Round 23 Review

Written by Dane on August 21 2023

Collingwood (15.10.100) defeated by Brisbane (19.10.124)

  1. Keidean Coleman (116). Really clean game from Coleman to lead all comers here, slotting 1 goal amongst 21 touches that had a team high 600 metres gained attached to it.
  2. Scott Pendlebury (113). Outstanding game from Pendles, finding 31 touches (13 contested) plus 12 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 517 metres gained for his ninth ton and third in a row.
  3. Josh Daicos (105). Averaging a flat ton now after notching his fourteenth ton of 2023 with 26 touches, 1 goal and a game best 609 metres.
  4. Braydan Maynard (103). Captain for the night and threw himself around, claiming 20 touches @ 90% DE plus 6 marks and 5 tackles.
  5. Oscar McInerney (101). Good battle against the Pies duo, with Cox providing a spark and Cameron being solid. McInerney though finished with 16 touches (13 contested) plus 5 tackles and 41 hitouts for his eighth ton.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: 31 touches but handball happy (26) for Tom Mitchell restricted his score to just 80.

Rookies: McKenna (79) might still be seeing a game for some sides with Daicos and zero trades, that score is respectable. First gamer Jakob Ryan (12) unfortunately had the red vest in game one.

Injuries: Ryan as mentioned didn’t make it through his debut, a concussion finishing his game, while Murphy had a heavy fall and was ruled out too. For the Lions, Ah Chee was playing a great game before also taking a big knock and finishing up, while McCarthy was put on ice towards the end of the third.


Richmond (14.17.101) defeated  North Melbourne (10.12.72)

  1. Dustin Martin (157). Turned it absolutely on during a massive match for the club, snagging 3 goals plus 31 touches in a vintage Dusty performance.
  2. Shai Bolton (141). Not far behind was Bolton, who played a ripper, kicking 4 goals from 25 touches and 7 marks plus a team best 587 metres gained.
  3. Harry Sheezel (136). Season best from last week was bettered by one point this week as Sheezel found 37 touches @ 86% DE which is super solid in itself. Crazy we got a season keeper for under 200K.
  4. Toby Nankervis (135). Best of the four ruckman who had significant time in the game here. Nank found 16 touches, 7 tackles, 5 clearances, 1 goal and 24 hitouts for another great score. Ninth ton during an interrupted season.
  5. Tarryn Thomas (126). Averaging a nice 88 from 11 games, would’ve been nice to start the year. 25 touches, 2 goals, game best 708 metres to round out the five.

Other 100+ scores: Nick Larkey (113), Ivan Soldo (102), Jacob Hopper (101)

Disappointment: Eh, tough to give with the majority being very good, so it’ll go to Tim Taranto again, who has an allergy to tons currently, scoring 96.

Rookies: Apart from Sheezel who has had his time, any other rookies you may have been counting on weren’t great, bar maybe Ford (71).

Injuries: Pickett was subbed out for the Tigers tactically, but a nasty looking hamstring injury to McDonald soured the Roos loss even further. LDU a late out if you missed it.

Final game for three champions, Ziebell a final 95, Cotchin a 69 and Riewoldt a 54. Surely we owned all three at some point, depending on how long you’ve played the game.


Gold Coast (13.9.87) defeated by Carlton (13.13.91)

  1. Ben Ainsworth (134). Season best for Ainsworth who is more than capable of these. 27 touches, 2 goals, 537 metres gained in that linkman role up forward.
  2. Sam Flanders (130). It’s been an outstanding effort in the second half of the year. Flanders set numerous career highs here including disposals (36) and SuperCoach score. 5 marks, 5 tackles and 5 clearances evened everything out. Once again though, where was this at the start?!
  3. Nic Newman (129). Close to the form player of the competition. Another 31 touches (13 contested) plus 9 marks and 4 tackles at a really nice 83% DE.
  4. Charlie Curnow (127). Played en elite quarter, think it was the third, where he swung the game and boosted those points. 18 touches, 6 marks and 5 goals, surely securing the Coleman.
  5. Jacob Weitering (115). 16 touches and 8 marks plus clean use of 87% with just 1 clanger. Close game and I’m sure some defensive efforts boosted him too.

Other 100+ scores: David Swallow (114), George Hewett (112), Blake Acres (109), Touk Miller (104)

Disappointment: Numerous premiums struggled here: Anderson (91), Witts (89), Rowell (78), Docherty (64) and Cripps (57) all below expected.

Rookies: No scores to report on but a debut to Lloyd Johnston (28) who had 8 touches.

Injuries: Johnston was also subbed out in his first game, while Cunningham was the sub for the Blues. Both tactical.


