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  1. Another bangin’ season! As usual, let us know how you’ve gone this week but then head over to the Season In Review thread for 2022 to take stock of the year:


    Big day tomorrow. We’ll have our final SCT Leagues & Coaches Update, announcing the winner of the SCT Group and Official Leagues, doling out cash prizes and recognizing our top individual finishers. Be sure to get around it.

    Then, in a few week’s time, we’ll have our Brownlow competition – which also a has a cash prize! If you haven’t done it before, it’s good fun. We all submit our picks for the top 3 vote getters and top 2 for each team and then have match chat on Brownlow night.

    We’ll have match chats run through the finals, a thread pinned for all trade period and news and probably some SCTBBL and Punters Club stuff over the off season.

    Anyway, big thanks to all our readers. It’s a tremendous community and a blast writing for and popping off with. Catch you all in the coming threads and in 2023.

    Have a great summer and take care, all!


  2. 2267/Miller

    Lost all my three grand finals because Walsh got taken out last minute :/ Would’ve more than likely won them had he played.


  3. 2425/Mills
    Played RoMo over English, Cogs over Heeney, Captain Mills all cost me 2500 – hopefully can sneak inside top 500.


  4. 2403/Bont/was 333rd

    Almost don’t want to admit this, but I royally stuffed up and put a E on Long in the forward line completely forgetting I was looping Brodies 133

    Overall 0-7 this weekend, would’ve won 4 if it wasn’t for my rookie error!

    Congrats to Bearded Burbler who took out the SCT Contribs league! Elite season.

    Still, hopefully a top 500 finish so it’s a positive on the season. Congrats to all involved in the site throughout the year, stay tuned for one more round review tomorrow morning, and hope to see everyone again in 2023!


    1. Thanks Dane. Top 500 is a super result mate.
      Who would’ve thought Long would be selected for the final game of the year!


  5. 2459/Miller/ was 1184

    No idea if it goes up or down but not really fussed. Had my best season by far so extremely happy with that. Won 7 of the 10 league finals I was in. A huge thanks to GD and all the people who put up week after week of info and updates. I honestly love this site and can’t wait till next season! Go pies!!!!


      1. Thanks Dane, sorry to read about your looping issue with Long. Cruel game sometimes. All the best for next year.


  6. 2499 / Cripps (one more point would’ve been nice) – Brings to an end a solid season for the Burblers. Should finish in the top 300 and brings victory in my main leagues including SCT Contribs, in which Average Dane wasn’t aware that Ned Long (49) was selected for the Hawks, who was his loop for Brodies 133…


  7. 2285/Mills
    Ah this shocking last few rounds has finally come to an end.
    I can thank my GWS players with all 3 of them scoring below 75 and then my 3 defenders in Blakey, Houston, Dale and Crisp all below 85.

    I can take a small positive of ROB scoring 160 with a lot of other average tonnes

    Glad this season is over after how horrid it was after the byes


  8. 2520 / Bont / was 2298.

    A drawn Grand Final in one league and a win in the other. A calamity of decision making. Had kept 2 trades. Traded out Jackson for Hawkins (cost me 19 points). Still had Short, Daicos & Crisp. Fielded Short, benched Crisp, traded Daicos for Saad (cost me 7 points). Had Z Bailey as forward emergency, he scores 109 so decided to take that score. Decision on who to bench – Cogs or Brodie. So benched Brodie and moved him to mid bench emergency. He scores 133, so I had to decide on benching Macrae or Laird. Was more worried about the Laird tag, so yep, benched him. He scores 133, Macrae scores 99.
    Thought I had lost the other GF by 3 points until refreshed screen and found I had managed a draw.

    The Magpies won so I am rapt. What a game! Hubby (Carlton supported) not so happy.

    Thanks to all the fantastic coaches and writers on this site for all the helpful advise and polls – looking forward to season 2023.


  9. Great score to finish up Lisa, surely a top 2000 spot in 2022!

    Super unlucky with the loop choices, makes it much more difficult at this time of year when there’s players capable of 120+ On the bench across most lines! Congrats on the finals win.


  10. 2319/Miller/8101

    Lost all 4 prelims last week so nothing to play for this week, and slid a little in the ranks. I now also have a sizeable hatred of Matthew Nicks who ruined one of my most reliable mids.

    Techie finished poorly as well getting 2230 to finish their first season 8th.


  11. 2614 / Laird. / 498 final ranking.

    Another up and down season with some good weeks and some rather indifferent weeks. Managed to finish off with a good score with my only sub 100s being Cogs, Witts, Macrae & Parker. ( 3 of which were in the 90 s). Short and Jackson came through in the end.

    Nevertheless another top 1000 finish. Hopefully KFC will once again be providing the fantastic cap, keyring and socks for the top 1011 to remember it by.

    Thanks to all the SCT contributors especially Chaos Theory for your constant updates throughout each week which have been so valuable in this coaches journey.

    Looking forward to next year when we do it all over again!


  12. 2531/ Miller/ 2 league wins

    Finished ranked 5033 so reasonably happy.
    Was projected to lose my main GF by 80-90 but ended up winning it by over 150.
    PODS in Rozee, Wines and Docherty in this matchup made a significant difference.


  13. 2434/Cripps/10,596

    Clipped by under par scores from Saad, Dale, Mills, Gawn and Berry but a decent way to close out the season.


  14. 2471 / Petracca /4855 / 1 grand final win.
    Happy to finish in top 5000 in the end .
    Ecstatic at Pies finishing top 4 .
    Thanks again to all contributors and members


  15. 2371/Zerrett/ 196 overall

    Real mixed feelings about this one. Great captain but messed up my loopholes and ended up losing Witts’ score while taking Marshall and Cogs over him. D’Ambrossio covering for Hall wasn’t great either and I’m so glad I don’t have to rely on Crisp ever again. Fortunately won my main league but lost 11 points to scaling after the last game and lost my second league GF by 3.

    Hopefully will join some SCT leagues next year for more competition. Still my best ever year (previous had been 8,000ish) but aiming for top 100 next year. Will shift to AFLW fantasy this week and hopefully can do alright there too.


  16. 2441/Miller/5100
    Won both my league Grand Finals.
    First time over 50,000 points I think.
    Glad I had Crisp to cover Walsh as I often have a donut bench by years end.


  17. 2508/ Miller/ 974th

    First time in the top 1000 this season. Pipped my cash league total points prize at the very end.

    Should be happy but pretty empty as a Bluebagger. Oh footy, what a game.

    Thanks for another great season on SCT.

    Shout out to Abs for the Zerrett pick, game changing Fallen Premiums article.


  18. 2503/Laird/206

    Happy with my SC team this week getting over the line in 4/6 Granny’s


    Baz Smith



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