SCTTL : Round 23 Review

Written by JimmyDee on August 20 2023

yeeterTECH@SCT stands atop the ladder with one round to go, and Brad holds a fairly healthy lead of 228 points. He should hang on, but who knows what can happen in SuperCoach. Eight teams are inside 400 points coming into the last round and miracles can happen.

Maybe you could do a Sydney and bring your own goal umpire, or even pull a CD statistician out of your pocket to swing things in your own favour during the round (he says with tongue in cheek commentary)!!

Top dozen this week featured four coaches reaching the magical 2500+ mark. Barries Wet Dogs topped all comers by plenty with a huge score of 2593. Second spot with 2539 goes to The Working Swan team coached by Kerrie in a rare foray into the top spot story, well done. Krispy brought the creme of her Ninius team to the top shelf with 2522. Great to see you hanging in there Kirstie. Fourth was Dawn’s Killer Bees with 2501, great effort Wayne.

Fifth past the post was my late surging team, Fixed Interest, with 2496 and if the season went for another ten rounds and we had ten more trades I might be satisfied, but I doubt it, who ever is?

Sixth through twelfth all had between 2492 and 2426 in a commendable week for those coaches. In descending order they were Cripps Walk, Chips Ahoy!, Lost Lands, Terangatangs, All Nuns, Tech Rankine and Steely Mac’s Tech. Hope you all keep it up for one more big week.


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