who’s also been restricted this season through injury, and a bout of suspension thrown in. 5 sub 80 scores from his 9 games played this season won’t get you too excited, but 95 and 114 in R21 and 22 shows some promise. You’d expect someone of his calibre to stand up in a Final, but it will be tough down at the Cattery.

The Loose Change Menu:

Alan Didak ($189,000) Didak has played the last two matches for the Pies, taking off the green vest at half time in R22 for 15 touches and 46 points. Last week he managed a full game netting 80 points. Incredible value at under 200k for this veteran.

Troy Menzel ($141,700) Has played the last 4 games for the Blues vest free. You can’t expect much from him, with scores of 30, 66, 65 and 30 despite kicking 6 goals across those games. Can also be selected in your midfield, if you want an extra spot for the value laden forwards.

Gary Rohan ($109,500) Will be in a LOT of teams if he’s selected in the squad for this Friday night, especially if he’s not sub. Just about the only player in his price range across the entire competition that looks like getting some game time and frees up loads of cash under such a strict budget.


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5 thoughts on “SC Finals Wk1, 2013: Forwards”

  1. I’m currently looking at:

    Walker – Bartel – Didak

    Going Walker as a premium. He already has two hundreds up against the Tigers this year and I don’t see why he can’t do that again this week.

    Bartel has played the Dockers 12 times and has racked up a ton in nine of them (including four in a row over the last four seasons and a 108 earlier this year). He is a seasoned and class finals performer, who racked up a ton in last seasons final against the Dockers despite a Cats loss. In fact, if you go back to 2008 his SC finals scores have been: 150, 108, 81, 99, 131, 94, 134, 108, 108, 100, 95 and 103. That’s a 109 average from 12 games and only a single score below 94 (in the GF loss to Hawthorn). Only three big scores, but looks a safe bet to score between 95 and 110 this week.

    Didak is up against Menzel and Rohan for me.

    I really don’t want to have to roll with Rohan because he just isn’t an accumulator of the ball or SC points. In the 14 games he has played in the last three seasons, he has only had more than 12 touches once. I also think he would have to be a strong vesting chance (either green or red). Unless he kicks multiple goals (and probably at least three) I don’t see a decent score.

    Up until last week you could say that Menzel was good for 10-12 touches, 4-6 marks and 2 goals because he did that in each of his four full games prior to last week. Malthouse has never been afraid to trust the kids so hopefully he can play, avoid the vest and pull in a 60-something.

    Didak is interesting because I don’t really think Bucks likes him. The Pies have players knocking on the door and he is close to the bottom of the pecking order. The other issue is that he is a great guy to put in the vest for a final. He can change a game in a few minutes, kick goals, run through the guts and has a heap of finals experience. Hopefully he can play and avoid the green vest because you could easily get an 80-plus for less than $200k (two full games this season for an 86 and an 80).

    I think I’ll aim to run with Dids and if he isn’t selected or gets the green vest, switch him out to Menzel and hope he plays and avoids it. If neither is selected than Rohan it is and I’ll live with that because I think a very high percentage of players will select him.



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