Season In Review – 2022

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 21 2022

With the home and away season done and dusted and a six month hiatus from SC coming up, now’s the time to reflect on season 2022. So, pretty simple, copy and paste the questions below and give us your Season In Review. Feel free to be as brief or as comprehensive as you like!

Team Name & Final Rank in 2022:

Personal Best:

Best Starting Picks:

Worst Starting Picks:

Best Trades:

Worst Trades:

Never Agains:

League Results:

Best/Worst SC Moment 2022:

Lessons Learned in 2022:

2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):

2023 Breakout Candidate:

Favourite Weekly Article on SCT:


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15 thoughts on “Season In Review – 2022”

  1. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Nato’s Potatos@SCT Final Rank 11255

    Personal Best: This season nothing was better than ranking 1698 in round 1. Was on track to beat that being 2130 after Rd 14, until nothing went my way.

    Best Starting Picks: Mills and Witts as they became top players when starting in not too many teams

    Worst Starting Picks: Rowell and Whitfield, then unlucky with Merrett copping an injury round 2

    Best Trades: Miller in round 6

    Worst Trades: Bringing in May Rd 7, Crisp Rd 11, Gawn in Rd 12

    Never Agains:

    League Results: Horrid team come finals with nothing going my way after the byes, so no challenging in finals

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Worst moment is bring in players to then receive a concussion only a couple of games later. Prestia, Houston, May, Taranto are examples….
    This then had me holding Hewett to get shafted by him by not playing the last 4 rounds

    Lessons Learned in 2022: PODs can be massive, but don’t go too heavy with PODs as it can really hurt when things go wrong

    Hindsight: Not having Brodie, Sicily or Sinclair really hurt me through the season. I could have brought in one of those defenders in round 7 but it was May….
    Not containing a top 6 defender until round 17 in being Dale….

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.):
    Lock in key players like Laird and only back in 1 or 2 midpricers at best. Make sure my defence is strong as it killed this season and I don’t want that to occur again!

    2023 Breakout Candidate:
    Simpkin to become a potential top 8 midfielder now under Clarkson after seeing the back half of this season with 6/7 final games over 100 with a 26 in there

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Loved the Rare Gems by Freo as I loved a team that was built with PODs, so they were always considered for my team.
    The other articles were all good, and made for a great read for the Supercoach season! Time for a small break before the 2023 Preseason starts and many more great articles return!

    Absolutely love this site, as it filled with brilliant people, so it will be great to see you all next year!


  2. OK, I’ll start GD, and will enjoy this one… Final Rank of 335 for the Bearded Burblers. Clearly my best finish. Had Brodie and Hewitt from the start. Was able to pick up Bont and Libber pre DPP and snared Merrett at 510k. Mills over Laird killed me, although Marshall DPP helped eased the pain. Won a bunch of SCT leagues including Contribs, SCT1, Cattas, Long timers and of course; yours.

    I did have a ruck approach this year which seemed to work out well, so I’ll use that again next season.

    Thank you for your efforts and posts this year mate (and all admins) and look forward to LoEC next year.


  3. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Gunboat Diplomacy & 10,596

    Personal Best: 3x consecutive years of 2k but been ass the last few years, including this one.

    Best Starting Picks: Hewett, Dale and Brodie.

    Worst Starting Picks: Ridley, Parish, Whitfield and not starting Neale.

    Best Trades: Dropping Grundy early (before he got injured) for Preuss, sacking Tingles for Bont and Saad, Hawkins and LDU were phenomenal mid-season acquisitions and PODs.

    Worst Trades: Going Mills over Laird.

    Never Agains: Whitfield, most Bombers and not a “never again” per say but think Macrae’s day is done.