GWS (25.12.162) defeated Essendon (5.6.36)

  1. Jesse Hogan (197). Mad stuff. 9 goals, 17 marks, 24 touches, career high score as the Giants dismantled the Bombers.
  2. Kieran Briggs (139). Against a tandem duo, Briggs was dominant with 15 touches, 5 tackles and 22 hitouts plus 5 clearances. What a year, bettering his best score yet again.
  3. Harry Himmelberg (127). Smoky pick late in the year, not bad, just 1 below 80. This though was a season best thanks to 30 touches, 8 marks and 1 goal with a game best 595 metres gained.
  4. Stephen Coniglio (126). Classy game from Cogs after a downer last week. 31 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances and 1 goal.
  5. Andrew McGrath (123). Surprised a Bomber got in here but McGrath stood tall, finding 32 touches @ 75% down back for a season best score.

Other 100+ scores: Callan Ward/Tom Green (119), Lachie Whitfield (112), Harry Perryman (109), Lachlan Ash (103), Nick Hind (101), Josh Kelly (100)

Disappointment: Fair few underperforming Bombers, the most popular probably being Martin (34) and Redman (56).

Rookies: Third game for Tsatas deserves a quick mention, but just 9 touches and 4 tackles for 53, will be heavily picked in 2024. 83 for Brent Daniels, nice game of 3 goals and 15 touches.

Injuries: Toby Greene was put on ice as the score kept climbing, purely precaution. Guelfi unfortunately had a hamstring that ended his day.


St Kilda (12.16.88) defeated Geelong (8.7.55)

  1. Rowan Marshall (141). Would’ve loved to use this guy as a VC but zero loophole options made me watch on as he found 24 touches, 10 marks, 1 goal and 28 hitouts against a raw ruckman in Neale.
  2. Jack Sinclair (137). Given too much space by Geelong and hence, found 38 disposals and 10 marks plus a team best 547 metres gained. Only 1 clanger within that too.
  3. Tom Stewart (128). Rounded out a super popular top 3 with an elite 30 touches and 13 marks. He led the game with 597 metres gained and also only recorded 1 clanger.
  4. Tom Atkins (115). Loving his time in the middle, Atkins added another ton (fifth since his bye) thanks to 23 touches (14 contested) with 9 tackles and 1 goal.
  5. Mason Wood/Max King (114). Wood has had a great year and added another stellar game with 23 touches and 11 marks with no clangers for the game, while King was dominant up front with 16 touches, 7 marks and 3 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Brad Crouch (111), Zach Guthrie (108), Mark O’Connor/Jack Steele (102), Mitch Duncan (101)

Disappointment: 23 touches but 7 clangers,  2 contested touches and no scoring shots meant just 38 points for Jeremy Cameron. Dangerfield not any better, 8 clangers from 13 touches and 27 points.

Rookies: Neale (26) got a touch up in his second game, but a respectable score to Windhager (84) for his 22 touches and 11 marks.

Injuries: The Cats season ended with this loss and they may not have Ratugolea or Close after both finished on the bench. The Saints will be hoping Seb Ross’s hamstring injury isn’t too serious.


Adelaide (10.13.73) defeated by Sydney (11.8.74)

  1. Isaac Heeney/Nick Blakey (120). Important game from Heeney, slotting 3 goals from 18 touches and 5 tackles, while in game 100 Blakey was important thanks to 21 touches @ 85% DE, even more impressive in wet conditions.
  2. Jordan Dawson (118). The Crows skipper did all he could, finding 19 touches and laying 8 tackles in the middle with just 1 clanger, important in a wet game.
  3. Rory Laird (116). Led all comers with 31 touches (15 contested) plus 9 clearances and 8 tackles, producing ton sixteen of the year.
  4. Errol Gulden/Reilly O’Brien (109). 6 clangers and 30% DE for Gulden but with 30 touches (16 contested), 5 tackles and a game best, 681 metres gained, he had an elite game. O’Brien solid, 10 touches, 5 tackles, 49 hitouts trying to drag his team over the line.
  5. Izak Rankine (105). 18 touches (14 contested) for Rankine plus 4 tackles and 1 goal rounded out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Brodie Smith (103)

Disappointment: Conditions such as those on Saturday night would’ve been Mills bread and butter at a time, but just 38 in this one from just 11 touches. Keays (35) would’ve been better if his game winning goal was allowed.

Rookies: Borlase played game three and scored 64 from just 5 touches, nice ratio that. All other Crows rookies in the 60’s.

