SCTTL : Review & Trade Talk

Written by JimmyDee on March 24 2024

In summary, I booted Bailey, Spudarick and Reid for Howes, Heeney and Mass and upgraded the bank to $93k for another attack on the distinctly volatile stock market this week.

Popular trades included the Mass after only one showing, and the Heeney Dog after two (now three) mighty showings. Caleb Serong appeared in a few teams, as did Tom Green, mostly with the “C” on them on debut.

Amir is off to a flyer with his Ninjas after trading in Serong, Heeney and Mass, staying true to his tradeaholic status so early in the season. Reaped a score of 1971 to top the group, even with taking the conservative Laird “VC”.

Father Daughter draft picks Shorties Snipers (Andrew) and Krispy tied for second with a nicely compiled 1965, both captaining their newly acquired Giant, Tom Green.

Last year’s champ, YeeterTECH@SCT, came in fourth with a triple trade week bringing in Serong (“C”), Heeney and Mass for 1953, while KidTech81 captained the new Serong and trading for Mass as well. Scored 1930.

TechNinjas@SCT, YeteerTECH@SCT, both on 4124, and Krispyk on 4120 hold the podium positions after round two. Three extremely strong contenders at the top – can they stay there ?

Might be looking at flicking Duke the Newk with a BE of 179, and Sam Berry being a sub risk might also go despite the low BE.

What is everyone doing this week, whack some comments in for our interest.




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3 thoughts on “SCTTL : Review & Trade Talk”

  1. Only 1850 for the week but wasn’t expecting a high score when it was all for cash gen last week.
    Roberts, D’Ambrosio and Howes all came in for Reid, Gibcus and Clark. Wanted Roberts in the team so was forced to move on Clark.

    This week should have Newcombe and Bailey both gone, with 110k itb to use. Unsure about a 3rd trade


  2. I went cash gen too. Bailey, Buderick & Wehr out for Heeney, Roberts & Howes. $162k bank. Looking at MDA, a cheap Def rookie (Pink or Hore if named maybe) and hopefully be able to upgrade somewhere else after that. We’ll see what I can do.


  3. 1859 Gawn.

    Also down the Cash generation path initially with Bailey, Budarick & Newcombe out for Jordon, DÁmbrosio and Miller.

    This week likely Blakey and Reid for Pink and Sheezel, will leave $254.3 ITB.



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