    League Results: With a late charge, I got into a bunch of minor premierships. Won the LoEC #1, SCT Contributors against Jam and FT’s Tragics #1 minor premierships and went down in the actual GFs of Macca’s and Amir’s leagues to Sean and Lisa. Gun’s Regulars #1 also finished 15th OA which I’m f*cking wrapped about! That was my main focus this year after my season was shot lol.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Just watching PODs work out. Dale, Saad, Hawkins and LDU were all so fun to root for and watch and hauled ass. Worst moment was, as I mentioned, grabbing Mills over Laird and getting murdered every week. Was also pretty sh*tty just how dismally I was ranked a few months in, didn’t start Neale and got killed by FWD rookies. Got as bad as 30k and it was an uphill battle from there. Clawed back to 10k and had a few large ones late, so that sorta made up for it.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Focus more on early fixture for MIDs, be more cautious of fielding FWD rookies for long periods of time and probably should stop starting a loop given it deprives me of a cash gen, a rookie always goes dead at some point and I’m good at drilling captains.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Obviously all dependent on what’s popping and rookies but in general terms I’m thinking a little FWD depth so I don’t get f*cked by rookies there (copped Rioli’s 7 and Rosas’ 13 this year lmao), liking Mills and Brayshaw as starting MIDs given their trajectories, DEFs it’s 3 of Sinclair, Stewart, Dawson and Sicily and it’ll just be any rucks or midfielders who have chanced upon FWD status. Rucks will be super interesting next year. Jackson-Freo trade will rule in/out Darcy or Gawn but otherwise think rucks will be pretty open. Only lock is RoMo at this stage – provided they don’t insist on forcing another ruck on him. Satan, Miller, Neale and a discounted Steele should all be walk ups but fixture and discernible tags will be important.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: LDU and Warner. They’ll definitely have capital and improved seasons, just a matter of whether they take that step of being consistent and doing 110+ to be viable starting picks. Had LDU this year and North’s engine room will be a key starting point from Clarkson, they’ll be investing in a big off season for LDU no doubt. Even S. Berry from the Crows. Played on a full CBA load the last month and a bit, has tackling and contested work down and just needs to improve his tank and accumulating work. If he holds onto FWD status, I’d start him.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Gotta be Abs and FT with Fallen Premiums and Rare Gems. New additions to the writing staff, suggested them to Motts in the pre-season and their pieces have just been killer every week – comprehensive, funny, informative. Also met and went to games with the both of them this year!


  4. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Top Rankine @SCT, 503

    Personal Best: This year 432 in Round 20. All time was in the 20’s last year, 22nd I think.

    Best Starting Picks: Probably just my premium mids (Clarry, Touk, Neale, Macrae) and having Hewett and Brodie.

    Worst Starting Picks: McGovern, Whitfield, and Darcy Wilmot.

    Best Trades: Getting Laird in Round 9.

    Worst Trades: Trading Cogs over Nic Martin before Cogs played West Coast, Tim English in Rd 12 (3 tons after that), and my dumb merry-go-round of Clarry to Keays, Keays to Mills, and Brayshaw to Clarry between Rd 18 and 21.

    Never Agains: Whitfield, maybe Butters.

    League Results: Won 3 including LOEC#1.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Best was having 9 players score over 130 in Round 16, missing Clarry’s 176 because I forgot to set my 5am alarm to check the scores but still getting the C on Touk’s 153. Clarry to Keays when Clarry busted his hand.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: not sure exactly but something about value, breakevens, consistency and bandwagon picks.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Laird, Clarry will be in my starting side. Do a Tech League entry.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: Noah Anderson

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Cow Talk, Rare Gems and Captaincy Candidates


  5. Finished 16,097.

    The rumor Tom Browne is spreading that they interviewed Clarko to replace me are untrue.

    I have the full support of the board to coach the “Whaley Good” Supercoach team next year.


  6. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: NonParishable@SCT, 34 overall

    Personal Best: Made it to 22 in round 20! My best ranking by almost 5000 places – so close, yet so far to top 10

    Best Starting Picks: Starting Hewett, Brodie Cogs and Witts. Even having Xerri and Nic Martin early on to get some forward cash gen going. De Koning and Mccartin giving me that dpp versatility every week and some nice price risers too.

