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Written by Motts on March 11 2021

Every year SCT runs a bunch of leagues, competitions, and a group to keep our magnificent community engaged throughout the season and of course to determine who is truly a gun at this SuperCoach caper.

Winning one of these comps is an amazing feeling but it’s made even more amazing when you get something of value for it.

This year, we’ve had the amazing crew at generously give us one of their beautiful rings which will go to the winner of the SCT Group* (and if you haven’t already got one for the winner of your main league, what’s stopping you?) but of course we’d like to do something for the winners of our other comps.

So if the site has ever helped you win your cash league or for whatever reason you’d just like to give something back, however small, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with me.

If you’re an organisation looking to provide a bunch of prizes, we’re more than happy to provide free promotion in return. Anyone who’s been with us for a few years will remember how loved the Blundstone brand was after they looked after us with boots for a few seasons.

Once I’ve received everyone’s donations, I’ll make an announcement on the site about what we’ll be awarding to each of our 2021 winners.

Thanks guys!



*conditions apply


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