Captaincy Candidates – Round 8

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 5 2022

Vice-Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Roos: 75, 86, 112 (91 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 104, 95, 96 (98 av.)

The Roos in Perth doesn’t require much commentary. Brayshaw a 135+ with ease.

MILLER v Swans

  • L3 v Swans: 148, 146, 102 (132 av.)
  • L3 @ SCG: 153, 102, 62 (105 av.)

After a poor month of SC scores, Miller returned to Top 8 royalty with a 160 against the Pies; 36 touches, 17 contested, 6 tackles, 10 clearances and a goal. Hit 140s against the Swans in both outings last season, should be solid for another 140.

NEALE v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 133, 166, 127 (142 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 117, 105, 140 (121 av.)

Absolutely electric last week (and of course I took the C off him and gave it to Macrae last minute) with nearly another double ton and 26/37 contested. Eagles come as cruisy midfield match-up with Neale should savage for 150. There’s the off chance we give him some attention with O’Neil or another one of the kids, but should still be serviceable.

Captaincy Candidates

SATAN v Saints

  • L3 v Saints: 133, 134, 108 (125 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 119, 168, 118 (135 av.)

Tailed off from what looked like a 160 trajectory last week but still in excellent form. Great match-up stats, a lock for 130.

GAWN v Saints

  • L3 v Saints: 137, 135, 126 (132 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 172, 123, 130 (142 av.)

Even with the potential of RoMo returning to aid Ryder, Maxxy’s accumulating and score involvement capacity outside of the HO contest is quite simply on another level. 125 at a minimum as the Dees give the Saints a dose of reality.

CRIPPS v Crows

  • L3 v Crows: 65, 98, 152 (105 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 138, 162, 57 (119 av.)

Cripps was raring to go last week and didn’t miss a beat with 35 touches, 18 contested and 3 shots at goal. Should have no problem putting the screws to the Crows at home for 130.

Steer Clear

PARISH v Hawks

  • L3 v Hawks: 115, 99, 91 (102 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 111, 113, 121 (115 av.)

A propensity to handball over kicking, a forward line that presents poorly and the Dons non-damaging over-using playstyle has really inhibited his ceiling. Hawks also deploying defensive attention where necessary. Probably another low-ton.

Smoky Pick

SHORT v Pies

  • L3 v Pies: 129, 78, 91 (99 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 111, 111, 136 (119 av.)

A move to the midfield out of nowhere last week saw Short pump a 152, albeit against poor/non-existent opposition. Short retained his penchant for long kicks even on ball, resulting in nearly 800 MG, 80% DE and 27 kicks to 4 HBs – which more than make up for his CP deficiencies. Assuming he stays OB he’ll not only be a must have DEF but potentially worth a look against the Pies this weekend – another side without a #1 ruck that leak MID points. 130+ on the cards.


It’ll be Brayshaw into Neale on my end. However for those still with Owens (STK) languishing at M11, the ideal set up this week would be Neale VC into any of the Sunday options.


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55 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 8”

  1. Great read as usual. VC Short into Neale for me.

    Why not have a little fun with the VC when we have Neale up against WC this week.

    Although, I’m interested to see what Macrae and Dunkley’s stats are against Port. An early high stakes game for both teams could see one/both of them go big.


    1. Sure thing, LG.

      MACRAE v Port:

      L3 v Port: 113, 115, 113 (114 av.)
      L3 @ AO: 115, 102, 113 (110 av.)

      DUNKLEY v Port

      L3 v Port: 66, 90, 111 (89 av.)
      L3 @ AO: 66, 90, 116 (91 av.)

      So, yeah, not the greatest match up stats and Port still pretty restrictive despite how ass they are rn.


      1. Interesting, thanks GD! Low 100’s but I have a gut feeling Macrae might return to form.

        Also, I’ve just noticed the game times and looking at my team I may have to VC Macrae/Dunkley. My only loop option is Hollands and he plays at the same time as Short and before Neale. Kudos to the AFL for their scheduling.

        Come on Macca, pump out the 150.


  2. Feel your very optimistic with alot of there predictions, I hope your right though with them. I have the VC on Brayshaw currently. I’ll pass on Macrae he’s burnt me the past two matches with the C on him. Great read, GD


    1. Oh yeah, Mav. Lol.

      Best case scenario. I always give the projections a little extra zhoosh 😉

      Don’t think there’s been a week where all my MID premos have tonned lol.


  3. Just something to keep in mind , Neale spent quite a bit of time on the pine in the second half against Gold Coast once they had the game in hand. Think he was around late 70s @ 1/2 time and ended up with 108. So playing W.C , same thing could happen again as Fagan gives the younger brigade of midfielders more opportunities. He’s my vc pick.


    1. Yeah, Neale sometimes chills in soft match ups but we are so bad rn that he’ll get 40 touches just standing on the field.

      VC if you can, yep.


    1. I love that, SSI.

      Word is he’s raring to go and Dockers midfield should have silver service all night.

      Good luck.


  4. Kinda hoping Hewett misses again this week so I exploit his donut.
    In which case it’ll be Neale gliding gently into Cripps.


  5. Just realise don’t have any VC loop players… oh well lets hope C gawn rises to the occasion.


    1. You got it, Lisa.

      STEELE v Dees

      L3 v Dees: 123, 151, 103 (126 av.)
      L3 @ MCG: 125, 154, 132 (137 av.)

      Great match up stats. He was one I just couldn’t squeeze in with Gawn’s return to captaincy material. Still a great option.


  6. No love for Touk ??? I’m thinking him into any of Trac, Steele, Neale or Cripps depending on match ups.


  7. Thanks GD, wonderful work yet again.

    How times haves changed, Macrae out of favour as a VC for most and he plays on a Friday night… When was the last time he went sub 100 three games in a row? I’m tipping pre-premo days.


  8. Hey GD! Feel like researching what the highest ever back to back C score is?
    I don’t think players back up monster 160+ scores very often.
    Or do they? 150+ back to back?


      1. I know Neale went on a tear at the start of 2020..

        R1… 157


        1. I’m sure gaj has as well. But maby something to consider with the captaincy choices.


  9. Mulling a few things over with captaincy this week. Firstly:

    TU: Miller/Mills into Neale
    TD: Neale into Steele/Clarry/Cripps

    Comment: poll between Miller or Mills


  10. Who to vice out of these two tonight..

    TU: Brayshaw
    TD: Macrae with hopefully extra cba’s now Bont is out


  11. Shorts named on ball again by the looks of it and up against the pies anyone know if theres any merit to that? Worth a look for VC if its true



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