Season in Review

Written by Dane on August 22 2023

Just a thread to throw out a few things: some bragging, some complaining and anything you want.

Going to throw some criteria out:

Current rank/hopeful final rank:

Your 2023 MVP:

Biggest Regret:

Best trade:

Worst trade:

Never again list:

Targets/Locks for 2024:

Anything else you want to add:



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15 thoughts on “Season in Review”

  1. Current rank/hopeful final rank: 118 Top 100 would be nice

    Your 2023 MVP: Tim English

    Biggest Regret: A couple of 50/50 calls in the last few weeks have dropped me outside the top 50.

    Best trade: Getting Briggs in and making really quick cash from it.

    Worst trade: Getting Oliver in for one week and trading him out the next.

    Never again list: Probably no one fits that criteria for this year but Mills has been putird in the role’s Horse has given him but never as never.

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Steele, Miller, Daicos, Sheezel

    Anything else you want to add: Been a fun year where many thought 36 trades appeared to be to many but there are teams out there with 1 or 2 premos stuck on their benches.


  2. Current rank/hopeful final rank: 7669/sub 7000 due to a massive final week to make me feel better

    Your 2023 MVP: Sheezel due to him being a rookie and still making the final team

    Biggest Regret: Starting Macrae over Bont thinking Bont would be played more forward to compensate for Dunkley as he is better there. Bevo decided otherwise for some reason.

    Best trade: Trading Witts to English when there was concern he’d miss the game that night. English was playing the game before, at 4:35. The thing was it was accidental as I was intending to do it on my Tech team as I was trading out an injured ruckman that week thinking I brought in Witts as the replacement.

    Worst trade: Trading in Steele in round 8. Absolutely killed my season as well as the finals along with Macrae due to some horrid scores.

    Never again list: Steele looking likely, Macrae (until Bevo is gone), Walsh/LDU heading up there due to injuries

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Unsure yet

    Anything else you want to add: Thanks guys for all the content you have given us this season. Always great to read and have a good conversation with the community.

    I’ve also considered if I want to join you guys and bring back/run the SCT community team for next season


  3. Forgot to add in my own!

    Current rank/hopeful final rank: 14,357, gained 5k spots since round 20 so just hoping to hold top 15k now.

    Your 2023 MVP: Darcy Wilmot, sung his praises all year in the round review. Provided great coverage, some dud scores here or there but it’s better than a donut. Still running a loop with him this week.

    Biggest Regret: Holding Clarry for what felt like half the season.

    Best trade: Briggs before he jumped in price, Butters for 529k in round 19.

    Worst trade: Giving into the Setterfield hype, and then Jeremy Cameron at round 14. Just 1 score above 100 since.

    Never again list: Nothing to add here, dangerous to have these lists.

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Always start with Clarry, Touk will be value, Daicos hopefully as a defender, Grundy is he gets the number 1 ruck role at a third club.

    Anything else you want to add: 15 years of SuperCoach and the golden rule for me still reads: save your trades! Glad I did, two to go this week before some GFs. Admittedly, easier to say save your trades when you’re well out of the running for OA position and are forced to focus on league wins.

    Another exciting yet stressful year, wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Shoutout to all the site contributors and regulars!


  4. Rank 2,335. Best ever rank. Was 1,270 at round 11. Chased rank with pods after that and have gone a bit backwards
    MVP – Bont – because he was such a captain option. Starting Gulden, Dawson and NDaicos was a great start.
    Biggest regret – starting Bruce over Sheezel, Sheed over Day and Darcy over English.
    Best trade – Stewart in Rd5. Yes was 572k but has averaged 132 since I bought him.
    Worst trade – so many! Thinking how I can be ranked so high with so many bad trades. The starting side is the key. After not starting Sheezel, trading him out after one bad score. The whole ruck trade a thon- SDarcy to DCam to Grundy to Gawn to English. Choosing Young instead of Ryan.
    Never again list – Parker (no longer a premium), De Goey (won’t be a premium without fwd status)
    Targets for 2024 – think Wanganeen-Milera might emerge. Could be a popular breakout choice. Eyes on Wardlaw if he can get through a preseason uninjured. Grundy if he changes clubs. If he gets fwd status as well, will be highly selected.

    Anything else- NDaicos last year, Sheezel and to a degree Ashcroft this year is changing the game. Rookies can be keepers. It would seem that they are now entering the system at a more professional and prepared level. The top 10 next year apparently is very loaded. We might need to spend a lot on expensive rookies next year.

    The other key thing for me is this site. Whenever I followed the straight forward advice on here, it usually worked out. Not just the content from the site creators, but from the punters – with comments from good hearted people giving great feedback. Special shout out to GD in that regard.


    1. One thing this year showed is not to be afraid of high priced rookies, especially if selected r1…..they will get a good run at it. If they dont work, its easier to do a correction trade to another rookie, than try to offload a $123k spud.


  5. Current rank/hopeful final rank:

    I will be stuck around the 17,000 mark. Worst season in a while.

