Table For Two – Round 8

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 5 2022

Got a one way or the other SC dilemma? You’ve come to the right place.

Put your question to the masses and answer others using the T.U and T.D function.


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60 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 8”

  1. TU Rowell to Miller

    TD With a boost : Whitfield to Sicdog and Dixon to Cameron


  2. TU – Bring in Parker
    TD – Bring in Crippa with a third trade (boost) and 130k itb

    27 trades left before the round


  3. Are we looking at either of these 2? Which one to go with, or should they be given another week?

    TU: Wines ($508,200k) [BE: 92]
    TD: Dusty ($503,500k) [BE: 91]


    1. I’m bringing in Wines this week. Dirt cheap for his potential…
      Average rounds 1-8 last year: 98
      Average rounds 9-23 last year: 121
      Average this year w/o injured game: 104

      1) Sense that port will begin to turn their season around and there’s no reason why Wines won’t average 110 or so from here on out, his second half of last season was very good. He will throw some 80’s up but can also go for 150+.
      2) At 500k he could very easily lift to the 580/600k mark making it easier to offload to an uber premium if required.
      3) Doubt he will receive a tag. Boak and Amon are a couple that spring to mind.

      I’ve brought him in this week with an eye on keeping him as M8. May even throw the VC on him this week for something different.


      1. Not keen on Wines Riley.

        Last year was by far his best season. This was based entirely on his form in the back half of last year. Port seem a very different side this year with a Rookie ruck and decimated forward line. Wines has spent most of his career averaging 100-105. I think this is a more realistic expectation. I just can’t see him getting on a roll like last year.

        Just my 2 cents anyway.


  4. With Clark going out I will wait a week longer so need a new dowmgrade:

    TU: McComb (named on bench)
    TD: Carroll a week early (named on the wing)


    1. I went McComb Jam. He’s only 102K and on the bubble.

      I think Bont out should help his chances of scoring ok.

      If Carroll was named with Hewett I would take the punt. I’m just not 100% he holds when Hewett’s back. I just feel going early could hurt.

      I fully expect to own both ( and Clark ) if they all get games.


      1. Thanks FT, it’s probably the right call. I will probably do the same. I just have my eye on Hamilton next week as well as Clark being available in a week or 2. So if Carroll rips another good score not sure if he will be attainable.

        I think Reid might be the downgrade with JS that I need down back next week too.


        1. Yeah thats understandable.

          I was going Rachelle NOD and Mead to McComb, Clark and Parker.

          No clark and Daicos a bit suspect ( even if he plays may spud, DeGoey did)

          I have decided to go Daicos and Rachelle to Parker and McComb and save the Boost.


          1. I hung onto Daicos and moved out JHF.
            His cash gave me the ability to actually get spud Baldwin straight up to Parker as I had a bit of coin in the bank.


  5. 26 trades and 3 Boosts

    Rachele and Noddy > McComb and Cripps

    Also considering L Parker for L Ryan 15 ppg ( 25ppg if you exclude Ryan’s 156)

    TU: Do it Ryan is hurting you as a poor
    performing POD

    TD: Save the trade


  6. Via DPPs

    TU: O. Wines (cheap M7/8)
    TD: S. Darcy (running Preuss/Hayes while English is out)


  7. With Hewett out again and Witherden likely out, I’m down to only Crisp and Short as premiums in my backline so considering upgrading that line but also think Touk is too hard to pass up this week so help please. Who to bring in?

    TU: Touk
    TD: Stewart


      1. i’m keeping him on the bench with an E as he’s going up against the Lions at the Gabba with a massive Rona outbreak in the Eagles camp.


  8. I have $611,900 for a premo and they need to be from the Round 12 bye. I already have steele, macrae, neale, oliver, touk and cripps.
    I am leaning towards wines because i believe he represents the best value for an M8 and banking the 100k will help moving forward. However it could also be walsh, zerret, parish, boak, green, or kelly.
    I will comment the options below
    Tu: Zerrett
    Td: Parish


  9. TU:
    J.Hayes —> Parker
    JHF —> McComb
    McCartin —> Curtis
    (100k bank)

    NOD —> Parker
    JHF —> McComb
    (3k bank)


  10. Wouldn’t mind keeping NOD and JHF this week but they are the only way I can get to Parker via JHF-McComb & NOD-Parker (DPP).

    TU – do it, grab Parker while you can
    TD – keep NOD/JHF, decent matchups this round and could be handy for byes


  11. T/U – Hold Whitfield and upgrade McCartin to a DEF premiership for Hewett cover (Hayes or Dixon at R2)
    T/D – Trade Whitfield to a premo Ruck


  12. Thoughts on going McComb & early on Clark this week? Hamilton, Carroll, Rioli, strnadica & begg all potentially available next week…
    We know Clark is a must have anyway and yes I know his out under H&S protocols.

    TU: yes it’s fine
    TD: hold off



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