    Worst Starting Picks: Rowell, Dyl Stephens and Josh Ward for me! Probably helped me keep my finger off the trade button early too

    Best Trades: Laird for Steele. Getting Merrett at 510k. bringing Cogs back in before the West Coast game. getting Dawson, Jack Sinclair and Sicily before they all went over 500k. Trading in D Cameron after his first big game. Doc just after the byes. Picking up Bont after his two 100 games and then popped off for 181

    Worst Trades: Most recently, trading Darcy to Gawn in the last two rounds although I didn’t lose by much (155 to 129, 83 to 74). Bringing in Tim English at all. Tom Stewart for the couple of rounds instead of Saad for Hewett. Goldstein for round 19-23. Parish during the byes who only lasted one subpar game.

    Never Agains: J Short, J Macrae in the firing line, maybe Tingles and Parish based on bad juju

    League Results: Made 3 finals, won none but wasn’t too fussed!

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Best was checking SC after lockout every week and seeing my shot up the rankings. Worst was not realising I was loopholing Rhett Bazzo in round 20 against the Crows and he had been named the medi-sub without me realising. Had Oliver’s 152 for vc. Watched the whole game in terror and analysed every west coast player for the slightest sign of injury. Way too close for comfort.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: trust your gut, mid pricers are good if you back the right ones, timing on fallen premiums is key, being honest with myself about the reasons I was in trading in each pick (if you can’t give a good reason apart from chasing scores, don’t bring them in!)

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Laird, Oliver, Dawson, Rozee , any gun mids that get forward DPP, Himmelberg, even giving Blicavs a thought

    2023 Breakout Candidate: Rozee if he hasn’t broken out already. D Cameron as a sole ruck and full preseason at that position behind him.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Captaincy Candidates and Rare Gems – elite info from the best. Always make for a good read


  7. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Lock and Load & 3,493.

    Personal Best: Approx 1,000 in 2020.

    Best Starting Picks: Witts, Brodie, Oliver & Cogs.

    Worst Starting Picks: Whitfield, Ridley, Short, Crisp. Started 4 premium defenders, none were in my final team.

    Best Trades: Parker (round 7), Dawson (round 10), Sinclair (round 11), Merrett (round 13), Bont (round 15). They all went huge for me after I bought them in.

    Worst Trades: Bringing in and out Hall twice. Lloyd (round 9), English/Darcy/Dale as my post bye upgrades failed to live up to expectation too.

    Never Agains: Whitfield, Crisp, Hall, Lloyd.

    League Results: Won 5/8 league grand finals including cash league. Also 1/2 draft grand finals.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: VC on Bont for his 181. Crisp to Blicavs in last round to get me a win in $$ league.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Go big in midfield again, find value elsewhere. Don’t pick players on previous reputation (Whitfield, Ridley, Lloyd).

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): 5 premo mid field, Oliver, Walsh, Brayshaw, Steele and 1 other.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: Noah Anderson

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Fallen Premiums


  8. Kid81@SCT – 19,966. Worst result in a decade but three family deaths has taken my focus away. Still had trades left.

    Best result – top 1000 3 times.

    Best Starting Picks: Neale, Cogs, Brodie

    Worst Starting Picks: Whitfield, Rowell

    Best Trades: Hewett for under $400k

    Worst Trades: preuss in, scored 19, preuss out

    Never Agains: preuss and Whitfield

    League Results: best was 8th out of ten leagues.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: understand role changes mid season.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): rewatch 2022 rounds 21-23. There’s plenty of new blood coming next year

    2023 Breakout Candidate: connor Rozee

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: too many to choose one. Rookie review, PC club, league updates, captaincy candidates, all of them.


  9. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Nathan’sGunz@SCT 206

    Personal Best: 21 in 2018

    Best Starting Picks: Brodie, Miller, Neale, Dunkley

    Worst Starting Picks: Crisp, Short, Shitfield, Baldwin, Grundy, Ward over JHF, Stephens,

    Best Trades: Trading Shitfield to Cripps and pocketing 50k, Trading Baldwin to Martin, Getting Sicily for 505k, Getting Parker for 475k, Getting Dawson for 550k, Getting Merrett for 520k, Getting in Laird and perm captaining him for the underperforming Trac!, Getting Pendles in over Taranto as my D7/M9 loop saving me once i ran out of trades to cover Hewett.

