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Written by JimmyDee on August 22 2022

Nathan’s Abel’s Axes@sct finished on top of the SCTTL at the end of round 23 for the only time for the entire season. Great timing to get there courtesy of a super last round score of 2428. Congratulations Tech Champion 2022, and on gaining entry to the SCT Hall of Fame. Get onto Motts to sort out your trophy and prize money.

Previous winner Macca hung tight for the last few rounds with his Techiewannabees@sct snatching a last ditch second place with a highly creditable 2338 to leapfrog Amir and his Tech_SGNijas@sct who could only muster 2171 when he he needed a “normal” score most, but still hung onto a third placed podium finish.

Father Dougal had All Nuns@sct firing late in the season but had a little too much to catch the leaders but clawed his way up to fourth ahead of the sadly fading Ninius. Still a brilliant season and credit to you Kirstie.

And in the tradition of weekly reports, congratulation to Alza and his Assassins with the final round’s top score of 2476, just ahead of your’s truly and Fixed Interest@sct on 2462, Lindsay’s Tech Difficulties, 2395 and Mr Plow(man) finishing on 2383.

I’d like to finish by thanking everyone in the three leagues for such a brilliant and competitive season, probably our best ever. Thanks to the coaches who stuck it through the season to keep it interesting and enjoyable, and to Chips Ahoy for the input into a really good starting side that often outscored our classic sides. Lastly a big shout out to the generous donors who make prizes possible for our competitions.

See you all next season, enjoy your off season and stay well.


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7 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. Thanks JimmyDee for running the competition and to Chips Ahoy for initial selections.

    Really enjoyed my first go at Tech League and will back next year after my much necessary rehabilitation sessions for trade addiction!

    Congrats to Nathan for an awesome last ditch effort to take top prize too.


  2. Really enjoyed my first tech season as well, thank you to all who helped with organising! Didn’t make top 10 but learnt some good lessons for 2023.


  3. Thanks JimmyDee for your efforts in running and providing us with great updates!
    Also, thanks to Chips on the great starting side, gave us all a great base to start with.

    Was very fortunate at the back end of the season with not too many injuries etc. Have really enjoyed the challenge of the Tech League and will be back next season!


  4. Thank you JimmyDee for organising and everyone who participated for a very fun season. My team was on a charge and closed to within 300 with 2 to go, but flattered at the end.
    I wondered how it would go being my first year, and have thoroughly enjoyed it and am itching to give it another crack next year.


  5. Well done Nathan to winning this great and enjoyable comp!!

    Sadly I had just too many injuries to hold on till the end, but my rookie fill ins almost got me there and a few late scores left me almost there! I wasn’t in a league with you so it was hard to monitor your side Nathan …

    Thanks to that mad crazy trade addictive Ninja’s – for trading madly and forcing my hand all season!! (I may be regretting encouraging you to join!!)

    And finally to James – awesome job as always mate! Love being a part of the Tech League and all power to you continuing on next year – for me, its the best part of SC and (almost) overshadows the poor CD scoring systems … not quite enough to lure me back in though. I’m done with SC now.

    As I have said to Mottsy folks, you may see my name pop up again next year with the Bye Planner back again for your ease and use if it is helpful to the site and community … but I’m done now.

    Good luck all!


  6. Cheers once again for running this comp. Came 9th which isn’t too bad but it’s my best effort over the past 3 years, so here’s to going better next year! Thanks again


  7. A belated congrats and thank yous’ to all involved.

    The West End Bombers just didn’t have enough compulsive trades left to cover the bad ones.

    Sorry to here you not being in SCTTL next year Macca with ya wife.
    IMO It’s more fun than the other one, so if you could just maybe compromise and still SCTTL???

    Anyways thanks again all and On Ya Jimmy and Chips. (Hope you don’t mind first name bases LOL)

    ….and for one last time this year (maybe)

    Tu SCTTL more fun
    Td SC more fun



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