SCTTL : Round 20 Review

Written by JimmyDee on July 31 2023

With teams mostly finalised by now, the scoring is reflective.

We had ten coaches smash out a score of over 2600 this week, not the least was Graeme’s Glenboys with a chart topping 2708. Even more surprising he was one of the two coaches in this group that did not take a super captain score, settling on the Bont’s  202.

50% of the top ten VC’d Tingles to great effect, and two including yours truly and Alza got the Captain’s ‘cherry on top’ with big Max going berserk in the second half today to post the highest score of the round.

Second placed Tortured Coach played the conservative Captains card in choosing Dunkley to help boost his score to 2697 following a modest score from Tom Stewart as VC. A pick of Dale, Errol or Tingles would have pushed the score over that magical 2700 mark. However, superb play Tom.

Third goes to Max and his men with 2678 with a Tingles VC held on to. Maxismen also still sits in podium position in the group with four precious rounds to go. Fourth this week is a legitimate score from my Fixed Interest team where I left noone on the bench, and maximised scoring in all positions on the ground, except for (in hind sight) maybe swapping Humphrey and Mills, for a 2667. Fifth was another great score from the consistent David Johnson Rules with 2660.

In the run down to ten, we have Paul’s MBuzz (2633), FD’s All Nuns (2630), Chip’s Chips Ahoy! (2625), Brads’s yeeterTech (2614) and Alza’s Assassins rounding out the top ten with 2611.

Will be interesting to see how many of us can keep up this scoring, and how many of us will be in a position to fix problems as they arise, and they will. I have three trades and 200k to try and pick up 25 spots in the next four weeks. (Good luck with that Jim!!!)

How are the rest of you situated ?


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One thought on “SCTTL : Round 20 Review”

  1. It finally clicked, all a little too late unfortunately.
    If I could nail a C once in a while top ten would be possible, but need a lot of luck now with 0 trades left.



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