SC Finals Wk1, 2013: Midfielders

Written by MJ on September 5 2013

Over the last few days we’ve had a look at the Defenders, Rucks and Forwards, but that’s just the pre-match entertainment (hopefully not Meatloaf standard). Here they are, the crème of the crop, the engine room, the money-makers; The all important midfielders.

Remember, your captain and vice-captain scores triple and double points respectively, so make sure you allocate enough of your budget to at least two big hitters in midfield.

The In-forms:

Joel Selwood ($506,900; 3 Rd Ave: 134, 5 Rd Ave 135) It goes without saying that this man is the most in-form player in the competition. Selwood clocked up a 127 on the weekend against Brisbane. Can you believe that is he has only dropped two scores lower than this in the last 12 weeks?! One of those came in R14 against none other than Ryan Crowley, keeping Joel to just 54 points. Will his form be too much for Crowley’s best tagging efforts? I’m not willing to take the risk.

Scott Pendlebury ($543,100; 127, 127.2) We may be without Ablett for the Finals Series, but at least we aren’t without his Captaincy counterpart in Pendles.  Only gone under 100 twice this year, being a 96 and 92. Had a modest game by his standards against Port this year with a 112 in R14, but this won’t stop me putting him C or VC this week, fresh off a 157 against the Roos.

Travis Boak ($469,900; 114.7, 112.6) Can’t see many picking him, as he’s a very under-selected SuperCoach player that goes unnoticed by most people outside South Australia, demonstrated by just a 3.32% ownership at the end of the season, despite an average of 107. The Port captain has finished off his season nicely courtesy of a 172 against Gold Coast in R21 amongst 5 hundreds in his last 6 games. Scored a 96 against the Pies in R14.

The Undervalued:

Marc Murphy ($389,200) Just about bagged himself 3 votes in the 1 point win against Port on the weekend after a 130 point game from 23 disposals and 3 goals. The injury sustained in R12 and the subsequent recovery games upon return has dragged his average right down this year, which places him at less than $400k. Has a very handy record against the Tigers, hitting the 100 in his last 10 games against them.

The Loose Change Menu:

Travis Varcoe ($231,300) Not a fan of him, and I doubt many are after his performances at the beginning of the year. Presents a cheap option in the midfield or up forward, but he’s going nowhere near my side. Not a fan of any midfielders in the budget price range. Prefer to spend big in midfield and find value elsewhere, because if I’m reduced to putting Varcoe in this post then there mustn’t be much value around.

Jed Anderson ($178,500), Ben Kennedy ($164,600), Brandon Jack ($157,700) All three of these young lads could get games, but are very high chances of being named sub.


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10 thoughts on “SC Finals Wk1, 2013: Midfielders”

  1. Is anyone considering Brad Sewell? He is priced at 337k and seems and absolute bargain for me. Aside from an up and down 2013 where he has averaged 78.1, he has some remarkable finals stats.

    Since 2007 he has played in 12 finals for an average of 113.4!
    Only 3 of those were below 100 (lowest 85).


  2. my mids are josh kennedy pendels stevie j and Bryce gibbs think that’s a powerful mid picked gibbs as he scores huge against the tigers


  3. made MY MIND up gone with pendles as cap selwood think he will kill Crowley this weekend and bartel and josh kennedy he gets massive scores against the hawks



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