    Worst Trades: Using 3 trades to bring in Tim English in 3 different times this year, Getting Trac in for 570k before me trading him out at 470k, Getting Xerri in for 3 weeks before he got injured, Not getting in Witts at round 3 instead me getting English and getting Witts in at a later date for 600k, Getting in Darcy at 580k to get yoyo scores, Getting in Baz smith for Cogs instead i should of got Marshall, Trading Daicos out before he went bang.

    Never Agains: Preuss, Shitfield (Trac and English close to it)

    League Results: 4 Grannies won out of 10 including the A-team league which is 5th overall. i also managed to win my $50 cash league.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022:Best Moment Penles & Doc going beast mode to make me win my cashie! Worst moment using three trades on English!

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Never ever bring in Whitfield again it always end in fire.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Robbing a bank to afford Defenders!

    2023 Breakout Candidate: LDU

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Cow Talk


  10. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: FyfeIsLyf, ranked 31st overall

    Personal Best: about 5,000th lol

    Best Starting Picks: English, Sicily, Brayshaw, Hayes

    Worst Starting Picks: Ridley, Ward, Baldwin (over Martin)

    Best Trades: Chapman for hewett, Grundy for Parker, Noddy for Dawson, de koning for Bont, Crisp for Laird, English for Liber, Wehr to Blicavs (if he didnt get managed anyway)

    Worst Trades: McCartin for Darcy via dpp, Trac for Mills, Ridley to Stewart to Hall to Dale (I missed Doch!), cripps for Marshall 5 weeks out..

    Never Agains: Preuss, Hall, Ridley, Crisp

    League Results: Runner up in 4/5 leagues (lost all of them due to disappointing finish)

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Finishing top 50, but missed a golden opportunity to make the top 10 having being only 59 pts away in the final round.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Don’t force your trades if they are not needed. I traded cripps out 5 weeks left before he went on to average 121….also don’t get greedy and consider taking a 120 VC score. It backfired every time including rd 23 (bloody touk)

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Will aim for 13 premos. Maybe 4, 5, 2, 2. Wont start too many pods as it usually backfires.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: LDU and Ashcroft.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: It was actually the captaincy candidates, since my team was full premo by rd 11 and it was the most important thing for me on the run home.


    1. Ohh and the most remarkable part, I kept English right up to round 14. If only he didn’t sit on my bench for 5 games!!


  11. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Norfolk N Chance, Ranked 108 overall

    Personal Best: Final rank was the highest I got for the season and ever playing Supercoach. However I was ranked 499 at Round 2, only to fall down to my lowest rank for the season of 10200 in Round 10.

    Best Starting Picks: Brodie, Miller, Neale, Dunks, Cogs.

    Worst Starting Picks: Whitfield, Grundy, Rowell

    Best Trades: Between Rounds 6-8 I brought in Parker, Oliver, Stewart, Preuss, and Sicily. Whilst in Round 10-12, Bont, Gawn, Laird, Trac., Merrett came into the team.

    Worst Trades: Bowey for Chapman Round 3, Gawn in Round 12..only to sell in Round 14. Jackson in Round 15, out in Round 18. Buying Dawson and Witts at their peak prices above 615k.

    Never Agains: Whitfield, Butters, Preuss

    League Results: Won 9/10 GF’s.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Best moments were C on Neale 198. Bringing in Stewart the week he scored 187. Bringing in Gawn the week he scores 198. Worst moment would be fielding Rosas for 7, Bailey Williams for 31 and Jack Hayes for 16.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Don’t play the ruck merry go round. Take 110-115 + VCs earlier in the season whilst you have less premos.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Don’t be too heavy with premos in the mids at the start.

    2023 Breakout Candidates: LDU.

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Fallen Premiums, Cow Talk, Captaincy Candidates, Rookie Review, Rare Gems.

    Also like to say thank you to all the writing staff and admin for helping coaches like myself with the content provided. Greatly appreciated.


  12. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: The Amazons – final rank of 1,886 which was the highest I reached over the season.

