Table For Two – Round 20

Written by The Salamander on July 29 2021

Got questions as we head into Round 20? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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37 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 20”

  1. Team 243 k ITB 6 trades finished 3rd in main league.

    Laird Daniel Stewart Lloyd Lever Williams (Highmore Connoly)
    MaCrae Danger Petracca Merret J Kelly Pendles Taranto Bramble (Bianco F MaCrae Newchurch)
    Gawn Grundy (Reeves)
    Ziebell DeGoey Heeney Marschall Bolton Sidey (Waterman Henry)

    Thumbs Up Williams for Whitfield, Pendlebury for Bont (opponent C him.last few weeks)

    Thumbs Down Williams for Whitfield, Pendlebury for Guthrie (extra 100 k for last mid upgrade)


  2. Use my last trade to upgrade Bramble (M8) to Fiorini? Completes my side with a playing rookie on the bench for each line. T/U

    Hold onto the trade in case of further carnage and need to correct T/D

    Playing to win leagues only, and have made it to top 4 / top 8 in all of them.


  3. HI all,
    I need to trade out Dusty this week. I have $473,000. Was going Tarryn Thomas. Now?
    TU: Dale
    TD: Langford

    Menengola my other thought, but would rather have F or F/M.
    Thoughts? Cheers.


  4. Final midfield spot:

    TU: Jarryd Lyons
    (117 avg / 95 3-round avg)
    Next 4: HAW, FRE, COL, WCE

    TD: Luke Parker
    (106 avg / 127 3-round avg)
    Next 4: ESS, STK, NTH, GCS


    1. What about R. Marshall. Two weeks off. Probably over his injury.
      May finish the year strong. Only $464K.


  5. T/U: Mills/Rioli
    T/D: Hardwick/Marshall

    *Rioli could be Hogan or anyone around that price. Bench cover Bianco/Macrae respectively.


  6. Need to trade Pendles with only 1 trade left and not enough money to get a $500k+ mid. So:

    T/up – Tim Kelly

    T/down – Marshall via dpp


  7. Must win this week, so after being in my side all freaking year it’s bye bye Cripps and Daniher!

    TU: Guthrie & Hall
    TD: Hawkins & Lyons


  8. Have 3 trades left & 296k ITB. 2 options I’m looking at this week

    TU – CCJ & Newcombe > Dunkley & C.West (full premo with 1 trade left)
    TD – CCJ > Marshall (2 trades left to cover for emergencies)


  9. If you have $220K left but only one trade, do you

    TU upgrade to last premium, as there is cover in every line so no donuts if injuries

    TD save that trade for injury of big dog, and risk having unused cash


  10. I have two trades left

    My team is complete except for trading out Dusty and possibly Paddy Dow in my forward line. I have $32,400 banked (not much, I know).

    Have been contemplating using both trades for Dunkley and Matthew Parker which would mean I have a rookie in my team for finals.

    Or the following trades:

    TU: Dusty and Dow for Rowan Marshall and possibly Charlie Curnow/Aaron Naughton

    TD: Dusty to Rowan Marshall and leave Dow in the team – saving a trade


  11. Trade Taranto and go to Marshall?. Only two trades left and in a QF in cash league
    TU yes Go all out to try and win QF, completes fwd line and can play bramble on field
    TD no wasted trade, hope Taranto comes back and hope that Treacy or brockman can deliver as f6



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