SCTTL – Tech League Tease

Written by JimmyDee on March 14 2021

For all you Tech Leaguers, or potential ones, we have only four days to register for a spot in the Competition. To throw out a little tease, our Tech Team (Draft) could have scored 2156 from the one round of AAMI games if you had managed to get the highest scoring 22 on the field and used Lachie Neale (whoops did that slip out)? as captain. Most common iterations would have topped 2000 comfortably so we could be off to a flyer.

Our three Rs team will present some problems (what team doesn’t, right)? but has potential to pump out some great scores and build some serious cash reserves, all the while keeping you on your coaching toes. Nine of our draft Tech players topped the ton, with a high of 134 during the AAMI series.

We have a couple of spots left to fill another league so if you fancy taking on everyone with the same starting side, drop me a line.

I’ll be emailing the codes and team this week after Wednesday’s team selection to everyone registered, so there’s a couple of day’s grace for the undecided.

For all those already in, best of luck and judgement for the season.


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8 thoughts on “SCTTL – Tech League Tease”

  1. Looking forward to another Tech team! Can’t wait to see the team and see what players we have to deal with this year!


  2. Just thought I’d let some know this was the team we had last year and what we had to deal with.

    DEF: Daniel, Weller, Howe, Tuohy, Bailey, Brander (Zerk-Thatcher, Gould)
    MID: Fyfe, Cripps, Zorko, Hopper, Anderson, Stephens, Green, Pickett (Robetson, Rivers, Budarick)
    RUCK: Grundy, Jacobs (Conroy)
    FWD: Heeney, Greenwood, Wingard, Long, Lukosius, Jones (Georgiades, Rankine)

    As you can see there was some interesting picks in there that we had to deal with. Had to settle with Jacobs and no Gawn, but then our FWD line had 3 players priced between 300k-250k. How do you deal with that?
    This is what makes it so fun as we have to make some strange moves to improve our team. We wouldn’t do this for our main team, but for this anything can happen!

    Come guys! Give it a go! Show how you are a coach that can deal with any team! I got my Tech team ranked 10,105 in 2019, so it possible!


    1. yep – not meaning to gloat, but it was a great team last year and Mrs Macca got her winning team to a final position of 4,655 in the OA race – after a year high ranking of 1,264 in round 5!!

      So Tech leagues can rock!!


      1. I’m just going to let Mrs Macca know, my father is going to be coming back and reclaiming his title after it was stolen from him last season!
        She better be ready because this will be another big season of Supercoach! 😉


      2. My Step Son-in-law has named his bombers after the kids this year coz they decorated their rooms.
        I think we need to talk.
        ……..Are those tears you’re wiping from your eyes Wighty?


  3. Tech in the first 4-6 weeks is more fun than standard. The moves after R1, 2 & 3 really set you up for what your year looks like. The balance of trading out mid-pricers to earn cash and watching your guy averaging 50 score 120 the next week can’t be beaten.
    Can’t wait!



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