    Your 2023 MVP: Take your pick – Daicos Sheezel Briggs or the Bont (but to be expected)

    Biggest Regret: Trading in Fyfe, Mitchell and Mills and to a lesser extent Keays and Yeo. Trading out Sheezel during the byes. My motto next year will be to trade in ‘might be’s’ vs ‘has beens’

    Best trade: Bringing in Briggs round 12

    Worst trade:

    See above

    Never again list:

    Mitchell & Mills for sure. Lloyd Docherty Steele

    Targets/Locks for 2024:

    Sheezel & Thomas. Oliver (will he get a discount for missing a dozen games?), Daicos, The Bont, English, H.Young, LDU, Day, Gulden & Butters. Set and forget rucks.

    Anything else you want to add:

    Over the last 2 season I reckon I have used about 10 trades on my rucks. This season I started with Gawn and Marshall then it was a procession of Cameron, Nank, Darcy & Briggs and I brought in Jackson as r/f once Darcy went down.

    Projecting forward to next year I am not sure how our forward lines will look as the top 6 from this year are unlikely to have m/f status which leaves Macrae next who might have but would you want to?. Going to be very speculative next year I think.

    Having done this comment I can pretty much see that I made sooooo many bad decisions but also got hammered with perhaps more injuries than most coaches. Not next year!!


  6. Current rank: 830th

    Hopeful final rank: I’m 169 pts behind 500th

    Your 2023 MVP: has to be Bont. Was tossing up between Macrae & Bont all pre-season and decided to go with both. First year i’ve started with him.

    Biggest Regret: Not starting English. Went Grundy.

    Best trade: Callaghan to Sheezel in Round 3.
    Grundy to Gawn Round 8 and pocketing $75k was sweet

    Worst trade: Sheezel to Fyfe Round 13 (don’t ask me why)

    Never again list: All Key forwards are always on the list, this was just confirmed again this year

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Will be looking at players like Touk Miller who will be a nice M5 at around $500k and Cam Guthrie at M6 at $300k

    Anything else you want to add: Injury and suspensions are always going to happen, stay away from players with history


  7. Current rank/hopeful final rank: 7034 (got as high as ~3000 but the byes crushed me)/Don’t care, just wanna win my GF.

    Your 2023 MVP: Has to be Bont! Then Dawson, both of who I had from the start.

    Biggest Regret: Did not start with English. Then burned trades participating in the ruck merry go around. And still don’t have English ☹

    Best trade: Getting in Merrett, Stewart and Gulden mid-season when they were value.

    Worst trade: Trading Sheezel over Ziebel. Then watched Ziebel tank and quickly drop big $, and Sheezel turn out to be a keeper.

    Never again list: Mills … and then Mills!

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Yeh Miller is gun and will be value. Tsatas (particularly if Parish leaves).

    Anything else you want to add: Thanks to all contributors to SCT, particularly the primary thread and content guys.


  8. Ok deep breath and here we go…..
    Current rank: around 33,000 (I know I know)
    Hopeful rank: all hope is gone lol

    2023 MVP: Sheezle for being a keeper. Started Bont & Gulden too which has been two of only a few good choices I’ve made this season!

    Regrets: the 36 trades got me too cocky. Was trading like a madman to try to keep up . Gotta show more restraint next year.

    Best trade: brought in chandler even after his first price rise and he still made me plenty of coin.

    Worst trade: brought in Miller and captained him for his whopping 40/injury against roos.

    Never again: Darcy Cameron probably. Love my pies but so much better rucks and Fwds around.

    Locks for 2024: same as most I would think. Daicos, Bont, English and Constable (ha)

    Anything extra: sorry if I’m dragging down anyone’s league I entered this year. Big ego check after last year finished just outside top 1000. But as I always say as a pie supporter there’s always next year! Love this site and those who make it happen every week I’m eternally grateful. Good luck for last round and anyone whose team in playing finals footy.


  9. Current rank/hopeful final rank: 12,832 / 9,999

    Your 2023 MVP: Started Bont and he gets the Coach’s award.

    Biggest Regret: There was a glitch with switching DPP’s during trades in round 4, and it stopped me getting Buckley after 1 price rise. I saw a way around the issue here in the game chat – but too late.

    Best trade: Getting in Flanders at the perfect time, bringing in English early.

    Worst trade: Dead head Mills and Stringer: 5k – 10k places worse off with them

    Never again list: Mills and Stringer

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Sheezel, Flanders and Butters

    Anything else you want to add: SCT content writers – thanks for giving so much fun


  10. Current rank/hopeful final rank: About 18000, was looking like turning 15k into 10k. until Walsh and Daicos injuries with no trades left, and no bench cover.

    Your 2023 MVP: Bont

    Biggest Regret: Choosing to bring in Saad instead of Dawson at the end of round 3. Not having a bench at end of season.

    Best trade: English in.

    Worst trade: Fyfe in.

    Never again list: Fyfe

    Targets/Locks for 2024: Grundy, Touk, Witts, Newcombe, Rowell, Newman


  11. Current rank/hopeful final rank:
    40,000 – Jesus, worst year on record!!!!!

    Your 2023 MVP:
    Has to be Sheezel – a rookie that was a constant in the back/forward line when everyone else dropped like flies.