    Personal Best:215th in 2018

    Best Starting Picks:Miller, Neale, Macrae, Steele (until his injury), Dunks, Brodie & Cogs. Nailed the starting rookies.

    Worst Starting Picks: all my so called premium defenders – Chapman, Whitfield, Short, Crisp. And maybe Grundy.

    Worst Trades: Trading out Gawn in Round 3 after an ordinary start to the season, he then averaged 146 over the next 4 rounds. And not starting with Hewett, Sinclair, Sicily & Doc.

    Best Trades: Replacing Gawn with Witts. Replacing Whitfield (finally) in round 10 with Laird.

    Never Agains: Whitfield. Short. Crisp.

    League Results: 1 GF win, 1 GF draw plus one minor premiership.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: BEST: Captain Oliver 178 in Round 10. Having 2 trades left for the Grand Final. WORST – The 2 trades I used for the Grand Final scoring less than the players I traded out (Jackson for Hawkins, Saad for Daicos).

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Don’t trade premiums unless injured. Don’t leave anything in the tank in the prelim – lost 3 prelim finals but not doing a trade, to keep my final two trades for the GF. Couple of those losses were by the smallest of margins, so should have done at least the one trade. Very annoyed when my GF score would have won me the GF in the leagues I lost finals in.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Don’t second guess myself so much. Go hard in prelim final round. Start with Laird, Miller & Oliver.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: Warner / LDU

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: All of them!


  13. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Rat Bags, 974th

    Personal Best: 542nd in 2019

    Best Starting Picks: Miller, Neale, Cogs, Oliver

    Worst Starting Picks: Chapman, Berry, Hall

    Best Trades: Rd 8 Ridley > Sinclair, Rd 9 upgrading to Goldstein, Rd 13 upgrading to Merrett and Rd 15 Butters > Libba

    Worst Trades: Rd 16 N Daicos > A Hall

    Never Agains: Aaron Hall, focusing on players who can stay on the park.

    League Results: Bowed out in straight sets, but won the overall points cash prize.

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Best were the bye rounds were a game changer for me, over 6000 points in those 3 rounds moved me up heads. Worst was anything Aaron Hall related, I think I wasted 4 trades overall relating to that dude.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Consistency is key – both in scoring and in playing regularly, believe proven track records of scoring.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): RoMo without Paddy is a very serious consideration. Doch is he continues his Mid/Def spread he benefited from with Carlton injuries.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: LDU, Nick Daicos for a Walsh level 2nd season

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Fallen Premos


  14. Team Name & Final Rank in 2022: Kicking Behinds (rank: 2,580)

    Personal Best: 520 (2019)

    Best Starting Picks: Sicily, Neale, Miller, Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Hayes, Daicos, McCartin, De Koning

    Worst Starting Picks: Whitfield, McGovern, Berry, Ryan

    Best Trades: Hewett (rd 2), Grundy -> Pruess (rd 6), Oliver (rd 7), Dawson (rd 9), Laird (rd 10), Merrett (rd 13), De Goey -> Marshall (rd 19)

    Worst Trades: Rowell (rd 2), Cripps (rd 3, out rd 5, in rd 8), choosing DeGoey over Parker (rd 6), Crisp (rd 11), English (rd 14), Stewart (rd 20)

    Never Agains: Pruess (too risky)

    League Results: 1 GF loss, 4 prelim final losses (1 minor in LOEC 1)

    Best/Worst SC Moment 2022: Best was getting the right rookies in starting team and correcting premos early. Worst was definitely choosing DeGoey over Parker in round 6, that haunted me all season.

    Lessons Learned in 2022: Can go a bit riskier with the starting squad in terms of top level premos, undervalued premos and midpricers are a strategy to set you up for the year – if you get one or two wrong you still have the opportunity to correct prior to price changes.

    2023 Plans (locks, structure, etc.): Rookies or value picks typically define my structure. Marshall looks a lock if he can solo ruck.

    2023 Breakout Candidate: Chad Warner

    Favourite Weekly Article on SCT: Honestly love them all, Captaincy article is definitely a can’t miss. Fallen Premos is definitely in my wheelhouse. And love the rookie/cow articles.



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