Injuries: Veteran Rory Sloane had a eye injury which saw him subbed out, while Papley was subbed off for the Swans, seemingly tactical before the Crows comeback had momentum.


Western Bulldogs (12.13.85) defeated by West Coast (14.8.92)

  1. Marcus Bontempelli (162). Monster game from Bont, a popular C pick and delivered with a triple double of 32 touches, 10 tackles and 12 clearances plus 21 contested touches, 602 metres gained and 1 goal. Fourth over 160 and twenty-first ton.
  2. Jamie Cripps (128). Super as the Eagles pulled the upset of the season, finding 17 touches but importantly slotted 5 goals and applied elite pressure with a team best 8 tackles.
  3. Tim Kelly (127). Pushed his average back over triple figures with a superb performance that had 32 touches (15 contested) with 8 clearances and 4 tackles attached to it.
  4. Adam Treloar (120). Superb from Treloar too, he found 32 touches and a massive 14 tackles plus 1 goal through the middle of the ground.
  5. Tim English (118). Stuffed the stat sheet with 21 touches, 9 marks, 1 goal and 51 hitouts, nineteenth ton of 2023. Leads Bont by 4 for overall score.

Other 100+ scores: Jeremy McGovern (104), Oscar Allen (101), Ed Richards (100)

Disappointment: Witherden has been in hot form so this 85 gets it. Macrae would’ve but the sub vest saved him. Actually, no, 49 at the start of the 4th is not acceptable.

Rookies: Heaps played here but nothing spectacular to add, so many in the 60’s and 50’s.

Injuries: As mentioned, Macrae was subbed off, with the Eagles having Yeo iced up as usual plus stingers to McGovern and Allen throughout.


Melbourne (13.9.87) defeated Hawthorn (9.6.60)

  1. Karl Amon (119). Second game in a row that Amon has teed off and his fourth ton in a row overall. 27 touches (24 kicks) plus 14 marks and a game best 602 metres gained.
  2. Will Day (118). Elite use from Day, running @ 95% DE with his 20 touches plus 9 marks and 1 goal giving the breakout star another ripping score.
  3. Trent Rivers (107). Team best 496 metres gained for Rivers. 27 touches and 10 marks at 81% DE.
  4. Christian Petracca (106). Pretty quiet by his standards but an influential final quarter allowed him to finish with 22 touches (13 contested) with 7 clearances and 1 goal.
  5. Jake Lever (105). 19 disposals and 13 marks for Lever, standing up to help Melbourne secure a top 4 spot on Sunday arvo.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Viney (104), Conor Nash (103), Tom Sparrow (100)

Disappointment: Expected, a Maginess tag slowed down Oliver (84). Sicily (83) not anywhere better.

Rookies: Great first game from Hurstwaite, slotting 2 goals from 15 touches for a solid 83 points. McVee gets some love too for his 82 that came courtesy of 14 touches and 8 marks with no clangers and has been a great selection, not missing a game in 2023. Not elite scores but great coverage season long. Laurie played game three for 14 touches and 45 points. Few others played here but nothing else to mention bar Ramsden scoring 29 in game 2.

Injuries: Clean sheet for both teams, Ramsden and Tomlinson subbed out.


Fremantle (8.10.58) defeated by Port Adelaide (11.8.74)

  1. Zak Butters (129). Just in such elite form and picking up great late votes in the Brownlow IMO. 31 touches (11 contested) plus 5 tackles and 1 goal.
  2. Luke Jackson (123). Another guy in great form, realigning some solo ruck time. No clangers and 90% DE for his 11 touches plus 33 hitouts and 1 goal.
  3. Luke Ryan (114). Coming of a couple of 80’s but bounced back here with 25 touches plus a game high 633 metres gained with 9 marks and 6 tackles attached.
  4. Hayden Young (113). Tagging again, but flourishing in the middle. Found 19 touches (11 contested) with no clangers, 7 tackles and 89% DE.
  5. Andrew Brayshaw (111). Game best 32 touches for Brayshaw, rounding out the top 5 with 5 clearances and 5 tackles to pair with those touches.

Other 100+ scores: Corey Wagner (102)

Disappointment: Couple of premiums failing here. Rozee found 24 despite having a tag and and gained 600 metres, but poor use held him to 75. Houston (63) not great either.

Rookies: Wagner has been elite lately and gained 250K in a 6 week period. 20 touches, 6 marks and 7 tackles led him to 102 points. First game for Tom Emmett deserves a mention for his 2 goals, 13 disposals and 65 points.

Injuries: Carnage finishing up, injury report reads: O’Meara (calf), Banfield (AC joint), Burton (knee) and Jonas (head).


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