    Biggest Regret:
    Just about every trade I made!!!!!!!

    Best trade:
    Briggs for cash – like most he was a superstar for cash generation.

    Worst trade: Touk – one week in and then traded out. To be fair, there are about another 10 trades that could have been added to this list!!!!!

    Never again list:
    I want to say Fyfe, but how can I say that when I got sucked in not once, but twice this year! Seriously, what was I thinking!!!! And Yeo – not once but twice! Someone slap me!

    Targets/Locks for 2024:
    Daicos, Bont, English

    Anything else you want to add:
    Gold Coast – seriously, Constable was the stand-out player in your 2nd’s – WTF!!!!! My year would have been so much better if you had given him a chance!!

    Big thanks to everyone at this site for the awesome content, and everyone’s comments, makes it so much more enjoyable seeing everyone else in the same pain as me each week!


  12. 20k/ to hold would be nice
    23 mvp; Petracca, Bont was an easy get but I went back and forth with a few on here about Tracc being a top 8 mid and sure enough he was!
    Biggest Regret; Has to be the travesty that was/is Stringer, 2 impacts a game and 2 games a month does not make a SuperCoach pick. Honourable mentions to Ben king , Shaun Darcy, Callum Mills, Nate Fyfe and Dom Sheed.
    Best trade; Nick Daicos after round 2
    Worst trade; Jake stringer / Elliott yeo/ Callum mills.
    Never again; Shaun Darcy no matter what.
    Targets for 24; Darcy Wilmot to marry my daughter. English/Marshall set and forget rucks.
    Anything else; Big learning this year is that the bottom 5 of your 22 from the byes on will determine your finishing position. I had the right team value but too much unusable money on the bench. Next year I will go for cash early and then have a cheap branch with held trades for injuries/upgrades.
    Also big ups to both contribs and regs for being great all year- just a positive and inclusive place to indulge my love of footy. My Business life can be fairly intense at times and it’s a good positive place to get a bit of pressure relief! And virtually no – one here confuses abuse with banter !! Bravo all:)


  13. A season of “Almosts”.

    Currently ranked at 5.8k but been as high as 61k and low as 3.5 k after the byes. Just hoping for a good score to win three grannies and a minor which should theoretically keep my rank fairly stable.

    Started some good players who stayed on board (Dawson, Bont, Taranto, Gulden, Laird, Dunkley, Sic and RoMo). Best of that lot as MVP if you like, Bont, followed by Errol.

    Brought in Sheezel and Daicos at R3 for Bruhn and Flanders and they stayed the journey until last week, proving their worth, when Daicos became Rozee because all my six prelim oppo had him. In hindsight, a POD would have got me over the line in all six as there was only 19 points max in at the end. Into three ultimately, but unfortunately not the cash league.

    Loved trading Darcy to Briggs in R12. That worked well up till finals when he became Tingles (couldn’t get him any earlier is a regret). Green to Butters in R6 was also inspired and helped win many match ups.

    Absolute shockers included Miller for one round and Mills in R17, both of whom did SFA. At least I didn’t put the “C” on him. My meh selections came as a result of trying to maximise bye coverage with Suns Anderson, Rowell and Humpries never all firing sat the same time.

    I’m not a person to say never, but I’d carefully consider Mills and his role before future selection. Big Sean Darcy provided some real highlights but injuries still play a part in his gameplan and will need to be assessed carefully. Lachie Neale didn’t do me a lot of favours this year, esp when not handling a tag, but can be value maybe. However, I think Bont, Butters, Dawson, Day and Gulden might start with a leg up for next year depending on structure and price. RoMo and Tingles look a good set and forget ruck duo for 2024. Mind you, it is a LONG off season.

    Thanks go out my fellow writers for a great year of info and inspiration on the site, and a shout out to all the punters who put their two bob’s worth in to make this the great site it is. Good luck in the granny to all who made it.


  14. Current rank/hopeful final rank: I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life. Fair to say, it’s my worst season by the length of the Flemington straight (about 40k).

    Your 2023 MVP: Dawson or Marshall. Although you could make an argument for my forward line – one of the few where I started with most of my premiums (Gulden, Dunks, Cogs, and Taranto).

    Biggest Regret: Aside from my starting line-up, probably trying to take short-cuts (grabbing mid-pricers or value premiums that were heating up) because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough cash generation to get to full premo.

    Best trade: Sheezel and Daicos in round 3 as it would have been way worse if I missed those two as they’re both still in my team.

    Worst trade: Too many to choose from, but probably either Oliver in just before his injury or LDU just before he started to suck. Oh, never mind, I forgot about bringing in Tom Mitchell post-byes.

    Never again list: The ‘short-cut’ types.

    Targets/Locks for 2024: English, Daicos, Bont. After that, it depends who retains non-midfield DPP (Dawson, Day, Dunkley).

    Anything else you want to add: Thanks to all the contributors and members on the site who make it such a welcoming and open community. Good luck to all in any grand finals you might be in. GO BLUES GO!



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