SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 9

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 17 2022

SCT Coach of the Week

Our SCT Coach of the Week for Round 9 is Charlie of Jelly’s giants. Charlie scored an impressive 2481 in a week where 2150~ saw even those on the periphery hold rank. Charlie’s 2481 was 54th for the round, done on the back of his premos firing and, perhaps most on brand, drilling the C on none other than Josh Kelly. Excellent work, Charlie.

SCT Coaches Top Round 9 Scores

  • Jelly’s giants (Charlie): 2481
  • Yoehz (Tracey): 2466
  • Shaqatak@SCT (David): 2461
  • USHANE BOLT (Shane): 2460
  • Drink Balta (Brian): 2434
  • Cows (Scott): 2404

Featured just scores over 2400 this week and there were only a handful, however all were inside the Top 500 for the round and afforded their coaches handsome rank boosts. Tracey’s backline almost let down Yeohz with a DNP from Pendles and MacDonald’s 63, but Wines, Mills, J. Kelly and Treloar all went to work and Brian’s score was bolstered by an astute VC on Bailey Smith and just Daicos and Martin as his only remaining rookies on field.

Gotta give some shout-outs to two site regulars who had strong rounds: Shaggi (2391), Amir (2388) and his tech team (2369)! Varying degrees of PODs in Sinclair, Mills C, Libba and D. Cameron all kept it real for Shaggi and Amir has traded his way to brilliance once again with Laird and Walsh at ultra POD ownership both going 140+ for him.

SCT Coaches in the Top 1000

  • Dam Dogs (Dale): 40
  • USHANE BOLT (Shane): 175
  • Shaqatak@SCT (David): 285
  • Shepp Screamers (Tyler): 374
  • Hotdish@SCT (Zachary): 376
  • Treloar and order (Ayden): 435
  • I’m Blue Da Doedee (Alex): 462
  • Ball kickers (Giancarlo): 466
  • MrSteeleYourMisses (Mitch): 489
  • GetOnTheBeers@SCT (Dave): 759
  • NonParishable@SCT (Connor): 898
  • Ridley Me This (Adrian): 978

Dale and Shane both posted strong scores and bumped their already impressive ranks up, with Dale closing in on a single digit rank and a near full premo side. Shaqatak pressing 2500 made a statement and shot him up into the 200s, Adrian returned to the Top 1k and the rest of our coaches up top continue to back up their form.

*team name, coach name, OA rank, [SCT Group rank]

SCT Leagues in the Top 500

  • Gun’s Regulars #1: 46
  • Chillo’s Sanctum: 52
  • SCT vs The World: 58
  • ArmChairExpert@SCT: 65
  • AFL SCT Legends: 83
  • CattasSCTchallenge: 122
  • SCT Final Siren: 139
  • SCT LoEC #2: 140
  • SCT Contributors: 141
  • CattasSCTchallenge3: 149
  • SCT LoEC #1: 157
  • SnapCracklePop@SCT: 164
  • SCT #1: 171
  • Fantasy Fields: 179
  • Tragics@SCT #1: 182
  • SCT LoEC #3: 188
  • CattasSCTchallenge2: 213
  • SCT #2: 231
  • ThisIsTheEnd@SCT: 253
  • FinalsBound@SCT: 267
  • I love SC@SCT: 285
  • SCT #5: 314
  • Craggy Island: 322
  • Walshing Matilda: 371
  • Boys Game @SCT: 400
  • With Danger 1 @SCT: 417
  • SCT Millionaires: 448
  • SCT #3: 467

Oh, baby. Look which league is perched atop the SCT Top 500s. Yeah, that’s right b*tches: Gun’s Regulars #1! Averaging 2250+ and with several coaches ranked in the top few thousand, Gun’s Regulars #1 is now 46th OA. I, however, can literally take zero credit: I’m currently 0 on the league ladder without a win and am the lowest ranked coach! Credit instead to Tony of ArmChairExpert, Amir, draft wizard Bearded Burbler, Emile and Macca for carrying at the top end as well as the rest of the coaches, all of whom are having strong seasons.

*if I’ve missed any SCT Leagues in the Top 500, official or community run, let me know (in my excitment writing up Gun’s Regulars #1, I’ve definitely missed some this week lol)

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8 thoughts on “SCT Leagues & Coaches Update – Round 9”

  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    A rare lapse of excellence from me this round. Having the C on Mills also helped.

    The Fantasy Fiends league is cruising along at a steady ranking of 179.

    Keep up the good work coaches.


    1. Nice work, Shaggi.

      Added Fantasy Fields.

      Apologies in advance on Mills, Shaggi – I’m bringing him this week. No more double tons for him lol!


  2. Cheers GD
    Appreciate the mention
    Thanks to all the contributors on the site
    I am a lazy student so all my knowledge comes from reading SC Talk!


    1. No worries, Shaq. Great job.

      Think Jelly is going to go on a tear for you btw.

      Good luck!



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