SCT Cup 2019 Rd Of 32 – Week ONE

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 14 2019

(Written & Created By Roo Bloke)



Mean: 1991

Maximum: 2135 – Kovanator

Minimum: 1839 – Evil Ka-Ziebell

Biggest Margin: (4) Evil Ka-Ziebell 1839 TRAILS (29) Kovanator 2135 LEADS by 296 pts

Narrowest Margin: (7) The Designated SC 1970 LEADS (26) Rmen@SCT 1956 TRAILS by 14 pts


The original marquee match isn’t happening after The Death Adder got all legal and threatened law suits, court proceedings and sanctions. When he threatened to steal the hamster that turns the wheel that keeps the site running I knew he was serious about things. If you missed the memo on Saturday morning, one of my team of minions got Megalomaniacs score wrong during round 10 which led to Macrae’s missing out on his spot in the final 32. All is fixed now but it did lead to a shuffling in the seedings.


Whilst we’re discussing all matters procedural, I realised that Buncha has unwittingly slipped through a gap in the SCT Cup T’s and C’s. Late last week I discovered that Buncha isn’t actually in the SCT group which is clearly in breach of the spirit of the SCT Cup BUT he’s an automatic qualifier from last season so my hands are tied. If you’re reading this Buncha, can you join the SCT group! As for 2020, I’ll need to add it into my entry details to ensure such an event doesn’t happen again.



(6) Richmond Tigers 1946 LEADS (27) allSAINTS@SCT 1880 TRAILS by 66pts

allSAINTS is a huge contributor to our humble little home on the Interweb so it only seems fair to shine a limelight on this H2H. I can only hope for allSAINTS sake that round 12 was his bad week and that his team is set up to dominate in rounds 13 and 14.



You’re never out of it in the bye rounds as teams with different bye structures coming up against each other in some of the H2Hs. It’s also upgrade season so if teams can nail their upgrades there’s great scope for improvement.

(1) Beckyistheman@SCT 1871 TRAILS (32) Macrae’s 2088 LEADS by 217pts

(2) Stewy’s Soldiers 1957 TRAILS (31) Bunchakhuuuunts 2000 LEADS by 43pts

(3) The Orthodox Joes 1984 TRAILS (30) Scumthorpe Utd 2013 LEADS by 29pts

(4) Evil Ka-Ziebell 1839 TRAILS (29) Kovanator 2135 LEADS by 296pts

(5) The Elites 2022 TRAILS (28) F U Dom Sheed 2047 LEADS by 25pts

(7) The Designated SC 1970 LEADS (26) Rmen@SCT 1956 TRAILS by 14pts

(8) Ithaca 1994 TRAILS (25) Dim Sim Collision 2106 LEADS by 112pts

(9) Leather Poisoning 1919 TRAILS (24) UNTOUCHABLES 2127 LEADS by 208pts

(10) Rock Coaches 1926 TRAILS (23) zacattack@SCT 1964 LEADS by 38pts

(11) Wedonotoforgive@SCT 2042 LEADS (22) Tyrannosaurus Tex 1877 TRAILS by 165pts

(12) Wakanda Forever 2096 LEADS (21) Nudelsuppe@SCT 2002 TRAILS by 94pts

(13) Bazza’s Battlers 2036 LEADS (20) Wine and Popcorn 1982 TRAILS by 54pts

(14) LauristonEliteXI 2067 LEADS (19) B Stanton 3 votes 2015 TRAILS by 52pts

(15) Treloar and Order 1945 TRAILS (18) ClassonGrass Elite 1998 LEADS by 53pts

(16) Led Heppellin 2029 LEADS (17) Shaqatak@SCT 1884 TRAILS by 145pts


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