32 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 15”

  1. TU Dcam this week, Clarry next week 4 Trades Left (Sturt/Maric 18/19thman)
    TD No upgrade this week, Butters and Clarry next week 3 Trades left


    1. Gidday Nateo,
      the mis information about Clarrys injuries is a worry. I would wait till he plays and re-access as his $ wont change much. I am a owner and will be trading him to Laird as I believe they will ave much the same for the remaining games.


  2. Current Mids
    Bont, Laird, Oliver, Serong, Macrae & Green…

    Who for M7?
    TU – Merrett.
    TD – Neale.

    M8 occupied for now by Wardlaw, Cincotta & Windhager.


  3. Hi,

    I have 11 trades left but still have four upgrades to get to full premo, and i’m also carrying J. Steel.
    Should I trade him?

    TU: Yes
    TD: No

    Thank you!


    1. In a similar boat, with 10 trades but only 2 upgrades plus Steele.

      He did average 110 over a four game patch before I traded him in…so as bad as I want him gone will hold for now and upgrade as a luxury later on.


  4. Who to trade this week
    TU – Wardlaw
    TD – M Johnson

    Johnson plays this week but Wardlaw has more cash gen imo, something that is scarce in my team currently.


  5. 10 trades 3 upgrades 19k in bank before this. Thinking S Mitchell to Windhager for 120k cash to set up an upgrade next week.

    TU: good trade
    TD: rethink


  6. Please ignore my above comments and apologies for being a pest lol. I’ve set out my trades and it comes down to: –
    T/U: Humphrey to Neale
    T/D: Seamus Mitchell to Sinclair


  7. Argh after bringing in J Cameron last week what a disaster.

    Have 18 on field with J Cam’s -3 in there.
    7 Trades left $80k in the bank need to do 1-2 more upgrades for full premo (if hanging onto J Cam for the long run)

    T/U – Trade Wardlaw down to get J Cam’s score out of the picture
    T/D – Not worth it

    Not in contention for any overall glory (ranked about 10k) so more focused on leagues. Should win the key league this week even with J Cam’s -3 so leaning of holding off trading Ward’s


  8. Best option as D6 / F6

    Tu: Yeo
    Td: Keays

    Im low on trades so bringing them in as a keeper to use as a loop option.


  9. Captain pick

    T/U: Back in one of Laird/Dawson/Neale/Dunkley/Serong

    T/D: Play it safe and take Petracca’s 121 as VC


  10. I need a warm body on field to win crucial match up. Thinking either Hewett or Sheldrick and can’t decide who has better JS. Can anyone shed any light please?



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